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Played as a 2-some with a 6:20am tee time on 8/11/13 . . Conditions were ok . . the grass is nice and green . . was pretty wet teeing off that early, but absolutely hated the round! There was no marshal (more on that later) and play was extremely slow. After 4+ hours we were on the 14th teebox when I suggested skipping ahead to 18 and finishing up to eliminate the frustration of 2 more hours to play 4 holes. Two groups ahead of us was a 4-some and the group ahead of us was 3 clowns who insisted from teeing at the tips and NEVER hit a fairway. When finishing the round, I asked a guy with a badge if there were any marshals. He said he was a marshal, but was "taking care of carts" . . when I told him it was one of the most unenjoyable rounds in my life his response was "sorry, are you done with that cart now" . . This is a muni so I can understand some leeway in dress code, etc . . but a 5 hour round (if we had finished) as the 3rd group off in the morning? . . and a 2-some at that! . . Fortunately the city of Tucson is looking at turning its courses over to a private management company, so hopefully they'll bring back some customer service that is missing at this muni. . With so many semi-private courses in the area . . no reason to play this one until that happens.
Played this course for the 2nd time on 12/2/11. Played it previously a couple of years ago when there were big plans for the addition of more courses and a large housing development. The economy went south, the housing market crashed, and I feared for the future of Coyote Springs. As far as the course is concerned, those fears were without merit. This course is still fantastic! It is among the best manicured courses I have ever played. The Nicklaus layout is fantastic. The greens are typical Jack . . with huge undulations and diabolical pin placements. There are a number of tee boxes to choose from, anywhere from "you've got to be kidding me" to very playable for shorter hitters. The landing areas are generous, the fairways lush and gorgeous. The bunkers are filled with nice fluffy white sand that almost invite you to hit your ball into them so you can enjoy the PGA experience of hitting out of beautiful white sand. The housing development has not materialized, so this is a course still without the distractions of houses surrounding it. The only downside to our recent visit was that someone decided it would be ok to send a 5-some out . . when we finally caught up with them on the back 9 it slowed play to a crawl. Other than that, I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a PGA quality course at a less-than PGA price. Great course!!

Coyote Springs Golf Club Course Review
Las Vegas Nevada Golf Course Reviews
Played this course for the first time 12/4/2011. The first thing I noticed was that there were no monuments near the tee boxes indicating what number hole you were playing. There was no information at all provided near the tee boxes. Many courses will have a layout of the hole, or distances from the different tee boxes, or at least something that indicates what hole you are playing. Stallion Mountain had nothing! This created some confusion on a couple of holes with the group ahead of us, they came back and had to ask us where the next hole was. Since we were new to the course, we couldn't provide much insight, except to say follow the cart path and signs. The course itself has apparently just re-opened after some renovation. There was nothing (outside of no monuments) particularly wrong with the course, but I thought it lacked character. There was nothing particularly special about it. The fairways were nice. The greens were ok . . it runs throughout a housing development, but the houses rarely came into play (well, once they did!!) . . but they were an ever-present factor. The course is challenging enough, it doesn't play like a typical retirement community course. With so many great courses in the LV area, I think they're going to be hard-pressed to gather out-of-town golfers, but this is a nice little community course. It probably won't be on my "gonna play it again" list for our annual visit to Vegas, but it certainly won't be on my "avoid at all costs" list either.

Stallion Mountain Golf Club Course Review
Las Vegas Nevada Golf Course Reviews
My wife and I took our annual pilgrimage to LV for our anniversary . . and Paiute Wolf is always on the list of courses to play. We played 12/3/2011 in 20+mph winds. Made the course much more challenging, but certainly helped the pace of play dramatically. Normally Wolf is very crowded and the pace can be on the slow side . . with the winds, and temps in the low 50's, there was hardly anyone on the course, so we made it around in a little more than 3 hours. The greens were very fast. The fastest they have ever been in all my visits to Wolf. As always, the fairways were in great shape, and the staff was fantastic. The starter warned us about the green speeds, and we had a marshall come around and let us know he had talked to the 4-some a couple of holes in front of us (we were a 2-some) and they would let us play through when we caught up to them. As it was, there was no need because we caught them at the turn, and passed them while they got refreshments, but it was nice to know that the marshall was planning ahead and thinking of our pace in advance. This course will continue to be on our list of courses we play every year during out trip to Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort Course Review
Las Vegas Nevada Golf Course Reviews
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Played in a foursome on 8/20/2011 and had a great round. When playing this course previously, got a little upset at the ranger because of his constant "keep up" messages even though we were waiting on the group ahead of us. Didn't have any contact other than "hey there how ya doing" with the ranger this time. Course is in good shape considering it's summertime in Tucson and we're going through record setting high temperatures. The greens were good and rolled very true. There were a couple of bare spots on the fairways but see above explanation for that. The course is not overly difficult, but does present some shotmaking challenges. The variety of teeboxes was great. The tips play well for the long hitters and lower handicap golfers, but the forward tees are very friendly for the shorter hitters and higher handicappers. If you have a variety of skill level golfers in your group, this helps even things out much better than many other courses I have played. The staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the day. I'd play this course again and enjoy it again if the round was like the one we played recently. One additional highlight was being able to watch the thunderstorms roll in late in the afternoon near the end of the round.
Played on 9/3/2011 and what a MAJOR disappointment. Normally this is one of the better conditioned courses in the area. Booked the tee time on one of the online booking sites, and it wasn't until we arrived that there was any information about "temporary greens" being used. There were probably 5 (or so) temporary greens in use . . and they were smoother than the "regular" greens being used. I have never played on greens as bad as those at del Lago right now. It was like putting on asphalt with potholes! In the customer service area, gone are the bag boys to unload your bags from the car and load them onto your cart and to welcome you to the course. This has been one of my favorite courses to play throughout the years, but it is a course to avoid right now. Personally, I would be embarrassed to charge money to play this course right now. On the bright side . . because of the horrid conditions, there weren't a lot of golfers, and the pace of play was great!
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This is one of my favorite layouts of all time. Tom Doak is brilliant in his design of this course throughout the canyons in an area that is otherwise bleak and desolate. The problem with this course has always been the conditions. It has been poorly run and poorly maintained throughout the years. That may be changing. Played on back to back days 6/25-26/2011 and the course is in as good a condition as I have ever seen it. I attribute that to a new director of golf, who in talking with him, has exciting plans to bring the course back to the conditions that once had it rated a Top 100 course in the country. The greens were in good condition . . there were a few bare spots, they they are much fewer than in past visits. The tee boxes were very good. The course plays as mostly dried bermuda, so it doesn't look great from tee to green, but it plays very well. The service at the clubhouse is fantastic. The starter Rudy seems to be of the belief that when you show up to play you should be treated as if you are at Spyglass he is so attentive to any of the golfer's needs. I am excited about the progress I have seen at this course under the new director, and am doubly excited about what could be ahead! This layout is one of the best you'll ever see, and with conditions improving (still need to do something about the bunkers) it is well worth a drive to play!
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It pains me to write this review because this is probably my favorite course in the area. Played in a 4-some on 7/3/2011 going off at 9:00 . . "only diehards playing today" according to the cart girl so it was not crowded. 5 1/2 hours later we finally completed the round . . waited every shot on every hole throughout the day. Never saw a marshall. The course is not in good condition right now. Probably in the poorest condition that I have ever seen it, and I've been playing it since it opened and was known as "The Raven" . . The layout is still great, and the fairways are very playable, but there are huge (and I mean HUGE) dead areas on the greens. Some of the greens are half green and half brown. Arizona's been in a long drought, so water is scarce, and I'm going to assume that's the reason behind the conditions, but there's no reason for a 5:30 round on a day that isn't even close to being busy . .
Played this course 12/3/2010 with my wife and a couple from Canada we were paired with. This is the 3rd or 4th time I have played this course, but it won't be the last! The course is my wife's favorite of all those we have played in the Las Vegas area so we make plans to play it every year. The staff was excellent as always. The course was in very good shape. My only negative comment would be that there were a couple bunkers that were getting a little thin and hard. Other than that, the greens were smooth and quick, the fairways lush, the rough was to be avoided as it can wreck your scorecard pretty quickly. The layout is great. There are 5 sets of tee boxes, and the forward tees are very shorter-hitter-friendly, allowing many of the longer carries over desert to be avoided. This is a fantastically fun course with exceptionally caring and concerned people waiting on you. It remains on my will play again list.
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Played the course 12/5/2010 with my wife and a couple of locals. Prior to playing, I had heard from others that the course was "very tight" due to its location in a housing development so I was a little nervous (not being the straightest ball striker). It's true, that the course runs throughout a housing development, but after the first 2 holes, I never got the sense that you had to try and miss houses! The fairways are wide and the landing areas are generous. I was impressed with the course. Very nice layout with a good mixture of bunkers and water throughout. There are some challenging holes, and some pretty easy holes. The course was in great shape. The greens were quick, but rolled very smooth. The bunker sand was nice and fluffy, never found a hard spot in any of the bunkers, and I searched a great many of them! The carts were equipped with GPS and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I started the round sort of dreading the course, and left with a very good feeling about it. I wouldn't hesitate to play this course again when in LV.
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Played this course earlier this summer (2010) on the way back from El Paso and had a blast! This is the NM State course, and it is fun. An older course, with some well established trees. Some water hazards, and bunker protected greens. For the most part, the fairways are pretty generous with their landing areas. I don't know what it was about this course that made it so much fun. Could have been the way we were greated in the pro shop (with a smile and a "can I help you" attitude) . . the very affordable greens fees . . or the "small town feel" to the course, but it was very enjoyable. I'd play this course again in a heartbeat if I ever find myself in Las Cruces again.
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Played this course last year when I was in Albuquerque. Did not enjoy the experience very much. I am sure that some of it had to do with the fact that we were paired with another two-some, one of whom had never played golf before, and insisted in hitting from the tips in spite of prodding from the rest of us that he should move to the forward tees. "No" . . he'd rather by laying 9 by the time he reached the forward tees. The ranger was all over us to pick up the pace, and rightfully so . . in spite of all of our best efforts, there wasn't a lot we could do. The course was pretty pedestrian I thought. It's a nice muni, but nothing special. In spite of our slowness, the group ahead of us never moved more than a hole ahead, so the pace of play was very slow everywhere. The positive is that the course is very close to downtown Albuquerque and very affordable.
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