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Played two weekends ago. Overall POP was 4hrs starting at 1pm. Never had anyone waiting in front or behind us, so kudos to the clubhouse for spacing out the groups. This is 2 different courses on the front and back 9. Front 9 is slightly boring, nothing really stands out to report. Not worth the cost and thankfully the back 9 improves. Front 9 is through the housing development, and the holes generally lack character. Back 9 starts out with a great looking hole, and continues with a few more views as you progress. More water, drop off tees, and visuals make it worth the money. Greens were fast, and probably the most frustrating part, since there seems to be a lot of local knowledge required to read them correctly. Overall, course was lush. Wouldn’t pay 140 again to play it because the front 9 is lacking, but it was a nice one to check off the list. By far, I would rather go across the street and play Coyote Moon.
Played 10/5, they are punching front 9 today. Played back 9 twice, overall very disappointed in the course condition. I haven’t played in several years, but overall this course has drastically gone downhill since my last visit. Greens have been scalped on accident leading to patches of brown, uneven bumpy spots. I know stuff happens, but this is essentially a par 3 course that used to have tough greens. Now, without greens, you’ve got nothing to look forward to here. The rough is just dirt in a lot of places, and I don’t see how it could ever grow back without some serious work. Sand was good. Can’t recommend this place right now, even if you’re hoping to get some practice strokes in at a shorter course.
Last time I was here they were shutting down for new ownership to take over. Now up and running again and you can tell a difference in a mostly good way. First, the clubhouse is gone. There literally is no building anymore. You walk up to an exterior alcove with a computer kiosk and pay, very bare bones but it works. Don’t come here expecting food and drink either- your choice is a bag of chips, bottle of water, or a soda. Go play golf instead, this isn’t a place to snack. Also, bare bones carts, no gps anymore.

On to the course review: the first thing you’ll notice if you’ve been before is that all the bunkers are now actually bunkers, with sand! Apparently expensive sand at that, from the same place that supplies sand for Pebble Beach. I was only in the sand once, but it was excellent. Fluffy, light, crisp is how I’d describe it. The bright white sand also makes the course and fairways look so much better. Fairways were wet, but not overly soggy, just enough to limit that nice summer roll. Lush, nicely manicured, all good. Greens looked great, felt a little spongy, and rolled slow. If they could firm them up they will be fantastic. Because they were way too slow for a course of this caliber I have to deduct some points. Maybe they were trying to protect them from the heat, but the greens were the slowest I’ve played in the entire Central Valley this year so far. No ball marks, just nice looking slow greens.

Overall, the course is much improved with new ownership. Hopefully he (the single guy running the whole thing?) can keep up the business and continue to improve on the work done so far, the course layout and condition are both excellent. Just remember to bring everything you need to survive the heat without any food or beverage service and you’ll love this place.
First time back in a while- new course name and a new routing for the holes. Hole 10 from Saddle Creek days is now hole number 1. Also, all winter public play starts with a 10am shotgun start, no other tee times available. Range was closed, just putt and then head out to your assigned starting hole. Cart path only all day so I walked instead. This is a long course to walk because of the spacing between holes, but overall still better than walking back and forth to a cart all day. Played the day after Thanksgiving and there were probably about 16 out of the 18 holes full at the start of the shotgun. Overall, this can lead to pretty quick gridlock if you have a slow group, pace of play was 4.5hrs for the day.

Course conditions were excellent. There had been a lot of rain the previous few days and the fairways had some puddles and soft spots. Greens were still in excellent shape, a little soft but rolling very fast. Sand was terrible due to the rain. Nothing underneath led to a lot of thin shots and extremely difficult choices for getting the ball onto the green. I don’t think they had a chance to get out and work on the bunkers yet, not their fault, but there isn’t a lot of sand in many of them. Overall, course is in great shape and a very tough challenge.
Played last Sunday as a 3some, teeing off at 9:45am. As expected this time of year, it was completely fogged in. Visibility was about 150yds for the first hour. Surprisingly, the course was not very busy at all, we never had to wait on the group in front, nor get pushed from groups behind us. As mentioned in the previous review, the fairways were punched, but you can’t tell. Other than maybe a little loss in rollout on the drives, the fairways were excellent.

The greens were in fantastic shape. All greens rolled extremely well, fast, smooth, and held the approaches. No pitch marks or bad spots at all. This is exactly what you should expect for a course that costs this much. I’ll also echo the notes on the temp 17 green. If you can drive it well, this is a reachable par 4 with plenty of bailout to the left. The green itself is tiny, but you wouldn’t know it’s a temp, it played perfectly true. Behind the ropes was the real 17 green, which is so lush it looked like Augusta. Should be amazing once they reopen it.

Overall, the course was extremely challenging but fair. Course condition as fantastic, as was the service. Definitely an experience whether this is your first or return visit.
Course is undergoing management change! It was definitely clear they are in transition to new management- unfortunately they look like they are struggling at the moment. Memorial Day and not too many people on the course. No range balls in the machine, and no merchandise for sale. Hopefully they will pull it together soon, but there is a long way to go.

Course: Tee boxes in decent condition, some of them heavily used. Fairways in good condition, a little soggy from recent rain, but not the course's fault. Greens were recently punched and still healing. Due to the weather and punching, they were a little furry and slow compared to previous visits. Rough was decent, not long enough to penalize or lose balls, which is good for a course that has this much of a slope challenge. Bunkers are where the lack of maintenance showed the most. No sand at all, just bare clay dirt and weeds. For 45 bucks it was good, but definitely the worst condition I've seen it since I started playing there many many years ago. I love the course and don't want to see it close, let's hope they maintain enough business to get the course back into shape.
Greens were just punched and sanded in the middle of last week. The rest of the course is in fantastic shape. The rough is growing out nicely and is making the course play a little tougher than it did all winter. Once the greens are back I’m sure the course will be in prime condition for the spring and summer. No comparison to the surrounding area courses, this one is the best deal for the conditions.
Played very early Sunday morning before the crowd. No one in front so we finished in 3 hours. Overall, course was in phenomenal shape. Not a single ball mark on the greens and they putted extremely true. Speed of greens was perfect throughout the entire course. Fairways were lush, rough was short and very playable. Sand was perfect. Best conditions I have seen here in a long time. Only negative is that all 3 nines feel very similar, not a lot of variety to the hole layout and design. Worth playing for the excellent conditions.
Course is in fantastic shape for the winter. Played after frost delay of about 30 minutes, but pace of play was still right under 4 hours on a Sunday. The course was dry, with the fairways lush and rolling like summer. The only complaint was the difficulty holding the greens on approaches. For some reason, the greens were dried out and very difficult, possibly due to getting ready for a storm or a tournament. Either way, it took a while to adjust and play to the front of the green to keep the ball on the putting surface. It appears they have added some sand to the bunkers recently, they played excellent. Overall, course is still the best deal in the valley, with conditions and pace of play well worth the greens fee.
Played here twice in the past six months. Loved it the first time at the end of summer. Hated it today. The conditions have gone downhill over winter, and although we had tons of rain the course is dry and in terrible shape for spring. The fairways were thin, dry, and brown. The greens were very patchy and slow. The combination of very tight, target golf, with tough pin placements made it a challenging round, but the bad conditions and slow greens were the real disappointment. Probably won't be back for a while since there are so many other courses in better condition right now.
Played Saturday 3/25/17- Greens are completely fine, no longer a need for the alert.

The course is in fantastic condition and extremely fun to play. This was my first time here and I will definitely be back to play during this time of year. Although they said it was busy, we didn't see anyone else the entire round. Here's a breakdown:

Greens- have recently been aerated but show absolutely no signs. They didn't do any sanding and punch holes were gone. The greens were extremely fast and smooth. Some of the greens were so firm that approach shots had to be planned accordingly or else they risked bouncing off the back. Overall these were the best greens I have played throughout all of NorCal this winter.

Fairways and tee boxes- Overall in excellent condition. Didn't look like the course gets much play if you just look at the fairways. No bare spots at all, very nice conditions. The tees were also in excellent shape. Maybe this is the best time of year to catch this course before it gets cooked in the summer heat. Because of rain the day before, there was a tiny bit of water on one or two fairways, but overall not an issue. The course seems to drain very well.

Bunkers- Excellent condition. Sand was very predictable.

Overall this course is one of my new favorites. The round was 70 dollars to ride, and well worth it. Top quality greens, fairways, and service. I can't think of another course within 2 hours of the area that is in this good of shape right now for the price.
This course is sneaky challenging, but enjoyable once you know what to expect. One thing bugs me about this course though... I have found the last couple times I have played here on the weekend that they are very very busy with locals. Since it used to be a country club, a lot of residents and previous members are around, often in big groups. If you are unlucky, you may get caught behind these groups, which do not adhere to start times or pace of play. Also the starter is not very good at keeping things on schedule. Book a 9am, expect to tee off around 9:30 on most weekends, and expect 5.5 hours of waiting to hit shots.

Course review-

Tee boxes and fairways are in fantastic shape. Greens are also in excellent condition, and rolling super fast. The greens here are usually the fastest in the Stockton area, and this was still true. Surprisingly, the greens were very hard and approach shots would bounce without leaving divots in some cases. Most of the greens are elevated, which probably helps keep them from getting soggy, but makes for some difficult approach shots. Most balls need to be played to the front of the green so they will bounce/ feed back to the pin. Rough was super thick and wet, making any shots from beside the green extremely hard to land on the green, let alone near a pin. Fast greens, small, elevated greens combined with super tough rough made the course very punishing if you didn't hit the green on approach. Sand was in good, not great condition, with some pretty thin areas. Although thin, it was at least playable and consistent.

Overall the pace of play and lack of organization detract from a great course. Right now the course is in fantastic condition. I would say course conditions are currently better than the Reserve at Spanos, but the pace of play is about an hour worse.
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