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Plush is how I will start this review off. Lucky is what I will call myself for this one.
Got the call early in the morning for a 240pm tee time and I was all in. This is a private course and you have to be invited from what I understand.
The staff, course, everything is Plush as I said.
They had coffee, iced filtered water, fruit, bagged trail mix/nuts right next to the score cards, tee's, help yourself style.
Tee boxes, fairways, greens were all cut nice and tight. The rough as well as the greens were overgrown from what I was told due to the upcoming seeding and aeration.
Did not have one bad lie the entire round keeping the ball in the fairway or a few feet off it. The rough was deep in spots but nothing unmanageable.
Sand traps were very nice, I was in two saving one and knocking the second one right out of the trap easily and over the green into someones yard.
The greens albeit overgrown as I was told were fast and true. Loved them.
I did find a Kirkland Performance using it on quite a few holes til it flew out of the trap into someones yard.
For the brief time I had it I liked it however I found I got more stopping spinning or feel with my Soft Srixon.
We teed off right at 240pm with no one in front or back of us finishing the first 9 in an hour and a half with the round over by 545pm.
Great course, superb staff, I truly am lucky.
OMG !!! What a day, what a course. I have so much fun at these outings but when prizes are involved, it is that much better.
Got to La Costa around noon to a nice warm day, friendly staff as well as Guru's all around.
Staff was ready to take your clubs from the free valet drop off and pick up to the golf area and from there to the range where practice balls galore were ready to be hit.
Practice greens were in prime shape. Everything was in great shape.
We got off for our shotgun start right at 1pm finishing up at 4.5 hours at a nice pace with no one too far in front of us nor too close behind. Plus we stopped for a break after the first nine.
Tee boxes, fairways were plush. Nice and flat, cut nicely, no issues at all.
The rough was very deep in spots with the bunkers nice and tight if you like that. If you like fluffy sand then perhaps you would not have wanted to be in the traps.
I was in about half a dozen fairway and greenside bunkers finding no issues at all getting out of them however I can see where some lies would create major problems.
The course has plenty of water that comes into play, sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left, sometimes on both sides, over water. You get the point ?
I lost 3 balls with errant shots that are now part of the water landscape deep.
Greens were slower than I was expecting running at medium fast IMO.
There was quite a bit of divots in the greens too. Some were tough to read.
I played from the Members tee's which add up to 71.0/129 finding it comfortable enough for the 22 Hdcp. I am at the moment.
The par 3 contest was a big hit as far as I am concerned. I also got to play with some great guys.
Alan, Dale, Michael ( The last guy to get a spot) Thank You.
Johnny Thank You.
Linksoul Thank You.
I was lucky enough to be the 2nd name called in the raffle scoring a nice LinkSoul Golf Shirt to go along with my LinkSoul windbreaker/pullover which I love and wear often.
Thanks again to La Costa, My fellow Guru's, and of course Johnny.
Got out today using the GK Coupon $47 Unlimited Golf with a cart and a small bucket of balls.
Couldn't ask for a better day of golf, light wind, sunny, on a course that is kept in emaculate shape from the practice tee's to the practice greens.
They have a chipping area as well as a sand trap to practice all your shots of which you will need them all. The course is rated 129.
For the most part the course was wide open, we did catch up to a group at the 13th but quickly lost them as they moved on where we never saw them again.
Tee boxes were excellent, fairways were cut nice with a few patches here and there, the rough is indeed rough at 3 to 4 inches where your balls drops down into it nicely causing you to club up one or two clubs.
Sand traps, and I saw a bunch of them, where in excellent shape as well. Nice and fluffy with a few a little wet still from the morning springkling they gave the course.
The greens are what you come to this course for, they are professional quality running fast.
I would say at least a easy 10 possibly up to an 11 on the stimp meter. Keeping the ball below the hole is a must.
Lots of greens undulate so you got a fast put that is breaking minature golf style taking lots of skill.
I one putted 10 of the 27 holes we played with the average putt being 8 to 10 feet.
I love fast greens.
I learned to golf on this course so it holds a real special place in my heart. It is well worth the drive if you are in the area.
Got out today after months of inactivity as far as golf goes.
Had a great time finding myself very surprised to see grass on the course, green.
They got hole #3 shortened up to par 3 distance at about 160 yards due to the construction of the over pass alongside the hole and what I guess is the fear lots of balls could be flying towards the workers if the have the original tees open.
Fairways were very patchy, tee boxes were decent, the greens were the highlight running medium to fast with downhill putts very fast.
We tee'd off at 2pm finishing up about 515pm. We were riding today.
Staff was friendly as well as accomodating since we had issues with our cart after 12 holes so we called into the pro shop and they had someone out there with a replacement at the tee box for the 13th hole.
Drinks and food are available right across the pro shop so picking something up after 9 headed to 10 was quick.
Didn't score well but had a great time being out taking swings at that little white ball.
Went out today/Tuesday at 10:09am finishing up at 1:09pm playing the Ranch/Vineyard Combo with The Canyon Course being closed. Played as a single starting on the Ranch Course and saw no one in front or back til I reached #9., a twosome, ran into two foursomes on #2 of the Vineyard #11 Overall, was kindly let thru both foursomes. Two holes later I was on my speedy merry way.
The course is in great condition. Tee boxes are nice and flat, soft, easy for tee placement. The fairways are nice and green, cut short for perfect lies. The fairway rough is also cut nice and short so missing the fairway is no problem.
Rough nearer the green is a little longer posing no real problems greenside.
The bunkers were nice and soft with fluffy sand. Got out of the few I was in easily enough.
The greens are the best I have seen in town. Running 10.5 on the Stimp meter which I like. Fast and True.
Pitch shots from 40 yards out were hitting nice rolling out about 18 feet with a Mojo.
Staff was courteous, water is located throughout the course and I saw the Beverage Cart 3 times during the round.
Weather was perfect, had a great time, can't wait to get back.
Haven't been out here in a while and love this course when it is being taken care of. Tee'd off at 1115am finishing up around 515pm for a 5 hour round on Saturday as a single joined up with another single and a twosome.
Many holes were backed up with the average waiting times on those holes being 10 minutes.
Hole #4, 5 & 6, 7 on the front.
Holes #10, 12, 14,17 Especially and 18.
Saw plenty of Ambassadors, the waterbassador as well as the cart girl a couple of times both Nines. Not sure what they could have done aside from joining players up instead of sending out twosomes. Towards the end of the round groups of twosomes were joining up to try and speed up the round.
The tee boxes were OK, some were very rough and hard or soft to put a tee in.
Fairways were rather nice with patches here and there. The exception being a few holes where you can see dirt.
The rough wasn't too bad where you could find rough. Some places the ball settled down into 2 inches of grass.
The greens were the highlight with the exception that they are about 90 percent healed from the "half" punching they took at the begining of the month.
They intend to punch the other "half" of all the greens at the end of this month or early November.
The greens were bumpy and slow for uphill putts, fast for downhill putts. Couldn't get the speed of the greens all day.
The sand traps are great, nice fluffy sand, easy to hit out of well taken care of with new sand in d%mn near all the traps. At least the one's I was in.
They are doing a great job at getting this course back into prime shape with the tools they have and the water restricions placed on every golf course.
End of November once the greens completely heal, I will be back.
Paticipated in the GK Plays event. If you have been to one you already know and if you haven't then you must plan to make the next one since they are very fun.
Fellow GK'ers were all too friendly, Johnny had everything well organized.
Noelle the Srixon/Cleveland Golf Rep was there handing out free golf balls as well as letting players take a putter or a chipper out on the course for the round if they chose to as well as donating clubs to be given away.
The course was in excellent condition, Tee boxes were nice and flat/smooth.
Fairways were cut nice with an occasional light colored patch here and there but not anything to affect a shot.
The rough was a little long especially near the greens.
Sand traps were nice and fluffy the one's I was in and I was in 3.
There is lots of water that comes into play which gives a nice asthetic to the course however it is very intimidating in fact the entire course is intimidating with narrow landing areas and small greens.
The greens were the highlight of the course. They were in excellent shape holding shots nicely and running IMO slow, then again I left all my putts short considering myself a good putter.
The grill area is coming along they did have someone BBQ'ing burgers and dogs which were excellent.
They have a nice variety of coke products, gatorade, water and juices as well as a nice variety of beers.
They do have nets to hit balls into before your round as well as a nice practice area.
Everyone wins a prize via the raffle after the round and I was a lucky winner of a plush pullover from Linksoul. Thanks to them and everyone who had anything to do with putting this on. I will be returning.
Let me start off by saying I have been a big fan of this course. I am a member of the email club receiving a few benefits and emails and updates.
I got an update that the course was in great condition, come out, greens are great, etc etc.
$20 Noon Twilite Email Club Rate and a 208pm Tee Time Single Player with no one in front of back of me had me there.
I was sadly disappointed once I got on the course.
The tee boxes were fine, the fairways were brown all over the place, patchy.
Rough on the course is no problem, the rough around the greens is a couple of inches long presenting a little difficulty with chip shots.
Bunkers were thin with sand and hard dirt below.
Last but not least the highlight of this course for me, the greens were terrible, bumpy, not healed from Aeration.
I would say 90 percent with that 10 percent affecting putts for sure.
Plus lots of the greens, I would say more than 6, are burnt around the edges.
Bare, dirt, no other way to explain it. Very sad.
This course does not believe in water fountains or cart service however they do have the watering hole snack shop after hole 7 that you can catch close to hole 9 and 13 as well.
POP was incredible with me playing solo in 3 hours walking.
Played in the afternoon a 125pm Tee time finishing up at 540pm.
The tee boxes were good, reasonably flat and grassy. The fairways were thin, lots of brown spots with quite a few greens burned or damaged around edges.
The bunkers were nice I must say, fluffy, coming along nicely as much as you don't want to be in or near them.
The greens are the treat here genuinely running med fast to fast and flat however this round found them partially punched moreso on the back than the front.
It was noticeable on the back with some spots still sandy.
I wish they would send out the cart people or a water guy more than once every 9 holes however something is better than nothing.
I love this course, the staff is always pleasant and professional.
They have lots of deals available via the local paper Tuesday sports section SD Union/Tribune as well as the email club leaving the best for last, here.
Went out for an afternoon round teeing off at 112pm finishing up at 440pm. Played with a buddy of mine and we ran into one single right at #9 who passed us when we stopped to get a drink and never saw him again so the course was ours.
No aeration noted on the front 9 however the back 9 was recently aerated, healing nicely.
The Tee Boxes were in great shape, flat, cut nice. The fairways are spotty the entire course.
The greens were nice, rolling a little bumpy and slower since they seem to have let them grow out a bit.
I love this course having seen it in a lot better shape, it makes me sad to see it how it is now.
Tons of specials at this course so it is hard to beat the value.
Played an early morning round yesterday with Gregholla & Mpisarski0. Wee tee'd off at 652am finishing at 1052am for a 4 hour POP. We played the Presidio/Mission combo.
The course looks great with the greens being the highlight. Greens were in great shape and running fast, especially on downhill putts.
The tee boxes were in great shape with tee's entering the ground easy. It was very easy to find a nice patch of grass.
Fairways were cut short with some brown patches here and there.
Presidio had patches on holes #3 & 4.
The greens on #1 & 2 had some brown patches on the edges.
Mission had patches of brown on #2, 8 & 9.
No damage noticed to any of the green edges on Mission.
My complaint in July and now is no water available on the course in the form of faucets or Ambassadors.
We saw 2 Ambassadors neither had water.
We saw the cart person as we approached what for us was Hole 18. No outside drinks are permitted so you would think this would be something that would be a first thought especially on warm days like you will find in the summer.
I like this course especially at the Guru Rate. I will be back.
Played here friday afternoon 240pm finishing up 3.5 hours later.
I really do like this course and wish they would take better care of it. I stopped playing it because after a month the damage to a few of the greens still hadn't been repaired and the fairways were thin to the dirt with lots of GUR.
Imagine my surprise when I find that the damage to the greens that were damaged months ago is still there as is the thin fairways. Makes me sad since from afar the course looks great.
Tee boxes are a bit beat up but playable, fairways thin as I said, rough is rough 2-3 inches deep.
Greens are bumpy as heck for the most part, no one fixes divots here it seems so the greens aren't healing well. I did find some smooth spots.
Sand traps are horrible mostly dirt.
This course has so much potential to be good once again.
It is well worth the $20 dollar walking twilite rate for the exercise if nothing else.
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