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Played in the GK event, one of my favorite courses in the area.

The course was in great shape like usual. Greens were fairly quick and smooth, there was some ball mark damage but not a ton. By the end of the day, the greens had hardened quite a bit and balls were taking fairly hard first bounces. Fairways were good, occasional thin lie, tee boxes were good, some thin spots ands a couple places weren't perfectly flat. This was a complete non-issue because 90% of each tee box was still in perfect shape. Bunkers were near perfect to my liking, less sand than some other courses but I prefer it that way.
Played here for the 1st time on the 17th. Course is in really good shape, greens rolled great, fairways were consistent, and tee boxes were flat. Bunkers were a little inconsistent but overall good, and the rough was thick in most places.

I found the layout okay, its a shorter course. Good shots are rewarded and bad shot penalized with little chance to recover, there isn't a ton of risk/reward options. Unlike the the previous poster, I did find the fore caddy helpful at times. But if the read or yardage he gave was wrong he was quick to point out that I did something wrong not him, which annoyed me.

Overall, great conditions, nice views, and above average layout. I of course would play again but I can't imagine paying the rack rate or anything close to that amount, I don't think it would be worth it.
Played Skylinks today, and I agree with japacan the greens a the worst combination of awfulness. The only thing worse that slow bumpy greens are fast bumpy green. The greens had quickness today but the ball was bouncing everywhere. Add to that some absolutely ridiculous pins and it made for a unenjoyable round. Several times our group had putts you just had to tap because pins were on slopes, the ball when the bounce off line.

I do disagree with japacan about the condition of the rest of the course, it wasn't in bad shape it just has lost its identity. Sky usually plays fast and hard, mounds around the greens are shaved really short so you have several options to play shots around the greens. Now the mounds and fringes are thicker, you can't run the ball nearly as easily.
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Played 10/26, course was in okay shape. Greens had sections that rolled well then other parts with bare spots. Fairways were thin but not bad other than that. Looks like they continue to work on the bunkers here, unfortunately the sand is very inconsistent from one trap to the next.
Played on the 3rd. Starter told us they were running about 10 minutes behind but it was closer to 20 to 25 minutes. Greens here are usually great for a muni, they were still quick but were bumpy and had a lot of divot damage. Quick and bumping aren't a good combination, tough to make any putts. Fairways, rough, tee boxes, and sand were all average. With the delay starting the round we finished a little more than 5 1/2 hours after our tee time (long round).
Played yesterday the 25th. I have to vent a little about the customer service/marshals. Mile Square seems to usually have more marshals than other courses, which is a good thing. Yesterday had a 10:07 time teed off around 10:15.

We were behind a slow 5some. On the 8th hole I noticed that the group in front of the 5some had finished the par 5 9th before the 5some had reached the 8th green. On the 9th fairway a Marshall drove up and I asked him to speed up the 5some. He held up his hand and stopped me mid-sentence to tell me they were fine and on pace for a 2 hour front nine. That was impossible considering we had teed off over 2 1/2 hours ago.

Another marshal drove up to us on 10 and apologized, and said the group in front played the front at 2 hours 45 minutes and was asked to speed up. After that they played quickly and we finished just over 5 hours. I don't know what it is but the older Marshals/starters seem to always be rude and grumpy, while the younger guys always seem to be a lot more helpful (opposite to most courses).

Course was in typical condition, good greens everything else was average.
Played Lakewood on the 1st. The two things I always expect from Lakewood is long rounds and greens that get bumpy if you tee off after 8ish. Well both proved to be untrue this time.

We teed off around 7:15 and finished in around 4 hours, the course was pretty empty. The fairways and rough were both in atypical Lakewood condition which is average. Sand was good, perfect amount of sand (at least my preference). Tee boxes were wet, muddy, and lacked grass. I prefer lack of grass (since you tee the ball) over uncut grass but they were disappointing.

The greens, the greens were the worst I have ever seen non-punched Lakewood greens, we were 6th group off and the greens were extremely bumpy and slow. Not sure if because it was a holiday the maintenance staff was off, but the there was a lot of damage around each of the pins.
Played yesterday, had a 7:08 tee time, didn't tee off until 7:45. Pace was okay after that probably just shot of 5 hours. Greens were perhaps worst I've seen them, extremely bumpy with a lot of ball mark damage. Fairways, rough, and sand were all average to above average. Its hard for me to judge the tee boxes here, I hate the grass, its the type of grass were even closely mowed there is still a 1/2 of spongy grass.

Lakewood Country Golf Course Review
Long Beach California Golf Course Reviews
Played yesterday the day after I played Pebble. Although if both courses were the same price, I'd play pebble (history and views), this course is probably a little better designed and is much tougher. You have to spot on with your ball striking to have a chance to post a decent score.

Course was in perfect shape, the atmosphere is everything I expected, ocean views one second and then the feeling your secluded in the middle of a forest. Deer are everywhere.

Spyglass Hills Golf Course Review
Pebble Beach California Golf Course Reviews
Got to play Pebble and Spyglass this week, course is as nice as advertised. Course was in perfect condition and views were perfect as expected. Got to play on a rare perfect 70 degree June day without a cloud in the sky. Caddy said that the wind was about average. Recommend anyone who plays here walks and if they don't mind paying a little more get a caddy.

The caddies advice was helpful on a few shots but also will let you know random things like who owns what properties, etc..

Pebble Beach Golf Links Review
Pebble Beach California Golf Course Reviews
Somehow I have never made my way to Redhawk before, finally played it today. This is a tough course, I didn't hit the ball well but regardless it would be difficult to post a score considering the wind, greens and the places they tucked flags. There were several holes where you had just a yard or two to land the ball to get it close.

Greens were hard and quick, fairways were good, a little thin in some spots. Sand appeared to be good but I was in a single trap. Rough was thick and tee boxes appeared to have a little divot damage.

Redhawk Golf Club Review
Temecula California Golf Course Reviews
Played here this past weekend. Out of all the courses in the area, to me the conditions here (good and bad) are most consistent.

With the exception of the sand and greens this course plays hard and fast. Greens were typical a little faster than your normal muni, and rolled pretty good. Fairways hard and thin, but completely expected here this time of the year. There is no rough, which in my opinion makes it more difficult, balls roll into hazards. Lots of sand, to much for my taste (footprints become more of an issue and buried lies) but ideal for most. Tee boxes stunk, the were flat but lots of sand and divot damage.

Skylinks Golf Course Review
Long Beach California Golf Course Reviews
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