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Played Shadow Valley today with a tee time of 10:40. Practice facilities are in great shape with grass driving range, multiple putting and chipping greens with sand trap available for practice. Staff were friendly and helpful got our threesome off at 10:30. A few tee boxes, played from the whites today, had some divot damage but did not affect ability to find a good spot to tee from. Fairways were in very good shape only a few divots but soft and rolled well. Rough was lush but a firm stroke gets you out. The sand traps were soft and deep per my two playing partners attested to. The greens rolled smooth and fast to medium fast. Very few greens are flat with multiple undulations, but the pace was most important. The course had ice chests with cold water bottles available on four or five holes, a nice touch for an 88 degree day!

Overall a great day golfing, it helped that I had my best score for Shadow Valley!
Played River Birch this morning with a tee time of 9:12am. Staff were friendly and helpful got us off at 9:09. POP was 3:45 even with a slow group ahead. The Marshall was very friendly and helpful to get the 4some to let our 3some jump ahead. We finished 3 holes ahead of the 4some.

Course conditions were good with some sanding and punching on 6 of the fairways.greens rolled a little slow early on but sped up as the round went on. Overall a great round of golf. My game is becoming more consistent with more play and practice.
Played Quail Hollow Thursday, May 14th. Another beautiful course that was laid out along the contours of the Boise foothills with some spectacular views. Had a 10:30 tee time, went out on time. Staff were friendly and helpful the Marshalls along the course were friendly and helpful answering questions. The POP play was good, finished in 3:50 minutes.

The course is beautiful but you have to think through many tee shots on the shorter par fours sometimes best to pull out a five iron to a hybrid due to the severe doglegs and other potential hazards. Made for a very enjoyable round with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and downtown Boise. There were some severe elevation changes adding to the challenges! The only issue was the sand traps, was in three one very deep and soft the other two had heavy wetness and hard so had to play those thin. Other then the sand course was in great shape.

The pictures are of the 2nd par 3, 4th a par 3, from the 6th tee box and from the very elevated 18th tee box which for big hitters ha the pond with a marsh anywhere right and in front of the green.

Plan on playing this course again, excellent condition and well worth the price!
Played in a local college fund raising scramble Wednesday, May 12th at Shadow Valley Golf Club. Beautiful course laid out along the contours of the Boise foothills. Course was in very good condition teed off at 9:50, POP was still 3 hours 45 minutes. Love how the course flows with the contours of the foothills with some solid elevation changes. Majority of the fairways were tree lined though some gave generous landing areas. The tee boxes were in very good to excellent condition fairways were in very good condition with some lush rough that was playable with solid strokes. Being a scramble we never needed to play out of the sand but it was soft and fairly deep. The greens were tough to read but rolled true with many undulations so you need to think through your approach shots.

The staff were friendly and efficient and answered any questions we had. Overall, truly enjoyed the course and will definitely play it again!
Played River Birch Tuesday, 4/19/21, tee time of 10:55am. Temperature ranged from start of 55-64 at end of round. Wind was the major factor that day, windy at 10-12 miles per hour with gusts up to 23 miles per hour. The staff gave excellent efficient service and we teed off a couple minutes early. Walking the course was great just windy.

Course conditions are great, the tee boxes, fairways and greens are in very good condition and the sand traps looked in excellent shape with rakes and were kept raked by players. Played a decent round and though windy totally enjoyed playing the course!
Played River Birch Golf Course today, 3/22/21. Tee time of 10:40, weather was cold, with light rain at times snow melting on contact, temperatures ranged from 35 at tee time up to 43 degrees. Layered up and good to go. Played the blue tees which worked out fine, POP was 3 3/4 hrs, had a good round.

Course conditions have improved making the round even more enjoyable. Greens rolled fairly smoothly with a few bumps, the fairways seem more lush and rolled well even with the rain. There was no puddling anywhere, traps appeared firm, but was never in any.

Cannot wait to play again,
Played Lakeview Golf Club today, 3/19/2021, played a little better the second time. Walked the course with a tee time of 11:25, POP was 3 1/3 with very light rain off and on through 1st 12 holes. There was a foursome teeing off after me, saw them approaching the second tee box, did not see them again.

The course conditions were very similar other then a little wet, had no puddling of water with less roll in the fairways and the greens held better and rolled a little slower, more medium pace. The one down fall was the traps which were fairly hard but had no puddling of water.

Enjoyed the walk and play. Plan on playing again in a couple weeks.
Played 18 at Eagle Hills for the first time! Customer service was friendly professional and got our threesome registered quickly and we teed off at 12:25 ahead of our tee time of 12:30. POP was 3 1/2 walking. Price was good at $38 which I thought was very worthwhile.

In general the tee boxes were hit and miss, sandy with some severe divot damage, the fairways were in good condition with a few divot marks, the rough ranged from 1 to 1 1/2 inches but playable with firm strokes. The sand traps were in very good to excellent shape soft and deep, the best traps yet. The greens were in overall decent condition, bumpy at times with a few thin spots. But the superintendent has done an excellent job getting them back in shape considering they had just put anti fungal on them last spring and the irrigation system went down for four days burning a lot of the grass. They cannibalized the practice green to repair a lot and have worked really hard getting them back in decent to good condition.

The course whines through a housing development and is tree lined throughout with some generous some tight fairways with plenty of sand traps and water on multiple holes! Truly enjoyed the round and plan on playing again! It is my next favorite course after River Birch!
Played Lakeview Golf Club this afternoon, 3/13/21, very enjoyable round though I just played ok. Weekend round of $39 is very reasonable I walked today, carts are $15 to ride. The bar and grill offer good food and drink. Our tee time was 12:20, teed off a little early, round took 4 hours and only waited at a couple holes.

The course whines through homes which can come into play. There are trees along the majority of fairways and some fairways are tight. There is water in play on multiple holes both front and back nines. The tee boxes were mixed, some very sandy under minor repair and some had a fair amount of divot damage. Many doglegs throughout both nines adding challenges and thoughtful play! The rough was short maybe 1” to 1 1/2 inches, the fairways are much easier to hit from due to the many trees. The greens were soft to firm but would hold a good shot. The greens are fast to medium fast with lots of slopes, best to put up. The greens mainly slope from back to front.

Overall impression of Lakeview is it is an enjoyable and challenging course. Looking for the tee boxes to improve was the only drawback of the course. I stayed away from the sand traps but the players with me found the sand fairly soft and not shallow!

Will play Lakeview again.
Played River Birch Golf Course Monday March 8th. Morning tee time of 10:16 it was still 39 degrees so layered up and was comfortable. Started out on the back nine which had more elevation changes and tree lined though the fairways were generous in width. Tee boxes were in good condition and the fairways were a little thin in spots but overall very nice grass. There were a couple of streams in in play and the rough was short 1-1 1/2 inches but loved to hold on to your ball. The trees can come into play if you are not in the fairways. The greens were firm and became faster as the day warmed up.

The front nine was more open but had trees on multiple holes, with a pond and a stream on the first hole that comes into play for longer hitters. Multiple holes had doglegs which added to the course both on the front and back nine. The greens definitely became faster but not unfairly so.

Overall my favorite course so far and it is within 2 miles of our new home. Price was very reasonable at $30.00, which is average for this area. Plan on playing two or three more courses over the next week, more reviews to come!
Played Desert Canyon Golf Course Friday March 5th, in Mountain Home 40 miles South East of Boise. The sun was out , but so was the wind of 15 miles with gusts up to 23 miles per hour. The courses front nine is tree lined with fairly wide fairways. The rough is tougher to hit out of but with firm strokes definitely fair, and there was a few streams running along and across the fairways that come into play. The tee boxes were in good condition but early in the season. The greens firm and rolled faster as the day progressed. Our tee time was 10:45 am.

The back nine lived up to the courses name having far less trees, desert conditions with sage brush and sand if you land outside the first layer of rough, with a canyon running through the back nine. Nice change and definitely added some additional challenges. Staying in the fairway was a definite plus on the back nine. Finished the round in 4:15 minutes so our group of 5 played a decent pace.

Overall I would definitely play this course again. Once the trees leaf out the beauty will go up!
Played this afternoon taking advantage of the great twilight deal of $16.00. The staff were very friendly and helpful, the restaurant staff were friendly and helpful as well. The staff were very flexible at getting me out before a foursome, but the afternoon was busy. was paired with another single and we went out at 2:30 PM. The front 9 played very slowly, 2 hours and 45 minutes, we waited at each hole for 2 - 5 minutes before hitting and sometimes waiting in the fairways too, the back 9 was a different story with due to the cold wind that was blowing all afternoon. Was able to walk over and tee up immediately, with no waiting at any hole. POP was 4:40 minutes, with the back 9 taking 1 hour 45 minutes.

Tee boxes: were mainly level with just a few that took a moment or two to find a level spot to tee from, but the grass was lush with only a few having divot damage that I poured the sand / seed mix into.

Fairways and rough: the fairways at times had some divot damage, but were mainly in great shape, the rough had some areas with bare spots, but mainly pretty thick, and challenging to hit out of, which was frequent being the course is very tight.

Greens and sand-traps: The greens except for new ball marks, from a couple groups playing before, that were not repaired amazed me, repaired minimum of three to four each hole sometimes more. But they were rolling very smooth and true and Fast, took about three holes to adjust. The sand-traps, was never in one, all looked to be in good shape, the sand was fairly soft from what I could tell watching my playing partners hit out of 3 traps.

Recommend this course, enjoyable but be ready for the tight and windy conditions.
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