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Played yesterday, Sunday. I called around 10am to see if they could get a single out and they had a couple of openings. I took the 12:40 teetime. $50 to walk on a Sunday is worth it. Course was in good to great shape. Played the back tees (Blue) and they were all very level with great coverage. Fairways were in great shape, never had a bad lie all day. Greens were very nice. Held shots great and putted smooth with pretty quick pace. Found one greenside bunker and it was just fine, no complaints at all. Rough wasn't very penal, very manageable. POP was great!!! 4 hrs, hardly waited on any shot, maybe waited on 2 or 3 shots the whole day. Beverage cart came around 3 times, plus there's an easy snack bar you pass by a few times. Great layout and fun course. Highly recommend!!
Snuck out as a single on Sunday, 9/12. Waited about an hour on the waitlist and teed off at 2:30pm. Course as normal was busy. POP was right at 5hrs, finished 18 pretty much dark, to be expected at this course, always plays pretty slow.

Everything is in pretty good shape. Teeboxes were just fine, fairly level and adequate coverage, never had any issues. Fairways are very nice right now. Plenty of coverage, never had a bad lie all day. Didn't find much rough as I only missed one fairway on number 10 and it was in the fairway bunker and I hit 13 greens, so really didn't notice the rough that much. Greens were very receptive and rolled well, medium speed, not very fast at all. Lots of ball marks, so I fixed a bunch while I knew we would be waiting on just about every teebox anyway. Saw the beverage cart a few times and check in was easy and smooth as usual. Easy recommend if you can get out there. $26 to walk is a real bargain, I think that's the twilight rate.
Played yesterday, Labor Day. Used the website to search teetimes and then called the proshop on Sunday to book over the phone as it's kind of a pain to log into their website and create an account to book online, I'm fine talking to a real person and they were very accommodating. Teed off late, as our playing partners were running behind, so our 2:37 starting time ended up being about 3pm, but the starter (Ben) was great and the cart staging crew (Robin) was outstanding. Good vibes from everyone who works at this course. We didn't quite finish, but we would have if we teed off on time at 2:37. It was busy, holiday, so to be expected.

Course conditions are very playable right now. Nothing super outstanding, but nothing super awful, either. Basic carts, no GPS, but no big deal as I use my golfbuddy voice. Greens were pretty good, held shots very well and putted a good speed with very few bumps. Lots of unrepaired ball marks, so I fixed about 5 of them every hole. Tees were nice and level with adequate coverage, played the blacks, so they don't get that much play. Found one bunker and it was pretty hard pan, not maintained very well. Fairways were just fine. No complaints. Had good lies for the most part all day. Rough was a mixed bag, some thick and some thin. Not very penal, either way. All things considered, $37 to ride on a holiday was just fine, good value. I like the layout, there's some really cool holes out there. Definitely recommend right now.
Played yesterday, Sunday the 15th at 11:10 teetime. $26 to ride is well worth it in my opinion. Fun little par 3 course that's in good shape besides the bunkers. Played the bunkers as ground under repair, they're not being maintained. The teeboxes as to be expected had plenty of divot damage, but you could gernally find a good spot to hit. Greens were very receptive, lots of ball marks, but most were fixed and they putted pretty smooth and good pace. Staff seemed all good, no frills carts and proshop and it's fun to hang out with the disc golfers, they give them carts, too and they have a good time and keep a great pace. We played in just over 3hrs. Fun time and good place to work on your iron game.
Had an opportunity to play this private course yesterday. I play every once in a while with a group known as Mesa Golf Club here in San Diego and one of them, Robert, is a member at Vista Valley, so he was able to arrange 4 groups, we teed off in the first group at 9:20am on Sunday, 7/25. Great group of golfers.

Proshop wasn't very well stocked, but I managed to find a nice logo shirt for purchase anyway. Guy in the pro shop was very nice. Beautiful clubhouse, locker rooms, restaurant, all very nice.

Layout of the course is very fun and challenging. We played the whites and I can't wait to go back and play the tips. Totally different course from the back tees. Thanks to Robert for offering some local knowledge which is absolutely crucial. I still hit drives through a couple of fairways and had to punch out, so next time from the tips will be much more suited to my game. I could've/should've used a 4 wood or 3iron from many of the white tees.

Conditions for everything on the course were above average, but nothing stood out as super spectacular. The teeboxes were level and had decent coverage, but there was some divot damage, but not too bad. Fairways were fairly soft and had good coverage. Quite a bit of ground under repair, but it was well marked off. Rough wasn't very penal, fairly easy to play from. Found one bunker and it was nice, no complaints. Greens were definitely the highlight. They rolled fairly fast and very smooth. Held shots amazingly well, very soft and receptive. Guest fees were $85 for us and felt it was well worth it. Can't wait to get back out. If you get a chance to play, I recommend it.
Gosh, I hate leaving a review like this as I love this course and I play here a few times a year for the past 30+yrs. But, conditions are definitely lacking right now. Only saving grace was the greens. Twilight rate for Saturday at 3pm was $25 to walk and POP was 4.75hrs, waited every tee box for at least 10mins. Then, after that, the hole itself, after we teed off, played normal time, bizarre.

Teeboxes, unlevel, chewed up. Made you analyze for at least one minute to get a good spot. Eventually, found a decent spot to tee it up, although sometimes I opted for level lie with good stance and grass, rather than the ideal tee position. Pretty frustrating, actually. Especially on this course, where tee shot position is key with all the doglegs and often times hitting less than driver.

Fairways were pretty awful. Tons of GUR, so at least they are aware. I always play the ball down, so I dealt with a lot of poor lies in the fairways. Once again, frustrating.

Sand traps were a joke!!! No rakes, crusty, hard pan underneath, footprints, you name it. Stay out of them at all costs. Probably should've played them GUR right now, but once again, I post, so I pretty much took my adjusted double bogey on the two holes I found the greenside bunker.

Rough was a mixed bag, some spots it was short with a lot of clover/weeds easy to play and some other spots it was diabolical, Torrey US Open style.

Greens were literally the only reason why I didn't quit at the turn. They held full shots amazingly well and putted very smooth. Fairly quick, too, especially down hill.

Hope they turn things around at this muni. Right now, I'd probably stay away for a little while.
Played yesterday, 7/7, teetime at 2:24 for $50 twilight rate with cart. Check in easy and starter has good presence to make sure everything goes smooth. Great customer service from restaurant and cart girl, too.

Course remains one of my favorites in SD County. Consistently in good condition and yesterday was no exception. Teeboxes all level, no issues and great coverage, even on the par3's. Fairways were excellent, still showed a little aeration mark, but never had any problem at all. Great to hit from and I only missed one fairway, so that's nice. Greenside bunkers were very soft sand, fried egg on greenside left bunker on number one, but still managed to get it out onto the green, very lucky. Fairway bunkers are nice and firm, but be sure to avoid the greenside bunkers, they're all too soft in my opinion. I didn't encounter much rough, at all, but some of it looked pretty thick, especially around the greens and some of the rough off the fairways was thicker in some places than others. Greens were just fine. Some didn't hold shots quite as well as expected, but for the most part, they were great. Very smooth and medium-fast speed. I still sucked and had 41 putts, but that's my fault, I'm just awful at putting.

Easy recommend. I took two of my buddies who never played there before and they were thoroughly impressed and we all had a blast. POP right at 4.25hrs. no problem at all.
Played yesterday, Sunday, June 13. 11:20 starting time and teed off about 10mins late. Not a big deal. Checkin was easy, staff were all considerate and friendly. POP was 4.5hrs, didn't wait too much at all, comfortable pace for our group as my brother and I were with our wives.

Everything about the course conditions besides the bunkers is above average, for sure! Tees were nice and level with good coverage. They don't spread the tee markers out very wide, so hitting areas seemed a little small, but no big deal.

Fairways were very nice, never had a bad lie all day. Great cushion and perfect amount of roll.

Greens held shots well and rolled without any bumps whatsover. Fairly quick and rolled true. Pleasure to putt on these greens and hit long irons with confidence, I had several 3-irons and 4-irons into them and they all held well.

Rough didn't seem too penal, I missed two fairways and didn't have any problem hitting my next shot.

The bunkers were about the only thing that needs attention. I didn't hit into any of them, but all my playing partners found some and they had many rocks and hard pan. I have a feeling they will attack the maintenance on these soon as we are supposed to open the state tomorrow on June 15.

$79 to ride on a Sunday is very fair, we were going to play Meadowlark and they wanted $66 to ride, so after looking around, I felt $79 for this place is well worth it right now. Get on out there!!
Played yesterday, Sunday March 2. Tee'd off at 12:50, $44 with cart was a fair price for a Sunday. POP was great, didn't hardly wait on the group in front of us, at all. right at 4hrs.

This is a fun layout, but the conditions are a little lacking. The teeboxes were all just fine, nice and level, a little shaggy than I like them, but not a big deal.

Fairways were hit and miss. There's some clumpy different grasses growing and some bare patches, had three pretty bad lies in the fairways, not fair at all.

Sand traps were pretty awful. Still no rakes and they were fairly rocky and hard. I got out of the two greenside bunkers I was in ok, but didn't have much confidence, just tried to get it on the green, basically.

Greens held shots for the most part, a couple of them were unusually hard and didn't hold and then a few of them were unusually soft and didn't release. It was tough to be super confident, so mainly focused on hitting the center of the greens and hope for the best. They were also bumpy, but fairly fast, so definitely challenging to master.

Customer service was just fine, no complaints, no frills.

The water in the lakes is awful!! Smells so bad. Plus it seems like there's a sewage station right next to the course. All day the smell was awful, to the point where I had to cover my nose a few times to keep from gagging. They need to fix this issue.

I'm not a huge fan of the course. There's many other nicer courses in the area. Still had fun, but not sure I want to come back.
played Saturday, 4/24, we were in the first group off in a shamble tournament with 100 people total, no shotgun, just normal teetimes so POP was great at 3.5hrs. We took our time and there was two to three holes open behind us.
Course is in really good shape!! They punched the greens a few weeks ago and they're pretty much all healed. A little slow and bumpy, but not too bad. They held shots very well.

Fairways were in pretty good shape, never had a problem, but we played from the best tee shot so we were able to place the ball after the tee shot and then we played our own ball in from there.

Teeboxes were in great shape, we played from the whites. No issues at all.

Didn't find any bunkers, but they didn't look all that good, definitely the low light of the course. Rough wasn't penal, not really a factor.

$45 to ride on a saturday was a great deal. I'd recommend this place right now, might even get a little better in the next couple of weeks as the greens fully heal from the aeration.
A little late on the review, sorry. Played on Good Friday, 4/2. Paired up with three great guys, retired SD fireman. Very busy (as most courses are right now). I was going to put my name on the list, but I stopped to grab a couple beers at a nearby liquor store and saw a guy loading his cooler and I noticed his clubs in the back of his Jeep so I said seeya at the course, I'm putting my name on the list. He said there's only three in his group, so I just invited myself into their group, thanks for letting me join. We teed off at 2:15 and finished as the sun went down, so POP wasn't that great, 5 hrs, but we had a great time nonetheless.

Course is in playable shape all around. Nothing stood out as spectacular, but nothing was awful, either. The greens have some "disease" around the edges and fringes, but around the cups were all good and smooth and fast!! Teeboxes were all level, but had quite a bit of divot damage. Fairways were in pretty good shape, firm with some roll. Potential for some poor lies. I found one fairway bunker and it was just fine, I didn't find any greenside bunkers, so can't comment. Still no rakes, however. Paid $25 to walk, which is a great deal for twilight rate for this course. Glad they weren't charging holiday rates. Easy course to walk. Didn't see the beverage cart, but there's a snack bar you pass by several times during the round. Friendly staff, no marshal, I don't think I've ever seen a marshal here. No frills course that's fun to play. Recommend.
Played yesterday, Sunday, teed off at 11:40am. POP was 4.5hrs, a little on the slow side, but not too bad for a weekend. $75 to ride no frills cart, no GPS which would be very helpful at this course. There's no yardages on the course, so my golfbuddy GPS was absolutely essential!!

Course is in decent winter shape. Fairways and rough are dormant, lots of roll on all shots, be careful with those layups on the par5's. Good lies in the fairways for the most part. Teeboxes were all in good shape, no problems whatsoever. Greens held well struck shots and were very fast!! I had problems with the speed all day. Traps were nice, and they had rakes!! yay. First rake I've touched in over a year. Saw the beverage cart twice and she was nice. Customer service was fine all around.

Absolutely love this course. The layout is pretty darn awesome. Local knowledge is helpful. A little more expensive than I like to pay, but that's the going rate all over the place right now. I definitely recommend and it should get better in the spring.
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