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Let me preface this by saying, I love this golf course. It's one of my favorites in town and during primetime, they charge $70, tough pill to swallow but willing to pay it because it's such a great course. This course was ALWAYS in great shape when it was Tuscany at 20% less of the current prime time premium rate. I played this at 3p on 7/10/19 and was SEVERELY disappointed. The greens are so bumpy, what looks like to be heat burn or some sort of disease. It’s almost as bad as LV Muni having temporary greens because their normal greens were being re-sodded. In addition, there were numerous greens just cluttered with geese poo, I was literally playing slalom to putt to the hole. The fairways were heat burned and really looking like their counter-part, however this was a lot less.

Rough was lush, the best part of the course making it challenging to get the ball close to the hole with their plinko style greens.

Currently, I would advise HIGHLY against playing this course until they figure out the problems and get them fixed.
I would say the greens are rolling 5 out of 10 for speed but definitely about an 8 out of 10 as far as smoothness is concerned. I saw a couple of bumpy rolls on a few holes today that annoyed me but the course as a whole is in fantastic condition. Get out and play while you can because this is one of my favorite courses in town.
Good course, in good shape right now. I played it on 6/7 and the greens are rolling pure, fairways are plush and as always, the bunkers are garbage. I would highly recommend playing it during this time of the year before they punch the greens.
Listing 1 to 3 of 63,990 Course Reviews
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