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Played here today (3/7) for the first time ever with my father in law on a breezy (consistent 10-15mph wind) but comfortable day. I didn't know too much about this course/conditions except for the GK reviews, unfortunately not many if any of them are from post-winter play and it hurt today as StoneRidge was in pretty poor winter shape; visually and play-wise. I had no real expectation I would see a Quintero-style course rolling up but all the dings and scrapes this course shows eventually take a toll.

Tee boxes: Pretty weak honestly. Played the yellow/gold tees and just about every one was a sand pit. Either the tee sank in like it was placed in quicksand, or it almost broke because the ground was so hard. Good to see a nice amount of tee options honestly.

Fairways: Okay to good but mostly meh. I get winter-conditions lead to dormant grasses, dry conditions, etc. but when the grass is the same color as the chaparral.... I saw a drive today bounce about 10 feet in the air after hitting the fairway and there is no excuse for this.

Rough: No real rough to speak of as the OB/canyons are far more prevalent on this course, but whatever rough DID exist was not really penal.

Sand: Was in one bunker today and it was a fairway bunker. Had enough sand however the sand was more like dirt than real beach sand, which for some people is great though I don't see how for green-side bunkers.

Greens: There was no highlight of the round in regards to conditions. The greens were okay but they had plenty of sand on them and they were visually gross. The roll wasn't very true at times and the speed varied from very slow to lightning quick, so hard to get a feel for them.

ETC: POP was 4.5 hours but it felt eternal with waiting everywhere and groups playing at lightning fast speeds behind us, pressuring our group to hurry (someone literally came up to me to ask if I had a gun because the guys behind THEM kept hitting into them....'Murica/Zona). Property is in a housing track but layout was extremely fun; in good shape, this would be an amazing course. Carts had no GPS and were dated (our playing partners' tire blew out on the 5th hole). Basic range and warmup area. I think I saw more people not wearing masks than were in terms of employees. No food/drink cart, nor was any advertised anywhere. A few bathrooms on the course. Clubhouse had more than the basics and check-in process was good. Again, if this course can green up, improve playing conditions, and received some TLC, I would highly recommend. Cannot recommend now even at $50.
Played here today (2/15) with my father in law on an absolutely perfect Peoria day; cool to start but mid to upper 60's by the 6th hole and almost no wind. 10:12AM tee time on a busy but very quick day considering all the waiting on every hole until 13 when the culprits finally let us pass. Paid what I assume is the rack rate of $100 here since it's prime season in the valley and golf is clearly exploding, but even then I would probably pay it again to play here. I like the layout, the conditions were amazing (greens were slightly less than great because of recent top-dressing), staff was friendly, pace was excellent, and I just happened to shoot the best round of my golfing "career".

Tee boxes: Not sure I have ever seen tee markers set so wide apart and let me tell you, it works! Great conditioned tee boxes and four major sets of tee options for players of all skill level.

Fairways: Lush green carpet; no other way to describe it. Played with a member who tells me they rotate one hole as CPO every day so they don't get so beat up by the amount of play this place receives during the busy season. Roll was fair, visually they were stunning, and not a bad lie all day.

Rough: Penal though to be fair, I don't remember it being so bad that it affected my shot making terribly. The further you go away from the fairway the thicker the rough of course, but my bad shots rarely required more than an extra club.

Sand: Was in one fairway bunker and one (now infamous) greenside bunker. Fairway bunkers were a bit crustier, but all the sand here is the darker brown desert sand rather than the pearl white Pebble sand you see in many higher end places.

Greens: Unfortunately, the greens had recently received some top dressing and it was more apparent in some holes than others. It didn't affect break too much but did affect speed. No crazy undulation here and greens are a decent size.

ETC: As mentioned, layout here was fun, however reminiscent of many mid-level desert courses; winding through housing development. Staff was very friendly. No GPS on carts. Restaurant was not offering any food and beverage cart attendant only had snacks. Love that they offer so many tees for players of all skills. Price was a tad more than I wanted to pay but for all the reasons mentioned in the first paragraph, this course was fun and is recommended.
Played here for the first time ever today (1/31) on what was originally a 9:38AM tee time, pushed back to about 10:10AM after a slight frost delay in the early morning. I had heard plenty about Quintero and its recent ranking as the top public course in AZ only made me more anxious to get out here. The rack rate in peak season (Jan-Mar) is about $285, but Troon Card AZ to the rescue and the rate was a far more manageable $169 and it was honestly worth every penny. I was blown away by this course in just about every aspect; Troon has done a wonderful thing associating themselves with Quintero.

Tees: Pretty good to great. Played the silver tees and they had their share of divots and wear, but nothing that was egregious. There are countless tee box options to suit your handicap and there were plenty of "I only play the tips" golfers out today so no tee box took an inordinate amount of punishment.

Fairways: Some of the most perfect fairways I have ever seen. They were visually stunning carpets of forest green, the grass was immaculate, the verticut fairways were awesome to hit from, even the roll was good as lush as they were. A perfect 10

Rough: Torrey-like. Penal, punishing, and pulverizing of errant shots. Mounds of thick rough is prevalent here.

Sand: Was in my fair share of bunkers. They had good sand which I wish was a bit fluffier, but there was enough sand of good coarseness that you could hit out of it. Rakes are present on this course.

Greens: Great shape, even if the color wasn't as dramatic as the overseeded fairways. They were smooth, quick, and true. The undulation at times was tricky, but I felt the greens here were fair to good reads.

ETC: Troon-associate property so you know what you are getting; excellent customer service from the moment you enter to the second you leave (a marshal came and gave us a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, where at most places they come to yell at you). The food/beverage staff was phenomenal and the food here is some of the best I have ever had on a course, period. I can't recommend this place enough and it has quickly ascended to my second favorite course in Arizona.
Played here today (1/10/21) on a 10:50AM tee time on a picture perfect but cold-then-nice sunny day with my father in law and cousin. Seven Canyons is currently running a promotion for $105 to any Troon Card (AZ) member and up to 3 guests for the next few weeks, so a good time to come out and it shows as the course looked like a muni with the amount of play by the turn. Conditions today were disappointing even for "winter" and the driest winter in recent AZ history has left the course dry and lacking in its usual sparkling forest green color.

Tee boxes: Decent to good all-around. There were a few that were more chewed up than others but nothing so terrible that you couldn't hit from.

Fairways: The highlight of the round in that they were 75% visually and physically excellent. The other 25% of the turf was dirt, patchy, or otherwise awful. Not sure if this can be directly attributed to the dry winter or just lack of care, but either way it took away from the impact of the course.

Rough: Penal for the traditional rough, but missing the fairway in the forest was for more punishing. 1 club difference in the rough.

Sand: Was in a few bunkers and visually they looked dry, but they actually had enough sand in them. No rakes still though some members had them in their carts. Unfortunately the sand coarseness varied from hole to hole.

Greens: Visually awful, they were greyish green and spotty. The turf was spongy and slow on roll, tricky breaks were made more difficult as the greens were painfully slow towards the end of the round.

ETC: Place is all class. Staff is not uppity and treats you well. Facilities are amazing in the clubhouse and surrounding areas. Driving range is very far down the road so give yourself time to head down. Layout is a great mix of holes and distances. Once the rains come and the course can green up, it will be worth the fee.
Played here yesterday with my father in-law on a discounted (Troon Card) 10:12am tee time. Course was very good in communicating earlier in the morning of a pending frost delay that went from 1 hour down to about 35 minutes when all was said and done. Unfortunately, the main points of rsmylie's last review still hold true and conditions today were a real mixed bag with only the greens having a stellar rating. Not sure why this course is essentially a muddy mess, but it took away from the enjoyment. For the price they charge out of towners, no excuses for such shoddy conditions.

Tee boxes: Decent although hole 10 tee box was still frozen at noon! I nearly snapped my wrist trying to put a tee down. Others were in better shape but like everything else before the green, they were chewed up and muddy.

Fairways: A disappointment in that they were muddy, burnt out, aerated, or just downright barren for about 75% of the round. Here and there you would find nice turf, but too many muddy or soggy parts to forgive that.

Rough: Thick in many place and with it being wet and muddy, get your wedge out and just punch out.

Sand: Good shape since rakes are in bunkers here, but I wish the bunkers were a bit more consistent with more sand in them.

Greens: The absolute standout of the round. They were a vibrant forest green color, quick, and smooth for the most part. It probably helps I was putting well, but when that isn't your strength you get the feeling conditions must be great if you are dropping putts that normally skip along the way.

ETC: Carts with no GPS but ice in chests and feed mix. Driving range and small putting green all open. Cart attendant is friendly and will load up your bag. Starter at 1st tee very helpful. Layout is fun but I do believe no walking is allowed (not sure why you would want to when the routing isn't really made for it here). A few number of fun holes here that make you think. Overpriced sadly but that's what you get out here. They do offer a discount card if you are a local, otherwise a Troon Card will get you a nice discount.
Played here yesterday 12/13 on a literally freezing 9:30am tee time. When we showed up there were only 4 cars (all workers) in the lot and the pro shop told us there was a small frost delay and that we would be second out. By the time 9:25am came around, the "group" (2 people) in front of us had teed off and we went right after, finishing in just a shade over 3 hours. The biggest surprise was seeing the lot when we finished (in a warm 52 degrees); packed to the gills with cars and golfers. Point being, if golf can survive on this less than stellar track in freezing weather, it better make it everywhere else. Sadly conditions here were not that great.

Tee boxes: Not sure why when there is such a big area to chose from, the grounds crew decides to shove tee markers in a corner that is already divot-damaged. The white tees today were just okay; nothing noteworthy in a positive or negative sense.

Fairways: The best part of today. In spite of the subfreezing temps before the sun came out, the fairways thawed (yes, thawed) well and the ground wasn't concrete. Excellent roll as you can imagine and minimal divot damage. Visually pleasing as well, since there was good color and contrast from the otherwise yellow parts of the course.

Rough: No real rough to speak of, more of the gullies and riverbeds and canyons. The rough that does exist is normal length, and no more penal than half a club.

Sand: Not in any bunkers today, but this course doesn't feature too many of them. They aren't the best conditioned ones either, as they have more compact and coarse dirt-like sand which is not ideal for shot shaping.

Greens: The last two or three times I have played here, the greens here were excellent. However, today they were fairly poor (especially early on) as they were frozen to begin with and lightning quick with shots bouncing off the green....transitioning to fairly slow with massive swatches of turf damaged either by the frost or some sort of fungus, but they weren't good.

ETC: Gas powered carts here that could use a tune-up. Routing here is on dirt, not a paved cart path so get your chiropractor on standby after the round. Layout is fun and if conditions improved, this place would be a great step-brother to the courses in Sedona.
Played here on Black Friday 2020 on an cool but sunny day of about 60 degrees, minimal wind, on a 10:40am tee time using the Golf Moose deal with my father in-law. I enjoy this course the more I play it and today only added to the enjoyment factor. Course was in excellent shape and the greens here were some of the best I have seen (condition-wise) since Pasatiempo and Spyglass in August. Overall the course is in great shape and with the GM deal until the end of the year, it's the time to play.

Tee boxes: Decent shape but the blue tee boxes here are generally chewed up some as they receive the most play at ~6200 yards. They weren't awful, but more than a few tees, especially the par 3's, were beat up.

Fairways: Excellent shape. Rarely a bad lie, good true roll, visually pleasing to the eye, divots fixed by most golfers, a pleasure to hit from.

Rough: Fairly long and penal, at times what hurt more than the length/thickness of the rough is the fact it is riddled with leaves from a long fall in tree lined fairways. Overall though, if you know when to take your medicine, it's not going to kill your game.

Sand: Desert sand just isn't for me. Bunkers here rarely have tons of sand in them and when they do it's red rock dirt; compact, often wet, and not fun to hit out of.

Greens: The absolute highlight of the round. They were stunning to look at and far more jaw-dropping to putt on. I'm no judge of stimp, but they rolled quickly and breaks were at times beyond tricky! I can't count how many three-putts there were this day.

ETC: Facilities operating at Sedona-level COVID regulations, not AZ level...which is to say, they are actually using facemasks in the pro shop, at the cart collection area, etc. Staff was all friendly. Carts have no GPS but DO have club wash, good power. No on-course water, so make sure to stock up beforehand. Beverage cart came around 3 times; no food beyond basic granola bars and such. Grill does appear to be open and the front 9 does end in a place where you can easily go and pick up before the 10th tee. Fun and interesting layout, especially in the back 9. Highly recommend!
Played here on a last minute (mere days before my move to AZ) whim to try and take my mind off packing alongside my partner's cousin JP. First time playing here for both of us and I must say I enjoyed the course, getting to play the Valley/Desert combo (seemed almost everyone played this combo). It reminds me a lot of CrossCreek if someone placed it in the desert; mature trees, lots of blind shots and forced carries, but more than anything very good conditions for an area that must see triple digits and nasty winds.

Tee boxes: Okay to good shape. Nothing noteworthy either way, a few had some unlevel ground, but most were easy enough to find good turn to drive your tee into (blue tees played).

Fairways: Good to great shape. They were a visually stunning sight to behold in contrast to the surrounding desert-like natural terrain. Roll was fair, lies were good, and very few divots remained unfixed.

Rough: The rough that does exist on the course was thick and sticky. The more prevalent areas beyond the fairways are the natural terrain including chaparral, sand/dirt, rocks, etc. that will eat up bad shots.

Sand: Was in two bunkers and although they look awful, they played better than they look. That isn't to say they were wonderful as the the sand in them is more towards the dirt side of the scale and varied in consistency and amount. No rakes.

Greens: The absolute highlight of the day. They were wonderfully conditioned (a few divots but no fault of the course), rolled very true and quick (not lightning fast but sneaky quick), and were visually pleasing to the eye. Shots held well and breaks weren't insane.

ETC: Carts had no GPS and they could use it as there are plenty of tricky holes with blind shots. Carts DID have plastic divider so they could be shared via COVID-19 restriction protocols. Staff encountered was friendly, but no cart attendant with food today. Option to call in an order at the turn available, though not used today. Ample parking lot with solar panel-ed shade for a few rows. Restrooms on course could use some upkeep but glad to see them open. No water on course. Pace today was an amazing 4 hours considering everyone was playing the same combo 9's. Highly recommend.
Played here as part of the Guru outing alongside Rob, Ron and Mike as the second GK group to go off around 1:15. Gary got all the main points of the conditioning spot-on except since he's such a good player, he avoided the bunkers while I didn't, so I will speak on this.

I was one of the last GK reviews regarding Tierra Rejada and the terrible bunkers earlier this year, so when I got an email from the course and shared news on GK of the course redoing their bunkers, I got excited. The greens are usually (not yesterday though) very good here, and the only major thing less than a 6 on the scale was the sand/bunkers. Getting to play yesterday and experience the bunkers was something else. The amount of bunkers has been reduced somewhat (certain holes lost one or two bunkers, others were reshaped a bit), the sand is now a whiter color and more consistent texture, and they have rakes!! It was tremendous to see the course put so much work into getting this done. Well done Tierra Rejada.
Played here 10/4 with GK members Perry, Jon, and Nat on a warm Sunday mid-morning (9:44 am) tee-time. Only the second time playing here, but I remembered a few holes fondly and others not so much. Greens are being punched as this is being written, so it was nice we got out when we did with greens being in excellent shape. Rest of the course was good to okay conditions, except for the tee marker locations. Alas, Mark's review still stood true a week later with only the tee issue (the placement of the blue and white markers was unacceptable, with the grounds crew choosing to place the tees in the most chewed up parts of the turf). Outside of that; staff was friendly, carts had ice in the chests and good GPS (even if mine froze), beverage cart came around 3 times and café trailer was open before the round. Pace of play today was an excellent 4.5 hours (I have had and heard nightmare tales of 6 hour rounds on Babe). Highly recommend after the greens heal from aeration in a few weeks.
Played here with everyone else you read at the GK event on 9/13 on what was supposed to be the first tee time (8:05), in reality teeing off just after 8:50am getting to play again with Tim G. and meeting Wendy (abbacat) for the first time; a genuine pleasure. As alluded to by all the review before mine, course was in good summer shape, having dealt with two recent major heat waves and fires/ash/smoke in nearby Yucaipa. Won't go into much detail having a plethora of reviews to choose from if you decide to come out post aeration this next week.

-Staff was very friendly and they have no need to try and accommodate a group of GK's size on a prime Sunday morning, but they did it and with class. The accident delays on the 60 could have been a real problem for their scheduling, but instead of limiting the outing, they offered up two more spaces later if need be; that's some kind of management!

-Was nice to see the conditions were so good given how bad the last two weeks have been with those extreme heatwaves and all the resulting secondary effects of the nearby fires. Greens could have been better, but no one came in expecting December conditions in mid September.

-I loved Firecliff, but Mountain View is the "Torrey North" of Desert Willow with comparable hole selection, equal par 3's as it's big brother, and sharp teeth where it counts. Routing is a bit odd at times having to cross housing/parking, but otherwise a fine complement to Firecliff.

If you come out to play Firecliff, do yourself a favor and do what you can to try and play Mountain View as well!
Played here today (9/12) as a last-minute way to extend the trip out for the GK event at Desert Willow on Sunday. Played with a fun group of guys from north O.C. who had me laughing all morning on a 7:50AM tee under somewhat greyish skies because of fires in the surrounding areas; air quality wasn't great but very playable especially early. Course conditions as Matt alluded to with the punching of greens (starter actually said today would have been three weeks) were a bit disappointing. Thankfully only the greens suffered today and the good company made up for it.

Tees: This may be the first time I saw the blue tees played today placed on hole 1 (15 feet from the starter's booth) on a downslope; odd choice. All other tee boxes were okay to good shape, and in far better positions.

Fairways: The best part of the course conditioning. They were a nice color green, had ample run and the turf was very nice to hit from. The contouring of the fairways was also fair, meaning there weren't insane mounds for trickery's sake.

Rough: Not too much to speak of as the native area is the real "rough" here. The traditional rough wasn't overly penal; it was wet and thick at times, but it didn't bury the ball nor was it unmanageable.

Sand: Was in a number of greenside bunkers and the sand in them was throwing more towards the fine brown beach sand than the pearl white stuff you may see at say Classic Club. Enough sand to hit out of and the consistency was pure enough, some bunkers were a bit wet but thankfully nothing deemed unplayable.

Greens: As mentioned, 3+ weeks out from punching (starter also mentioned they punched in June but it "didn't take as we hoped") and the greens are still nowhere near ready to be called ready. Some were better than others, but I can't remember a single one that was a standout either way. They ranged from a bit bumpy and a tad touchy on roll to slow and a bit puzzling. Either way it would be best to wait these out unless you are getting a Hot Deal or something.

ETC: First time here but even I could tell that they have changed things a bit around in the layout as at times the cart routing is rather insane, especially from the cart tent/pro shop in modular buildings to the range (watch yourself on the road). Staff was very friendly from the cart attendants to the starter, so a big plus there. Carts had nice color GPS with Bluetooth connectivity, coolers with lots of ice and two waters, and a working port to charge the old phone. Layout is nice with a few blind tee shots but the 18th hole left me a bit underwhelmed considering some of the holes I had played on the back 9 were far better; minor gripe. Overall, liked the course (curious what the pros thought when they played here as part of the Bob Hope rotation), but probably would play ShadowRidge or Classic Club instead.
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