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Played a birthday round here on 8/11/16. Payed $20 for cart fee. Was able to get off right on time as a twosome. Had the entire 1st hole to ourselves and thought it might be a quick round but hit a 4 some on the 2nd tee and they played very slow. Luckily they let us pass on the 3rd tee box but that 2nd hole took forever. Back to the 1st hole, temporary green was still in place. Not even worth trying to putt. Just the fairway cut down an extra step. I hit on to about 15ft and just took a 2 putt. Course was very tough for us both being first timers. Golf shop did give us a yardage book which did help with the pictures of the holes because of how many doglegs there were but was still difficult knowing how to try to set up shots. Tee Boxes were okay, a little uneven in places and some bare areas but good enough to be comfortable teeing it up. Fairways were pretty good, minimal bare spots, thin areas, lots of bumps, humps and good and bad bounces. Rough was hit or miss ranging from very lush to to very thin. Sand was still GUR on some holes. Looks like they were fixing the drainage at the bottom and there was zero sand in them, just hard packed dirt and rocks for drainage. Other holes had plenty of sand and were in great shape. Green's were also mixed. A few really bad ones but hole 4 really stood out with bare strips about 4" wide going across maybe 1/3 of the green. They were however receptive on full shots and pretty quick and rolled out on chips. Even though the course was lush in some areas, you can see the drought has hit this course hard with how brown and thin it is. Facilities were very nice and high end. I believe this course used to be private and still has some of it's old memebers? I'm sure there are a lot of people who like this course but I wasn't a fan of the layout. There were a couple nice holes but nothing really stood out. I might give it another shot now that I have played it and know what shots I might play differently but not in any rush to get back.
Played 7/22 in a company tournament @7:30 and 7/26 with a couple buddies @ 3:30. Course is in great shape considering the drought and the recent heat wave. There were only a couple brown areas on the course and pretty much all on the outside border of the rough. Other than that this course is lush! Tee boxes, always great. Fairways were like carpet, rough maybe around the 2" mark and plentiful so depending on the lie could be a tough shot, sand traps were great with plenty of sand (I found many) but did have one thinner and slightly crusty one. Greens were rolling perfect, I think they aerated about a month - month and a half ago and they are receptive but still quick. A little trickier than I remember though because a lot of putt weren't breaking as much as I thought they used to. Tournament was a slow day but I saw quite a few beginners out there but yesterday was great. We had to wait just a little for the first 6 holes and then it opened up completely. We took our time with no pressure behind and came in right about 4 hours and 15 minutes. If you are coming out to the Inland Empire drink plenty of fluids cause it is HOT out there, consistently over 100°.
Played Saturday 8/29/15 at 11:30 am at a discounted rate of $27 from GolfNow. My buddy that booked the tee time was saying normal rate at that time is usually $47. I looked and it is usually pretty easy to get these times discounted through the courses site or others like golf now which is good because I would not pay rack rate here.

Pulling up the first thing I noticed is the course is surprisingly green. There was a lot of yellow out there too but the maintenance crew has done a great job on where to focus the watering during the drought. Tee's were decent, had to move around a little on a few to find a comfortable spot. Fairways were very green and nicely striped but there were a few thin areas. Rough was mostly good. Coverage on some holes was very good where as others barley had rough just outside of the fairway and then dirt. Also a lot of the areas in between the tee's and fairways were brown but again they did great on putting water where it was most important. Greens rolled fast but still held shots. A few bumps and I fixed a few ball marks but overall good. I am not a huge fan of this layout but for $27 I would say it is well worth it.
Played in the GK Plays outing yesterday 8/31/15 for $50. The price included a small tour of the Lorena Ochoa Golf Academy building, a short wedge clinic and a round playing in USGA mid-am qualifier conditions. Course conditions weren't as tough as I thought they would be but it is a good thing since my game decided not to show up.

Tee boxes were as good as always. A couple on the long side but flat and no damage. Fairways were awesome on the very few I was on and were a little dried out and gave some good roll. Even though the fairways were playing a little drier they were still very lush with only a couple thin areas that I saw. Rough was cut at about normal length in the 1"-3" range and coverage was really good. I was in two bunkers and both were crusty on top and not much sand underneath. Greens were said to be running at 11 to 11-1/2 but they seemed slow to me. I left way too many put really short thinking it would be quicker. A few were just bad strokes on my part too.

Met some great guys out there yesterday and my playing partners couldn't have been nicer. Thanks sr129, lotrgolfer and sngernz. I know I didn't meet too many new faces yesterday, I try to only learn a few at a time so I remember. So next time I look forward to meeting more. Thanks again Johnny for putting this on and a special thanks to Linksoul for being a great sponsor. This was a smaller event and Linksoul put up many items for the GK family.
Played here today with a friend using our birthday vouchers so only paid $15. Had a 12:00pm tee time but ended up getting out about 8 minutes early. I don't know what the water restrictions are here but they are keeping the course green. Fairways were a little shaggy but pretty good overall. Rough was nice and fluffy in some areas and non existent in others but stay close to the fairways and greens and it will be good. Sand was damp from a little rain storm that rolled through right before I got there. Easy hole greens were covered in ball marks and rolled a little bumpy , the hard holes to get GIR were playing really well. Tee boxes were a mixed bag of level, bumpy and divots. We caught up to a really slow twosome on the back, skipped them on hole 13 and came back to play it after 18. Ended up finishing in 3 hours and 5 minutes. This is by far the best pace of play I have had there and ended up playing very well compared to how bad I usually play this course. For the price I paid it is a no brainer. However because of the funky layout on a few holes I wouldn't pay much more than $30-$40 to play here.
Finally got back out after a few months away from the game and got to play one of my favorite local courses. Played here today 7-24-15 as part of a company tournament. It was a shotgun start and they got us out on time at 7:30 am. The drought definitely has not affected Sierra Lakes as of yet. It helps that the Bermuda grass likes the heat too but it was GREEN out there today. The course looked and played fantastic. It looks like they punched the greens with the small tines maybe a couple weeks ago but did not affect putting. The greens were rolling very smooth and very few ball marks out there. Fairways were picturesque being striped and freshly mowed. Rough was very good but had a few wet muddy areas where grass coverage wasn't great but overall had great coverage. Was in no sand so can't speak for that. Tees were freshly mowed and in great shape. Only complaint I can make was POP. Shotgun start and 2 groups per hole and finished in about 5:15! At one point there was one group on a tee box 2 groups waiting behind them and us finishing up on the green about to wait after them. No marshals out today and a lot of novice golfers for the tournament. Still had a great time though.
Played here 2/21/15 with wdement and two others @1:04pm for $39 per player. We all got there early and they did let us go out at about 12:30pm and we finished right about 4:30pm. Again I do not know of anywhere that you can get this quality golf for that low of a price. The course is in awesome shape right now and we had perfect weather. Just nice lush green grass everywhere you look. My only gripe for the day was that the tee boxes needed a mow. Other than that the tee boxes were level, fairways and rough green and lush, greens were rolling slower than normal but nice and smooth and I didn't see very many ball marks all day. I was in three or four bunkers and they were all nice with plenty of sand. We didn't have anyone in front or behind us except for a single right towards the end but he would play a couple balls and never pushed or waited on us and we were moving pretty quick. I highly recommend this course to everyone, it isn't too tough and the layout is great.
Was lucky enough to play here yesterday 11/16/14 for free thanks to Gker Sixpez. Also played with itslikeimsayin and kviser and as always I had a blast playing with a group of GKer's. I have been hearing about this course for a while and was hoping I would some day get to play there and now I am really happy that I finally have and that it did not disappoint. The conditions were better than I had expected and the layout was a lot more fun than I expected.

Showed up a little early and I'm glad I dressed warm, as did everyone else, because it was probably around 45° with the wind chill and maybe even a little colder in the shade. Check in couldn't have been easier and the guy in the pro shop told us to feel free to use the practice areas until we were ready to go out. Hitting the practice green before teeing off should be mandatory especially if you have never played there before. Kviser told me "everything breaks away from the mountain and it breaks hard" and we all found out on the course that that was very true. It does not matter if you have a north facing putt and it looks like you are putting up hill it will be very fast and if you have a downhill looking putt into the hill it will be slow. There weren't too many people going out ahead of us but they were out of site in no time. In fact other than letting a group pass on the second hole we never had to wait for a shot.

The course was in really good shape. It could have been better condition wise but it was very playable. Tee's were good, a couple mushy and a few with sand on them. Fairways were like carpet and still gave quite a bit of roll on most holes. Rough was inconsistent but had really good coverage. Some areas were very lush, long and green and other areas were thin and brown but I did not notice any annoying patchy areas. I was in the sand a few times and every time it was good. The ones I landed in were a little crusty on top but plenty of sand underneath. Greens were rolling great and were very tricky. They held almost all full shots hit at them but chips and pitch shots seemed to release a lot. Like I said before everything breaks away from the mountain and is very quick, we had a couple that rolled through the entire green that weren't even hit very hard. Layout was a decent challenge. A few really good doglegs and a few blind shots. Course knowledge would help you out on a few holes but the rest is pretty straight forward but not boring at all. Customer service was excellent in the bar as well and prices were very reasonable. I think come spring or early next summer when it warms up I will be trying to get back out there and if you have a chance to play at the guests rates I would say it is well worth it.
Played Saturday 11/8/14 at 9am using an underpar unlimited play deal ($95ea). Staff was excellent all around from the moment we got there till the time we left. My playing partner forgot to buy balls before going though so he just bought a sleeve there. $20 for a sleeve of Z-Stars! Make sure you have enough when you come here. Driving range and practice areas are great. Tee boxes were very thin all throughout the course and a lot of them had major bare spots. Rough for the most part was lush and good coverage but there were a lot of bare areas and very patchy areas. Fairways were good but again some thin areas and GUR. I was in one bunker that had soft sand but one of my playing partners said he hit some hardpan underneath on one. Greens were rolling good at medium speed (pro shop said a 10) but there were a lot of un-repaired ball marks. It was kind of upsetting to see the conditions this bad here however it is still conditioned better than 90% of courses out there. It just wasn't as perfect as the last time I came out. Layout is still very fun to me. Lots of wide open landing areas but also a lot of risk/reward shots out there too especially approaching the greens. First round was just under 5 hours and there was a little bit of waiting but 5 hours on this course isn't as long as other courses considering distance in-between holes. We ate some lunch after the first round then checked in with the pro shop and was able to go right back out with a fresh cart. Second round we flew through the first 8 holes but then came to a stop with a couple of foursomes out ahead of us so we packed it in. One last note, on the 4th hole there are some tree's in play in bounds. My friend's ball went in those tree's and he played out of them but while walking to his ball he tripped and got caught up by some very rusty barbed wire on the ground mixed in with the leaves. I picked it all up and put it on the other side of the path where no one would get hurt on it. Luckily he only got scratched so we didn't say anything.
Played 10/18/14 with an email special price of $54. Tee time was set for 11:15 am but was able to get out about 20 mins early. I had showed up a little early and noticed there wasn't really anyone going out on the front so I knew pace should be good and it definitely was. We didn't see anyone until the 8th hole and they were already on the green. Once they saw us they must have sped up because we did not see them the rest of the round. We even let a twosome play through when they caught up at the 10th after we stopped at the snack bar and they were gone pretty quick too. Ended up finishing in just under 4 hours at a very relaxed pace as a threesome.

Course is looking a little rougher than normal. First thing I noticed on the 1st tee box was it was really thin, uneven grass and bare patches. This was the case on all the tee boxes and usually the tee boxes here are great. Rough was really shaggy and uneven. Tee's and rough definitely needed a cut. Fairways were perfect though I didn't hit many. Freshly mowed and plenty lush. I was in two greenside bunkers. One had about an inch of soft sand and hard beneath, the other was perfect. Greens varied quite a bit. A few were really pocked up and I watched a couple of my playing partners putts take some pretty big hops however the rest were very good and running pretty quick. A lot of the shrubs near the houses were cut down a lot so even some really bad shots into there could be found. Weather was great, about 85° with a slight afternoon breeze.
Finally got back out for a round of golf. Played yesterday 10/11/14 payed $40 for 2 players with an underpar deal. Showed up and staff was really friendly and check in went smooth. Got out on time and caught up to a foursome on the forth hole but they sped up a little once they saw us and we slowed down a touch and pace was never an issue. Finished right at four hours. Course itself is in the exact same shape as I remembered it. Tee's decent, a little uneven all throughout the course. Fairways were in pretty good shape, the kikuyu was still really green but there were some soggy and bare areas. Rough varied from lush to completely burnt out the further you got away from the fairway. Greens were rolling at good speed though there were quite a few ball marks on every hole. Seemed like everything broke towards the valley to the south even when the green looked like it slope the opposite direction. Some greens around the fringes were also bare in some places but never came into play for me. I was in two bunkers and each had sand but was hard packed below a half inch or so. Layout is still kind of funky to me but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I did find myself in quite a few trees. For the price I payed, you really can't go wrong but I think GK says they are aerating tomorrow so wait at least a couple weeks.
Played here with Sixpez and itslikeimsayin on 6/8/14. Their reviews were spot on. Course was in very good shape minus the bunkers. Fairways were lush but a little long in some spots and a little soggy in spots. Though I didn't find many fairways. The rough where I spent most of my time was very penalizing. It was really hard to get the club head on the ball with it sitting down and how sticky it was. Greens rolled really well at medium speeds. I don't think any of us really blew any putts by the hole all day. Some tee's a little chewed up and a couple crowned but the majority were good. On Legends you never go back to the clubhouse until after all 18 holes but the cart girl did come around a few times. For the GroupGolfer deal for $39 unlimited play it really is an unbeatable deal.
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