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Played on 1/12 Tuesday morning. We were originally scheduled for South course but I played the South on my last visit in December but only 9 holes on North so I asked to switch to North which we were granted. I love this course. Its definitely not somewhere I want to play everyday since their greens can get borderline ridiculous but when I think I'm the man in putting, I come here to get myself humbled. Practice area has been mat only during my last 3 years of visiting but there are decent space for about 25 to 30 players. Starter shack has ice cold bottled water available and runs efficiently. Both courses are very fun but I just love the greens on North course. Greens are pretty hilly and when they put it on top of the crown, all its missing is one of those clowns with wicked smiles. It wasn't as bad my last visit in mid December but it was still wicked. We had multiple chip shots that rolled to the hill past the hole that rolled back about 5 to 10 yards back to the hole. Above the hole, your knees rattle even on 2 to 3 foot putt because you know when it goes past the hole, it'll just keep going like an energizer bunny. But all said, I am looking forward to those so I visit here annually. Fairways are in great shape with firm feel that you can really spin your irons when struck properly. Some of the rough are little beat up but who goes there anyways. =P
Bunkers are fairly deep but definitely playable with nice compact sand that promote easy out. Looking forward to coming back and getting my putting critiqued again next time.
Played on 1/15 Friday just after 11AM. My club is part of Club Corp network so they allow us to play 2 rounds a month for cart fee here so price / value is hard to beat for me when I'm visiting the area. Mark in the proshop helped us put our 2 tee times back to back that were about 30 minutes apart so they're definitely there to help you out. As other reviewers have stated, they definitely emphasize fast play albeit little over board sometime. We were on #8 fairway at 1:20 minute mark and ranger came by and asked us to speed up play. LOL There was 3 some right behind our 2nd group who were on individual cart who I assume was the complainer but common we're playing 3:30 minute 18 hole pace and you're complaining? Besides that, everything else went smoothly. Fairways are always in top condition and their rough is very playable and super lush. Greens are medium firm with some rollout and speed is just under being scary so you don't have to whack it to get it to the hole. I always enjoy the layouts here and at $45, its hard for me to go play any public courses out here when GK is not hosting an event. Hopefully I'll have a chance to visit one more time before the Spring to enjoy the Cove course on next visit.
Played 12/12/20 Saturday morning around 9AM. Being Saturday, course was very busy. As soon as we parked, cart attendants came by and grabbed our bags and loaded us up in a cart. Range was full so we had to wait about 10 minutes for few of the spots to open up. Practice area was in good shape and practice putting green was in excellent shape. After short warm up, we were in the que. There were couple slow groups ahead of us and us being 3 some, we did have to wait on every tee box but overall, we still played 4:45 minute pace. Little slow but we entertained ourselves by playing games on our phone. LOL. Course is in excellent shape. Out of all the courses we played in the area, by far this course was in best shape from tee to green. There were no area that was bare and every part of the course was lush. Greens were running around 10 and consistent. They had the best fairway out of the 10 courses we played in the area. Course is always enjoyable and if you're looking for the immaculate condition with fun layout, this is where you should go. Eagle Falls never disappoints and it was no different on this trip. If you're in the area, its a must play course.
I am a member of Club Corp family so I get to play 2 rounds a month here at Mission Hills Country Club. We teed off 12/10 just before 1PM on the Dye course. There were hardly anyone out there although we saw many players on the Dinah Shore Course. Tee boxes, fairways, and rough are all in immaculate shape after the over seed. My only peeve is that their greens are really slow because they're letting it grow out and its not being rolled. Which made the approach shot much easier but boy was it difficult to get the ball to the green. Layout on Dye course is fantastic and it reminds me of Florida golf courses with ton of water which are in play on most holes. I always enjoy the Dye course because its not crowded and you can play at your own pace. Being a private club, usually attendants are very attentive but last few rounds, they've been more hands off which I believe is because of C19.
Played here 1/8/18 on a relatively cool cloudy day. Few sprinkles dropped on us but not enough to effect our golf. What can I say about Eagle Falls? Its one of my favorite course in the area and I am always pleased with the experience here. It has great layout and conditions are always in top notch condition. Bunkers could be little better but I'm really being picky here since I've gotten to play at Mission Hills Country club and their sand.
Customer service by the cart guys could use little improvement but not bad enough to deter you from coming to the course. These guys seem to want to be anywhere else but here. Proshop guys were cordial so no issues there. This is one of the course I always look forward to visiting and it never disappoint. Hopefully I'll get another opportunity in the future.
I played 1/9/2018 where no one else was out us 2. It rained the night before and little showers in the morning kept everyone away being cart path only. Public parking is pretty far away so we used the valet service. Practice area here is top notch and there is everything you need with plenty of space. Fairways were great shape with few water puddles here and there in the low lying areas which we took liberal free relief from. Rough is short but lush so it does grab your club if not swung with the acceptable descending club path. Only downside to the course is they have relative slow greens compared to the other 2 courses here. It's a fun layout and would have made it even better had the greens been fast. Course is very playable with variety of holes and some great risk and reward holes with challenging par 3's. Will look forward to playing it again next time I am back in town.
I played 1/5/18 and 1/6/18 at South course. I dropped off the bag at the front and promptly a staff came by and greeted us. Check in was smooth although the lady staff was little stiff on friendliness. The guy working there was lot more friendly. Driving range has plenty of room for large group of people to warm up but it was downhill lie so I didn't hit too many balls. Lots of room for putting and chipping so practice area here was fantastic. Unlike most desert courses, fairways aren't as generous so hitting straight tee ball is a premium at this course. Tee boxes were in good shape with nothing to complain about. Fairway was in good shape overall with few holes where it showed signs of flooding and balls picked up mud. #8 hole was fairly soggy and had some damage. Rough were brown and cut fairly low so you usually had good lie. There were some bare spots that played like hard pan. Now for the good part. This course has some of the most fun greens. There are lot of subtle breaks even at flat spots. When the pin placement was near the crown, it was very tough to putt. Putting can really make or break your round here. I didn't hit all that well but putted well and my score was significantly better than the previous day. All in all, I really enjoyed this course and will look forward to playing it again in the future.
This is one of the must play when you're visiting Orlando area. Most courses in Orlando area are very flat with lack of uneven lies, which makes the courses conducive to scoring. This course is not one of those courses. Club house and the properties near by are all themed after Italian Tuscany region and very picturesque. Course winds through hills and valleys with some of the most beautiful scenery, almost taking you away from US and into Italy. Course is brutally long so choose the right tees. We played from 4th tee box and it was all the challenge we could handle. From the moment we arrived to end of our round, we loved everything about this course and will definitely return to improve our scoring. They have Roman style bath house if you want to relax after getting beat up by the course.
My date of play was 1/22/17. If you ever need a little ego boost to your game, this is definitely place to come play. Condition here is immaculate so you will always great consistent lie and there are hardly any trouble so you can spray all over and still shoot a decent score. Only defense this course has is their green speed as their greens and fairways are mostly flat. Great place to come play for that first round to shake off the Winter rust for us northeners. Staff is always extra friendly so don't let them talk your ear off. Layout is somewhat boring since its repeat of same shot over and over again but if you're dialed in with one of your club, you may have your record breaking round here. Price is reasonable and pace of play is great since tee shots are playable from 99% of the golf course. If you enjoy a nicely manicured golf course that are easy to play, this is great place for it. It would make a nice place to learn how to play golf.
Wow, I can't believe no one else has reviewed this beautiful course. I was lucky enough to play here on 1/24/17 morning. Course has changed name and now its called Deer Island golf club. First off, this course is pretty far from Orlando and there is only 1 way in and out. It took us about 1 hour to get here but from local friend's recommendation, we had to come check it out for ourselves. This course is a true gem. If they had the private club money to maintain this place, it would easily be ranked in top 100 in US. Difficulty of this course is brutal on windy days. There are water hazards in play on almost every hole and any miscue can end up with lost golf ball. My local friend who is normally low 90's shooter lost 14 to 15 golf balls at this course on a windy day. Lay out is beautiful and price to play here is less than $50 for prime time. Course condition could use some improvement but its definitely playable and as long as you're not looking for country club condition, you will not be disappointed. Tee box, fairways, and greens are little shaggy. One thing I do want to put extra attention is their bunkers. Ones with abundant sand (some bunkers were rock hard with no sand) are very very very fluffy. Sand is more like a fluffy lava ash and your club goes through it with no resistance of any kind. I am a decent bunker player but could not get my ball out when the shot was longer than 10 feet from the hole. I recommend any player who enjoy challenging golf course to come and try this place as I will certainly try to go back and play it again.
I played on 01/25/17 afternoon. Eagle Creek is one of my go to places to play when visiting Orlando. Its not the fanciest place but its always consistent and playable with some hidden challenges. The day I played, course was packed with all the golf personnel flying in from every where for the PGA Merchandise show. This course is adjacent to famous Lake Nona so some of us call Eagle Creek, poor man's Nona. We got to play at 2PM for less than $40 each as out of towners. Customer service is usually great, just attentive enough but not hounding you for post round tips if you don't want the clubs cleaned. Tee boxes were slightly beat up and not cut down to usual lower manincured settings. Fairways and Greens were very firm and most shots rolled or bounced through but due to lot of roll, most approach shots were short irons so firmness didn't effect it as much as it could have been. During our mid round, we could see water being applied to greens and greens became more receptive as round wore on. Greens looked shaggy but it rolled faster than it looked and one of the hole, if you didn't make the putt, it rolled completely off the green and you couldn't get it within 10 feet of the hole. Our foursome all tried to putt is about 4 times and gave up and called it automatic 2 putts and moved on citing illegal pin placement. LOL. Signature hole at this course is #18 par 5. You must land your ball on an island green that is reachable in 2 but even if you laid up, your short wedge shot is no guarantee of easy par. Great part about this course is that its fairly close to Orlando International Airport so if you need to catch a flight post golf, this is perfect place to finish up your Orlando golf trip. Enjoy this course while rates are still cheap because its as good as the Disney Courses.
We played on 10/31/16. Last time I was here, I only got to play the front 9 due to rain storm, I came back to try it again. Front 9 is in decent shape and playable but back 9 fairways are like a mud filled rice paddy. This course is probably one of the best and most difficult layout but the condition of the back 9 just kills any motivation to play here more than once. Just in case anyone is wondering if my low rating is due to bad score, I shot 82 which is probably 5 to 10 stroke below what I would normally shoot here. As beautiful as the golf course is, tee shots that land even on the fairway has chance of getting lost due to being plugged. Any high flying shot is difficult to find unless you know exactly where it landed. My playing partner lost multiple golf balls that would not have been lost in most courses. Some areas of the rough have not been cut for weeks if not months and jungle grass is taking over. Greens are slow due to lack of manicuring. There was no one at the course that we saw playing and discounted rate of $100/person seem over priced for the condition. We enjoyed the beautiful views but I don't think we'll be going back ever until they can do something about the conditions. Which is shame since it really is very beautiful place. If you're looking to play just 9 hole, then this is a good place to come but bring your mud boots and lots of towels to clean yourself up if you're going to play the back 9.
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