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Played here 5/22 as part of GK Cup match with Ron on a wonderfully sunny and not very breezy Friday with a 7AM tee time. Course was packed today and I can see why; it's in fantastic shape. Standard COVID-19 precautions in place.

Tee boxes: Good shape, a few with some unlevel lies, but nothing that would cause major issues (avocado tee boxes).

Fairways: Good to excellent shape with good roll especially as the day progressed. Lies today were more than fair, even as no divot mix was available to fill the holes.

Rough: Penal in areas where it exists, though the natural lateral areas and non-rough areas were far more penal. A large amount of trees in play on the entire course make you think about your shots more carefully.

Sand: Was only in one bunker, but it had a good amount of sand that was just the consistency I like. No rakes obviously however no issues with footprints.

Greens: Good shape, few divots, roll was fair. Breaks on these large greens can be tricky at times, but if I am making putts, they can't be that hard to master.

ETC: Please see review from GK Cup match. Highly recommend coming out here as conditions are good and it's a walkable course.
Played here 5/16 as the last of three rounds in Northern AZ, which included Oakcreek CC and Seven Canyons. Not many people outside of the Cornville area will ever play this course, but it deserves a look if you are in to playing as many different courses as possible. This track offers wonderful greens year round, even if everything else on the course is only in good condition (sort of like Sterling Hills in Camarillo - and no that is not a knock).

Tee boxes: Good shape playing the tips here that top out around 6500 yards. You can tell the black tees don't get much attention, but even then they were more than passable.

Fairways: Good shape, incredible amount of roll. I had a few drives and layups I thought were in great spots on the fairway roll right into the rough. Also remember this course is over 3K feet above sea level so there may be something to that as well.

Rough: Not much of it to be found on the course, but that rough that IS present is medium level length and penal as expected, but nothing that will make you think twice about just clubbing up and being careful.

Sand: Was not in any sand today but this course has the dirt-like reddish sand that I don't particularly enjoy hitting out of, so fair thee warned.

Greens: As mentioned, the greens are the star at this course. They are in excellent shape with a roll so true it feels like pool table felt in it's best areas. Few divots exist and there really isn't any trickery to the them; the test here is how smart you play the speed and being above/below the hole.

ETC: AZ has (on paper at least) the same COVID-19 restrictions/practices in place that CA does, but you can tell that most people around here are far more skeptical of said restrictions and seem to go about their business as usual. The workers, however, are doing things as best they can with face masks, etc. Course rates are fair, and carts here are gas powered (though a bit touchy). Layout is fun with some water in play and a handful of very cool holes (namely 3, 9, 10, and 17). Recommended if you are in the area.
Got the privilege to play here thanks to a friend I made on my round at OakCreek CC earlier in the week for a fair rate, joining him on his 10AM tee time. Matt's review is pretty accurate and aptly describes the experience and not much has changed in 2 weeks so I will only try and point out where I disagree in the slightest from his review. I will say that the staff here does not act like a stereotypical country club would or you'd expect, rather they treat you like a member without kissing your butt.

Tee Boxes: Excellent condition playing the blue (Member) tees, which GK unfortunately has slightly off as this course has been lengthened a bit and is back at a par 72.

Fairways: The roll here was out of this world considering the lushness. Maybe in the time since Matt went out there was more heat, maybe my ball was skipping like a stone today, either way be careful of how far your ball can travel.

Rough: (dog bark)... this place gives Torrey a run for its money. The areas where the grass is just long, balls can just sink in. The natural long grass and red stake areas have some of the nastiest length and thickness this side of the Old Course in Europe. Beware!

Sand: Both bunkers I was in had a decent but not great amount of sand. Was able to get decent shots both times, but would have loved to have seen more sand in the bunkers.

Greens: Was warned they were lightning quick, but I must say Saticoy CC earlier this year was by far faster and by plenty. The breaks here can be difficult, but I made plenty of putts I wouldn't have if the greens read off the Stimp.

ETC: This course may qualify as private, but there are more than one way to get on. As Matt mentioned, sounds like a ClubCorp membership gets you a great rate, but another excellent way to get on is to have a Troon Card (AZ for sure but was nudged into asking about other state/national cards also having access. Their rate is even better than ClubCorp. They are also associated with 3 different resorts in Sedona, so ask around and you can get a tee time here if you stay at one of them (I don't remember off-hand which ones outside of the Marriott). As mentioned, staff was downright friendly. Course is fantastic in views (better all around than OakCreek), layout (LOTS of fun drivable par 4's), and conditions. Clubhouse and grill open (both with social distancing enacted, grill for take out only). Carts have some go to them and have good color GPS. Highly recommend if you are in Sedona.
Played here today (5/10) on a wonderfully sunny and breezy Mothers Day 2020 on an 8:30AM tee-time. COVID-19 precautions were in place at the course (clubhouse closed, grill take-out only, no cart attendant, pool noodle in cup [flag in], and no rakes/ball washers/coolers, though carts were available with confirmation of same household allowing shared carts. The golfers on the other hand didn't seem to concerned about social distancing; c'est la vie on that. Course, as it was the first time I played, was in excellent early Spring shape with amazing views of the red rocks making this the perfect setting for golf.

Tee boxes: Good shape with minimal un-level turf. No real issues from the blue tees.

Fairways: Excellent shape, especially considering you have no mix in carts. They were a wonderfully bold forest green with excellent coverage, good roll, and almost no bad lies.

Rough: Penal, no two ways about it. There were areas under the large trees that just grabbed your club hard and never let go. Take your medicine.

Bunkers: Only in one and got out fine. Visually the sand matches the red hues on the rocks that shadow the course from the north. No rakes due to COVID.

Greens: The certain highlight on a great day. They rolled true but weren't punishing. There were divot marks fixed everywhere and guys were doing the favor of fixing them all over. A pleasure to putt and try to read the breaks.

ETC: A wonderful course that warrants a visit when in Sedona. The Sedona Golf Resort and Seven Canyons get all the glory, but this course is actually WAY closer to the red rocks on more than a few holes (including the amazing 13th hole where you could almost touch the rocks). This place is generally in amazing shape and the pace is always great at just about 4 hours. Highly recommend.
Played here 5/4 for my GK Match with Perry on a warm but tolerable Monday. Busy day out there as everyone is coming out of the woodwork so full tee sheet and a bit of a scramble trying to stay a safe distance from everyone. Course, as mentioned in last two reviews from only a week ago, is in great shape all things considered. Won't go into much detail as both previous reviews still apply and don't require further explanation.

Tee boxes: At times a bit unlevel where the markers were placed, otherwise they were fine considering there is no mix available to fill divots.

Fairways: Just like tee boxes, no divot mix available to fill holes, but outside of that they were in fantastic shape; green, lush but not overgrown, fair amount of roll.

Bunkers: Only in one thankfully but right on the median between white beach sand and sandbox sand. Good consistency and even raked in most places, even as rakes are M.I.A.

Rough: Penal where it exists. Natural landscape of course lends itself to make the E.S.A. far more penal, especially in this mini-super bloom with larger growth of bushes and wildflowers everywhere.

Greens: Wonderful shape with minimal divots. Holes here DO have flagsticks with a piece of rubber an inch down in the cup preventing balls from going all the way in. Very possible to fish out your ball without touching anything public.

ETC: Staff was efficient and safe. Course did what was required from them for COVID-19 requirements. Match was fun and opponent was even more enjoyable. Course is in great shape and if you can get out, best walking option in Ventura County.
Played here today (4/26) as part of my GK Cup match against both Rob and Matt. We ended up with a picture perfect Sunday, with temperate climate and almost no wind. This was my first time and the website does have a wonderful (and accurate) drone video of the course layout, which helped. I was pleasantly surprised by every aspect of the course: conditions, layout, staff, COVID-19 safety measures, and setting. Conditions are just about the same as Alex laid out when he played the week before so this will be brief.

Tees: Played blues and for the most part, they were in good shape, with occasional turf being chewed up.

Fairways: Excellent shape considering the recent heat wave. No bad lies for me and the run offered on drives was fair.

Rough: Penal at time but really was stands out are all the hazards and native areas that can make for some tough golf.

Sand: Only in two bunkers and both had plenty of good sand (more beach like but I enjoy that). No rakes due to COVID but no bad lies.

Greens: Excellent shape with very minimal divots. Speed today was med-fast but I don't remember them being lightning quick. Breaks were tricky at times but not overly confusing.

ETC: Carts available so no need to walk this hilly course. Staff was friendly, even as they were bare bones due to COVID. Loved this course and would make a trip out here again!
Played here yesterday (3/15) as the venue for my GK Cup match with Alex R. on what turned out to be a wonderful day after some severe downpours the night before and right until tee off time. My first time playing ANY Pebble Beach Company property and as you would expect, the place is golf heaven. Even with the course getting nearly 2" of rain in 24 hours, it drained exceptionally well and was very playable sans a couple of areas of naturally sunken land that collected water, but who cares when it's Spanish Bay. Alex's review touches on all the important things, so I will offer a first-timers perspective.

Tee boxes: All things considered, outside the first tee box, all others were level and because of the rain, easy to drive the tee into the turf.

Fairways: Amazing to see how well conditioned they were. Rarely a bad lie (if any) and the run offered on drive was more than fair on a rainy day.

Rough: Tough and the ESA/waste areas were punishing. This course put a premium on accurate drives.

Sand: Bunkers were understandably wet and even so, I still had two sand saves today. Nice white sand in every bunker.

Greens: Amazing. I could seriously stop there but they were so beautiful and pure, some of the best ever (even if they were wet).

ETC: No carts today as course is CPO. Twosome we played with had a forecaddie and he was friendly, even if a bit loud at times. Everything about the course is class and staff was very friendly from start to finish. An amazing outing.
Played here today (3/14) on the day before my GK Cup Match with Alex maximizing my trip north. I’ve played Bayonet twice before and both times it was in spectacular condition in early December so I had high expectations. Between a dry winter up here and perhaps the time of year, Bayonet was a notch below great today. Layout is still fun and with the current health scare with COVID-19, there were far fewer people around so it was a quick fun round.

Tees: good shape overall with our foursome playing the white tees given the nasty wind most of the day. No real issues here and tees seemed to be okay in almost all holes.

Fairways: better than good however grass was crispy and not nearly as lush as it could be. In terms of lies, not many issues.

Rough: in certain areas it was just as thick at Torrey. The grass was wet too from the rains and made it even tougher; humbling stuff.

Bunkers: only in two today but decent amount of sand that was throwing a bit more towards the “dirt-sand” side of the scale.

Greens: hard and grass was not very consistent. Roll was fair and just the tiniest bit bumpy. Course has been in far better shape when it comes to the greens condition-wise.

ETC: staff was friendly, nice carts but no GPS, routing can be a bit confusing as certain holes from either 18 intertwine, food at restaurant was good, well stocked pro shop, pace was excellent today, recommend when conditions improve some (rains this month should help)
Played here 3/2 with my men's club on an absolutely gorgeous 70 degree day in Somis. It's been almost 4 months since the GK Guru's made it out and the course has only gotten better since then (no CPO today thank goodness), with every aspect of the course improving slightly since last November. Pace today was atrocious, but no fault of the course, all the older gentlemen today spent more than the allotted 3 minutes looking for shots. For my money, this is the hardest golf course I have played yet, playing tougher all-around than Torrey, Aviara, or Maderas for me, but I still enjoy coming out here every time.

Tee boxes: The weakest aspect of the course that was near perfection so let the rating of 8 gauge how "bad" they truly were. A few un-level lies and a some chewed up boxes, not helped by the fact everyone today played from whites.

Fairways: Comparable to the overseeded fairways I just played in Palm Springs; wonderfully lush but finely manicured carpet of forest green. Roll was more than adequate and not a bad lie all day.

Rough: Penal with Torrey-like blades of tall grass, lots of ice plant, native brush, etc. to flank the traditional rough as well. A humbling amount of tall rough lines just about every hole and trees peppered throughout.

Sand: Plenty of sand on the course and every bunker had ample amount of raked sand that allowed for sand saves and/or shot shaping as necessary.

Greens: The green complexes here are insane. Any shot short will run right off (I had three separate approach shots spin right off the green and about 20 yards down the way) and any chip/flop shot that doesn't sit, will also scram right away from the hole. Speed on putts varied from quick to lightning fast with some pin placements being complete headscratchers and/or unfair. Be ready for pain!

ETC: Newer carts with no GPS. Staff today was skeleton crew as you'd expect on a Monday at a country club, those present were very friendly. Full field today so parking was a problem as club is older with minimal parking and homes a few yards away from clubhouse. Layout here is excellent with great mix of holes, par 3's some of the best in my opinion. No cart attendant or clubhouse access outside of restroom. Few drinking stations on course and two bathrooms (on either 9) that could use some TLC. Thankful to be able to return to this club a few miles from home and would easily recommend.
Played here Sunday 2/23 as second leg of trip with longtime friend and GK member Jon. Had played Firecliff last year and walked away astounded at how pristine the course was, today was no different. As with my PGA West Nicklaus review, I won't go too crazy with detail as again, this is prime season in Palm Springs and even mediocre courses are wonderfully conditioned, let alone a gem like Firecliff.

Tees: Bordering on perfect and LOVE the fact they have so many tee options for players of all skill levels (even if most of the people out here are clearly playing the wrong set).

Fairways: It looked like Augusta out there. Sparkling green everywhere and turf that looks to have been cut with love, not a blade out of place. Roll was excellent and lies perfect.

Rough: Visually just a gorgeous as the fairways and fairly penal. The native area was for more of an issue, but the traditional rough certainly gripped your club tight.

Bunkers: Amazing in that there are so many and all of them are well groomed. Plenty of rakes and people did a good job in cleaning their mess.

Greens: Yet another perfect aspect to the course. They rolled fast and hard, with breaks being tricky at times and downright nuts at others. Most divots fixed thankfully.

ETC: What can be said about this place? Great service, wonderful layout, conditions to die for, and heck even the POP was only 4.25 hours on a prime Sunday during peak season. This place has no failings. GK, go out and play this place!
Played here on Saturday 2/22 with my long time friend and GK member Jon on a very windy and not ideal for golf type of day. First time out here and was impressed with the course (especially the back 9). PGA West has some wonderful courses out here and I can see why the PGA Tour makes a stop here. I won't go into too much detail on conditions overall as it is prime season in Palm Springs and for the prices paid out here, all of this is to be expected.

Tees: Excellent with ample room to place the ball on just about every hole. Don't remember a single hole with un-level ground.

Fairways: A fine forest green carpet that pops in the dormant rough that surrounds. Good seed mix in the carts and people filling the divots. Should be great roll on a day without the winds.

Rough: Dormant rough that isn't very penal. Was in it plenty and didn't even have to club up. The rough was almost a non factor (compared to the water and natural habitat areas).

Sand: Near perfect, every bunker green-side or otherwise had great fluffy white sand that you look for in shot shaping.

Greens: Amazing, though the starter claimed an 11 on the Stimp, with the wind and given actual turf firmness, it wasn't nearly that. Good true roll and breaks were just as visually given.

ETC: Carts with good GPS. Staff friendly all-around. Grass driving range and plenty of availability on it. Layout was fun although the par 4's all seem to blend together by the end (~400 yd with bunkers lining the fairway-type). Would love to play again when the wind is dead and I can get another shot at breaking a personal best score. Recommend.
Not a typical Sal review as Kevin's review earlier today covered all the basics quite well and accurately. I will add my two cents...

I understand the course is a links-style, so there is almost no need to keep the fairways green, but the first time I played here nearly 10 years ago, they seemed to put a greater effort in this. Believe me, I get that this is the last thing you should care about when the greens are good (and they so are here), but perhaps a tad more green in the fairway aesthetics would help visually and play-ability (many golfer see dormant grass and don't bother to fix/fill divots; they do when the fairway "looks" immaculate.)

Other than that, Rustic is a killer layout that punishes errant drives and careless mistakes on the enormous putting greens. Highly recommend.
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