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Was in town for a few weeks but wrong timing with rain and cooler weather I opted to stay a few days in the warmer Palm Desert area. I decided to play on Friday Terra Lago South because a friend recommended it and it was the only course under a 100.00 and tee spot open before noon. As I checked in I hit a few balls to warm up and I was paired with Matt and Dick 2 older gentleman late 70’s maybe early 80’s very nice men from Vancouver. We (I) decided on the white or green tees 6200 yards 125 slope and all tee boxes were fine with sand divots being filled in for the mot part and all seem to be level. Fairways were great for the most part but I don’t remember it being narrow in some parts. Rough was a little of everything, Course had cut down either existing trees or weeds but a lot of side hill rough and sometimes if you found your ball it was in hardpan. Green were quick and held shots well, puts were going actually where you aimed. Bunkers had little to no sand so that became a challenge, but all in all a great day was had by all. The weather was beautiful and sunnier 76 degrees a perfect day for golf. If I’m in the area again I would try the north course but that’s not to say I won’t play here again, it is a fair test of golf …
Played Pala Mesa on a cool Thursday morning with Michelle and was paired with another couple Tim and Carla from the Yosemite area. I played blues and was a little over 6200 yards with 126 slope while the girls and Tim played the white/gold combo. We found out it was cart path only for the entire course which made things a little slower but I didn’t have anywhere to be so it was all good. The fairways as you would imagine without carts driving all all over it are very nice condition but if you stray the rough is a little longer because it hasn’t been cut yet. Greens are very nice with little to no ball marks even though they held shots very well, I think I only fixed 2 other ball marks besides mine. It had rained the day before and there still some water in the bunkers and some where it had dried but still a little muddy so we agreed to drop outside of bunkers. I did play a plugged lie out of one just to see if I could hit the shot and I was lucky to get it somewhere on the green. Because of cart path only our pace was 4:40 so still a little slow but ok. Course was a little narrow in some places but nothing too bad and it had a nice selection of left to right and right to left holes. The rate was 55.00 so not bad, but we had a great day and the weather warmed up nicely and it was a good day. We said our goodbye’s and went to a BBQ place not far from the course to cap off a very nice day. Recommended if in the area..
Have been playing Ala Wai most of the time because it’s close by so no need for further reviews because it’s not going to change much if any, so on to my review about the Pali Golf Course.
Even though it’s only 10 miles away it’s still a pain sometimes because there is really only one way which is across the Pali Highway. Checking in was simple our tee time was 10 am and Michelle and I teed off as a twosome. Fairways are generous much like any municipal golf course and there are many trees if you stray one way or another but for the most part it’s wide open. Not in any sand traps but they look to be ok. It is scenic with lots of views from the Ko’ Olau mountains and views of the ocean and always very cloudy with a chance of rain anytime. Wasn’t too many people at the course because we finished in under 4 hours and the conditions of the course are very good right now however the greens are always on the slow side but after a few holes you figure it out and. It’s a very solid municipal course and for 42 dollars to ride I would consider it a bargain.. Definitely recommended….
Played Goose this morning with Vince, Lloyd and Dan all great guys and a pleasure to play with.
As expected a hot day out in Jurupa Valley but the wind was keeping us cool. We played the III tees and finished in 4 hours 20 minutes. This course is always or usually set up very nice and today was no exception, tee boxes nice green and level fairways were great and bunkers were nice to play from. Greens fooled me today or maybe I was just tired but I had 5 three putts so I had that going for me. I think everyone who plays this course on a regular basis gets it, meaning they fix divots marks sand in divots and generally take care of the course.
The course is always in fantastic shape, the staff is always great and it is always great to play with friends. Great day was had by all but I’m glad the day ended I was pooped… Highly Recommended
Back In So Cal. for a few weeks and got invited to play the Navy course with Stickboy and his 2 family members Bobby and Jim and we all rode and played from the white tee boxes. We teed at. 12:15 with four walkers ahead of us. I has not played here for a while and was expecting to have fun on a nice golf course. Tee boxes were level and fine a few divot marks on the par 3's however everything else was a little off. First the fairways, were playable but lots of brown and thin spots but maybe because of the lack of water is understandable, but the greens and I mean all the greens were horrible. It seemed like a fungus or something but many of the green had been sanded in various spots which made putting a chore and no where was this evident or even mentioned at the pro shop. A lot of the water has been drained out of the lakes and I believe there is only 1 lake that had water in it, bunkers were very well groomed and all had rakes. After is was all said and done we went down the street to a place called on the rocks where we had a bite to eat and a few beers and reminisced what the Navy Course use to be like and hopefully the course will return to its nice condition sometime in the futute but at this time I do not recommend playing here until the conditions change.. Great seeing Vince and his family again.
Played Waikele County Club this morning the course is set in residential development and across the street was a large shopping center with restaurants and grocery stores. The course did not look hilly from the drive up but I teed off it seemed that there were rolling fairways and some elevated tee boxes. I teed off at 10 am and was paired with two ladies named Amiko and Girlee. Both ladies were from Japan and both spoke fluent English so we had a nice conversation. I played the blue and white combination tees 6400 yards and a 127 slope rating. All tees were in great shape and very few divots marks on the par 3’s and all were nice and level and very green. The fairways were generous and had decent rollout. The bunkers had the red clay type of sand you see here in Hawaii and very easy to play from. Greens were on the quicker side and held shots. Our pace of play was just under 4 hours as we didn’t see too many people in front of us. I thought it was a very nice course and would definitely play it again and definitely recommended if in the area…
Played Ala Wai today and it’s becoming my go to course only because it’s 3 blocks from me and it’s only 28.00 to walk. The course is fairly flat and there’s no real trouble except a few holes where there is water. I teed off at 10 and finished at 2:15 so 4:15 is not bad. The tee boxes are all very green and level however, the fairways are half brown and half green and are fairly firm so expect more roll out and why they are not watering them I don’t know. I’m not sure what the mixture of grass the greens are however they hold good shots but when it comes to putting the only defense this course has is the wind and it gets very windy here. There’s no real rough here and a few OB’s but those only come into play on a really bad shot. Bunkers have a decent amount of sand and ok to play from. All in all this is a no frills course, no pro shop and I have never seen a cart girl probably because the majority of golfers walk and they probably carry their own refreshments. The driving range here does not open until 11, but the restaurant opens at 6 am For a course that’s in the heart of Waikiki it’s a great option..
Played Turtle Bay this morning teeing off at 10:15 and I played the combo Blue Tees & Gold Tees at 6550 yards and played with Gina and Bob both vacationing from Pittsburgh. Range was all grass and chipping and putting area was nice as well. The course was fairly crowded even though it was rainy. They had 5 sets of tees today Black, Blue, Gold, White and Red and all were nice and level. The fairways were all nice and very green and fairly generous, no real rough to speak of except trees but they weren’t in play. Bunkers were very good to play from and the greens held shots very well. If I had to guess I say green speed was 9and a very subtle break to them. I teed off from a par 3 with at least 6 maintenance workers behind the green waiting for us to finish up the hole and I hit it to 7 feet and one of the workers said “ great shot uncle “. I made the birdie and both Gina and Bob gave high fives. The course has some water features mostly at the par 3’s and some at the greens but they don’t come into play very often. Overall very fun and playable course, but being in the North Shore weather is unpredictable but it’s still warm so don’t let that detour you. I asked when Fazio Course was going to reopen and he said probably by the end of summer and once it does the Palmer course would close for some remodeling. A great time was had by all and if this course was closer to my house I would play it more often, I just don’t like the hour plus drive to get here. Definitely recommended…
Played Ko Olina this morning teeing off at 9:30 and paired up with Kim and Kang with a little overcast but 84 degrees and a slight breeze. Maybe I don’t remember this from the last time I played here which was back Jan/Feb but now you have to buy range balls? This is a resort with 3 big hotels right across the street and I don’t get why you have to pay for range balls. Another thing is you have to pay tax, again I don’t get it, however resident discount ( only for greens fee and not food or merchandise) comes to 98.00. After playing this course 2 times I’m not so sure it’s worth 98.00. Anyways on to the review. Kim and I played white tees which is 6400 yds / slope 133 and Michelle and Kang played the blues which is right around 5000 yards. Tee boxes were level and very nice with virtually no divots taken, fairways were lush and green and no rough to speak of. There is water on a few holes but you would have to have a big slice to to lose a ball. After the 4th hole the winds started to kick up to 20-25 mph and it continued off and on for the rest of the day. I don’t mind a little wind but at times it was crazy. I felt sorry for Kim as he was probably in his late 60’s and barely hit it 200 yards off the tee. Greens rolled very quick and true and if you put it a little past with the breezy conditions as many in our group did you would be 10 feet past the hole. I really like this course because it fairly forgiving off the tee and the greens hold shots well and it’s a generally a good course.
If you’re on vacation and you find a discounted tee time I would play, but not for the 245.00 they ask for rack rates.. Mahalo everyone..
Played Ala Wai yesterday May 23 and played with 2 very nice men Ken & Kito teeing off at 10:15 I walked on waited about 20 mins and off we went. Course is fairly flat and very little trouble on the course but it is close to Waikiki so it gets a lot of play. It reminds me of Lakewood with a few doglegs but simply you can just hit it and go find it. I walked which was a shocker because I have a bad ankle but I thought I would give it a try. Tee box somewhat level fairways are some areas where a bit brownish but overall play fine. Greens are a little on the slow side but for a muni course in Honolulu it’s fine. I don’t have the residency I D card yet but hopefully soon but anyways always great to play here and even though there are so many other nice courses in Oahu this one is close which makes it ideal. Recommended if your in the area or don’t mind driving.
Played this morning with the Orange County Mens Club teeing off at 8am from blue tees playing with good friends Patrick, Melanie and Kevin. This Sunday it was all grass on the driving range and after a few warm ups off we went. Carts have GPS and Bluetooth so one could play their music if desired. This course is 10 minutes from my house and I always seem to forget about it. Fairways were in my opinion wide and very nice however on 2 others they were roped off and resodded according to marshals so if ball landed in there just remove and drop outside of it. Tee boxes are all level and well maintained, bunkers had nice white sand in them and were very easy to play from. Greens are almost completely healed from aeration another week or 2 and they will be perfect. Greens had a lot of subtle breaks and they were very good to putt on and they held their shots well. The course I thought was in fantastic shape and I would play it again anytime. Now I’m not sure if the course is worth north of 150.00 is what I believe the rack rate is for Sunday Morning but it’s definitely worth the 75.00 rate during the week and if you have the loyalty card and you are a senior it’s even more affordable. The restaurant is also particularly good as well. Definitely a must play if in the area…
Played the Dunes course yesterday May 2 with Michelle and her 2 friends Shawna and Jaime. After a simple check in we hit a few warm ups and today it was grass so after a few and some putts, we were all set. First let me say I love to play any course at PGA West ( yes even the stadium) because I feel they always treat you like you’re a member and they are so nice. I teed off from the whites while the ladies teed off from the red tees. There are some elevated greens here and if you are short the rough awaits you. Fairways in fantastic shape and fairly wide so one can just let it rip. The ladies thought the course was a little tough and I said I think this is the easiest of all the courses here at PGA West and they all shook their heads in disbelief. Water on many holes some with carries and others where water is on one side of the fairway. Tee boxes all were nice and level and divots filled in. Didn’t see any ball marks on greens which is good, as for the greens I thought they were smooth, firm and quick but not fast. The more I play it the more I like it and it is quickly becoming one of my rotating courses. I was not in bunkers today but it did look great firmly packed. I enjoyed playing with the ladies today because they are fun to play golf with and they are pretty good players. I always highly recommended playing here.
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