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Played here for the first time today, with a bunch of friends from my golf club. We all used vouchers from GolfMoose that got us two players with cart for $99 (so $50 each). That’s definitely a great deal for this course, because it is a great course, in very good shape.

It was morning and cloudy/foggy when we started, so front nine was very cool and wet. But aside from that, course conditions were great. No complaints on any aspect of the course. It is indeed a championship golf course. I had heard it was a challenging course, and it lived up to the hype. Very challenging layout, even from the white tees. I can only imagine how tough it must play from the black tees.

What makes it so tough is all the dog legs, many of which have trees or bunkers strategically placed in the fairways, so you have to be accurate with your tee shots. And if you miss the fairway, the rough isn’t overly penal right now, but I’m sure it could be if they wanted it to. Beyond the rough is some really nasty stuff on some holes, either tall grass, or bushes, or actual hazard areas. There are also lots of elevation changes throughout the course, and some holes have side slants, leaving side hill lies. In summary, it’s a course that is just very demanding. You have to hit good shots, or else you will be punished. But that’s what makes it great. It’s a good test of every aspect of your game.
Played here for the first time yesterday, after hearing great things about it. It did not disappoint. The course conditions are nothing to write home about – just average from tee to green. But the views are AMAZING.

There are ocean views on at least half the holes. In fact, of the few ocean courses I’ve played (Torrey Pines South, both Half Moon Bay courses, Los Verdes), this has the most. The weather was perfect—sunny, warm, not overly windy—and from what the starter said, it’s like that most of the time.

The greens were fine, just noticed several unrepaired ball marks. All greens break back to front, and NOT necessarily toward the ocean. Very fast above the hole. Fairways, rough, and tee boxes were all average. Wasn’t in more than one bunker, but the one I was in was wet/muddy (at 2:30 in the afternoon), and I saw a large puddle of standing water in another bunker later in the round.

High price tag of $135 for weekend twilight, but it does come with a cart w/GPS and a (very small) bag of range balls (hitting off grass). The course conditions aren’t worth the price, but the views ARE. Especially if you’re like me, and don’t live up here. Certainly worth adding to your bucket list.
Played here on Saturday 9/10. Before I start, I must issue the disclaimer that it had rained a significant amount--and for the first time in months--the day & night before. As such , the course wasn't in it's usual condition. It was cart path only throughout, and all the greens were soft, slow, and bumpy. Which meant all shots would hold, and you could aim pretty much straight at the pin; just have to hit your putts hard enough to get to the hole.

Aside from these conditions that were unique to the rain, I'm sorry to report that the course isn't in as good of shape as I remember it. Granted I've only played here once prior to today, but I don't remember there being so many bare spots on the course. Everywhere--fairways, rough, even greens, there were patches of ground that were mostly or completely absent of grass. Aside from this, things were pretty good: Lush conditions on most of the course, including tee boxes, minus some thin spots in the rough near the edges. I didn't go into any bunkers, but form what I observed, they appeared to have decent sand in the middle, but possibly hard/thin/crusty near the edges. There were also some muddy spots out there, but tha was probably due to the rain.

All in all, I do not think this course is worth the $100 they charge on weekend mornings, BUT it is worth the $45 to play twilight (I was given an even lower price, as well as a free course/yardage guide book, so high marks to them for that, from a service standpoint). Practice facilities are good, too, with a grass range, chipping green, and putting green. Nice restaurant setup, too.
Played here on Labor Day, Monday 9/5. Got on via San Diego Golf Reservations. It is the only Tom Fazio-designed course in San Diego. Between that, and the reputation of being super nice, and "all-inclusive" (cart, range balls, forecaddie, and food & beverage credit), I was willing to pay the high price tag of $360.

Looking back, I admit that was a bit too high, though it wasn't because the course didn't live up to the hype--I just didn't want to admit that to myself beforehand haha. As for the course itself, it was great. Every area was in great shape, except for the 13th hole, which had been punched in the fairway. There were several other holes that were cart path only, as well. I can't say it was the BEST conditions I've ever seen on a golf course, but it was certainly good.

The layout itself was also good, with enough challenge to make you hit good shots, but easy enough to shoot a good score if you keep it in play. And with 5+ sets of tees, there is all the variety you could want, from very long with many forced carries, to very short with no forced carries. Fun fact about this club: Xander Schauffle has a house behind the 15th hole, and plays here often when he's not on Tour.

My favorite part of playing here, other than the course itself, was probably the service. Everyone was super nice, polite, friendly, helpful and professional. The best service experience was from our forecaddie, whose name is Joe. He was super helpful, as well as super funny, with lots of personality, and he did a great job of paying equal attention to all four players in the group. I don't think I'd pay $360 to play here again (rather spread that money around elsewhere) BUT I would recommend this course in general. For example, maybe a stay & play, which you can find on GolfMoose, UnderPar, etc.
Played for the first time. Had heard good things, and it lived up to the hype. Conditions were solid. Not as nice as Maderas or Torrey, but better than Balboa Park. Only weak area was the tees, which were a little spotty in terms of turf coverage and quality. The best thing about this course was the views. Lots of holes on or near the water. And with today being a holiday weekend, there were lots of boats (including yachts) and people on the water, which enhanced the view that much more. Definitely a course to put on your list when visiting San Diego.
Played here for the first time today. Had heard good things, but personally; it didn’t impress me. It was definitely a muni, in the negative sense, in that it was showing its age (over 100 years old) and not very impressive in terms of course conditions or facilities. Which is interesting, because Torrey Pines is municipal as well—part of the same San Diego Golf system—and their course and facilities are exponentially better. I guess that’s what hosting professional events will do for you; evidently they don’t spread that money around.

But I digress. In terms of course conditions, greens and fairways were fine, bunkers looked fine (I wasn’t in any), but the rough was inconsistent. It was deeper in some spots than others, somewhat patchy, wet or muddy in some spots, and just generally not well kept. Tees were generally not in good shape. Lots of divots, but also lots of bare spots, which is obvi worse.

The conditions were enough to make me not care to play here again, but the layout was also a factor. It wasn’t bad, per se; just didn’t suit my fancy. The front nine is basically cut into a canyon, which makes for some funky holes with very penal areas if you miss on the wrong side of the fairway or green. Again, hard does not automatically equate to bad. But some of these holes just seem too forced into the terrain for me to buy in.
Played here for the first time today (9/2), on my birthday! Place was as advertised, super nice, in great condition. From tee to green, everything was pristine. The practice facilities were exceptional, particularly the short game area. Staff & service were also excellent. The course was a great layout, but quite challenging. Played the white tees, and was a bit more target golf than I’d like, due to many hazards. I’m told it’s regarded as the most challenging course in San Diego. Definitely more about accuracy than length here. But a good track to test your overall ability.
Played Torrey Pines for the first time ever today, and chose the South, because the North greens were aerated a couple weeks ago. I was very pleased. Conditions were great, especially for a municipal course, particularly one that gets as much play as this one does (perhaps more than any muni in the country). Greens, fairways, rough, tees, bunkers, all were great. Was it the nicest conditions I’ve ever seen? No. But was it as good or better than most public courses? Yes.

Now when it comes to the green fees, the tune changes. They severely overprice the South course (and the North, if I had to guess), due to their claim to fame of hosting an annual PGA Tour event (both courses) and two recent US Opens (South course). But more than that, the difference in price between San Diego resident rates and non resident rates is simply ridiculous. If you are a SD resident, the prices aren’t that bad. But if you are not, expect to pay 3-4x more, including 50% more on the advance booking fee alone. From that standpoint, I understand, and almost can’t blame them – give reasonable prices to the residents, so as to give them priority and favoritism. But for non residents, it’s flat out price gouging. But hey, supply and demand, right? If that price structure works for them, then more power to them.
Played here for the first time in a GK/GolfMoose outing. Loved it. It's a fun layout. Not long, but it makes up for it with very small greens, some doglegs, and lots of slope in some of the fairways. Greens are perfect. There was a bare spot on one or two of them, but by and large, they were in fantastic shape, and putted great. Fairways and rough were good, just brown in spots, due to the summer heat and water restrictions. Bunkers were good, and tee boxes were good for the most part, with bare spots/divot damage on a few. All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience, and I would play here again.
Played today in my first GK Plays outing! I had played it only once before, around a year ago. I don't want to sound negative, but I would say it wasn't QUITE in as good of shape as I remember it. The greens were fine, and so were the bunkers, and the tee boxes; but the fairways and rough were a little spotty in terms of coverage. Not bad, or unplayable, just not as plentiful coverage as what I remember.

Maybe it's just cause it's the peak of summer heat, plus no rain, plus water restrictions cause of drought (and also the fact that the other time I played it, I want to say it was spring or fall, or maybe even winter). Now that I type all that (about the heat & lack of water), I'm sure that's what it was. In that case, you can't really blame the course. They have to comply with the water restrictions placed on them by the city and/or county, and they obviously can't control the weather.

Aside from that, it's a fun course with a cool layout, which has several tees to choose from. If you play it all the way back, I'm sure it's quite challenging. From the middle tees, not as much , but you still need to know where to miss, as there are plenty of bunkers, a few other hazards, and many elevated greens, which are fairly large, with significant undulation.

It's a good value, family owned, with a beautiful clubhouse and a pretty good practice facility (including part-time grass driving range, and a chipping green with bunker).
Played here on Monday 8/8 as part of a GK/GolfMoose outing. Nothing but good things to say about this place! It was perfect from tee to green. Clubhouse was beautiful, staff was amazing, practice facilities were great (driving range/chipping green/putting green).

It's a Jack Nicklaus signature design, which are always fun to play, and it shows. Great layout with some really fun and unique holes, such as the par-3 17th, which is STRAIGHT DOWNHILL. The par-3 10th is, too, but 17 is like 40 yards' worth. Lots of bunkers, both around the greens and in the fairways, a little bit of water, and a few forced carries. Plenty of tee options to choose from, so you can challenge yourself as much or as little as you like.
Played Brookside twice in the last 10 days - once for a tournament, and before that, for a practice round. I hate to say it, but it isn't in good shape right now. They recently punched the fairways, which doesn't help, but besides that, there are many bare spots, muddy spots, unfilled divots, and areas devoid of grass, particularly because they use these courses as parking lots for the Rose Bowl (which is nothing new, but it's worse than it usually is).

The one bright spot was the greens, which I feel were in pretty good shape. They were pretty smooth, medium speed (but still make sure to stay below the hole). They are very small, which, combined with some narrow fairways, present a challenge on what is otherwise a fairly short course (though there are a few long par 4s).

Tee boxes were ok, and bunkers were actually pretty decent. But the poor condition of the fairways--which , to be fair, was partially due to recent aerification--was disappointing.
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