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Played and enjoyed this course a ton, as you all know this time of year is aeration time. Love this website for notifications on Maintenence alerts but I always check the local websites to confirm. So well pissed off today to find out Lakewood CC had aerated the greens. Nothing on their website Nothing about it when I checked in and paid full price for my round today. When I asked the starter about it he says"I dunno". So sick of this crap. I avoid aerated courses like the plague as my favorite part of the game is chipping and putting, so when you've hit a green in reg and you dont know whether the ball is going to skeech to a halt or hydroplane on the sand it s pretty infuriating. Come on Lakewood, cut this s@*t out
So played this course many times over the last 40 years and never nothing special. Started a New years day tradition about 4 years ago with my son and his buddies and I have to say a big thank you to the grounds crew here. Played it again yesterday after all the recent rain the course was in good shape. Now what has blown my mind here is how good the greens are. Super smooth, consistent and a good to medium speed. Also I was in 3 bunkers yesterday and they are some of the best bunkers anywhere and I just got back from playing some great courses in Palm Springs and recently played San Diego CC. Plenty of sand in the bunkers, consistent and even. Nice to see others felt the same as all the bunkers were raked. Great job guys!
Timing couldn't have been better yesterday at Los Verdes. Rain subsided around 10am and with our 11.20am tee time, crowds were none existent and we went off a twosome. Los Verdes has always drained well and often has its own little micro climate. Yesterday was spectacular, clear skies and sunshine Lush fairways and smooth greens, a twosome in front and a twosome behind us, it was as private as a LA muni course could ever be. Took our time, got a few beers for the back nine and cruised around in just under 4 hours. BTW the greens were not aerated as of yesterday the 29th March
Just wanted to give a congrats to the staff at Whittier Narrows who dealing with water shortages that apply to most courses these days I thought the greens and surrounding areas of the greens were in great shape. The greens putted true and medium fast . The main thing was they were smooth and I think I saw only one putt hop all day which is remarkable especially on a LA muni. A very enjoyable day of golf
I really like this course and have played it at least 50 times but to take our money today and send us out on this course was daylight robbery. yeah i know its been raining but the course was unplayable. anything that missed the fairway was deep rough upto 6 inches and you had to stand on it to find it. I understand cart path only so after 4 holes shoes were soaked thru and muddy. some balls got plugged in the fairway and you could only see the top half of the ball. Here's what the clubhouse should have said instead of making us sign papers that said I agree to stay on the cart path. Listen Golfers "Conditions are terrible due to the rain we have not cut the fairways or rough its basically a bog right now not a golfcourse Proceed at your own peril knowing these facts" So as I learnt at Skylinks GC several years ago, save your money give this course at least 3-4 days after a good rain day as it doesn't drain well. Oh, also include Meadowlark GC in this public service announment.
Got to play last Friday the 26th August at 2.30PM with my son. Its a day I will never forget. We got there Thursday afternoon and checked into our room overlooking the 18th fairway and it hits you that you're here. Got to the practice facility about 1.15pm and used the driving range, bunkers and putting green. The hearts starts to race as the shuttle takes you to the 1st tee, you pay, check in meet your caddies and playing partners. Thankfully we both hit great shots off the 1st and then enjoyed 5 of the finest hours you'll ever spend on a course. The sun came out for a couple of hours as we rounded 5-10 and at times I had to pinch myself. We both donated balls to the ocean but it didn't really matter. If you have pondered about playing this course, as I have for 20years and gone thru all the excuses why not ( too much money, it'll probably be foggy etc ) treat yourself and go, its a memory that lingers, the course is like walking a dream, the caddies are great, we teed off on time and finished as promised. Ok it is pricey but you could not pay me enough to erase last Thursday and Friday. 10/10
After our last game here 4 months ago it took a lot of convincingto myself and my golfing buddy that we should come back here again- you just feel the old time vibe and nostalgia of this place. what a shame This classic old course has turned into a cow pasture the greens are good the fairways fair, but every shot that missed was so hard to find. I lost 4 balls only one was justified Between our foursome we lost a lot of balls Every time our group thought we had found our ball it was some else's We found balls in bunkers, balls 2 yards off the fairways and even 2 balls submerged in mud on the par 3 8th where i was unable to find my buried ball.Lost 2 on the 17th. Maintenance of the rough areas and the collection of fallen debris and leaves made it very had to locate golf balls. FYI---- Play an orange ball on 9 and 18 as after the massive renovation of the driving range. It's still a joke that these fairways are littered with range balls. You feel the history of this course but time marches on and it's not enough with these sh-t ty conditions. Sorry to say see ya Rancho. Bye the way best Ham steak breakfast anywhere.
Having slaughtered this golf course a few years back I not must give credit where it is due. Played here a few weeks ago and the golf course is in great shape Greens roll true, SAND in the bunkers Fairways were good. I played badly but look forward to a trip back to redeem myself
played opening day 10/22 Everything about this place is 1st class,from the moment you drive up to the club cleaning at the end of your round everything is about customer service tough driving course so bring your game, scenery will compensate for the odd missed shot, course was great the fairways were better the carpet i have in my house, greens were perfect, slow, because it was opening day, beer girl was available every 3rd hole, a golfing experience second to none , I'm saving up to go back.
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Played Sunday July 26th 2009. Had not played here for at least 4 years and I doubt whether I'll ever go back, what a pit, hard mud in the sand(mud) traps, greens had not been mowed and were slow and bumpy, no water in the lakes, and when you cross the road to play 14-16 it looked like they'd been landing aircraft on the golf course, I use the term golf course loosely. Listen I know its a muni but I play a lot of LA muni golf courses and this place makes Alondra look like good. Its a lousy kept course.
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