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Found myself with wife in Laughlin. After going to Oatman decided to play some golf.
I played here once soon after they opened. Paid $45 with cart and teed off just after 1pm.
Ran into no one in front of us. Its in the desert, but you would be hard pressed to ever hit a ball in it. Will be surrounded by home at some point, so it will have condo golf feel.
Played whites and it played pretty short. Most tees were way up. Condition wise good with one exception. The greens were quite slow as the had been top dressed sand. Didn't see any holes just sanded. Problem is the sand had big enough pebbles to kick you ball off line. I would walk my line and get the big ones out of the way. Didn't always succeed. Some tees had been over seeded and looked like they had not been mowed recently. Not a big issue if you tee it higher. Sand was fine little thin and some rocks. Fairways and roughs were not over seeded but still green. Rough was short but thick.
Not an overly hard course if you hit the ball fairly straight. Wife loved all the animals out there. Would play again.
Played 8/27 at 3pm. $35 twilight with cart. Reasonable rate maybe slightly high. Played as
a threesome let a single and then a twosome go through and still finished in 3:30. Pretty
good as we took my slow poke buddy with us. Tees still a little thin and uneven. Fairways
still have a few thin spots, but nothing bare. Greens were soft. No roll on lofted shots. They are still being invaded by another grass that is thicker and makes them bumpy in places.
Rough is short, but thick in most places. For some reason the ball always settles to the bottom. Bunkers are better. They have steep faces on most. So what they did to them is fill new sand on just the flat bottom. Look good. I was not in one, but based on my playing partners I would say the sand is not very deep. New owners are making a difference. Everything is a little greener, better maintained and they have trimmed a lot of trees. Ponds look better and I saw some painting going on also. They have repaved the pot hole obstacle course of a parking lot also. Things are looking up!
Played Sunday late morning. Place was real busy. Almost 5 hour round. Was walking and still waited 10 to 15 minutes per shot. Very good weather must have brought the throngs out. Course is in the transition from dormancy. Tees were very good. Fairways were also quite good. Rough is growing well full of various grass types and real thick in places. The green surrounds are over seeded and very green and thick. Bunkers are some of the better one around. Little hard on top, but deep underneath. Greens look great. Almost completely healed from a plugging. They are thick, very few ball marks and quite slow. Usually the are damp, but quick. So slow in fact I did not trust myself to hit the ball. Seemed wrong slugging them. Would suggest you play it if in those parts. $30 to walk on weekends, just don't be in a hurry. They now have frisbee golf to go along with foot golf too. That would become a zoo if anyone played the other two.
Played 1/31/2019 Afternoon round started at 1230. Finished in a ittle over 4 1/2. Course was packed solid and we waited a few moments on every shot, but not long waits.
Tees are level in very good shape. Fairways are dormant with patches of green.
Some thin areas but overall quite good. Rough was up and a little thin good overall.
Greens were very good. Slow up hill but screaming fast down hill. They seem like they need to be cut lower. There are some bumpy spots, but a lot better than years gone by.
Bunkers still have little amount of loose something in them. Was in one and they are playable, but they are in poor shape. All of the far off knee high stuff was cut down pretty low too. Fun enjoyable course that looks a lot harder than it plays. Just better have a decent day with the driver and get the spped of the greens down.
Finally got out in a long time. Played Sunday at 10am with three of my best buddies.
Weather was high forties with a cool very light breeze. Course is in full winter dormant glory. Tees and fairways cut low a little thin in places and somewhat muddy. Tees have some unlevel spots. Rough in very similar shape , but a little thicker around the greens.
Greens are very good and fast. They dont look fast kind of a light green/brown color.
Hold well if hit high shots, but lower shots will run a lot. Bunkers are slightly softer than hitting off hard pan based on my one shotfrom a bunker and watching other players.
Challenging course with some tough to putt greens. Fine for a muni,
Played Sunday the 25th. POP 4 1/2 some waiting. Pleasant day with good company so not a big deal at all. Tees are pretty uneven sometimes near impossible to find an even lie.
Not lush, but fine. Fairways were a little on the long side, but once again playable.
Rough is there not to deep, but does make you shot harder. In one bunker and it was just fine. Greens. Oh boy. Many/several grass types going on. All different colors and heights.
They are bouncy, more than bumpy. Weird thing is it doesn't really effect the putts other than they get airborne. They are still pretty fast and hold their line. Firm with lots of roll out. Great layout fun and challenging. I would go back, but if uneven tees and bouncy greens bother you don't go. You'll just be unhappy.
Been awhile since I reviewed BV. Course is in overall very good shape.
Thanks to PGE equipment failure I got Friday afternoon off. What to do with an unexpected
afternoon off. Why golf of course. Went out alone $25 with cart, did not have the push cart in the car. Usually don't in the summertime as its too hot to walk. Played through three guys on second hole and never ran into another soul. POP 2 hours hitting two balls per hole. Tees very good some spots uneven no big deal. Fairways very good coverage except near the front of the greens where everyone parks the carts and a few semi bare sports
occasionally. Rough was quite thick in spots adn you have to watch out when chipping as ball sits up and you can go right under it. Also rough will grab club. In two bunkers and they were just fine. Greens in good shape just soft. I backed up a five iron? Medium speed and quite smooth. Of the county courses in these part in the best shape. Better than some not county courses too. Great choice for us locals to play.
Played 8/2/19. Afternoon round with the wife in tow. $30 at 3pm. POP 2 hours 15 minutes.
Once we got through a fivesome no one ahead of us until the last hole. Course conditions are improving a lot. Tees have a lot of grass on them now. Fairways a little greener and a
little thicker. Overall pretty good, not great but a big improvement. Rough is seeing similar results. Its still hard pan and weeds way off in squirrel country and there are lots of them (squirrels that is) Was not in a bunker, but still look like they need some work. Crusty looking. Greens are in great shape, just a little slow with some different kind of grass invading. Bermuda or kikuyu? Overall a fine place to play. Average to slightly above average conditions for fairways and roughs. Tees and greens are good. Best its been in sometime. Great for a nice fast challenging round
Played 7/27. POP okay at 4 1/2 hours. Which is pretty good for here. Five par threes slow up play quite a bit. Entire course is in good shape. Main problem being the tees and fairways are quite long. Looks the the tee markers have not been moved for some time as the grass in that area is wore out. Guessing because of the heat? Greens a little slow and not cut quite as short as usual. That is okay as it probably helps with the heat and the greens are actually smoother because of less water that leads to ball marks not being fixed properly. Rough is quite thick and bunkers are good. An average course with pretty good conditions that can be challenging because of the small greens and long par threes.
Golfed 6/23/19
Weather touch warm, but a cooling breeze. Our group loves to go here for the views and a challenging golf course. The design requires a fairly straight driver as there are trees, o b or the Tule River (which was really flowing) or all three on every hole. Pace 4 hours some waiting, but I played with real fast golfers as a threesome behind a five some. Condition wise very good, not excellent. Tees a little thin same goes for the fairways, but no bare spots. Found one fairway bunker it was okay. About an inch and a half of dirt. Some small pebbles also. Green side bunkers looked like they had a lot of sand in the. Rough was fine long enough to grab the club. Greens are good. Slow with an occasional thin spot. you cold see aeration holes on a few greens. Few ball marks and a little firm just slow. This is our close by treat course.
I'm a little late in reviewing. Work related. Really can't add anything that hasn't been said already. Course in fantastic shape except for the bunkers that need quite a bit of work and the soft greens that lead to so many ball marks. Understand they need lots of water because of the summer heat, but maybe firm them up a little bit. I really should make the effort to get out here more often. Thanks everyone for a great day of golf
Played Sat afternoon. Course wide open after a shotgun tournament.
Tees fine mostly level a little long but fine. Fairways had very good coverage a few small areas were then and a little brown, but overall quite green and good. Rough is a little patchy not much longer than the fairways. Areas around greens were thicker. Bunkers
have some soft sand although not very deep. Playable just don't go digging. Club will bounce too much. Greens had a light dusting of sand on them. Medium speed real quick downhill. Hold a properly hit shot. A few thin areas mostly out of play. An affordable muni in average condition.
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