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Update on conditions for Morgan Creek. Tee boxes are level but very shaggy. Greens are on the slow side with plenty of ball marks. The greens and some spots on fairways were over watered. Didn't hit any bunkers so can't speak to that. Condition are a little rough, but we had fun just the same
Played this morning 4/9. Greens in good shape and running pretty fast. per course direction bunkers are not in play. Rough is thick and fairways in decent shape. Some tight lies and some fluffy. $25 to ride this morning. One rider per cart Cups are inverted and no touching the flag per social distancing guidelines. Get your tee times early. with only a handful of courses open tee times are going fast.
Course is in pretty good shape although the greens are a little beat up and the running slow. Given the current conditions beggars can't be choosers. Just the same it more than playable and worth the greens fee. It's an easy walk if you're so inclined.
Just updating conditions at Mather. for an overall review DeepSea14 posted an excellent review on 5/13. I play Mather frequently due to cost and location. They just punched so wait a while. Greens are almost always in great shape. Rough can be thick at times although this time of year not too bad. My biggest beef with the course is that they over water the you know what out of the course. This time of year after a long summer it's not too bad if you don't count the bunkers. The bunkers are the worst in the area. They are more like mud than sand. They are always wet and sometimes puddled. I don't believe they ever drag them or perform maintenance. Too bad, cause otherwise it's a good layout and decent conditions. Know before you go!
Just wanted to update the Nor Cal folk on the conditions at Empire Ranch. Course is in really good shape. Played it Saturday 8/24 with an 11:30 Tee time. Greens are rolling great. A little slippery on the downhill. Bunkers have plenty of sand and are in good shape. Fairways we're like carpet. The only down side was on a hot (100') weekend there was no beverage cart. Very little shade on this course also. Otherwise it was a fun round. The course is moderately challenging. Signature hole is 18. one of the 18th holes that is a par 3. Elevated tee box that drops probably 80-90 feet to the green. Plays anywhere from 220 - 190 and it's over water. Fun shot for what could be be your last of the day. used to be OB left, but they have since put houses over there and a large net to protect them so you can get away with the hook now.
Winter conditions Update! The course is a little rough right now. Play Winter rules an you'll be fine. Fairways are a little splochy (is that a word). There are spots on the fairways where you'll nee'd to move your ball to find some grass. In addition the fairways are cut very tight. Greens and bunkers are great. It's still a fun layout and the best draining course in the area but just wanted to let everyone know it needs a little TLC right now.
Just played Castle on Sunday morning. It's one of my favorite layouts and usually in good shape. Sunday was no exception. Fairways were mostly good with a few dry spots with some thin lies. Greens were perfect! My one complaint was the bunkers. Horrible. They were wet heavy dirt. some were compacted. Some were ok. Otherwise the course is in good shape and fun to play and well worth the golfmoose rate of $59 for 2.
Just a quick update on conditions - Course is in pretty good shape. Bunkers are a little hit and miss. Some have plenty of sand others a little firm. Greens look like they may have aerated 3-4 weeks ago, but rolling very nicely. I played a week ago, so I'm sure they are only better now. Medium speed with very few divots. There is a deal on golfmoose $49 for two players including cart. An extra $10 per player on the weekend. Valid 7 days a week with no time restrictions. Well worth the fee. There are a few tee shots that are hard to judge, but otherwise it's a fun course and I recommend it.
Just wanted to update everyone on the conditions at Castle Oaks. First let me say I love the layout of the course and always enjoy playing it. Played yesterday and was a little disappointed at the conditions. It was hot yesterday, but they over watered the course IMO. The fairways were mushy in spots and the bunkers were horrible. Some had standing water, and if not they were basically mud. The rough, parts of the fairways, and around the greens looked like they hadn't been mowed in a week. Scraggly is a good way to describe it. It also appeared as if they hadn't move the pins in some time as the section of the green where the pin was at had lots of divots. The other sections of the green looked pristine. Having said that the greens were in pretty good shape overall but very slow. We got the Golfnow deal for $45 with cart. Rack rate is $53. It's a good deal and a good course, just hope they get up to speed on the maintenance.
Played the course two weeks ago and it's in awesome shape. The greens are smooth and probably running 9-10. They can't get em to fast and firm or the ball wouldn't stay on the greens. Hills mountain course with elevated tee boxes and beautiful views. It's worth the trip. It's only about 40 minutes from downtown Sacramento. It's a target course. In most cases if you stray too far off the fairway it's gone. The only negative and it's a small one is that there's only a hand full of holes where you hit Driver. Just the same I had a great time and I'm sure you will if you go.
Just a course condition update - Wildhorse is one of the better draining courses in the area. Played last Saturday and they were cart path only. The course was pretty saturated with lots of plugged balls. Called on Monday and they were back to carts on course. I did talk to a member of my mens club who played Teal bend the same day and he said they had carts on the course. He was surprised at how good the condition of the course was with the rain. Could be my new go to when it's wet out.
Played Spanish Bay on Monday January 30th as part of the NCGA Winter special. It was me and my best friend, just the two of us and we walked it with our push carts. While carts were included you should know that Pebble, Spyglass and Spanish Bay are cart path only. We figured you do just as much walking with a cart so why not just walk. Spanish bay allows pull/push carts pebble does not and I'm not sure about Spyglass. Call. One other thing you should know is they don't have a range. Go to spyglass or Pebble to hit balls first, it's not far and it's included. They do have a nice putting green and a small chipping area right behind the proshop and next to the first tee. The first hole takes your breathe away. Par 5 that runs right along the coastline and your approach to the green is looking right out to the pacific. Many of the holes are along the ocean. Some run towards it some run away while others and like the first some are parallel. The back nine has a few more holes the are back in the forest but IMHO the are all wonderful. Be careful on #11 the top hat hole. You can put up a big number around that green. Number 14 is a great par 5 downhill with nothing but ocean behind. I'll spare you the hole by hole description but I absolutely loved the course. Some people complain about blind tee shots, but I had a yardage guide and it gave me enough information to get around in 75. Just sayin. Do get a yardage guide for$10 or have a good skycaddie. The greens were imaculate and not overly fast. They rolled very true and the ocean didn't influence the putts as I thought it would. Glad I asked the starter. Read them right and you'll be fine. Two groups behind us was LT. Didn't meet him but it added a little excitement. The NCGA special was $175 and they give you a gift card for $75 to spend at the resort. In my opinion well worth it and I'll be back next year. In fact with the special you can play Spyglass and Spanish bay for the price of Pebble. Just sayin.
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