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Played Desert Falls this morning teeing off at 8am at the cost of 35.00 to ride and had seen no recent reviews of the course, so I figured what the heck I’m right across the street and was hoping to beat the heat. First off, not many people this morning POP was right around 4 hours but I played with a couple from San Diego so we were 3 following 4 old men. Painful… Anyways, Jess and Barb were great to play with both of them played the forward tees while I chose the blues. The course was in really nice shape from the tee boxes which were level and being mown this morning. Fairways were in excellent shape but if you strayed off the fairways the rough was about 1 1/2 and good luck finding your ball which led to the slowdown while we waited for the gentleman in front of us to find their golf balls. The group in front of had teed off around 7:30 and we caught up to them around hole 7. Enough about them and more about the course. The greens were a little slower maybe due the summer heat but you just had to hit them a touch harder to get them to the hole. Bunkers had nice raked and fluffy sand in them and they aren’t as steep as others in the area. For those who haven’t played there, it has an all grass driving range included in the fee and a nice chipping practice area. The course is definitely a challenge and definitely recommended when in the area.
Played the GK played at the Iconic Indian Wells Players Course on very warm Sunday morning at 9. I was teamed with Nick, Wendy and Lauren all great to play with. I have played with Nick many times and it’s always fun, but I got to meet Wendy and Lauren for the time and they couldn’t be nicer and thanks to Wendy for giving me that coolant towel, that was very much appreciated. Like others have said the course was in great shape for being as warm as it was and I saw no uneven tee boxes and what seemed to be beautiful fairways. The greens were of medium speed and rolled perfectly. There are many steep bunkers at this course more than I remember and I found one on a par 3 which I short sided myself however, I was fortunately able to save my par. The sand was soft and easy to hit from. Cart girl came by many times offering ice and to see how we were doing. After the outing we went upstairs in a private room where we all shared a few laughs and some excellent food. Everyone that works at the Indian Wells resort is fantastic and they do it with a smile. There are many fine resorts in the desert but Indian Wells takes it a step above. Thanks to everyone for the great time. I will definitely be back……when it gets cooler ….Highly recommended.
Played the Palm course today and the parking was packed considering it’s warm and September 11 and all and I was hoping there were no tournaments going on. When I checked in they said they are running 15 minutes behind so I hit a few balls and waited about 20 minutes and off we went. We teed off at 11:10 and the weather was around 105 and was paired with 2 guys from Dallas named Larry and Jeff and a snow bird from Canada named Kevin. The 2 from Dallas played the white tees while Kevin and I played the blues. The guys were all very nice but playing in the heat was never a problem for me but as I get older I have noticed I start to get tired and maybe it was because I teed off so late in the day. Who knows? Anyways, on to the course. For summer conditions I is in great shape, tee boxes are all level and nice as well as the fairways. Bunkers had good sand coverage and easy to hit from, although they are steeper than I remember. Greens rolled true like most resort courses not fast or slow and even though it was warm and crowded pop was good 4:15 saw cart girl multiple times. The other course is the Valley which is closed until October. Course is in great shape right now and I like playing this course. Definitely recommended.
Played Goose Creek this morning with Stickboy(Vince) and 2 nice guys Ron & Chuck who were a few years older than us. We all choose the green tees (III)and off we went. Was a little warm but there was nice breeze. Tee boxes and fairways were outstanding no bad or uneven lies. Greens were another problem. There were many burnt spots on most of the greens and it only affected putts that were not close to the pin. Anything within the confines of the brown areas were fine and did not affect putting. I believe there was sign at check in saying something but I didn’t really pay attention. Sand in bunkers were a little hard but I shouldn’t have put it there in the first place. Pop was around 4hours 30 minutes and we could have played much faster however our 2 others playing partners probably should have moved up a tee box because they were taking forever which of course brought the Marshall by several times and it just made it uncomfortable when you are being looked at by the “man”. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all. I would wait to play the Goose until they clear up the issue on the greens which I believe they are going to start on it Friday.
Played Jurupa Hills yesterday mid morning on a warm but breezy Labor Day. First time playing the course and the course looked very with lots of tree lined fairways. It looked like it was a private club when they first opened, but it’s open to public now. Check in was simple and the people I met were also very helpful. I played with Vince, Gus and Chris. 3 kooks to be sure. Tee boxes and fairways I thought were in great shape as well the greens. I was not in any bunkers but they looked to be good shape. I played the white tees but the course plays a lot harder than 119 slope rating, with some narrow fairways here and there and a lot of elevation. It reminded me of Cypress Ridge which I had played recently. It was a slow day 5 hours and 15 minutes, but it was a nice day with friends on a very challenging course and can’t wait to play it again. Definitely recommended.
Played the destroyer course with Vince and Josh who was a single we met this morning. We teed off as 3 some with Josh the single walking. We followed a 3 some of 1 walker and 2 in the cart. Josh played the blues while Vince and I played the whites in just at 4 hours. Tee boxes nice and level while fairways were nice and green and it looks they were recently mown because the ball really sat up nicely. They are doing a lot work on the course now preparing for fall overseeding because they were rototilling just outside the fairways. The greens had recently been punched but it was at least 3 weeks ago because they rolled very nice and were a little quick but nothing out of the normal. The water level is very low from the lakes and I know we are in a drought but it doesn’t look the same. I felt the course was in very nice summer shape and look forward to playing here again soon.
This is a late post from last week. Played Cypress Ridge for the first time last week and played the combo tees. The first 4 were white and then alternating between blue and white in just about 6200 yards. The course is hilly and didn’t see any walkers and it was mostly a senior crowd. No GPS on carts and didn’t see a beverage cart but it was all good. Fairways were great shape being narrow at times while tee boxes were level. The greens were recently lightly sanded but it did not affect the roll of the ball in any way. Wasn’t in any sand traps but they looked fine to me. The course has some rolling fairways which you don’t see too much anymore. The course is in great shape right now and I would to play this course on a regular basis if I lived in the area because it’s a very challenging course and has a very good vibe. Small snack bar and bar on site. Highly recommended
Played mid morning with Vince teeing off about 9:15 after hitting a few balls then off to the range. Staci wasn’t calling anyone to the tee she said go when you’re ready. I only saw 2 walkers and a twosome in a cart in front of them otherwise it was clear sailing. We played in just under 4 hours under a beautiful sunny central coast Friday. Tee boxes are nice and level and with the exception of 1 and 2 almost every fairway has some sort of uphill, sidehill, downhill lie. The greens were medium fast holding shots well. Sand was questionable, all depends on your lie a few I was in had some small rocks and pebbles. The restaurant is closed but they have sandwiches in the pro shop. The course seemed to be in great shape and it is always nice to get to play when I can, shame that I live four hours away. Highly recommended
Played this morning in a slightly overcast and foggy morning with fellow GKers Nick and Stickboy and a forth guy named Phil. Phil was more of a leisure golfer saying he only plays about a dozen times a year. He was very pleasant and nice to talk to. We got the senior rate of 59.00 to ride which to me was fair. I have played this course many times while this was stickboy’s first time. Check in was simple, we hit a few balls and off to the 1st tee. The course is fairly hilly but there are were a lot of walkers this morning. Vince and I chose the blue tees, Nick played the black’s and Phil chose the whites. Tee boxes were level and very playable as were all the fairways. Since it’s so close to the ocean everything’s green and I saw no brown spots at all. It’s not a long course by any standards maybe 6400 from the back tees and the course is wide open and only a few OB spots. The star of the course besides the views of the ocean and morro rock are the greens. They have a great deal of break in them and you have to deal with the grain. I was not in the sand, neither was anyone else so I can’t speak of it. It always fun to play with Nick and always great to play Morro Bay which is like a muni with character, tricky greens but a straightforward old fashioned golf course. A fun time was had by all. Definitely recommended when visiting Morro Bay.
Played Rec Park on this Saturday afternoon at 3 pm. Check in simple paid 28.00 to ride and off we went. Played with Derick, David & Pesh all very nice guys. Not to busy today as we never waited on any shot. Played in just over 4 hours which sometimes at this course is not very easy to do. Tee boxes all nice and level, fairways in really nice shape now as it most of the course. The greens are quick and don’t seem to be holding much of it anything. On hole 5 it was playing 100 yards slightly downhill and I hit a high lob wedge and it hit right in front of the flag and rolled off the green. This is a typical muni course hardly any rough and wide fairways so it’s a great place to work on your game as well. Didn’t see any cart girls but it was fine. Anyways Rec is always a great time and a fun place to play. Definitely recommended.
Played El Dorado Park this morning on a whim saw a single at 8:30 on Sunday morning so I jumped at the chance. It was overcast for all of the front 9 and the sun reared it’s hot head around hole 11. I saw about half of the people walking while the others rode. I played with Steve, Chris and Steven all great guys and I found out they were also members of the Los Verdes Men’s Club as am I. On to the course, check in was quick and easy and off to the 1st tee. Tee boxes nice and level in fact they are the nicest I have seen in a while in fact 1st hole is cart path only, until one of the guys said they were preparing it for the Long Beach Open. Fairways were mown so you had a very smooth lie which was very nice. There is not very much rough at this course but it looks likes they are growing some and I had a few where it took a little time to find. Greens were really holding shots and not to much release. They rolled very true and they are on the quick side these days. I was not in the sand but they all were raked and had rakes nearby. There was a lot of standing water on the side some of the holes mostly near the trees just off the fairways and I don’t know if that’s because of the heat or what. We played in 4 hours and 10 minutes so all in all was a great day. Always love to play this place. Definitely recommended.
Played Reflection Bay on a “ cooler” Sunday morning 103 degrees as part of the second day of the GK Plays. We teed off at 8am as a 3 some with Stickboy and Micheal as my other playing partners. It is a beautiful facility with a residential development nearby and some beautiful custom homes on the lake. They have 2 hotels on site and many lake toys to choose from. From check in to everyone on staff, they couldn’t be nicer and when the temperatures are in the the 1 teens people tend to get agitated, so I congratulate the staff on the great job they did plus they had a wedding they were dealing with. We played the white tees, thank you Vince..
And seeing how this was my first time there I felt it was a positional type of golf course when enough room for misses. We got lost on the getting to the tee on the 2nd hole ( A pattern will follow) and eventually arrived. Tee boxes were nice and level and par3’s had divots filled in. I thought the greens were a tad slower than the previous day at Paiute(excellent courses) and there were a few divots that I had repaired however it was pretty consistent after the first hole. From the 1st hole there are many forced carries at this course which why it carries a 136 slope rating and has a great deal of terrain with some uphill and downhill holes. I thought the fairways were in excellent condition despite the high summer heat and I was in a few sand traps which played very nice had a good base in them. Hole 6 got lost again looking for tee box, last time I let an old retired guy drive, which had another forced carry for the second shot.
I have to say there was nothing I did not like about the course, and it was a fair test of golf and after the round we got to sit in coolest room in the building. I ordered the fish and chips which was outstanding and I can’t wait to return highly recommended.
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