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Nice layout near the ocean with normally decent conditions. Nice and quiet course with little to no homes or buildings on the course. Anyone should have a positive day out here because of the atmosphere. The tee boxes, fairways and greens are normally all in better than average condition. Most people here follow etiquette and play the appropriate tees and not slow down play.
Played here right before the US Open. Conditions are brutal for 99% of all golfers right now. Rough is insane and traps are playing decent considering the covid stuff. Everything is in pretty good shape yet with the redo, not a public course anymore.
The recent redo of this once awesome design by William Bell has been replaced with a monstrosity. This is no longer a normal golf course. I personally broke 80 and break 80 here but it is demanding from one shot to the next. A 10 handicapper can shoot 110 in a heart beat right now. If you come here play from the white tees for your own good. You testosterone filled males need to check your pride at the door or this course will embarrass you and you will have no fun. IMO, this course is no longer playable for 90% of today's golfers.
Course is in great condition after the tournament but a giant clusterph@#k to play.

High handicappers playing tour pros from the tips making the course play 6 hours with no on course marshal's or management what so ever. You will wait on every shot and on every tee box. The place is a mad house with the city spending millions on tearing up the other course after just spending 13 million in tax payer dollars.
Played Sunday morning 11/29/20 and the course (for being a small city course) was good.
One of the best layouts in SD County and affordable for most anyone. Greens are running 11+ and fairways are good. Needs a lot of attention around the greens though. You miss a green and you have a crappy lie and that's NOT how it should be (tough yes, crappy/no). Bunkers are consistent and good.
Fix your ball mark ya kooks and keep your radios turned down. Oh, and Blue Tees are for low single digit golfers, not beginners or higher handicappers.
Played 11/25/20. Course has a lot of water on it. Fairways are OK but rough is deep and wet. Still many areas around the greens in bad shape and many areas with bare dirt. Not sure why as the over seed was a long time ago. The new design and wet conditions have made this un-enjoyable for most players.
Played today 5/18/2020 and it's still in poor condition. Greens were bumpy. Fairways were hit and miss with some hard and some good. Played with a tourist and he was irate at the cost considering the conditions. Will try again in 30 days but not holding my breathe. This course needs to hire a better superintendent IMO. This guy can never seem to produce.
I only pay 42 to play here because of residence rates. You will pay 230, to walk. It's Farmers Open time so the course in in great shape minus the bare spots this superintendent never can fix. Once the tournament is over it will go back to below average like the last 3 years. Let's hope something finally changes here. Been playing here 35 years. This course right now is a monster. You will lose a lot of balls in the rough so bring a dozen (no joke). I'm a 6 here and I lose balls in this insane rough. Local rule now is 3 minute search and then a free drop, no penalty and move along. Your ball is not gold plated and there's people waiting so move along. I know this is on your bucket list and we really hope you have an awesome day but PLEASE try and keep a good pace of play. Now, Be smart and play the forward tee's. You are not a pro and most low single digit hndcp'ers I play with (over 5000) rarely break 85. I played with the guy that should have won in Hawaii at Kapalua (not naming him)(weird first name) this week , 2 weeks ago and he shot 75, I counted. If you play have a great day, play smart and play quick. You'll enjoy this course right now.
South Course is unplayable at this time so we play the north. The north is in rough condition with every approach are in front of the greens in bad shape. Greens keeper lost all the South's approach areas last year and had to re-do every single one and now are losing the North's. The north greens were just punched last month and still hard as a rock with many unrepaired ball marks. No longer do they come out in the evening and repair what was left from the prior days play. Fairways are playable and mostly look un-mown. Rough is also in bad shape with tree limbs and leaves everywhere. Cart path only is making the course play 5 plus hours. This is not a good representation of this facility. We need someone at the top to come out and do their job and put scrutiny on this greens keeper that seems in over his head. This is my 40th year playing this course and the conditions have been lowered in the past 4 years.
As a local playing here since 1976 I am pissed off that they keep this greens keeper here. This guy has destroyed both courses. He lost every single approach on the south last year and they just reworked all of them recently. Now he's losing ALL the approach areas on the brand new north course. There are bare areas everywhere. I was embarrassed to bring my friends here last week. Some holes are so bad that it's like playing from sand. Never in all the years I've played here have the conditions been so bad. Our past female greens keeper always had this place in good shape even when they redesigned the entire south course. I wish some of the boot lickers that make excuses for the poor workmanship would start posting honest reviews so something would be done about this guy. He has an excuse for everything.
Played 8/9/2019. Greens were bumpy and below average. Fairways were beat up. Approach areas were sloppy and wet. This place has really slipped.
This course should not be open right now. It is in terrible shape and unplayable in many areas.
One month after aeration and the greens are still horrible. Fairways are also very thin. Tee boxes aren't much better. The locals here are baffled at why this superintendent just cant seem to keep this place up. Seem's like he's in over his head. This is my 40th playing here at my home course and they desperately need to do something about this position. We have never seen a super struggle so much for so long.
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