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Played first up 5/29/20. 3 hour round. Thank God cuz it was hot at 6:20am. First of all a shout out to pro Matt in the pro shop. Guy is a superstar. Awesome dude and remembered us from times past. Also to Jake for his assistance in getting us going. Guy at the end (didn’t get his name, looks a little like Dale Earnhardt) super nice guy. When everyone that works at a course is this genuine and awesome to be around, it makes you want to golf there even if conditions aren’t perfect. However… This is Dove Mountain and it is rare that you would find anything other than an exceptional course to play on. Today was no different. Teeboxes perfect, level, no divots. Fairways as expected, again wonderful. Rough not penalizing… Which was nice this time! Sand was wet a little because it was still early but I’m sure fine during the day. Greens were smooth… Not as fast as previous vacations, not complaining! This is a tough course folks. Signature Nicklaus at his best. Tee shots are pretty manageable but as you get to the green you have pretty giant bunkers, deep, guarding the greens like a sand monster. Luckily I have no issue with sand. Greens are very undulated. You need to really place your shots and know what you’re doing. Luckily the GPS on the cart, for us resort golfers, helps you gauge your shot a bit. The Course layout booklet is definitely helpful if you haven’t played here before. TeaGal and I had a few blowup holes but overall played fairly well. This is one of, if not my favorite, place to golf. Today did nothing to sway that opinion. Very highly recommended. It’s not as tough as say, Pete dye Stadium, but bring your big boy pants. You’ll need to wear them!
Played a wonderful round today with TeaGal. Otero/Anza. Also played Otero 9 the afternoon before. This is a beautiful course, challenging enough but not too hard. A perfect resort course with beautiful old brick as well as some pretty newer homes all in southwest style dotting some of the holes. Service is top notch. Everybody is so down to earth and friendly. Steve at pro shop was awesome. A true asset to Tubac. Exactly the type of person you want to see behind the desk at a pro shop. Greens on Otero are almost fully healed from aeration and on Anza were exceptional and extremely fast. Nearly not a divet, crazy considering that the resort was full on memorial day weekend and there’s not much else to do here but golf so that’s the main reason that people are here. So they had likely full tee sheets and the course barely even looks touched. Greens keeping crew does an amazing job here. Teeboxes lush and level. Sand absolutely perfect. Rough is low and manageable. Fairways were exceptional. Amazing how soft the greens were being so fast and having 100° temperatures out here on a daily basis. Really the whole course for that matter. Easy to take real nice divots everywhere. They really do a great job here and it is one of my favorite courses to play anywhere in the country.
Had the opportunity to play with member friends last week. I was very impressed with Oakmont from start to finish. While “country club” doesn’t always mean better or consistent conditions, or even better service, I can confidently say I liked everything about here. It’s a little older and not so glamorous, but that’s okay. Members and staff were nice, attentive. Check in was easy and the overall code seems relaxed. Casually teed off on time, good enough tee boxes, nice fairways, thick rough and excellent sand. The greens were fast and smooth, soft enough to hold shots, hard enough to punish you if you skip one. Flag sticks had the logo with a nice diagonal seperation of white and dark red and were really easy to see as well as having the laser prisms. Carts were the super padded bucket seat kind and had ice chests. No GPS. Tree lined with just enough width and just enough tightness, just enough traps and enough deviation really made it a pleasure to play. I kept telling our playing partners’ “something here just feels right”. Established somewhere like 1922-23 I believe, it felt like a nice traditional course.
Excellent bathrooms with everything you need to freshen up before dinner... which was excellent and very well priced. Perfect high 80’s and light wind. Aside from my play...
Perfect day.
Played our first around here this weekend. I've been considering playing here for a while but the green fee is a little more than I'd like so hesitated until now. Teagal and Abbacat and I had an enjoyable round together. Would I play here again? Probably. Do I really want to pay $100-$125 to do it? Not really. Here's my two cents...
Nice-looking course that meanders through the canyons. Today we had no one in front or behind us so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves which was wonderful. Finished in about 345 and took our time doing it. Arrival is good with bag drop off right there with the carts, driving range, restaurant, bathrooms and golf shop all within 10 steps of each other.
Ample parking and good driving range with mats in the back not being used today and grass in the front which we were on. Unfortunately the driving range was more level than any of the tee boxes. Not horrific… Not flat though. You do have to pay for range balls here which again, were a bit steep.. a bag of 120 was $17! Is this TPC Scottsdale!? Carts are a newer ez-go which actually had sort of bucket seats and were extremely comfortable with a nice soft brake pedal. Unfortunately the only other thing on the cart though is a ball cleaner. No GPS. No ice chest. I like the USB ports too. Service was excellent from drop off to check in to food service to the cart girl who was so friendly and very genuine. Fairways were good but did have some decent divots throughout. Sand was not great, very hard in the fairways then between dry and hard to decent sand in others to not that much sand in another. Very inconsistent but at least no rocks. Greens were excellent. Very soft, fast and smooth. Few divot marks but looks like most of it was from the days play. Good bathrooms and some water coolers scattered throughout. What I liked about it was the feel of the course and the peacefulness of the round, not that I know that this is always the norm. Probably should have a few more features though to make it consistently "worth the green fee".
We played here on Sunday the 24th the day before they closed for seeding so I won't do a detailed review but it was well playable and a nice round as always. I like this course just A hair better over firecliff. It seems to have a little more scenic beauty to it. Especially, I think it's hile 6, with the water all down the right and then the creek that you have to cross with the pond to the left. Also large palm trees with all the frawns hanging down… Really pretty. Looking forward to season!
Played here the day before they closed for over seeding so no sense giving it a rating. Of course still well enough playable. This is my favorite of the two. What I like so much about Desert Willow is that there is ample shade on the cart path by tee boxes and greens for the most part. Just have some well-placed trees that really help you stay cool in the hot summer. I look forward to some nice winter golf with those fun Canucks that come down for season.
Pleated here on the 23rd. Same typical excellent conditions that you'll always find here at desert willow. Teeboxes always level, sand good, fairways and rough excellent, Greens a touch slow this go around but it's late in the summer, so... Still well playable. Customer service always on point and it's always a nice comfortable round with well spaced tee times and no one slowing you or rushing you. Still one of my favorites even after playing it many times over. I did like the old design though but I don't know why it feels different or what really changed. Highly recommended course anytime of the year.
Played a very nice round today with Teagal and Abbacat. Course is in very nice condition going to the summer with lushness all around and very few areas of any issue. Greens medium slow but in good shape with almost no divots anywhere. Two boxes level and nice, fairways good lush, good as well. Rough just a little longer. Sand always nice here. Definitely the nicest of any of the LA city courses that I've played on a consistent basis. Jordan?? (From Minnesota) at the pro shop super nice. The guys here now are so much better than the grumpy old guys that used to be here. Good practice facilities and a very nice round with no delays today. Really a nice, enjoyable day of golf. Perfect weather, light breeze. Friendly cart girl ran into on 14 and 16. The nice thing about this course is it doesn't use yardage as the challenging factor like most of the LA City course is too. It's nicely laid out and while no holes are particularly memorable they all have their own little challenges with the greens smaller and approaches can at times be tough.
Thank you Johnny for another great event and to PGA for hosting. This is a top-notch facility which we have golfed over a dozen times. The Nicklaus course is especially challenging with many of the the fairways raised and a lot of run off that tests your sidehill lie skills. Tee boxes were decent with some signs of wear on a few holes but then again like everything that I will comment on here… This is a very heavily played course. That taken into consideration, it was in excellent shape as always. Fairways good the whole way through, again just a few areas with some signs of a decent amount of divots. Most were filled however & the ones that weren't were probably from the days earlier play. Send was good and although it was damp and raining still decent to get out of. Just a few small rocks throughout the traps, which is a bit of a peeve of mine. Greens were in very good shape, a little slower than usual but that is probably attributed to the dampness and playing later in the day. Rough, excellent and at a good height. Actually pretty easy to hit out for once! All in all a nice day at PGA as always. Very much enjoyed seeing everyone and playing with Tim and Wendy. Sorry we couldn't stay after the round. Long drive home and had to get up super early. Till next time...
All I can say is WOW. Here as part of a stay and play package I wish I booked more golf days. One of the top 5 visually beautiful courses I have played. Staff perfect. Conditions OUTSTANDING!!! Most of it looked like no one plays there. Probably the best conditioned golf course I have played. Visually spectacular, set in a peaceful serene area of Carmel Valley, quiet with some nice houses set back enough and gorgeous landscaping with wood chips and beautiful plants throughout the course. Greens recently aerated and already healed. Nice grass practice range, perfectly level and trimmed tee boxes, flawless fairways, tough 2" super lush rough, gorgeous greens with nary a mark anywhere. Sand was THE BEST I have played in west of Florida. Felt like they took it right from the beach. Carts are EZ-go with the soft brake. Such a pleasure over yesterday's round pushing 3-4 times to try to get the brake set. No GPS or cart service and didn't notice water but didn't look. Wasn't hot. This is a fairly straight forward course with well placed deep bunkering with thick tall grasses bordering the bunkers. Greens are small and not overly undulating but still have enough subtlety to make them fun. Too bad I seem to have forgotten how to hit a golf ball. You can score well here. Such a pleasure to play this course. Nice swag at the pro shop and excellent food at the restaurant. This is a top notch facility in all areas.
Played 3/19 with TeaGal. Always a phenomenal experience here. This place has just nailed down how to run a golf course. First time on Firecliff after the redesign. Can't say what I remember or don't about it previously now. Sort of like when someone cuts their hair, you kinda forget how they looked before. Whatever they did, it is still an excellent course and bunkers are obviously in great shape. Tee boxes near perfect, fairways near flawless, greens amazing, rough perfect. Service always, always 100% on point. I love this place. My favorite course to golf, anywhere, anytime.
Finally got to play here with TeaGal and we were paired with a really great guy from PV and his nice and very good 13 year old son. We all struggled a bit, me more than the rest. Pro shop, lot guys, everyone was very nice and friendly. Pace of play was good all day. Just a touch of a wait here or there. The 5 hour round really seems accurate on a course like this with foursomes. Talking with the guys that work there and understanding and hearing about what they had been through with water restrictions for the past few years it was really nice to see that the course was lush and green and in all it's glory like it had always been before the drought and the severe restrictions that were imposed on them. This course, with the tradition and history that it has definitely deserves to look pristine at all times. Fairways, greens, sand, and rough are all really good, nearly perfect. Greens firm and fast. Land a perfect approach, ball rolls 35' back down an undulation or off the green. Literally the hardest greens I've ever played. They are having a collegiate championship next week and the course is currently set up for a stern challenge. Rough probably 3+ inches and with the deep kikuyu grasses it was just really hard to hit out of. Unfortunately I was in the rough a lot of the day and even when in the Fairways they are challenging with uneven lies through most of the course. Upon initial glance, this course does not look that hard but everything moves everywhere here and your left to right, right to left fairways and undulated, large, firm, sloped greens... well... Bring your "A+" game.
No GPS but most of the course is in front of you. Ball/club cleaners and USB connections on new carts.
Just a few critiques... all of us we were very confused several times during the round...
There are different scorecards at the starter booth and are a touch confusing with different cards for different setups, starter even said they were confusing, no beverage cart, no bottled water at the turn/restaurant, no signage (maybe missed?) for how to get to hole 10, confusing menu at the 9th not listing all items for ordering, again noted by bar staff... easily fixable items that could be addressed in one day and should be when charging over $200 a round. That said however, there is a relaxed comfort here. Like a local, friendly course that doesn't need to be perfect as opposed to a resort course that is expected to be. This is not a resort course. Kinda feels like any other locals course and while we were confused the first time, we would be fine with it all tomorrow. A must play. Just go when you are playing well.
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