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Played my GK match here against mpisarski01 yesterday (6/12) on a 6:57 tee time. Weather was absolutely perfect at tee off; low 60's and cool, never reaching 90 degrees by the time we finished (in less than 3 hours!). Love this course so much because pace here when you tee off early is always spectacular and conditions are never bad, even after having punched less than 2 weeks ago.

Tees: Good shape for the blues this day. No major infractions outside of overwatering on a few holes, otherwise they would have been perfect.

Fairways: Still look like carpet; plush, green, good roll and most importantly, no bad lies at all. Kudos to the maintenance staff here.

Rough: Thick! Matt and I found out just how bad it was in our match. It will absolutely grab your club. The rough under the canopy of trees is very penal.

Sand: Meh. The sand here is nothing to write home about. The sand looks like clay (thank you red rocks) and plays differently than the white fluff you find at other courses. There isn't enough of it in my opinion, but better bunker players may disagree.

Greens: Shockingly good! GK was spot on with the punch date of 6/1, but the marks were minimal on the green and didn't affect the line or roll of a single putt all day. In a week or two, they will be back to perfect here!

ETC: Carts with ice in chests but no GPS. This is a walkable course, especially the front 9, for all you exercise junkies. Staff here friendly. No beverage cart but did see a water bottle fill-up station on 15 (even has UV light protection). Restrooms there as well, which makes sense as they flipped the nine's here about 10 years ago (beware as photos on GK are from BEFORE they flipped them) so it was on the old 6th. Driving range and good practice green available. Pretty much all about golf here. Great layout and highly recommend using the GolfMoose/UnderPar deal they have right now.
Played here today (6/10) as part of my GK Cup match against the legend Matt "LOTR" Schliebe on a perfect starting, slightly warm finishing Scottsdale day. First time on this course which just recently wrapped up hosting the NCAA Men's College Golf Championship. Great course and facilities in a swanky part of Scottsdale with lots of mansion-like homes around but never in your face of play. Conditions today were excellent (as you'd expect after the last sentence) and although the match didn't go my way, I loved this course.

Tees: The Palo Verde tees were played today by everyone (and most people I would assume) and they were in good-great shape with plenty of turf to hit from. Par 3's a tad more chewed up but nothing crazy.

Fairways: Excellent shape. Still about 90% carpet and people did a good job fixing divots. I felt roll was more than fair, lies were nearly perfect, and they were visually pleasing to the eye.

Rough: Not much traditional rough to speak of; as Matt mentioned to me, it was clearly mown down after the NCAA was here and it showed. Far more penal than the rough (perhaps not even a club up) was the natural landscape areas that would just eat up errant drives.

Sand: Was in a few bunkers and although the bases of them were a bit wet, there was enough sand to shape the shots (although this eluded me today). Rakes were present in every bunker and they were all well manicured.

Greens: Good shape. Visually they didn't look special (the practice green was far more visually pleasing) but the roll was true and fast. Breaks on these greens were very tough at times, exacerbated further by some outrageous pin placements. A great test of golf!

ETC: As mentioned, facility was all class. Got to tour the clubhouse after the round and one Phil Mickelson is featured everywhere, including the wonderful locker room (this course hosted the Open for 3 years). Staff was amazing and pleasant, from the bag attendants to the starter to the beverage cart. Layout was very fun, and as Matt made mention to me, has very strong "Indian Well-vibes"; I concur. Nice mix of holes and even though everyone started on 10 today, it was a great time had. Lots of people out today, but still had a great POP at a shade under 4.5 hours. Highly recommend.
Played here yesterday (6/7) for the first time ever alongside Jim "RatPatrol" Davis on a picturesque northern Arizona day; low to mid 80's and a slight/mild wind all day. This course is one a few public ones in the Prescott area and after having played here, can hold it's own. The property has two different 18 hole options and the South seems to be just as good as the North we played. Layout is parkland-style and a bit old school, but features a handful of long par 4's, plenty of uphill holes, and really good conditions all around.

Tees: As Rat pointed out to me, all the tee markers seemed to be placed exactly 10 yards apart. Tee boxes themselves were a bit chewed up, but nothing so terrible it would cause a problem (played the gold tees).

Fairways: Good to great shape. Visually green, offering a ton of roll (sometimes good, sometimes bad if you hit the ball like I did) and no bad lies really.

Rough: Thick in certain areas, especially under the countless tress that line nearly every hole. Plenty of shots had to be "take your medicine"-types, as the rough did tend to make you rethink club selection.

Sand: Was only in one bunker and it looked worse than it played; i.e. appeared as though there wasn't enough sand, was able to get a sand save! Rakes were available and for the most part people used them.

Greens: The highlight for Rat and I. We came in expecting them to be like everything else in AZ right now; punched, dry, and awful. Pleasantly surprised to see they were smooth, popped with nice green color, and ran at a medium-med. fast pace with some tricky breaks. A pleasure to see Jim dominate them!

ETC: Rather old and beat up property in every other regard. Clubhouse has what you need: pro shop with nice staff, lounge/bar with plenty of regulars, facilities for the men's club, etc. just don't expect anything fancy. Carts are also bare-bones, however they ARE gas powered so get ready to smell diesel all day. On the course, saw the cart attendant twice, noted that there were a few jugs of water peppered throughout the course, and of note to those who are used to picking up something at the turn, the 9th does NOT head back towards the clubhouse, so make sure you bring everything you need. For a great price of $45+tax, this is a great option if you are in the area. Highly recommend, especially if you enjoy airplanes as the regional airport is flanked on either side by holes from North.
Played here 5/11 alongside GK member Kassper7 on a typical May day in Palm Springs (100 degrees, touch of breeze, but plenty of hot sun) with a 10:30AM tee time, allowed to tee off by ourselves about 20 mins early. First time playing here and knew I wouldn't be seeing the course in the conditions Matt Pisarski's last review described, but was surprised to see it still having some semblance of that. As soon as you turn in from the road you get a view at one hole (4 I believe) along with the range, and both looked fine. Overall impressed the heat hadn't burned it out more!

Tee boxes: Played the gold tees and I have a feeling a lot of people play these as some holes had been beat up some, nothing egregious though.

Fairways: Excellent shape for May. The visual aspect of seeing fairways still holding its color was pleasing to the game. Good amount of roll and lies were always good.

Rough: Not sure why I don't remember the rough that well, but it must mean it wasn't very penal.

Sand: I believe I was only in one bunker and it had a decent amount of sand that was edging more towards dirt-like rather than the pearly white stuff at Bighorn.

Greens: Excellent condition as well! They rolled true and medium speed on most holes. Wasn't having a particularly good putting day so I guess the contours and slope were a bit challenging but I always felt it was a fair fight.

ETC: Had a bit of an issue at check-in with what someone on the phone promised me was going to be a Troon discount (Indigo Golf runs this place and was recently purchased by Troon). Pro shop informed me booking had to be done 3 days before (a Troon condition to most tee times, specials or not) and I had made mine weeks before. After some smart talk from Kassper, man behind the desk eventually caved and honored the discounted pricing. Wouldn't pay the rack rate to play here right now, and honestly probably not during peak season either as there are just too many other courses I liked more (Classic, Shadow Ridge, Firecliff, etc.) Snack shack closed at 1pm, but thankfully because of a front played in less than 2 hours, was able to stop in and buy something. Layout is fun, with some houses lining certain holes especially in the back 9. Nice variety of par 4's but nothing about this course blew me away. A good deal warrants a visit.
Played here on 5/12 as part of the SCGA Members Outing alongside GK friend Kassper7 on a balmy and sunny 100 degree day. Had always wanted to drop a few bills to play this event but never had the chance, glad I decided to do it [and book early since tee times for nearly every SCGA event this year were sold out in hours; thanks COVID golf boom :/]. This course lived up to my lofty expectations in every way, from the moment you drive through the multi-million dollar homes to reach the clubhouse, to the sparkling green range, to the fascinating stories from the caddie, and finally the amazing course and conditions....

Tee boxes: This may have been the weakest part of the day and by weak I mean they were a notch below ideal. I don't remember any particular hole being so beat up it caused a problem, rather since I have a feeling most guys out there played the same tees (blues for us) or the combination that included the blue on most holes, they received their fair amount of play. Our caddie alerted us this is the most play the course has gotten all year with a usual day being about 1/5th as busy.

Fairways: Finely manicured carpet. Every caddie took care of their group's divots and I had my fair share. Roll was more than fair, yet somehow lies were also perfect. Visually they popped against the natural terrain surrounding the course.

Rough: Thick but in my opinion, not overly punishing at least not to the level that requires you to club up significantly. Far more punishing than the rough is simply missing the grass all together and ending up in the natural hazards.

Sand: Amazingly was only in one bunker today and it was a fairway bunker. Good amount of perfectly soft sand (not so soft you had to muscle up but also not dirt-like). Seems like my group didn't have too much trouble with it. Caddie would rake for you which was nice.

Greens: The highlight of the round; they were as close to perfect as I have seen this year. They ran incredibly smooth and they were pretty fast as well (even faster when you ran past the hole). Contouring on the greens was tricky at times so thankful to have the caddie giving us every single line.

ETC: As mentioned, this course sits on some of the most precious and expensive terrain in the greater Palm Springs area. Caddie was quick to point out some celebrity homes including plenty of Hollywood stars, sports team owners, famous businessmen, etc. No one at the club treated us as second-class and there also wasn't a great deal of sucking up, so it felt fairly casual. Layout was more fun than I thought it would be, especially in the short par 4's. Some holes were more innocuous than others; some par 3's were just punishing if you missed the green like I did. Our caddie, Tommy, was excellent providing good club recommendations, lines to shot at, tips/tricks, comedic relief, and great course knowledge. Costly outing between green fee and caddie gratuity, but completely worth it in my opinion as you are playing the home of the Monday Night Golf: Battle at Bighorn matches that featured Woods, Garcia, Nicklaus, and Trevino!
Played here yesterday (5/10) with Rat, Jon and DConn for GK Cup match on a wonderful San Diego late spring day (overcast at first, sun peeking out later). First time playing this course (amazingly) and walked away impressed as it another great San Diego muni. Jim really covered all the bases so, for the sake of not beating a dead horse, I will just give my impressions.

Property sits on pricey and beautiful real estate; flanked at every hole by some of the most beautiful homes in So. Cal. Layout is typical muni but fair. Conditions were better than most municipal courses (that aren't Torrey) as Rat alluded to. Nice big parking lot, though if you follow your navigation system, you have to be on your toes for street names. Property seems to have everything you may need. Carts even have GPS which you don't often see in "lower level" courses. Coronado prices and with golf booming again during COVID, be prepared to pay a premium to play in the home of old money. Highly recommend.
Played here today (4/29) with the one and only RatPatrol on an 11a.m. tee time with absolutely perfect Prescott weather; 75 and very slight wind all day. The last time I was here, less than two months ago, the course was still in bad winter shape; recovering from snow/ice, dormant turf, the works. Today was a different tale with only the greens still healing somewhat (in varied degrees) from punching probably 4 weeks ago. The visual difference in the grass helped highlight a course on the verge of being in peak shape.

Tees: A few chewed up boxes (whites played by both Jim and I) but nothing too upsetting. A few uneven lies here and there and the turf could use some TLC, other than that fine.

Fairways: The highlight of the round. They visually popped, adding to the enjoyment. The roll was more than fair, the ball sat up on 90% of the shots and they were in just good to great shape.

Rough: Penal at times but far more penal than the rough is the ESA and natural terrain that flanks the course.

Sand: Was only in two bunkers and they both had a decent amount of sand. Bunkers are present here so conditions were better than courses that are still using foot-rakes.

Greens: A bit of letdown that they had not healed 100% since they were punched. A few bumpy putts here and there, but overall medium to slow speeds with some really tricky breaks.

ETC: Property offers what you need: clubhouse has more than enough gear and drinks for last minute thirst quenching. Was told by our playing partners that the grill puts out great food and cart did have a small menu that indicated you order on 8th tee. Staff was friendly and helpful. Beverage cart attendant came around twice (moving our carts when we, I guess, blocked her way), golf carts could use some TLC or simply be replaced; balding tire, wear and tear to all parts of the cart, no GPS. The layout is fun and challenging, think Salt Creek/Mt. Woodson/Steele Canyon hybrid. Highly recommend before they up prices for summer.
Played here yesterday (4/12) with Nickesquire for GK Cup 17, Match 2 on a picture perfect Sedona day in spring. Nick's review is spot on so I won't add too much it, rather try and perhaps give a "local" take on it. The last time I played here about 4 months ago, the fairways were awful and a lot of the course (except for the greens) needed some TLC. Fast forward to yesterday and the course was in excellent shape; fairways were visually popping against the red rock background, the greens ran quickly and true, the rough had teeth, and even the tee boxes were good.

Even though Sedona GR, is now run by a different company than it was last year, they are happily accepting Troon Card members and honoring their usual discounts and awarding points for play. With that in mind, the reasons to come out here and play are too many to pass up. The course will only be in this peak shape for another 1.5 months in my opinion, but it's a very good option for those in Sedona who can't/choose not to play Seven Canyons.
Played here as the final round of a quick Palm Springs visit with GK member Kassper7 on a blustery and cold start 7:40AM tee time using the Golf Moose voucher. First time playing this course and although I was impressed at just how difficult it played (winds or not), perhaps the style of course doesn’t suit me or my game much and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have hoped. Conditions today were probably on par with what the facility is supposed to be, but for a course that features a small resort/vacations residences, nothing easy about its play!

Tee boxes: Played the yellow tees today and was the first time I have EVER seen a non-first tee time out situation in which the markers weren’t spaced out on the boxes; that is to say we came upon every tee box up to and including the last hole and the markers were simply side by side either in front of or to the side of the corresponding tee box, very odd. I barely remember the conditions of them because I was so befuddled with why they were like this.

Fairways: Good to great shape, the highlight for me of the round. They were visually pleasing (about 10x more so than the few holes on South I saw), offered good lies, and roll was fair.

Rough: Thick in many areas though a far greater penalty awaited you in the rocky/sandy native areas where the rough WASNT present!

Sand: Bunkers ranged from pathetic to pretty decent depending on the hole. Those that were awful had grass, areas of mud/rock hard dirt, and various other imperfections that begged the question “do these ever look good”. The good sand was mostly native areas.

Greens: Good I would say in terms of conditions. The roll was there for the most part, a few bumpy trails on putts though. Few divot but that stems from hard surfaces. Contouring, undulation, and mounding on these greens though was borderline ridiculous however. These greens looked like someone stashed nuclear waste under them. The false fronts were like the cliffs of Dover! Not sure how this is enjoyable to anyone not a scratch golfer but play at your own risk!

ETC: Property is pretty dated and has what Kassper7 called a “rustic” (tongue in cheek) feel. All
employees encountered were friendly. Carts are basic with basic GPS unit attached to driver side of cart (same one Shadow Ridge uses; shame on you Shadow Ridge, upgrade for God’s sake). Layout is interesting with wide variety of holes. Grill was open by end of round and had some great smelling and looking tacos! Pace today was an increíble 4 hours even with us getting nearly hit by impatient twosome behind us and waiting on group ahead of us. Cant say I’ll be back even for the price as I prefer to play better conditioned and more fair tests of golf in area rich with options.
Played here today (3/25) with GK member Kassper7 and my buddies Jeremiah and Josh on a 10:00AM tee time on what was forecasted to be consistent 20MPH wind with gusts in the 40's, that simply didn't transpire until nearly the end of the round! I have always enjoyed Classic Club more than just about any other course out this way, even if it does beat me up quite easily, but the more I play it, the greater respect I have for its design and conditions.

Tee boxes: Played the white tees today and felt they were in good shape overall. There are various tee options here and since most people THINK they can play the tips or the next up, the whites were in probably better shape than expected.

Fairways: Carpet, simply put. A few divots peppered here and there and perhaps not as pristine as Shadow Ridge, but a smidge less is still a 9 in my book. Fair roll today.

Rough: More penal than Shadow Ridge and found more of it. Gripped your clubs as you tried to fight through it.

Bunkers: Bunkers a plenty, all in good shape with great amounts of nice sand. Rake provided in your cart too!

Greens: Had what I deem a very fine sand top dressing on them that didn't seem to affect roll. Breaks at times were tricky but speed and false fronts were biggest guards to these.

ETC: Wonderful property, Troon operated so all class. Greeter to start, beverage attendant on course, helpers after to clean clubs; it's what to be expected for this place and they deliver. Play in the AM to try and avoid winds. $15 food/beverage voucher and new Classic Club towel continues to be included with green fee. Pace today was 4.5 on the dot but waited/were pushed nearly every hole after #3. A top 10-20 course for me!
Played here today (3/24) with GK member Kassper7 and my buddies Jeremiah and Josh on an 11:27AM tee time on what began as a windy but ended in absolutely perfect March Palm Springs weather. This was my second time playing Shadow Ridge and I walked away perhaps even more impressed with this course, probably because my playing partners (all first timers here) enjoyed it so much, we all played well, and conditions were a tick below perfect.

Tee boxes: Played the gold tees today and no issues to report. Some boxes were a bit chewed up but no more than any other tee option would if you tee off near noon.

Fairways: Typical Palm Springs carpet of spectacular green contrasting the natural landscape. Roll was more than fair, lies were excellent, and the ball sat up very nicely.

Rough: Rough was penal though not nearly as tough as it could be. The areas surrounding each hole (natural waste areas) are far more penal.

Bunkers: Lots of bunkers at this course, but each one had nice sand in copious amounts. No rakes yet.

Greens: Wonderfully contoured, roll was at times slow and at times fast, but always smooth and true. Undulation was crazy on some holes.

ETC: Nice carts with very basic GPS. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Cart attendant came around twice and snack shack under the clubhouse was open, though the one at the turn seems to have been closed for some time. Conditions and layout here are excellent. Pace today was ~4.75 hours but at times slowed quite a bit as group in front played slow due to slow play ahead of them, and of course the group behind us was a fivesome of impatient seniors consistently hitting at our heels. Highly recommend Shadow Ridge right now.
Played here yesterday (3/21) with my father in law on a 10AM tee time in absolutely perfect weather in the Verde Valley. The last time I played here, the course was still in rough winter shape, but with the snow all melted and the sun out, the course superintendent has done a magnificent job getting the areas that matter green and lush; fairways and greens! The course is a great little test of golf and the pace here is almost always less than 4 hours. On to the conditions...

Tee boxes: Nothing egregious to note; a few chewed up areas but I would say 85% of people here play the white tee boxes.

Fairways: Amazingly lush and visually stunning, especially since they contrast against the areas of native plant/vegetation that is all around this course. Never had a bad lie, roll was great, and ball sat up just enough for good shots.

Rough: The rough I was in wasn't very penal. The native vegetation is far more penal, as are the areas where the grass simply won't grow.

Bunkers: I was playing well enough to not find a single bunker (this course isn't loaded with them anyways) but from what I could see they were fine; mostly dirt-like sand and not pearl white Augusta sand.

Greens: Wonderful. Held shots well, ran very smooth and fast at times, with tricky breaks and pulls from the surrounding mountain range. A pleasure to make a three putt on!

ETC: Course just got an infusion of brand new carts (still gas powered probably because there are no cart pats "per se") that have comfortable white leather seats and good movement on them; far better than the older ones that barely started. Pro shop has everything you could need including demo drivers (MAVRIK, Ping, TaylorMade) that you can borrow for your round (when you leave your driver's license). Food area seemed open and hopping (AZ being AZ) but no cart service here so load up before the round. Casual dress code here as this place plays more like a muni. As mentioned pace is always good here (they have three reminders on the course of where you should be at the hour mark and expect you be done in 4 hours) and today was only 3.75 hours. If you are near Sedona visiting, this place is 15 minutes into town, give it a shot!
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