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This will be my shortest review yet. Please see my last review. Emerald Canyon is still in the same condition. Thanks :)
I got out to play Talega for the first time today. Tee time 12:32, got off early, customer service was excellent on all levels. Temp was 85*, quite humid, and the wind was gusting over 20 at times. Fairly tough conditions, and I found the course layout difficult as well from the blue tees. Blind tee shots and first timers don't go together well, and a few par 3s are absolute beasts, one being well over 200 yards over water and into the wind (active brag: sandy par!).

Please see the previous review of course conditions, it is spot on. I really do need to stress the part about the greens though...they are practically unputtable.

Might need a few more trips out here once the greens come around. I'm not sure if I love it or hate it. Fun day with friends though.
Out here for the first time yesterday on a hot, hot Friday. The course was nearly empty, and we were paired up with two very cool locals that gave us all the necessary course knowledge. I found Aliante to be a somewhat difficult course, with narrow fairways and numerous places to lose your ball. The fairways were very tight (but lush and with great lies) with lots of roll, so sometimes even a great drive would keep rolling and the ball would be gone. The rough was not much over fairway height and not a problem. Bunkers were firm and difficult. The greens were a little slower than desired and pretty bumpy in spots, but firm putts usually held the line well enough.

I liked the course, would return in the future if the greens were smoother and quicker.
Got out on time yesterday at 1:07, 3-some and a single joined us. This was my first time out at Big Rec, and I have mixed feelings about it. It very much reminded me of La Mirada but with bigger greens and shorter par 3s.

Conditions were decent. The tee boxes had good coverage but were very firm in spots; hard to get a tee down in there. The fairways were a highlight, with very nice lies down the middle and thinning out a bit towards the edges. The rough was the typical muni mixed bag of shallow, deep, lush and bare lies. No comment on the sand, I did not visit the beach this time around. Lastly, the greens lacked consistency. Some still showed signs of aeration, some were smooth, some bumpy, some fast, some see where I'm going here. I'd rate the course much higher if the greens were uniform (or at least closer to it).

All in all it was a fun day and I enjoyed the layout. Probably won't go back for a while, but if someone called me up to play it I wouldn't say no.
Got out this morning at 6:10 for $60 riding rate. Not much to add to the previous review, the course is really nice right now and the greens are a pleasure to putt on. Pace was ok at just over 4 hours, a little slower than one would expect for this early in the day. The bunkers I was in could have had a bit more sand, but that's really my only gripe. I don't know why, but I feel the greens here are really easy to read, and even very fast putts from above the hole seemed simple. Love this course, always in my rotation.
Played Saturday 5/26 in the afternoon for $45. Pace was a decent 4:15, great for a holiday weekend. The course was in overall very good condition. The greens have healed and were smooth and quite fast. Receptive to good shots as well. Aside from some unlevel tee boxes, the rest of the course was very nice. There was about a 2-club wind, so it was a challenging day but still fun. Recommended.
Played this past Friday on a beautiful sunny day with hardly a breeze. This was my first time here, and I left satisfied, if a little disappointed. The tee boxes were great, the fairways too, and the rough was barely over fairway height. The bunkers were very firm, which was great if you were in a fairway bunker; greenside, not so much. The greens are where my disappointment mainly lies. They were super firm, with balls not leaving a mark...which I can deal with. They were very fast...which I love. However, there were many, many random bumps and unseen irregularities which made it nearly impossible to choose a line and execute a good putt. The course is beautiful, and the hundreds of funny little chipmunks running around made for some amusement, but the greens soured what could have been an epic day. I'm hoping they are able to smooth those greens out, I'd enjoy another crack at this one.
Mow the grass...roll the greens...and Butterfield would be in really good shape right now. As it stands, the course is super shaggy, with not much roll on drives, impossible rough in places, and bumpy, inconsistent greens. Long, shaggy tee boxes too. The bunkers are still wet and firm from last week's storm. They switched the 9s since I played here last, and all the signs have been changed to avoid tee off on the old #10 (near #1 of the Chino Creek course). I think I like this routing better. Even with the long grass, I still enjoyed my round.
Ah, the joys of showing up as a single. Had an 8:45 tee time for $38, got off about 10 minutes late due to the three "locals" I was paired up with; they were arguing with the starter because they didn't want to play with me. Great start to the round. Sigh.

The course is in very choppy winter condition. Unmowed across the board due to recent rains, everything (tees, fairways, rough and greens) is long, shaggy and slow. Bunkers were hard and muddy. A mowing would help conditions, but probably not much due to the mixed grasses pretty much everywhere.

The bones of the course are still intact, and the design is mostly pretty good...but I'll be staying away for a few months to see how better weather can improve this place. Not recommended at this time.
Played yesterday at 12:04. I really have nothing to add to the last review, he nailed it. The starter was a bit more talkative when we were there though. This was my first time out at OQ and it won't be my last. Challenging but fair from the blues, very picturesque, a good variety of hole designs...I'm just happy it was a very light day for the wind, I imagine it gets very tough when it blows.
Played yesterday at 10:37, got out on time. Almost a five hour round, which is typical when the "winter visitors" are in town. The waiting between shots wasn't unbearable though.

The bad: The bunkers were a bit more firm and crusty than usual.

The good: Everything else. The greens are smooth, receptive, moderate speed uphill and fast downhill. Stay below the hole for sure. The fairways are perfect. Seriously. As is the rough, very lush but still playable with the correct club selection. I played from the blue tees, which don't get much use this time of year, and they were untouched and pristine, with perfect grass height.

The rack rate was $50, which is always a steal for the quality you get here. #6 is, in my opinion, one of the best par 4 golf holes you can play, anywhere. But there are many other postcard worthy holes as well. Spectacular views, superb conditions, unique layout in the canyons...get past the pace of play and you'll be one happy golfer just taking it all in here. Highly recommended if you're anywhere close.
Got out this morning at 6:30, $52 rack rate to walk. The course was damp and really shaggy throughout, like it hadn't been mowed in a couple of days. The tee boxes were too long, the fairways didn't have much roll, and the rough was up quite a bit, making recovery shots difficult. Just very lush, a little too lush, overall. My legs are really sore from all the extra resistance from pushing my cart through the long grass, fairway or otherwise. I wasn't in any sand but my partner was and it was wet and firm. The greens totally saved the, receptive, true, and barely any ball mark damage. A joy to putt on, even though my putter wasn't listening to me today. This course is a little steep for what you get with the riding rate, but the price to walk makes it a decent choice. I'll play here again after they mow the lawn!!!
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