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played as a single on thursday 5/21..booked on their web site 40.00 with a cart at 748am..putting green was open and driving range also(mats)6.00 medium bucket...started on the back nine finished in just under 4 hours...fairways good coverage(7)greens very nice rolled smooth and medium(9) restrooms open on both nines..bunkers were ok but without rakes (a lot of sand on the faces made for several fried eggs!)very nice relaxing round ...would not pay more than 3.00 per hole for this resort but a good deal at 40.00..swing smooth!
what a nice setting to knock off the rust!had a tee time of 740 on thursday 4/30 for 54.00 booked on their web site..check in was very easy/carts were staged next to check-in...range was open but only for playing golfers..6.00 for a small bucket...covid conditions the same as everywhere else but masks were only mandoratory at the clubhouse once your round began opional wear..
course conditions were VERY good..fairways a 9/tee boxes a 7/bunkers a 7/greens were spongey and a bit slow but very good 8/construction on #1 so every body started at the forward tees and were asked to lay-up on the 250 par 4(so not to slow down the start)tee times were 10 mins apart/restrooms on the course were open and the saw the cart girl twice.
2 key points after 3pm it is walking only and the that is because of the lack of carts,its seems the carts can only get enough of a charge to go twice during the day...the course was beautiful today and I was able to knock off a little rust..highley recomend
played as a single at noon on Tuesday July 2nd 2019 joined by 2 single has been over 2 years since I last wrote a review of this course...Eastlake is 90% back to being very very good...greens a 9+(4 and 14 were back and healthy)very consist through,rolled well and held shots..bunkers a 9 nice sand in the bunkers(healthy amount)..fairways a 7 lots of coverage but still that type of grass that will probley burn out as it gets hotter...rough a 6 not much to judge but it might be an inch higher than the fairways..still a nice driving range,2 putting greens, 1 chipping green which they have added a sand bunker to the chipping green, a nice resturant and patio and the lakes all had water in cart girl but saw a marshall with water and ice several times through out the about a cost of $2.00 a hole its not a bad investment and they have a $20.00 replay available.hit em well!!
played on monday may 6th at 1123 am for a golf now hot deal of 17.00(rack rate of a non dye county resident was 72.00)course was better than advertised...fairways very nice carpet of grass(a little on the narrow side)...rough very healthy 2 to 3 inches...greens rolled well and very similar for the whole course...very pretty course/lots of water and bunkers...overall well worth the 5 hour drive time form san diego/nice practice area, grass driving range/two seperate chipping areas and 2 putting for the negitives, really only 2, bunkers...because it gets very windy most of the bunkers have pebbles and sand and the fairway bunkers and waste bunkers have really dime size pebbles...the second item for me as an out of towner was the flag situation on the greens...all flags had the same color flag(yellow)but had a smaller flag on the the pole to indicate front/middle or back...from the faiway it was hard to be sure of the hole location, but overall I'd give 5 stars!!
played the blacks on friday 4/12 on a golf now 26.00 hot deal, weather high 60's with 10 to 15 mph wind.first let me say it has been over a year since I have played up here in Ramona (about a 40 min drive) and if not for Rubyclub's last review I might not have just to be clear all the reviews I had read from other sourses said don't waste your money,no grass in the fairways,greens are like putting on dirt, well I am here to say its not true...the greens were very good(yes occasionaly small bald spots near the outer edges of 2 or 3 greens)fairways were lush,some large of trees have been cut down,bunkers were great, service was very good(grumpy had the day off)maintance is still working hard.As of today they tell me they have not recieved a time line when they will close to overhaul the for the two things I think that were under par...all the black tee boxes had been punched and sanded and were not very leval at all, and my other concern is how the course treats single golfers(yes I was the only purchased tee time at 12..but they make no attempt to group with a three some that tee off 1152 or a single at 1212 so be forwarned if you need to play with others you might want to bring your own!
lastly sometimes you have to see a course to guage someone elses it now and make own judgement before it closes.
played the tips on friday 12/14 at 1130am. Have not been here for a long time(over 4 years).
this a first class resort with a very nice course...not overlly long(6600 from the tips)but in really good shape.Greens were large with some undulation/ bunkers were like just about like every other so cal course...just a couple of inches of sand but well maintained...fairways were nice(not carpeting) but never had a bad lie all day..rough was hit or miss...lots of trees ..I normally play Carlton oaks/Sycuan oak glen and now I'm adding Pala Mesa to this grouping..highly recommend!
played monday dec 02...played the ranch/vineyards.sourse is very good shape...fairways tightly mowed and the rough only about 1/4 inch longer..greens were very nice and rolled always it is a pleasure to play this course, always in good to great shape.highly recommend!
played as a single on friday morning(6/15/18) 615 tee time, checked in and sent right to the 1st tee...was joined by a single and a twosome.played the whites and finished in just under 4 hours. friday was just the perfect weather mid 60s with alittle overcast..plenty of sprinklers going on in the fairways while we played..the fairways were very nice with good coverage plenty of grass and very few GURS(grounds under repair)twenty feet in front of the greens the grass was pristine(like carpet)greens were very good/putted very smooth..greenside bunkers were mostly good sand(the 2 I were in were soft/white and a few pebbles...but very playable.
3 areas that I need to point out are the rough and tee boxs and waste bunkers...waste bunkers are just that...hard firm dirt/sand some weeds growing in them, not a place you want to be but really no high lips...tee boxs (whites) were rather chewed up and most of them were kinded rounded so finding a flat spot though not impossable took a little effort, which brings me to the rough..on the front 9 a creek runs along all but the first 2 holes so so you need to stay in the fairway because they do not have a maintained rough...if you are in it you can play out but it will be a crap shoot,most the times 15 yards of the the fairway is no different then mt.woodson,carmel mountain ranch or any course that does not have side to side fairways.
Overall I highly recomend carlton oaks, it is in very good overall shape!
played 8/18/17 as a single at 127pm...course was almost empty...very nice conditions from tee to greens,sand bunkers had sand in them(i know hard to believe in so cal)nice carts with touch screen gps...several restrooms on the course/snack bar at the turn.highly recomend!!!word to the wise if you use GOLF NOW print out your confirmation because they don't always have it updated...example today I paid on line 28.00 with acart and when I went to check in they wanted to charge me until I showed them my paperwork,other than that its a top notch facility
played here for the first time ever on 7/6/17 thursday at 653am for a walking rate of 28.00(14.00 more if you ride)course was in good to very good overall conditions.
tee boxs large and nice grass/bunkers nice sand quality (really no fairway bunkers to speak of)fairways had good coverage for 90 to 95% , really no rough to speak of/greens were very good and large sized but if you want to score you must be below the pin...overall I was very happy with the course and will return again,very nice resturant and bar..double sided driving range and a large putting green/the only negitive thing I could say is that there are alot of side to side fairways so keep your head on a swivel!!
played friars/presdio/mission for a 27 hole day on 6/14/17 wed afternoon/2pm tee time.started on friars with a local club member/no one really on the course maybe because of two things 1) sign on 1st tee Play winter fairways rule and the fact that most of the fairways on #2 and #5 have been bulldozed up(think they will be putting new sod in)but having said that tee boxs were level and good/greens are very good(quick especally down hill)sand bunkers were for the most part very good,so if you don't mind moving your middle of the fairway tee shot over a couple of feet(the grass that does remain is very good to some thin spots)
presdio was much more crowed and golfers here just tend to be slow..about the third hole we started to wait about 5 mins on every shot..fairways are good but are starting to brown out (recently cut short)ruff can be thick 2 to 3 inches, bunkers and greens and tee boxs were all in very good shape.
mission same conditions as presdio....overall presido and mission combo is still a very good course to play and if your looking for a good practice and quiet outing then I recommend the friars 9.
played on friday 6/9/17 as a single with golfnow for a 33.00 rate(normal 39.00)first big thanks to kyle in the pro shop for helping me when golfnow system failed to update their tee sheet, he took the time to fix the issue and off I went with two more players.If you have ever played eastlake and longed for the days when it was in good shape, then the TIME IS NOW!!!fairways are lush ,rough is 2 to 3 inches , the greens are very good including #4 and #14 and I did not think in the last 2 years that both of those greens would ever heal.bunkers are the sore spot,I was in five, 2 had heavy wet sand,1 was thick and fluffy and two were hardpan(all greenside)carts have gps and there are two cartpath only holes...overall a very good value and if you have the time a replay is 20.00
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