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We played both Saguaro and Wild Burro today. We were THE FIRST ones out at 6:20AM, good thing too because it gets super hot really fast. Played from the green tees. Tee boxes were perfect, nice and flat with zero divots. Fairways were nice and green, no divots as well. I was in the sand quite a bit and the sand was nice to hit out of. Greens were great as well. Some of the pins were in tricky locations. Shout out to Matt in the Pro Shop and Jake for taking care of us. We played in just under 3:10. One of my favorite places to play, even though it is challenging and very fun. Beautiful saguaros so you can't have a bad day :)
First time back at golf in like over a year and a half (due to injury). Took a trip down to Tubac and this is one of my favorite places to stay and play. We are actually playing two 9-hole courses tomorrow, but wanted to get a little something in so we played just 9 holes -Otero. Pro shop Steve was fantastic when we wanted to book a tee time for later today and pro shop Angie was super nice when we checked in. We checked in and hit some range balls before starting out. At late in the afternoon when it’s super hot, we finished in a little over 90 minutes surrounded by twosomes in front and behind but we all kept the pace. The greens were great, starting to almost be healed from aeration. I played from the front tees (the greens) and all the tee boxes were in nice shape, no divots at all. All nice and flat. Sand was excellent. It was nice to be out again and this is a fantastic course, especially the Tim Cup holes! The hotel is amazing as well and everyone is super nice. Highly recommend staying here if you’re playing here!!
Have played several times prior but this review is based on today's play. Played today with Acesfull and Abbacat. We finished in under 4 hours, I wish that was the case every time. Perfect weather with company to match. I made my own combo tees and played between the orange and red tees as the red tees are too long and the orange tees are too short. Tee boxes were in excellent conditions and were very level. Fairways were great, few divots but they were filled. Greens were medium to slow and no bumps or divots. They rolled really nice. Sand traps were nice and easy to get out of. Sand felt like the sand at the beach. There is a cart girl that comes around with drinks and snacks. The restaurant/snack bar at the turn has excellent food. I think this is one of the nicest LA City courses and worth the play!!
Acesfull and I just finished our round. We ended up staying here at the lodge as well and had a stay and play offer. What a nice. Ha he from the brutal day before. We had a 12:30ish tee time and finished under 4 hours. It was just the two of us and we finished the front 9 in just over 90 minutes. We didn't catch up to people until hole #10. The check in staff was friendly as well as the starter. Has a driving range with balls all ready for you. We didn't stop at the snack bar as we had eaten prior to our round. I played from the green tees and it was perfect length for me. My tee boxes were flawless, cute little tee markers too. Tee boxes were level as well. Fairways were perfect. The rough was thick and oftentimes were hard for me to get out of. I was only in one sand trap (which is shocking as I'm usually in many of them) but it was nice and soft and shiny. It glistened in the sun! Greens were nice and soft and not a pitch mark to be found. Greens were quite fast as well. Definitely a course to play and from talking to the locals, a fun and enjoyable resort golf experience. We definitely will be back to play here on our next visit to Carmel. Forgot to mention, the restaurant is amazing- Edgar's. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner and the food is very good.
Acesfull and I just finished playing this bucket list course of ours. The staff from the pro shop to the restaurant to the shuttle people were very nice. Range is available by shuttle and today was hitting off mats. There is a putting green and chipping area by tee box #1. My review is from the front tee boxes. Tee boxes were nice and lush, sometimes was hard to find a level area to tee off on, even the flat areas were not really level. Fairways are in excellent shape with not too many divots. I was in the sand bunkers quite a bit and they were very nice and had plenty of sand in them. Rough was brutal. Rough was long and Kikuyu. Greens were fast and firm and nothing was sticking to them. Greens were difficult and hard to read. Didn't seem like much of a level surface anywhere on that course. I struggled quite a bit playing here. Round was a little over 5 hours, but that's because we were all having a rough day. Definitely a course to play, would I play again? Ummm maybe not. Beautiful course and landscape. And you even get to see Alister MacKenzie's Home on hole #6.
Played today (8/14) with JohnnyGK, abbacat and acesfull. Had a wonderful time with great friends! Pace of play was a little slow in the beginning but then picked up. I played from the red tee boxes and they were pretty nice and flat with little to no divot marks. The fairways were nice and green with little to no divots, but the divots that were there were filled. Rough was fine and playable. Pins were in tough positions today and were fast, reading 11.6. Was in 2 sand traps and was easily able to get out of them. Saw the Marshall quite a few times during the round. Girl at the turn in the snack shop was super nice and accommodating. Beat my best score today which ironically was at this very course.
Played in the GK event alongside Acesfull, Sbogey and Abbacat. Thank you Johnny for another fantastic event and thank you to the gracious hosts at PGA Norman Course. Could not ask for a more perfect day. Ditto to everything that Acesfull wrote!
After several attempts at this course, we FINALLY were able to play Wolf. And it was SO worth the wait. We played Snow and Sun twice before. Paiute has always been one of my favorite courses, and the Wolf course just confirmed it. This course is in immaculate condition. We finished in about 4:20. Tee boxes were flawless; fairways, greens, bunkers perfect! There is nothing bad about this course. Being at the end of November, absolutely flawless and pristine.
Absolutely THE MOST BEAUTIFUL course I've ever played....but it was VERY challenging. Staff was friendly, golf carts had ice chest and bottles of water were provided. TOUGH course!! Tee boxes were nice and flat; fairways, greens, and bunkers amazing! Lots of walking and hiking up and down from tee boxes and greens. Lots of blind shots. Gorgeous views though!! Pace of play was a bit slow, was a 5+ hour round for us. I would say a must play at least once. Lots of undulation EVERYWHERE. Go for the views!
Played here for the first time and was impressed. Staff were friendly from the bag drop to the pro shop to the starter and cart girl. They give you waters on the cart, great GPS's which gives you distance to the pin and also measures your distance. Also included is a ball and club cleaner. We started our round on the back 9. Nice pace of play. Course is in pretty nice condition for winter conditions. Bunkers were nice and sandy, some tee boxes were lush and fairways were rolling. Greens were nice with no divots. Saw the cart girl a few times, food at the snack shop is yummy!!
Played my birthday round of golf yesterday. When the BF called to make the tee time, the pro shop said that all birthday rounds needed to begin at 1pm. Guess that was fine, but there is nothing on their website or the birthday coupon that said birthday rounds needed to start at 1pm. It was HOT, but the good thing about playing later in the day is that it wasn't so humid. So this course definitely is going through summer conditions. The rough was actually much greener than the fairways. Tee boxes were thin, but nice and level. No divots in the fairways, not much green grass, but lots of dry, brown grass, but the ball rolled nicely down the fairways. Greens were nice, not much divot marks, a few holes had diseased greens, but the ball still rolled nicely. Bunkers were a mix: some had sand, some had really hard packed dirt, and quite a few were growing nurseries in them. Some of the rakes were broken and was interesting trying to rake myself out. Staff was friendly as always. Saw the Marshall a few times, he helped looked for the BF's ball, LOL!! Great pace of play in the afternoon in just under 3.5 hours. They do provide ice cold water just about every 4 holes. An ice chest is provided on the carts, but you need to ask for ice.
Out here on our annual golf vacation to Arizona. This was the first course on our playlist. Played this course several years ago and have wanted to come back. Tee time was at 7:40am to hopefully beat some of the heat. Finished in just under 4:20. All staff were exceptionally nice! At tee #1, got a nice and cold towel to use when it got hotter. Did not have to wait at all on any of the holes. Tee boxes nice and green and flat. Fairways were as green as can be with only new divots. They don't give you sand mix but the maintenance crew fills all divots daily. Real nice touch. Greens were fast and smooth and were immaculate. Nice and cold drinking water just about every third hole. A very pretty course with lots of chollas and saguaros. One of my favorites in AZ.
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