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Played on 5th of July. I like playing here! A good combination of challenging tee shots. Put it in play and enjoy your day. Fairways, greens and bunkers were all in tip top shape. If only they had a driving range. Can't have everything though. Highly recommend, but bring your A game.
Got out at 9:40 using the GK coupon. (great deal by the way. thanks GK) I really like this course because it is challenging without being unfair. the tee boxes and the greens were great today but they do need to work on the bunkers. Hard packed (sand?) was what I saw mostly and what I dealt with when I got in one. Also, I can't figure out why Dos Lagos has pretty green fairways while Eagle Glen has a mixture of dry brown and green grass. They're on opposites sides of the 15 fwy. We played in 4hrs 15 min. I recommend playing here, preferably with the GK coupon.
Played Rancho on Saturday 7/23. Our foursome teed off on time @ 8:08
I normally walk but with the heat wave we experienced last week I opted to ride for $59.50 The fact that I live less than 10 miles from here made this an extra special treat!
I've played here many times and this was the best shape I've seen the course in, in quite a while.
The course was in real good condition! A few brown areas on some fairways but for the most part green and lush. The greens were in excellent shape, rolling smooth at a medium pace, with very few pitch marks. I wasn't in any bunkers so no comment on them. The rough graduated from 1st cut to second cut to nasty.
It used to be that a Saturday morning round here could turn in to almost 6 hours but on this day we were done in 4hrs 40 min. that's great for this course! Glad to see the city is making an effort to keep their courses playable and enjoyable. I look forward to my next round here.
Walked #1 today, $40 SCGA rate, with a buddy and another twosome. Teed off @ 7:25 and finished in 4hrs 45 min.
The good...Greens! They were in excellent condition with no divots, rolling medium speed. Bunkers! Plenty of very good, fluffy, sand.
Tee boxes! Decent coverage and level stances for all but a few holes.

The bad...The Fairways! Way too many browned out grass areas as well as dirt lies throughout the round. When you found grass you had an okay lie but you when you found dirt, just hit it and go get it.

I enjoy the layout here but this is nowhere near being worth the $75 rack rate.
Played my first GK event and thoroughly enjoyed it! As for Los Serranos South course, I can't add anything to what's already been said. I played from the blues when I should have been at the whites. I was over swinging all day. Played with Itslikeimsayin, kassper7 and rgm2525. Very enjoyable guys to play with. The best part of my day was the 19th hole. Had fun putting faces to the GK blog names and chatting it up with some of the fellas. AND...I won a putter in the raffle! Thanks Johnny, really enjoyed myself and I look forward to joining GK again soon.
The fellas got together for our Father's Day round. This year we chose Los Serranos North course.
The north course was in very good condition, very green with few brown spots. The greens were in great shape and FAST! Took me half the round to adjust. I found three bunkers and all had excellent sand coverage. The rough was in good shape as well, approx. 4 to 5 inches in most areas with longer stuff and native areas if you go too far. We had two groups teeing off back to back, on time, at 6:30 am the first group finished in 4hrs 15 min. The early tee time saved us also because man did it get hot out there. 19th hole is always ready with cold beer and smiles.
Los Serranos never seems to disappoint. I'll be back next week with GK!
Played an SCGA One Day event here on Friday 6/17. The course was in excellent condition. The greens were a little slower than I remember them being here at "Ike".
They have cleared a lot of the hillsides around the course, so that errant shots can be found and played, which helps to keep things moving. Unfortunately, the SCGA expanded this event from 80 golfers to 128 golfers. Hello 6 hour round!
Long round aside, I enjoyed my round at Industry Hills and will be back sooner than later.
Played here in an SCGA event on 5/14. I thoroughly enjoyed Twin Oaks Golf course!
I found it to have a very nice mix of challenges off the tee or on approach shots.
The course was very green and lush. Most tee boxes were level, the fairways were very lush with no bare spots. a few areas were actually a little to soft but overall excellent. I was in a few bunkers and the sand was a little damp but plentiful and playable. The greens rolled perfectly true and were medium fast with the only pitch marks being the ones we made. (and repaired). This was a large tournament so pace was a little off. We completed our round in 4:55 mins but I was never bothered about it because the course was so enjoyable.
Wow, it's been about a year since I've been here and this place has really gone down hill.
Played here on Sunday 4/24 at around 12:30
Maybe because I've played here many times before and always found it to be in good shape.
This used to be such a nice regulation 9 but no more. The greens were in very bad condition, looked like they had some kind of fungus on them. The ball just bounced along so you couldn't make any putts. Tee boxes were just okay, the fairways were subpar.
The bunkers were in decent shape with a decent amount of sand in them.
At $21.00 to walk, Eaton Canyon is twice as much as it should be. Really disappointed.
But hey, all the ball washers had soapy water and fresh brushes in them so maybe there's hope!
Played here on Tuesday 3/1/16. Had a day off work and saw a deal for $21 with 20 % off so I played the course for about $18. Thanks!
Olivas Links is a really nice track! I partnered up with a threesome Bob, Ray and Paul. My deal came with a cart but I walked and they rode carts. Great guys to golf with and Bob really helped with course knowledge, as this was my first time here.
We teed off on time @ 7:16 and finished at 11:16. 4 hour pop great!
The course was in excellent shape, with green fairways and well maintained greens with very few pitch marks. Green speed was medium, definitely not fast but not too slow. I was fortunate to avoid the bunkers here so I can't comment on them. There are some native areas that force a carry or layup, a few of them looked like they may have had water in them at one time but not anymore.
From most tees (we played the blue tees) the course seemed wide open with generous landing areas. There are a few holes that do require a bit more accuracy.
The overall layout was very enjoyable with a nice mixture of distances and directions.
I live 65 miles away in Los Angeles but I will definitely be returning to Olivas Links!
Played here on Saturday 2/6/16 in a club tournament we probably should not have played.
I've played Sierra Lakes many times and it is a fun, not to challenging, track normally.
But with howling wind!!!
The winds had to be at least 30 mph with gust up to 40 mph!! Pace of play goes out the window with wind like that. We managed to get through it nearly 6 hours later!.

Had this not been a club tournament I would not have played. We clubbed up as much as 4 clubs into the wind on some holes, then with the wind at our back nearly drove 350 yard greens on other holes!
The course itself was in fantastic shape. Green fairways and smooth FAST greens. Bunker sand was plentiful and excellent. Tee boxes were level with good coverage. the rough was playable and in good shape as well.
I'll be back, hopefully on a nice 10 to 20 mph wind day! lol
What a pleasure it is, to play golf on a well maintained course!
Knowing I'd be in the area, I booked a round at Soboba.
Played on Saturday 1/30/16. They have a weekend senior rate of $40. Great deal!
The fairways here are green and lush! (not winter dormant brown). Tee boxes are level with good coverage, bunkers were in good shape with plenty of sand and the greens were smooth and very fast! I really like the layout here. Good tee shots are rewarded with good looks at the green. Bad tee shots are either wet or you're punching out back to the fairway. My buddy and I were joined by a single and we finished in just under 4 hrs. great POP. The range is grass and hitting area was green with good coverage also!
Soboba was a joy to play and I didn't even play well! It's a haul to get there for me but I'll be back! Definitely recommend.
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