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Previous reviews mentioned the course problems but I think it is a disaster.

Price is pretty cheap and since the course condtion is so bad the pace of play was good since nobody wants to play it.

This used to be a nice course. Wonder what happened. Maybe no water access because of the drought. That would explain all the dry spots but not the hard packed bunkers and areas of out of control rough.

Would be surprised to see it open another year unless something changes with the course conditions.
Played today 8/11/21. I agree with Tootall. Not much to add.

Fun course to play. Took 3:45 and it was busy.

Must play if you are in the area.

My rating says 6.9 but not sure why. It is at least a 7.8. Not fancy but fun.
played Friday 8/6 starting at 12:00 p.m. Better than last time I played but still took 4 1/2 hours with no five somes.

Course is cutting back on water so hit a low ball and let it run down the fairway.

People must have gone back to work because not so many party people. Mostly old people like me age 65.

Although as I was teeing it up on No. 9 I heard a guy on adjacent tee No. 6 saying he was just out there to get drunk.

Good course to walk and only five minutes to where I was staying so I would play it again.

Found five balls around the course just laying around. Strange. Nobody came up and claimed them.

Would I drive more than 30 minutes to play it? No.
I have played at this course for last 12 years once a month or so until the virus hit.
Haven't played there in over a year until today 5/2. Had to be in the area on Monday so decided to try it again.

Had a threesome group with a tee time at noon on Sunday.

Course is what it is. Rough but fun to play and the best thing you can walk it if you are in decent shape. Only 65 years old and laugh at the youngsters taking a cart.

I think I know why they take a cart. That is where they put whatever they get high on.

Never seen so many shots from other fairways coming into my fairway and the course isn't that tight. Front nine was played in just under two hours with just a bit of waiting. 2 1/2 hours for the back nine.

Back nine we had two groups waiting on every tee after the 11th hole. No marshals and don't want to get shot telling the slow players four holes ahead of us who were two holes behind to keep up with the group in front of them.

Like I said before in previous reviews the China virus is good for golf because more people are playing so less courses will be closed for housing etc.
However, it is basically a golf get high party if you play after 11 or maybe sooner.

You may be thinking why not play earlier. Good question but my wife of 36 years who likes to play won't play early. Cheaper than divorce.

I am reminding myself to read this review and don't play there again on a weekend until there is herd immunity and a drop off in play.

Until the virus we could go out there around 11 on a Sunday and finish in three hours.

Noticed a lot of desert reviews so I thought I would add one. Played Indian and Mountain nines last Thursday.

Course is in fair condition. Greens were OK. Fairways were barely OK.

This is an old desert course and there was a change in ownership a few years ago. Course conditions not as good as last year.

However, the green fee at 12:00 p.m. were $48 a person which is good down here for this time of year.

Wouldn't make it a must stop to play but worth the green fee even though the condition is not pristine.

Pace of play was OK. Just under 4 hours.
Read some prior reviews and thought I would try this course since I was in the area visiting my mother. Glad I don't live around there any more.

Greens were bumpy and full of ball marks. Tees, fairways and rough were fine. Actually the bunkers even with no rakes were ok and playable.

Pace of play is a joke. Started at 11:10 on a Friday. Even with foursomes only took 4 hours and 45 minutes to play.

Two groups ahead of us the foursome was two holes behind after five holes. Called the pro shop. Said they would come out and check. Didn't see anybody.

By the 15th hole the same group was three holes behind.

Golf with Chinese coronavirus pandemic has now turned publc courses into a substitute for the bars.

Very happy I belong to a private club and don't have to deal with it very often.
Played mid-morning on Sunday 5/17. Course overall was in good condtion. Greens were firm and fast. Sand a little compacted. Pace of play was fine. Not the hardest course but always a fun course to play.

Social distance and other rules in effect.
One of the few courses still open here in the desert. Pace of play was just over four hours and the course was busy.

Everything was in good condition, greens, faiways, tee boxes, rough and sand except for below.

However, no water to drink. Either buy it or bring it.

Sand bunkers had no rakes because of virus concerns and you can play them as a waste bunker.

Cups were out and you just tried to hit the cup when you putted. Another virus concern so nobody is putting their hand in the cup to get their ball.

They say Cathedral City city officials have no problem with them being open. Of course that could change.
Played here last Thursday. Haven't played it in 25 years. Great lay out and fun to play. The greens were great.

The rest of the course was so so because it is not over seeded and the bermuda is dormant now.

Hole No. 11 is a 600 yard par 5 uphill from the tips. Played it from white tees and it played like 600 yards.

They allow some pubic play. $55.00 last Thursday.

If you are in the area I say go play it.
This course is like Rio Hondo, or Montebello, or Los Serranos located in the desert.

Good condtions at a reasonable price. Not that hard of a course from the white tees but if you play it from the back tees you will be challenged. 18th hole is one of the most unusual finishing holes anywhere.

Nice alternative to the more expensive courses in the area.
Haven't played the course for awhile. Not as nice as when it was private but OK considering there are not that many choices left in the Inland Empire. Pace of play was fine. 3 1/2 hours starting at 11:30 on Sunday.

Fairways going dormant but OK to hit on. In one bunker and the sand was fine. Greens were average speed and OK.

No real complaints except there were a few players bombing balls into the wrong fairway, not yelling fore, drinking too much.

Like I said it was better when it was a private club but I would still play it again.
Haven't played there in several years. Private club but I am a prospective member. Course is in great condition. One of those hidden gem courses in the area that most people won't see.

Read the prior reviews which are dated. If you are a 10 handicap or under it might be boring for you but I am a 13 and it was plenty of challenge.

No complaints about anything and if you read my reviews you will find that is unusual.
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