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Played afternoon of 9/29. $41 midday rate comes with cart, so ok price.POP
was about four hours with minimal waiting and a mid round beer run. Been awhile since
my last play. Greens are much better than last several times. By that I mean they have full coverage of grass. Medium speed and quite bumpy. Grass seemed a little long on them, combined with lots of ball marks and spike marks and ball was bouncing all around. Edge of cups were very ragged also. Tees are level cut really short as it looked they had sown rye grass seed on them. The geese were snacking on them so good luck with that. Fairways were very good. Rough was thick in some places, but also a patches of real thick stuff. Bunkers are a total mess. They looked like they were raked but its just a very thin layer of dirt. We saw balls rolling through them? Its almost the same as hard pan. Lakes are a pea soup green color, gross. IF you stay out of the numerous bunkers and take the bumpy greens for what they are its a fun course. Well designed just not great conditions. It is a change from my regular dose of the county courses.
Played 5/29 Busy waited most of the day on a fivesome of very poor players and two kids
who were hitting occasionally. Tees are thin, little muddy and full of all kinds of grasses/weeds. Fairways thin, but very playable. Greens were mostly very good. Some
did have thin and bald spots. Bunkers were fine. Fantastic layout just condition wise slightly better then the county courses. Worth it just to get away from the publics for awhile,
Played last Friday on one of our coast trips.
Plays same as last year. POP little over 4 hours.
Waited a bit to start, but it thinned out some.
Course pretty much the same as last year. Tees quite unlevel.
Greens are bumpy and gets worse as the grow through the day.
We teed off at 1130 and you could see them get bumpier through the day.
Fairways are good, not great. Some thin spots. Rough was thick in spots and
gopher holes and weeds the further you got away from the fairway.
Bunkers are pretty good. Would be a very good course if not for the tees and greens.
Played Friday on a rare week day round. POP 4:15. Quite different thank the 5 hour weekend rounds. Course is in overall good winter condition. Tees are level Par threes
show lots of divot damage, but the tees are large and were placed out of the bad areas.
Fairways are reaching the poa is starting to grow stage. So there are clumps of it everywhere especially since we played in the afternoon. We were moving the ball if a clump was behind your ball. Bunkers are hit a miss literally. Some are crusty dirt. Some
have white fluffy sand. They have been converting them for what is probably 15 years?!!
Greens are very good. Usually insanely soft, but had some firmness to them. Rolling well
the exception of a few that you could still see old plug holes. Ball would bounce a little.
Fringes have the clumps going on so are hard to put from. Overall very enjoyable day.
Played 1/23/22 Paid $32 to walk at 1145. Went off as a single with wife as company.
Everyone else watching football. Smooth sailing for four holes and then hit a wall. Twosome riding behind us basically said we are going through you. Told them no where to go, but then went anyway. I stood on the same tee with them and watched them tee off for the rest of the round. There was no where to go. Conditions Tees little uneven. Some thin spots that were more mud than dirt. Playable though. Fairway dormant bermuda with spots of green throughout. Some bare muddy spots. Overall okay. Rough was short but its thick and will turn the club over. Around greens real thick. Greens were surprisingly really good.
Little soft, but as fast as I have ever seen them. Eighth green still has a large bare spot on the right edge that has been there for a long time. Bunkers have sand but lots of rocks too. Overall a fine muni condition wise.
Played on Halloween.

Course was busy pop 4 1/2 some waiting on back side as people were jumping in front of us only to be slowed down anyway. Overall conditions a little above average. Everything was still damp and muddy in most places. Grass starting to go dormant. Fairways thin in places. Rough was sticky and wet. Bunkers actually are quite good. Nice heavy sand. Tees
a little worn in places, most likely from the wet conditions. Mostly level. Good spots could be found. Love the layout and the challenge. Greens are a let down however. Plugged sometime ago, but you can still see the remains. Real sandy, slower than normal and a lot of bumps were encountered. Still love the place, but greens could be better.
Saturday round was at Paso Robles Golf Club. Like I mentioned what a difference.
We love coming here. We had seven golfers 2 of which were first timers. hey both wondered why we did not play this course twice. We warmed up at the restaurant on the veranda overlooking nine and eighteen. Lovely setting to spend some time. Great food.
Course was very green and well taken care of. Low point were the tees. Kikuyu is trying to take over. They had verticut them so they looked worse than they played. Quite a few uneven lies also. Par threes were chewed up, but not where the tees were placed. Fairways are just great. Greens d%mn near perfect, Few ball mark damage here and there and firm, but will hold shots. The approaches that had kikuyu on them had been verticut also and were muddy. The cut lines were horizontal to the greens so you had to chip over them. The muddy conditions made this more difficult.One bunker I found had great sand. Overall a very good mid price course that will challenge you with a great atmosphere. Most enjoyable.
Stretched the legs a bit and played last Friday and Saturday in Paso Robles.
Weather both days mid 80's little bit of wind. POP four hours at both. Amazing how you can drive 20 minutes from one to the other and experience a totally different golf experience.

The Links is just basic golf on a course of average condition. If you can handle you will have fun. Not overly challenging, but you get the result you deserve. Tees had spotty coverage, but were at least not dirt. Level okay to play from, Fairways mostly good. Some spots need work. Rough was thin as well. Greens were actually just fine. Little slow, but looked and played well.Medium firm with not much roll. Amenities include a nice driving range and putting greens.
Clubhouse still not built, but most of the necessities can be found inside the "temporary" trailer clubhouse.

A great cheaper option for the area, but you get what you pay for.
Did not play, but heard course is open
Got out Friday afternoon. Coolest day in awhile here. Only got up to 100. $35 to ride.
POP 3 1/2 hours waited on a foursome who were really interested in cell phone conversations to look back and see us waiting. Took 6 holes, but they left us go through.
New owners are continually making updates. New flooring in the clubhouse. Solar panels over some of the parking lot and new carts! Course overall is quite a bit greener. Lots of tree trimming going on. Course conditions. Same tees with a bit of uneven lies. You can find level spots if you try. Good coverage. Fairways are greener than normal. Lots of areas are thin, but completely playable. One hole had an area of dirt on the edge of the fairway. Rough varies a lot with the thick stuff around the greens. Saw a lot of water being applied to the rough. That was a first for me so thats getting better. Bunkers are
okay. Some sand in most while others looked nearly abandoned. Greens were great running med/fast and held well. Little on the moist side, but thats probably needed to keep them alive. One green had a bare spot. With the country club name you would expect better conditions, but you are really getting a muni type course through a housing tract that has some narrow holes and is very flat. Greens are small and those to
things make it challenging. Good for a change up and located in the city near my home. Rating came out 5.1 but its probably a six
Played Sunday 9am. Hot muggy morning. 4 1/2 hours which did not seem that long even though we waited on every shot. Tees are still uneven, fairways a little thin in places, but always some grass under the ball. Other areas are very good. Rough varies from thick to sparse. Rough around greens is very thick and tall. Trees are plentiful are seem larger every time we go Greens are really nice. Little soft in some places medium speed with lots of sweeping breaks. Smooth and quite fun to put. Bunkers are few here, but I found one and it had a lot of sand in it.
Mostly typical muni condition nothing great, but nothing to keep wou from not coming back.
Played late morning June 29th. $39 with the stay and play package. POP 3 hours with waiting on the last nine holes.Conditions are good overall. Tees were a little beat up on par 3s, but every other were good just a little long. Fairways good coverage a few dry spots, but very few. Rough was good getting bare towards edges as to be expected. Bunkers looked a little ragged, but played quite well. Loose sand on top with a little firmer on the bottom. Grounds crew was working on them edging and loosing up the sand. Greens were quite good. Medium slow with lots of subtle breaks. Course winds through houses and lots of mature trees. Hitting the driver very essential here. Great old style vibe to the place.
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