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Got a chance to check out this very nice course in the heart of Tustin. The course is in pretty good shape and has a very nice layout. It looks like it has the potential to be amazing, but there are a few areas that really prevent it from being worth the $100-160 they charge which is outrageously overpriced for this course. Max should be $65 during the week, and maybe $95 on a weekend.

* Lush layout with lots of trees for shade.
* Firm covered fairways which give nice rollouts.
* Very fast greens and great condition.
* Some short par 4's that require precise course management
* Golf carts are excellent with great GPS
* Sand traps were PGA tour quality sand
* Decent driving range.
* Pace of play was great! 4 hours.

* Some greens have 3 tiers and are ridiculously hard. Punishes good shots.
* Greens very fast with difficult pin placements and undulations.
* Fairways, while mostly covered with grass were thin and brown considering price.
* No hole markers signs anywhere. Can get lost.

The biggest con was the outrageous green fee price! This is not a $160 course! I was lucky to have a won a free round and I thoroughly enjoyed the round we played. I would have been disappointed at $160, but if you can get a good deal, it is a mostly beautiful course to play and feels like a Palm Springs resort course in the middle of Orange County. Not bad considering just reopened from Covid and course didn't get it's usual fully staffed maintenance. Just bring those green fees down and I'd visit a lot more often!
Listing 1 to 1 of 62,806 Course Reviews
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