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played here saturday 6/22 morning. one of my favorite courses. had a perfect situation where fast group in front of us and slow group behind us, took us little over 4 hours. The course is in good shape. tee boxes were generally decent but there were some uneven spots. fairway was like hitting off of a carpet. greens looked nice but deceivingly slow. everytime i play here, i always get the same positive feeling. nice condition, nice setting, not too easy but not too hard.
Played in men's skins on Sunday. Not much to write about this course because the condition of this course usually never lets you down. Everything was good. One thing that stood out though was greens. Greens were excellent. medium to fast but more on the fast side. Once you figure out the speed, it's much more fun to play in these nice smooth fast greens.
Typical day at Sierra Lakes. Not much to complain about the condition of this course. Green looks fully healed. I was bit surprised the green weren't as fast as i expected. more like medium-fast.
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Played here on Sat 3/2 7:50 morning time. Had a great time. i was expecting a 5+ hour round considering our tee time but surprisingly we finished in little over 4. Beautiful weather, quiet, and good condition all around. what more can you ask. Greens were nice but tough as usual. They had some issues with bunkers. seemed like no sand and just hard packed dirt area. one of the bunkers had a G.U.R sign. May be they are in the process of fixing the bunkers? Besides bunkers, not much to complain about the condition.
*10th hole: what a green. make sure to grab extra club or two to put in the back of the green. i hit the middle of the green and rolled all the way back down off the front of the green.
Played here on saturday 2/23 in a men's club skins/tournament. Best deal around. $64 ($69 for invited non-member), saturday 7:30am shotgun, skins, closest to the pin, longest drive, net, gross and burger/hotdog lunch.
This course is so dependable and reliable in terms of the condition and maintenance. Is it the management? Good maintenance crew? spending more money? whatever it is, they are doing a great job keeping the course nice when you see so many "used-to-be-nice" courses just getting torn.
The best thing about this course right now is the greens. nice smooth and fast. It was like a private country club level. It was on the firm side so that had a hard time stopping the ball.
played here on Sunday 11/11 at 8am. enjoyed a 300+ yard drives on some holes but also struggled with many other holes due to 25+mph wind.
the course was in usual good shape. the greens were super fast. i've noticed this course has a super fast greens right after their usual maintenance. i wish they had this speed all year around.
also, people don't fix their divots at this course. why is that? i'm not sure. may the course can put a little notification on the cart or at the bathroom to remind people to fix their divot?
played 11/3 sat at 11:23. playing condition was pretty decent and i'm assuming it's probably a lot to do with the recent maintenance.

it's my first time playing here and i was little concerned when i was greeted with tons of flies near the starter ( i hate flies) b/c i didn't want to battle flies throughout the round but wasn't really an issue once we started playing.

overall, the course is not bad for the price you pay.

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Chino California Golf Course Reviews
Played here on sunday 5/27, memorial day weekend. The course was pretty wide open. I gotta remember, play golf memorial day weekend if i don't go out of town. I guess it's a slow (in terms or business) weekend for golf courses since lots of people take trips.

Reviewing this course is kind of getting old. Same usual nice relaxing day at sierra. not much to complain about. good condition overall. One unusual thing that i haven't experience at this course was that the greens were pretty firm that my balls were bouncing pretty high. I don't think i've ever seen that at this course. I'm not sure if the course has a control over the firmness of the green but it was definitely the firmest i've ever seen at sierra.

Sierra Lakes Golf Club Review
Fontana California Golf Course Reviews
Played here 5/5 saturday morning at 8:30am. It was just me and my buddy and the 4-some in front of us were pretty fast. i think we finished the round in 4 hours. There were lot of guys out there playing the practice round for the canadian tour Q school. I was excited to play this course 3 days before the Q school event thinking that the course is going to be in tournament condition. oh man, i was wrong. i realize they don't make it into a tournament condition until they close the course a day before. I think it was worse than their usual condition. it's probably so that they can grow everything out to make it easier to bring everything to tournament condition. I had few super high drive b/c the grass were too high on the tee box forcing you to tee up higher than usual. Greens were slower than usual probably b/c they didn't cut them short. i'm thinking they are waiting until the day before the tourney to cut them really short.
The conditions weren't horrible. I think i just had a wrong expectation. I think the Q school ends on Thursday so may be Friday's condition will be awesome?
Now i know, it's probably better to go after the tourney than before if you want to take advantage of tourney conditions...

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Played on 4/27 morning and 4/29 afternoon. Another fun golfing day at Sierra Lakes. This is one of those courses that I can't really complain about. Always enjoy my round year. Greens are not crazy fast anymore compared to when i played like 3~4 weeks ago. But the curve ball this time around was the roughs. They are pretty long. If you miss the fairway, you need to pay attention or you'll have hard time finding you ball. I lost 2 balls in the rough which is one of the most frustrating thing for me. Chipping around the greens were tougher too especially when the balls were sitting in the thick rough.
Another thing i noticed yesterday was no one repairs divot marks on the green. Why people why? May be course should put a little sign near the green like some of the other courses.

Sierra Lakes Golf Club Review
Fontana California Golf Course Reviews
Great course. Not much to complain about in terms of the condition of the course. I'm just curiously how much effort and money goes into maintain this type of top condition. What happened to all those inland empire courses that used to have better condition? Is it really the bad economy?
I had a great time playing in the outing for the first time and playing with kviser, bnick and sam. Everyone at the outing seemed pretty chill. I definitely want to play in more of these outings.
Greens were little tricky. i think i'm just saying this because i had 5 three putts and total of 38 putts. probably the worst putter of the day. Just couldn't get comfortable with the speed of the green. It seemed like the ball rolled slow from far fast from close. ok, i can't blame the green. it was probably me.
I definitely want to go back to this course and give another shot at the green.

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A typical saturday afternoon round at sierra lakes except for the punched greens. i knew the greens were punched and thought it wouldn't bother me since it'll be a faster round with less people but it did bother me a little. probably overpaid ($34 2:30) a little for a punched green round but it still enjoyed the round.

Sierra Lakes Golf Club Review
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