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Played 6/28/2016. 8AM shotgun -- temp in 80's/90's, wind negligible.

First trip to Wolf Run this year. Course is not quite as good as last year, but close. The marmots send their best.

Greens are smooth, but slower than normal (still round 10 on the stimp) and still tricky to putt. No bare spots on greens, fringe or rough around the greens.

Fairways are also OK, but beginning to show some bare spots. Likewise with the rough, but more bare spots than the fairways. Rough getting thick. Tees are OK, flat but tending toward the thin side.

Staff is pleasant. Beverage service regular. Ice chest and ball washer on each gas cart. Bring your own towels and range finder.

We had a tournament rate of $50 which included range balls, a bottled water in the ice chest, and a hot dog and soda. Nice shaded patio and good sized bar and eating area. Parking is awkward with no carts in the parking lot. Good practice putting green, but driving range has mats.

Good location close to downtown Reno and a pleasant place to play. Much more enjoyable when the wind doesn't blow.
Played 6/14/2016. 9:50 tee time, temp in 60's, gusty winds.
Second day of three day tournament. Weather colder than normal; so disappointing conditions may color my review.

Graeagle is about 5 miles down the road from Plumas Pines. Similar geography -- about 4000' -- although each course sits in a valley so each is flatter than one might suspect.

Course conditions were good. Greens here were significantly better than Plumas. Speed about 10, rolling smoothly, not bumpy with a large percentage of poa annua grass. While firm generally, they were soft enough that you could get some check on the second bounce.

Fairways and rough were both OK. We played a shamble format so I didn't have to deal with any bad tee shots. I actually liked the bunkers. Although pretty firm, the sand is fine and you can control the ball a little when you splash out of the bunker. Tees were flat and no negatives there.

Layout seemed more open than Plumas. Trees were not really an issue since at least one side of the hole was pretty open. Both courses do however have housing quite close.

Amenities were nothing special. Electric carts with ice chests, but no ball washers. No GPS or towels. Like Plumas, very much a muni feel. We paid $55, but regular rate around $80 is too high. I'm sure I would have enjoyed the course much more if it was sunny and 80°.
Played 6/13/2016 temp around 70°, medium wind, noon shotgun
Played 6/15/2016 temp around 55°, gusty wind, 10:50 tee time

First trip to Plumas Pines. Course could have been better, in need of maintenance.

Greens were slow and bumpy. Around 8 on the stimp and they look like they haven't seen a roller all year. But plenty of green and no brown spots or divot marks. Easily fixed with maintenance work.

Fairways and rough are good. Bunkers are smooth. Not fluffy but explodable.
Overall, course is tree-lined but doesn't play as narrow as it looks. Some water carries, but Feather River doesn't really come into play.

Electric carts, ice chests and ball washers. Bring your own GPS and towels.

Weather was a downer since temp was 15°-20° below average and wind was 15 mph and higher. Don't expect country club conditions; rather an above average muni. We paid $55, but walk on rate around $80 is too high.
Played 6/6/2016; temp in 80's, some wind.

I've played a few rounds here since mid-April. Spring was late this year, so there were many nights with lows in the 30's which delayed the course growing in for the summer. But it has warmed up the last 10 days and I can see the improvement already.

Currently, greens are excellent. They are cut and rolled almost everyday. Usually running about 11, the fringes are all grass and the rough just outside the fringes is getting longer. If you play on a day that they are not cut, they are about a foot slower. Ask the starter.

Fairways are also pretty good. Lots of grass with a few bare spots here and there. If you play early in the morning, there are occasional wet spots since there is plenty of water this year to put on the course.

Rough still needs some work. Not very long and quite a few bare spots. Bunkers are likewise not great. Firm and stony. Tees are flat but could use more grass.

Amenities are the same as last year. Range is all grass and putting green is large and same speed as course greens. Cooler and ball washer on each cart. No water jugs on course and no GPS. Bring your own towels. Beverage cart service is regular and bar/restaurant are also good. New menu also an improvement. Everyone who works there is friendly and appreciative of your business.

Considering the late spring, course is well worth the $45 fee. Well worth the drive from Reno or Lake Tahoe to play here.
Played 5/9/2016, 8:30 shotgun in a tournament. Temp around 70° with variable wind.

Course conditions much improved since last summer. Rain this past winter has really greened up the course.

Greens are smooth, quicker but pretty firm. Fringes are brown in places. Fairways and rough also have a lot of grass. Excellent lies in the fairway and rough not too penal. Bunkers are better than they have been with nice sand, but a little firm.

Amenities are minimal -- it's a muni. Grass on range is sporadic. Range balls are hard -- bet they last a long time. Ice chest on gas carts. Bring your own GPS, towel and water.

We paid a $35 tournament rate. Regular rate a little higher.

Layout is somewhat unusual with some serious elevation changes on the front side. Back side more traditional. Not many trees and adjoining houses are back far enough that they don't come into play. This is an OK course as long as you don't have unrealistic expectations.
Played 04/18/2016 Temp in the 70's with little wind.
Shotgun tournament which is why POP was so slow.

Just a quick update on the course conditions in mid-April coming out of a wet winter in Reno.

Greens were recently heavily aerated. Aeration holes are quite noticeable but appear to be healing quickly. Quite slow and very firm. Will be better once they are mowed and rolled. Should be good by the 1st of May.

Bunkers are terrible. Very challenging to get your club under the ball. They look like a sidewalk with about a quarter inch on sand on it.

OTOH, the fairways and rough are very good. Plenty of grass and are cut to summer conditions.

With the winter snow and rain, this course is going to be in primo condition once the greens recover from maintenance.
Played 4/2/2016 at 7AM. Temp in the 60's with little wind. Very comfortable day to play golf.

Greens are good. Medium fast, quite smooth, but also very firm.
Fairways and rough are nice and green -- some of the fairways have been aerated in places so spring maintenance is probably coming soon.
Bunkers are also quite good. Plenty of sand so you can splash out, but firm enough that there is no plugging. Tees are typical for Arroyo -- thin with little grass.

Driving range looks like the tees -- not much grass, suitable for warming up. Staff is pleasant, marshal and cart service were quite visible. If you want to play here, do so soon before the maintenance starts.
Played 3/17/2016; 8:00AM tee time, temp in the 60's, little wind.

Very pleasant day to play golf. POP was good at 3:45; played with a couple visitors in town for March Madness. I am happy to report that they both are helping to local economy by losing a little at 21 and both were a little hung over so it was friendly, not serious, golf.

One of the best reasons to play Angel Park is the staff service. Everyone appreciates that you are there to play golf and have fun. Pro shop and bag service are great. Marshal was around often to keep an eye on things and a big shout out to Diane, the beverage cart person, who has been bringing me Gatorades for many years.

Course conditions could have been better. Greens are quite firm and quite fast. Generally smooth enough but bumpy in spots. Fringes have quite a few bare spots and chipping is challenging because the grass is short and the ground is hard.

Fairways are also quite firm while the rough is longer and actually easier to hit out of. Bunkers also firm and thin in most places. Tees boxes continue to be bare.

Transition to desert landscaping is about complete. While the rough is improving, still not long enough to stop most shots from rolling into the desert. 9th fairway is a horror show in that any shot left of the center of fairway rolls into the lake.

Player card rate is up to $49. With the current conditions, not a course to play if you want a serious round of golf and be rewarded for good shots. If you just want to have fun, course is OK.
Played 12/09/2015 at 9AM, temp in the 50's with very little wind.

After a couple winters of warm weather, normal LV December is back this year with temps in the 50's so far. But colder weather ahead for the next two weeks so I figured I better get a round in at Angel Park before it gets too cold to play.

Course is OK. Greens are generally smooth but somewhat ball marky. Medium speed with a few bumpy areas.

Fairways are inconsistent. Some brown bermuda spots are showing through. Grass is short and firm so the lies are tight. OK if you're a sweeper; not so good if you're a digger. Rough is also short, but better that the fairways as a lot fewer brown spots. Bunkers are actually pretty good. Enough sand to splash the ball out around the green.

New driving range mats. You can actually put a wooden tee into the mat. Nice touch.
Water conservation still a big deal here, so don't hit your shot into the desert waste areas.

Just a reminder to bring your own GPS and towel. Ice chests on carts and beverage service was regular which was good for a weekday morning.

Staff as usual is helpful and pleasant. Just a nice place to play. Card member rate was $42. I haven't played the Mountain course yet this fall; but it looks a little brown as I drive by.
Played 10/31/2015 at 7:45. Temp in 70's with a little wind.

Course has recovered from overseeding quite nicely. Greens, fairways and rough are firming up well. Some of the greens have extensive ball marks which falls of the other players' failure to repair. But the greens still rolled well and were a good speed, probably around 10.

Fairways and rough have plenty of grass and no dirt showing through. Ball did not pick up mud and lies were fine. Rough was thick enough that it should be avoided. Bunkers were firm enough not to plug, but soft enough to explode from. The tees have never been Arroyo's strongest feature and they are still pretty thin.

Beverage cart service was twice each nine. Driving range a little thin. Marshal was non-existent which was annoying since the group in front of us was two holes behind at the end and we were the fifth group off in the morning. But the group behind us was two holes back of us. I'll just chalk this up to playing on Halloween with the other people just dressed up as golfers.

If you are choosing between Arroyo and its sister course Siena, choose Arroyo. Player card rate is currently $59 which is about right for the course conditions.
Played 10/23/2015 at 9AM, temp around 70° with some wind.

Played the Sunrise/Canyon nines; Lakes nine is still closed for overseeding but looks really green right now. Sure to be open soon.

Spanish Trail did a much better job with the transition this fall than it did last year. Greens are pretty good, smooth with a few ball marks and medium speed. Still a little soft but firming up.

The fairways and rough are still quite soft as the ball picks up some dirt. But they also will firm up in a couple weeks. Plenty of greenness to be seen everywhere. There are quite a few bare spots in the rough but mostly in areas well to the sides of where you should be hitting it. None of dormant Bermuda that was so prevalent last year.

Service is still good here. Beverage cart around a couple times each nine. Electric carts with GPS (nothing fancy just distances). Two ice chests on each cart with complementary water. Wet towels are also provided. Range and putting green are functional with putting green running the same as the course greens.

Played the (g)old person tees at about 5958 as opposed to the whites at about 6481. The 500 yards difference just made for a more enjoyable round of golf.

Don't hesitate to play here if you get the chance. Course will only be getting better as it firms up. Nice to see Spanish Trail getting back to being a pleasant place to play like it used to be.
Played 10/17/2015 at 7AM. Temp in 60's with some rain, no wind.

Well, it is always interesting to review LV courses this time of year since they are just coming out of overseeding. But frankly Siena is terrible except for the greens.

The greens were OK, pretty smooth but quite slow. And for as much rain as LV has had lately, the greens were still quite firm.
Fairways have been recently aerated. There are plenty of punch holes and dirt spots with occasional tufts of grass. Can only be played under lift, clean and place.
Likewise for the rough. Many punch holes and dirt areas with some clumps of grass. Again, not realistic to try to play the ball down in either the fairway or the rough.

And the bunkers are a disaster. Sand? is packed down and there is no indication that they have been raked in quite some time. I was told that the week before all the bunkers were being played as GUR. They still need to be played that way.
Tees are poor, not much grass and some were uneven.

This course needs to be avoided for at least 2-4 weeks, especially since the green fee is the full player card rate of $55.
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