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Played Tustin Ranch Tuesday morning and the weather was quite cool and a little breezy. Check in was very simple and off to the 1st tee I went. The putting green is closed but the range and the restaurant are all open. I played with 3 very nice people, Dave, Tony & Ashley all regulars who play there once a week. We all played the blues except Ashley who played the whites. Tee boxes all looked good and I didn’t notice any unfilled divots on the par 3’s. Fairways were in very good shape but what I don’t like about the course is on certain holes it is cart path only and they don’t tell you that on the screen, so naturally I hit it way right opposite of the cart path. I was in a few sand traps and still no rakes or sand bottles on carts, however the traps had the white sillica sand and they are really nice to play from. The greens had recently been punched and are still a little bumpy but they rolled ok. There is virtually no rough here as the course is surrounded by homes, condos and apartments. I like this course for a couple of reasons, one it’s close to my house and two, it’s not too difficult but still presents a challenge at 6400 yards. I used a tee off deal and paid 49.00 so that price I thought it was a deal and not sure if it’s worth the regular of 90.00 during the week. I would definitely recommend the course..
Played today on a warm Saturday morning. I teed of at 11:10 and I played with 2 nice ladies by the names of Donna & Kathy and our 4th was guy by the name of Eddie and had just arrived a few days ago from Korea. Both ladies played off the Silver or white tees while I played Gold and Eddie played the back tees. The ladies were local and were very good players and very knowledgeable about where to hit it to. I have seen this all too many times someone like Eddie mid 50’s playing from the back tees and barely able to drive it 200 yards. Unfortunately he struggled all day, too bad he was a very nice gentleman. The course was in very nice shape some divots on some of the tee boxes but all were filled in with mix. There are still no rakes in the bunkers and lots of footprints, but I just moved my ball out of the footprint marks. The greens were very nice and the rolled true. On a side note, one of the ladies and myself were smoking my little cigars and a homeowner (older gentleman) who was walking his dog, came over to us while we walking off the 2nd green and said “there is no smoking on the course”
She told him to keep on waking and that they sold cigars in the pro shop.. Strangest thing. Anyways, it was a great day with good company and I played well, so all is good. There were a whole lot of people at the pool which is good to see people back and the music playing. The course is in great shape and I highly recommended it..
Played our forth match of GK Cup on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with GKers Matt, Jerry, Robert and myself. Very friendly staff especially the younger guy at the counter, they couldn’t have been nicer. The course looked to be in great shape, fairways were excellent and bunkers were great to play out of. Either I couldn’t figure out the greens or they were slower than they looked but I couldn’t get a ball to check on any of my pitch shots but it just wasn’t my day. There were a lot of waste bunkers and dirt paths which there were rocks under the dirt path, so lesson learned, don’t hit it over there lol... As for our match, my back had been killing me all day and I was no help to my partner Robert, plus Matt and Jerry played very well so we lost the match, sorry partner. First time playing there and I thought the layout was great and I would love to go back when I’m feeling better. Thanks to Johnny and everyone else who made this round possible today... Highly recommended..
Played Los Verdes today with other men’s club members and we teed of at 12:45 this afternoon. Pre COVID we never would have finished, today we finished at 5:05 pm and we had to wait on maybe a couple of holes. The course is looking good now it’s great to play only 4 instead of the usual fivesomes. Tee boxes for the most part are good and even the par 3’s are looking nice with divots filled in. The fairways are nice and green with a few thin spots but always playable. The course has 2 local new rules or at least new to me, the first is tree root and if interferes with your swing you can move it one club length, and second the “smutgrass” rule, if it interferes with your swing, you can move it one club lengths so that’s good. I was in a few bunkers and the sand plays really nice and lastly the greens. I have played here for decades and the greens are the nicest I have seen them in a long time. In closing, course is in great shape and if you can get the elusive tee time it’s highly recommended and kudos to Chris, Vince and Gus great playing partners today...
Played La quinta Mountain course on a beautiful Sunday morning as I arrived in the parking lot the place was packed. As always check in was simple and easy down to the range for a few swings. We played with an older couple who were from Canada Sev & Danielle, and said they were beginners. Nonetheless off we went. Fairways were lush and typical for this time of year. I did notice greens were a little slower than usual but they were firm and held my shots. I did notice too many divot marks on tee boxes and they look to be in fine shape. I was in the sand a few times but it was easy to play out of. Highlight of the day was putting it to 3’ on hole 16 to make the birdie. We played in a little over 4 and 1/2 hours and the older couple picked up most of the time to keep things moving. Possibly my favorite course in the desert, ( there are so many good ones to choose from) from the staff, to the course and and the nice people I meet playing you will always have a great time at the La quinta Mountain Course Highly recommended..
Played GK Cup match on a beautiful Sunday morning with Robert, Gary, & Andrew all great guys to play with. I thought the course was in fine shape, fairways had a few un filled divots but nothing out of the ordinary and for the most part they were fine. The rough was a little sketchy but I guess that’s why is called rough, still playable however. I thought the greens were quick and were in great shape. As Andrew said in his review some of the fairways were painted green to make it look “greener” maybe just a way to keep it looking nicer. I found a few of the bunkers and not having any rakes near by they played very well. Even though we didn’t win our match, it was a very nice round playing with Andrew and Gary, well done guys. The course is a nice challenge from the blues and would love to play it again...Highly recommend..
Played the celebrity course on a brisk Monday morning with the GK Guru's Nick, Gary & Vince and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Check in was very simple, they loaded our bags and pointed to the range and off we went. There was a small frost delay (10 min) but it was fine. I played the yellow tee's and we started off with a relatively easy first hole, which was good because it was still cold. I noticed a few carts had rakes on them which was great. Sand was very soft and playable, fairways were green and had very few divots and most I saw were sanded in. The greens I felt were a little on the slow side, but maybe that was just me. Overall I had a great time and wanted to thank Johnny for letting me take part in such a fun time. I just want to say a shout out to Alex, nice meeting you and talking cycling... if you are in the area this course highly recommended..
Played Goose Creek today on a beautiful and rare day off from work and the course looks and is in fantastic shape. Check in was smooth and went over to range to hit and chip.. When I got to the first tee I met up my playing partners who were an an older (65+ ) korean couple Yoon & Anne and were extremely nice to play with. I was planning on playing III (the whites) because my back can't take the 6700 yards anymore but they had the IV (blues) moved up so I said what the heck. First I will start with the tee boxes, I didn't see too many divots and overall I thought tee boxes were excellent. They must have came out of overseeding recently because starter said it was 90 degree rule and cart path for the par 3's and fairways showed it because they were in great shape. The greens are the best I have seen there in a while, very few divots marks and they rolled very true. Didn't visit sand at all but it looks they were raked this morning. Regardless of when you play here, this course is first class all the way from the check in to the cart girl who came by 3-4 times, everyone and everything there is top notch. Definitely recommended..
Played this morning at Twin Oaks, I found a tee time for a single yesterday. at 7:30 am. First time playing here, the course looked narrow from pictures I saw and from some reviews I read. I played the blue because it looked like they had moved up a bit, so it was probably playing about 6350, maybe 6400 yards. The fairways looked to be in good shape and on some holes they had replaced some sod, so it looks they are trying to keep in good shape. Tee boxes were fine mostly level with a few occasional divots not filled in, but overall good shape. The front nine greens were in very nice shape but a few of the backside maybe 3 were sanded. My foursome included a local couple Annie & Rich who were regulars saying the course is about to aeriate the greens soon. The fourth was a fellow named John who has moved to Carlsbad from New Hampshire, all 3 were excellent playing mates. Back to the course conditions, if you strayed off the fairways the rough was tough maybe 1 1/2” and combine that with the morning dewness it made it hard to find the ball at times. Overall, I had a great time and always fun to play a course I haven’t played before. Definitely recommended.
Played in GK outing on 09/13 under what I thought was a beautiful day albeit a little warm (100 degrees).
I got stuck behind an accident on the 60 freeway where they are widening it and it was a pain. I called the pro shop and they were very accommodating saying not to worry just get there safe and they would take care of everything. 1st time playing Mountain View course and I really enjoyed it. I played with Kevin (kg1791) and Johnny and we had a great time. For those who haven't played with Johnny, he is very personable and very easy to talk to and I enjoyed his and Kevin's insight to golf and everything else under the sun. I thought the course was in excellent shape from fairway to green there was a dry area or two on the green but they didn't affect how I putted. Not my best round but not my worst, my back was acting up, but playing with Johnny and Kevin was the highlight and if you are in the area definitelya must play..
Played The Crossings at Carlsbad on a cool Sunday afternoon with all the Covid restrictions in place. I played with a couple from Temecula and they were very nice. The tee boxes were better than average with most divots filled in and having said that sand was available on the carts and by the looks of things divots were filled in on the fairways as well. The fairways were green and firm and wide so if you found them, it was very playable. I haven’t been there in a while and I forgot how hilly it was and the few forced carries there are. The lady I played with said she plays there regularly and if a ball were to go in a bunker one could take it out due to local rules. There were no rakes, but it did look like someone was maintaining them and you could see shoe/foot rakes from previous people trying to rake the footprints. I was only in 2 green side bunkers and I played out of them because they looked playable to me. Greens were on the medium speed side, and the guy in my group went out of his way to fix what ball marks he could find. In closing, the course was in very good shape, very green and I had a very good time and look to return soon. Definitely recommended..
Played the palms course yesterday at the Desert Springs Marriott. Teed off at 8:20 single cart rider so my girlfriend rode in one cart and I in the other, which was great because she complains about cigar smoke.

It was a beautiful day about 95 with a nice breeze and we played with 2 guys from Los Angeles. Masks were order of the day and the starter told us a marshall will be checking to see if people were wearing them. Not going to lie, it was a pain but the tradeoff was well worth it.

Range balls were provided and the only restroom was at the beginning and at the turn. No food or beverage for sale, maybe on Monday starter said. Water fountains were working to fill any ice bottles.

The course was in excellent condition and there was no real rough to speak of, after all it is a resort course.
Sand traps no rakes but they were playable and the greens were maybe 8-9 not fast but not slow. We never had a wait and we finished in 3 hours 45 minutes and if my gf was not with me, I would have played again.
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