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Played here Father's Day 2022 on a 10AM tee time. Rates here during summer are pretty high as opposed to when I played here in February, but worth every penny. This course drains INCREDIBLY well and even the rains the day before not only didn't affect the conditions, but the course wasn't even CPO! This will be my home course for sure.

Tee boxes: Good to great shape. No problems that I recall. Lots of sets of tees to play from which is nice.

Fairways: Excellent shape. As mentioned before, this course drains perfectly; not a muddy lie to be found (except #10 which is the "draining" hole for the course). Very good lies all day and even decent roll.

Rough: Penal in lots of areas. The tall fescue grass will eat your golf ball just as quickly as you hit it in there.

Sand: Wasn't in the sand at all, but playing partners said the sand was good.

Greens: Excellent shape! They rolled true and quick. Held shots well and the staff here takes great care of them.

ETC: Staff was friendly and helpful. Marshals out all day ensuring a 4.5 hour pace. Ample parking lot and everything you could need at the pro shop. Grounds are very well taken care of. Pace was great for Fathers Day. Recommended course.
Played my second round as an OR resident at the local muni with a 12:22pm tee time on an otherworldly 70 degree day, unfortunately with a constant 15 MPH wind with gust nearly double that. The course is pretty bare bones, but like Nick's review from even a few years ago, it's in great shape for a municipal and offers all you need, which is good golf.

Tees: Good shape overall. Most everyone I saw played blues here as the course is not very long, but no matter as the tee box itself is the same for both blue/white, just spaced out some. Handful of boxes were unlevel, but nothing to go on a rant about.

Fairways: Good to great shape. Considering it's, you know Oregon, they drained relatively well from rain early in the week and are kept up in great shape. Visually stunning as the grass really pops and offers good lies.

Rough: Penal under the trees. You do NOT want to miss in the areas here closest to the water and natural landscape, as the ball just disappears.

Sand: Was in one bunker and it was fine, but the sand was unlike anything I have ever seen, probably volcanic dirt more than sand, but it did the trick as it was soft and the consistency was ideal for shot shaping.

Greens: Highlight of the round; they were beautiful and quick! On downhill putts the ball was running like it was on glass. People seem to do a good job fixing divots and the playing surface was ideal.

ETC: As mentioned, course is a muni and you can tell in most every regard outside of the actual golf. Clubhouse was well stocked and staff was friendly, but they have a hard time balancing overloading the tee sheet and making sure people go off on time. Rolling up to the 1st tee and seeing 3 groups waiting was a precursor for what was to come; waiting on every shot until the turn, a 5 hour pace, and lots of people yelling at groups in front of them. Overall, if you come out during a slower time and care only about the golf, this would be your place.
First round as a new resident of Oregon, along with the first ever visit to Langdon Farms. Read the reviews on GK from trusted people like Nick and Keith, so knew what I was getting when I rolled into the property. Course was everything they described and perhaps a bit more. Very impressed with conditions considering how much it rains here and layout was very fun. I may have found a new home course!

Tee boxes: Mixed bag as more than a few had uneven footing or lies. Nothing that made hitting impossible, more like it took an extra minute to plant your feet on level ground.

Fairways: Visually the whole course is green, but even so the fairways were stunning. Roll here is a premium since it's wet most of the year, but the play off the fairways was excellent. Not a bad lie all day and the course drains incredibly well.

Rough: Penal, though my local playing partners let me know right away that in a few months, the fescue would be Torrey length and the grasses near the OB areas would be knee-high; gulp!

Sand: Was only in one bunker but it had good dirt-like sand. You won't find Pebble-like pearl colored sand here, but the consistency is everything you would wish for.

Greens: Good overall but a handful of the greens on the front especially had weird splotches of either a fungus or different grass on them. It rarely affected roll and greens this day were medium fast.

ETC: Great facility with barn house feel as its main theme. Check-in was smooth, made easy because their online booking system is seamless! Starter was friendly. Saw the range near the practice green and looks big enough. Layout is a great mix of holes, though I will say the last photos posted on GK are from 10 years ago and the course has since been slightly redone to reduce difficulty, and up enjoyment (i.e. adios church pew bunkers, lots of waste areas, and a major trim to all areas with tall grasses). Great pace today at a minute or two over 4 hours and that was with some slight waiting/pushing from behind. One minor complaint is that they seem a bit lax with letting twosomes go out without pairing them to other groups, so course slowed on the back with a fast twosome on our heels at all times. Great rate for all here and highly recommend.
Played here Sunday 12/12 with GK members Perry, Jon, and Nat on what was booked as a 9AM tee time, pushed back to nearly 9:50am because of frost. It had been years since I played Maderas and last time I don't think we even got to the 16th before backups and pending sunset stopped our round. This time I made sure to try and ensure that didn't happen, what resulted was a wonderfully beautiful day and a very good pace of play on a course that was as good as I have ever seen it.

Tees: Probably the worst conditioned part of the course. First things first, nearly every set of tee markers had been moved up one tee box and thus we COULD have played the set we wanted to originally, but starter made no mention of this. Also, more than a few of the tee areas we did use were not level and you were standing on a slope; disappointing considering what this course charges and for it being Troon.

Fairways: Excellent condition. They were vibrant green grass mowed short and tight, but with good lies all day. They were also stunning against the contrasting "rough" that was browning ever so slightly, giving this a more links feel (this is NOT a links course mind you).

Rough: As mentioned, the rough was starting to brown but areas shaded by trees were still thick and nasty. More penal than the rough is the natural barranca this course is set in, plenty of ESA and native areas best to avoid.

Sand: Amazingly was only in one bunker all day and it was a fairway one. It had plenty of sand and it was of the consistency I like (softer grains of whiter sand).

Greens: The highlight of the round for me. The greens were wonderfully colorful, smooth rolling, undulated to all sorts of tricky levels, and generally lightning quick. Pin placements today were "someone pissed off the greens keeper" insane, with hole 10 being particularly unfair. Good to see this part of the course was near perfect.

ETC: Property is classy as soon as you roll in, workers at bag drop right away. Ample parking with two lots. Clubhouse has everything you need. Workers friendly and starter helpful for first-timers (which we weren't). Course layout is fun and very challenging, especially if you aren't hitting driver well. Rented clubs due to necessity and was disappointed to see that although clubs were newer models, nothing else but bag and clubs provided. Food at turn was good and carts have good GPS. If this place didn't charge so much, would have surely played it more.
Late review but got to play here on Black Friday 2021 on a discounted prepaid (through text deal club) 10:40am tee time with picture perfect weather in Sedona. Course was packed but didn’t show it as people were generally moving along at a good pace. This course really is amazing with the conditions they present day in and day out, it’s a fair test of golf, and of course those amazing views nearly everywhere you look.

Tee boxes: Good shape generally for the blue tee boxes. No one really plays the tips here outside of the wannabes and faux golf bloggers, so the blues receive heavy use and rarely show it. No specific issues just general wear and tear.

Fairways: Beautifully lush and visually pleasing. Roll was fair, though they do have a fair amount of condensation on them so ball won’t get tons of extra yardage. Lies are always good.

Rough: Penal even if it doesn’t look it. Grabbed my club pretty hard under the tree canopies. Better to just take your medicine.

Sand: My only real issue with this course. They use reddish dirt (don’t qualify this as sand) that when wet, has the consistency of barro or adobe. Bunkers play totally different than anything you’d see in normal courses.

Greens: Simply amazing. They look visually perfect and are perhaps a shade under that when you play them. Speeds and breaks are tricky to read, roll is pure. Large greens at times with a fair amount of challenges on pull direction. A joy to putt on!

ETC: No frills here, just golf. Everything on the ETC side is adequate but not flashy. Range is basic, puttying green is good, short game area works. Clubhouse has what you need in the basics and staff is friendly. Ample parking every time I am here. Layout is fun and has a nice variety of holes. Conditions are always good (they don’t overseed in Sedona) and you can play here almost all year even at 4500 feet. Highly recommend and will miss this course being so close.
Played here 11/2 on a Golf Digest - Places to Play "meet and play" with a new friend and paired up third player on an absolutely perfect Sedona day (cloudy and cooler to start, mid 70's no wind to finish). Troon is still continuing their partnership with Seven Canyons and though the price is a bit steep, you get everything you pay for here with wonderful staff who treat you like a member, course conditions right now that are near perfect, pace of play always 4 hours or less, and the views my god the views!

Tees: Played blues and found no major issues. Plenty of level ground to hit from and even the expected chewed up turf of the par 3's was still good.

Fairways: Near carpet conditions; they rolled well, let the ball sit up enough, and were visually stunning against the red rock background.

Rough: Penal. The traditional rough wasn't Torrey-long, but it humbled you on wayward tee shots. Of course the natural terrain of Sedona and trees/rocks that were past the rough was far more penal, but the rough definitely grabs your club.

Sand: Was in two bunkers and although they have a decent amount of sand, I feel it could have used a bit more for those fine greenside shots.

Greens: Quick and tricky. Probably the fastest I have ever seen here, they rolled so quick at times, you would tap a 2 footer and it could easily roll 2 feet past.

ETC: As always, this place is pure class. No one from the staff ever looks down on you here, in fact quite the opposite. You are often left feeling like you are a member here the way the staff ensures your comfort and enjoyment. Facilities are great here and clubhouse has all you need. Range could be a tad bigger and it's a drive to get there. Layout really should be flipped back to its original format, but minor issue. Carts are great and allows you to order delicious lunch around hole 7, which they bring out to you. Water provided in the cart and after 14 they have cooler with drinks and snacks. A great time out!
Played here today (9/5) with GK member Abbacat (Wendy) on a 7:04am tee time under threat of rain/lightning that never came to fruition thankfully. Had heard nothing but great things about this course but being it’s over 2 hours away, never thought I’d get the chance to play. Wendy was nice enough to offer the chance on her way out of AZ and my way back home and we made it happen, thankful to have gotten to try this course out, even if conditions were far from prestige with fall maintenance less than a week away!

Tees: no issues on the blue tee boxes I played, but the red boxes Wendy played had more than a few uneven lies. Lots of tee options to chose from too for golfers of all skill levels.

Fairways: good shape given the storm that passed hours before tee off and the fact summer was unkind im sure. No issues with roll or lies.

Rough: the rough here is minimal; the native rough in the land that flanks the course is beyond penal. I lost a drive to it on the back 9 and didn’t even bother trying to look.

Sand: this place has the name dunes for a reason; bunkers litter every hole, all shapes and sizes so best to get used to the dirt-like sand you’ll encounter.

Greens: good shape as well, though they didn’t hold a single shot all day. They were firm, quick, and undulation was very tricky for me today.

ETC: very nice property isolated from everything. Staff was friendly all around (they even offered bug spray!) and frankly this place could charge twice what it does and get away with it but they don’t. Facilities reek of Troon class all-around; clubhouse had everything you could ever want. Pace today was insanely good at 4 hours even with the groups behind us pushing us from beginning to end! Highly recommend.
Played here 10/3 alongside GK member Kassper7 as part of the Troon Challenge: Indian Wells. The event went on without a hitch and the course played a big part in that, hosting us graciously in a well organized fashion. Indian Wells always does things right, even as they approach the fall maintenance closure. Only the second time playing Celebrity and I have grown to appreciate its quirks. Although conditions were not what you see at IW during winter, they were still plenty playable and good.

Tees: No issues noted. We all played yellow and the ground was good for what you needed. A few of the par 3 tee boxes were chewed up but no fault of the course.

Fairways: Good shape. They were still green with good roll and very good lies. No real issues here.

Rough: A notch below penal, more like gently approaching penal. The areas with more shade obviously had thicker rough, but it wasn't like you couldn't get out of it.

Sand: Was in two bunkers and although there was a good amount of sand, it wasn't the stuff I like (white and fluffy). No major issues here.

Greens: Good shape less than two weeks from closing. They rolled true and quick at times. If you missed a putt it wasn't due to terrible conditions.

ETC: As mentioned, Indian Wells is class for a reason! They treat you well here, facilities are outstanding, and the courses are excellent with wonderful layouts uniquely their own. I have seen Indian Wells in December so I know what it can look like, can't wait to come back then.
Played here 10/2, just 9 days before they close for fall maintenance, with GK member Kassper7 on a 10:30am tee time, under muggy and hot conditions. I had only played here once before in Feb. 2020 right before the pandemic and that day conditions (both on the course as well as the weather) left something to be desired. Unfortunately this day was much of the same, though I at least knew what to expect with it being so close to fall aerification. The course can really kick one down and I did not play well; until next time old foe.

Tee boxes: Decent from the white tees, however like everything else on the course; dried out, visually losing its appeal, but nothing terribly awful it affected play.

Fairways: Perhaps the best part of the round, they were still at least somewhat green. The roll was fair and lies were actually good.

Rough: Not a ton of rough to speak of, but what is on the course stopped the ball enough.

Sand: Was in a few bunkers but the sand was best described as decent. There's enough in the bunkers to get out with a good shot, but the sand wasn't very fluffy, though I doubt it ever is.

Greens: About 80% of the way to where they need to be before they are truly dried out and ready for maintenance. They rolled decent enough and these ARE Nicklaus' designed so get ready for shelves, mounds, and roller coaster moves on the greens.

ETC: PGA West runs things well. Bag drop, clubhouse, restaurant, all are good. I'll be honest, green fee THIS close to closing could really stand to be about 25% less but I know golf is thriving and it showed as even in Oct. the place was booked solid and it took over 5 hours to play. Not a fan of courses that are this packed and let twosomes go out one after another, but saw plenty of it. Carts and GPS nice. Range and practice area available. Would love to play here during prime conditions to see it at its peak.
Played here today (9/27) on a 9AM solo tee time on a quick visit to the Tempe area. It had been nearly 8 years since I played Saguaro (unfortunately as they were doing Oct. maintenance) and took this visit as an excuse to come down and play the highly ranked Cholla course. It is definitely target desert golf and can play extremely short from the white tees so the composite are a much better option for most. Property is all class from the moment you drop your clubs off until you leave. Highly recommend a visit here after the fall maintenance is all done.

Tees: Played composite (white/purple) and found no issues. Ample room to place your tee. Ground was soft everywhere on the course do to the rains the night before.

Fairways: Great shape; they rolled decently considering how wet they were. Ground was soft and didn't eat up any balls. Visually nice contrast from the surrounding terrain. Maintenance staff on hand to clean up divots.

Rough: Not overly penal as the natural land surrounding was far more punishing. If you got in trouble it was about one club up to get out of it.

Sand: Was in two bunkers and although it was fine, the sand was not the fluffy stuff you see in higher end course, rather the dirt brown sand that you may find in most AZ courses.

Greens: Good to great. At times they were crispy and medium speed, at other times they were just plain slow. You can tell the aeration is coming in about two weeks as they are starting to dry out.

ETC: As mentioned, place is classy. Far enough away from the casino you feel isolated. Staff was all around friendly and the property itself is great as it has all you need (nice range, restaurant with good food, clubhouse for all your needs). Carts have good power, good GPS, and feather-touch breaks. Layout is fun if you enjoy target golf, though I can see the appeal and why it is ranked highly on GolfDigest lists. I think I prefer the more open Saguaro but the hole variety on Cholla is great. Too many 300-350 yard par 4's for my taste but still a good track. Course amazingly played CPO today after a powerful storm the day before, but still a 4.5 hour round. Highly recommend when conditions are peak in December!
Played here 9/18 with GK members Jon P, Nat P, and our friend Bert A. on a picture perfect day in East San Diego County with a 9:51am tee time. It had been years since I had played Sycuan and even longer since playing the Oak Glen 18. It was nice to come back and see the property again. Conditions today were a mixed bag and from what I overheard at the turn, the Willow Glen side is in far worse condition, so happy to have gotten out when and where I did.

Tees: The first tee box was about as chewed up as I have ever seen a 1st tee. The original white tee box appeared to be under repair but where the markers were set up was a total mess. The rest weren't as bad but plenty of them were below average.

Fairways: Good to great shape. They were visually nice and the roll was good. I don't remember any bad lies that were the fault of the course, however that was only because I didn't land in the numerous areas under repair (some roped off).

Rough: Penal under the oaks, not so much in other areas. The rough wasn't as bad as it could be but it was thick enough in some places you could easily lose your ball.

Sand: Was only in one bunker and it had sand; that's about it. The sand wasn't fluffy, leaning more towards hard panned.

Greens: The highlight of the round and a surprising one at that given that the practice green directly in front of the clubhouse was a shaggy mess! The greens on the course were medium fast, smooth, and had some tricky breaks. There were a handful of greens that had some damage but the greens keeper did a gob job with pin placements.

ETC: Carts seem new with nice seats, Shark Bluetooth systems, and good GPS. Staff was friendly and got us out on time. One particular issue I DID have was the marshal out this day. He tailed our group on more than once occasion and asked us to keep up with the group ahead (nicely) but without realizing that we were indeed a shot behind them. This happened again with his timing most inopportune as he rolled up on us the exact moment the group ahead got into their carts; annoying particularly on a 5 hour round and tee sheet packed to the brim. Recommended if you can get out for under $75.
Played in the big Golf Moose/GK outing on Monday 9/20 alongside Perry, DConn and Gary O. Nick covered all the basics on condition and I couldn't find anything I didn't agree with 100%, outside of the following:

*Tees were a tad more chewed up from what I remembered. Understandably on some par 3's but some par 4's also had turf issues.
*I thought the greens ran a bit faster than medium fast as our group had plenty of feather touch putts that still ran well past the hole.

Notes from my perspective:
This outing could have really showcased how Morgan Run stands out in regards to running a golf outing of this size, but it actually did the opposite. I rolled in and saw no one at the bag drop, I found my way to the registration area and thankfully Johnny was taking lead with the GK people, but that was only a certain percentage of the people here this day. The restaurant was swamped with people looking for breakfast options and the staff was clearly overwhelmed as the poor worker was running around trying to get to all the cranky hordes of folk surrounding the bar bombarding her with orders. The facilities don't seem equipped to handle this much commotion either as the range was poorly organized to accommodate all. The ice situation was funny as no one except a fellow GK member alerted me to the random cooler with ice off to the side somewhere. The food options were limited on the pre-order papers in the cart, but no one said anything about us not getting the wraps until AFTER the round until we made our way back towards the clubhouse restaurant 70% of the way into our round. By this point after breaking down the logistical nightmare of what that would look like with Perry, we decided to skip it. A lot of area for improvement. As for the course, it was great to play, nice to see green fairways and smooth greens. Pace was absolutely atrocious (after getting an email expecting a 4-4.5 hour round) and I am sure there were too many teams period, far too much slow play from almost every group, and lots of pressure from just about every group behind.
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