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Monthly update for Laguna Seca. Course remains in almost identical condition as my September review. The only real difference would be the fairways are starting to show a little more brown. This should improve once we get some rain. I've been playing on Sundays (best part of football season) and pace of play has improved a bit. POP was just under 4 hours yesterday. The other major change is the head pro has left. Dave kept the daily operation at Laguna Seca running perfectly smooth. It'll be interesting to see what happens down the road.
I played Pheasant Run Friday afternoon and what once was one of my favorite little hidden gem is now in sad condition. I can’t comment on the greens as they were recently punched. My guess is they did them earlier in the week. The fairways is were the course is really showing the poor conditions. Fairways were very thin with several “GUR” portions marked out due to no grass at all. Tee boxes weren’t too bad. About what you would expect for a typical muni course. I was happy to see that the sand traps were improved from the last time I played here. Bunkers actually had a playable amount of sand in them.

I still like the layout of Pheasant Run with all the water features. The par 4’s are all long in distance. Usually a long iron (or hybrid) for your approach shot. Once the greens heal and the temps cool off so the fairways have a chance to rebound, I might give it another shot. But it’s definitely a skip it for now.

COVID: cups are turned upside down, no rakes, single rider per cart, only two people allowed in the pro shop at a time, outside patio dining only for the restaurant which has a limited menu. No flags in on the practice putting green.
The last round for the weekend was at Coyote Moon. DeepSea14 has raved about this course, and now I can see why. Absolutely stunning. Set in the Alpine forest, fairways are lined with tall mature pine trees. And just for added challenge, there are a couple of holes with trees in the middle of the fairway. Adding to the beauty of the course are the numerous huge boulders lining the course and greens. When I say huge, I’m talking the size of a large SUV or small house. Course is set on a mountain so there are plenty of elevation changes both up and down. Whereas Grizzly Ranch mainly goes East/West across the mountain, Coyote Moon goes North/South to really accentuate the topography of the mountain. A few lakes are added in for some bonus beauty and challenge. And just incase the scenery itself didn’t “wow” you they throw in plenty of chipmunks and coyote sightings.

Conditions were great all round. Greens were very smooth and rolled at a medium-fast pace. All greens had double tiers with a few having multiple undulations to navigate. The greens were a challenge but not gimmicky or ridiculous. Enough, that you wanted to be on the correct tier, but not so severe that if you weren’t, you were staring down a 3 or 4 putt.

Fairways were very green and nice and lush. Pretty much the perfect combination of generous roll out yet offering a plush hitting surface. Tee boxes were level and lush. No divot issues on the par 3 boxes.

First and second cut of rough were both manageable, outside of that and you’re in the forest. 50/50 chance of finding you’re ball unless of course you’re Rob1563. How we kept finding some of his shots is beyond me!

Staff was very nice all around.

Etc/ Coivd: No range, but they do have a two station hitting bay into a net. Carts are gas powered with no GPS or sand. If using a GPS/Phone app be patient. There were a few times it would take a few seconds for mine to lock on. The numbers would bounce around before settling in. Cups had foam noodles and no rakes. They did allow us to ride double in the carts. Masks required inside the pro-shop. Restaurant is take out only.

Definitely a highly recommended course. I’m already planning a trip for next season and taking a mountain bike up to throw in the mix with golf.
I finally got to experience Grizzly Ranch. And what a wonderful experience it was. A huge shout out to Matt P. for setting it all up. The setting is up in the forest about an hour outside of Lake Tahoe. I stayed in Reno and it was about a 40-45 minute drive from there.

The entire course is framed by pine trees and there are a couple of water hazards on the course as well. The setting is very peaceful and serene. With only a few cabin style houses (maybe 10?) throughout entire place, you have a feeling of complete tranquility. Just you and the wildlife. Plenty of deer roaming around the course and I’m sure coyote sighting are normal in this place.

Naturally there are plenty of elevation changes throughout the track as it’s build on a mountain. Having said that, there’s nothing extreme or gimmicky about the elevation changes.

Course conditions were very nice from tee to green. Everything was in the 8-9 range. Staff was outstanding as well. The greens on the front nine or fairly tame. The greens on the back nine have a lot more "bite" to them with multiple tiers and undulations.

A definite must play and worthy of a destination course tag. My only complaint is that I didn't get to see a Grizzly Bear (or any bear for that matter).
I was looking for a course halfway to Reno to break up the drive for the upcoming Grizzly Ranch weekend. I chose The Reserve at Spanos Park because I had heard decent things about it and I had to cancel playing here twice earlier in the year.

I’m sad to say that the course conditions are below standard right now. There is a ton of water features on the course (especially on the back nine) which I obviously liked. Other than that the course was a yawner. Most holes are dead straight, though the water hazards and waste areas (a la Poppy Hills) help put a premium on accuracy. Fairways are generous in the landing area for the most part.

Staff was friendly and the price includes a bucket of balls for the all grass driving range. I walked on the easily walkable flat course.

Greens all had disease, pitch marks and then of course the late afternoon back nine had spike marks. A number of putts in our group were effected by bumpy greens.

Fairways were thin with a lot of brown spots throughout all fairways. The back nine seemed to be better conditioned somewhat. Tee boxes were ok at best. A couple of the Par 3 tees were garbage. Speaking of par 3’s. No imagination whatsoever in the design. Whereas the course had a ton of great water features, none were in play on the Par 3’s. All were flat in the 150-170 range.

Because of the friendly staff and all the great water features, I might be inclined to play again if I’m in the area. But if driving through…. Just keep driving
A quick update since my recent review. Course remains in the same shape as before, though greens were rolling super fast on Tuesday morning when I played. I elected to take a cart as the smoke from the nearby Creek Fire was heavy on the morning I played. Staff said some days are better than others depending on the wind. NOTE: An email was just sent out and they are aerating their greens next week (9/29).

COVID: Dragonfly is inching their way back to normal operation. None of the employee’s were wearing masks. Pro-shop is open though they do have lines for customers to stand back 6’ from each other. The small indoor seating at the café was blocked off. Putting green didn’t have small flags but I think that’s normal for there anyway. Still no rakes in the sandtraps. Cups are back to normal with no noodles or rings. We left the flagstick in on every hole but that was more of our doing. Not sure about carts as I was a single and joined up on the 5th hole with another single.
I haven’t played either Bayonet or Blackhorse since the COVID restart but have used the all grass range a few times. Played Black Horse yesterday with an 8:50 AM tee time. Weather was absolutely beautiful with the sun out early and no wind. The excellent views of the bay were like looking out on a lake. Blackhorse is always a tough track with fast greens that have several undulations. With two three putt bogey in the first three holes I went into defensive mode right away. Greens are firm, fast and roll true. There were 2-3 greens with some top dressing on them, but they didn’t affect the putts at all. Fairways present a lot of tight lies but on the flip side offer decent roll out. Fairways do have some thin areas. You have to be comfortable with hitting off a tight lie at Blackhorse.

Tee boxes were all in real nice shape. No issues with the bunkers. Some gorgeous white sand some brown but all very playable. The area I was disappointed with was the skirt areas around the greens. They are cut down super short so putting (Texas wedge) from 4-5 feet off the green is usually very doable. Unfortunately, most of the skirt areas were chewed up pretty bad forcing a chip shot.

Blackhorse is a tough but scenic track. There are views or peaks of the ocean on 16-17 holes. Every hole has some sort of elevation change. There is still some tree work going on so if you play mid-week be prepared for some occasional chain saw noise in the background.

COVID – Only two people allowed in the pro-shop at a time. Pro shop has plexiglass barrier between employee and customer. Putting green open with mini-flagsticks in, Range balls pre-stacked down a the range. Single rider carts. Foam noodle in the bottom of the cup, no rakes in bunkers, no sand bottles in carts.
Played Paso Robles GC on 9/10. I haven’t played here since the covid shut down but always enjoy my walk around this track. Conditions tee to green were very nice all around. Greens rolled very smooth at a medium pace and held well struck approach shots. Fairways had a few brown spots both from dry grass and from mud due to heavy watering. Those areas were minor throughout the course. Tee boxes were in excellent shape all around and the sand traps were also in good shape.

COVID: One person in the pro shop at a time, I walked and my buddy rode so I don’t know about double/single occupancy. Practice putting green looked open without any flags. Greens on the course had a plastic ring in the cup to prevent the ball from going all the way in. Restaurant has been remodeled a year or so back and has a great outdoor patio section for eating.
Played Eagle Springs this morning under thick skies. The air quality was poor but manageable early morning with the 7:30 am tee time. This course is a blast to play and very pleasing to the eye. Built on a hillside, there are several elevation changes throughout which is a welcome change from the usual flat valley courses. The front nine winds around the surrounding houses and has a couple of water hazards mixed in with the elevation changes for some very pleasant aesthetics.

The back nine is out in Open territory with large boulders lining the fairways and green complex along with some mature trees to keep you honest as well. There is one pond between the 16th green and short 17th par 3. Overall, Eagle Springs is a fantastic layout.

Conditions were decent all around. Greens are medium sized with most having an upper and lower tier. Land on the correct level and you have a decent look at birdie and an easy two putt par. Put it on the wrong tier and you still have a manageable two putt but need to pay close attention or it’s easy three putt territory. Greens rolled smooth at a medium-slow speed. I was a bit shocked that the greens didn’t roll faster. The course is closed on Tuesday’s for maintenance so I would assume they had all been mowed the previous day.

Fairways were lush but due to the summer heat, there were some brown spots mixed throughout the course. More of an eye sore to the otherwise beautiful course than actual detriment to the playability of the fairway. Being it was an early morning tee time, there was a lot of soggy fairways from the vast amounts of water being placed on the grass.

Tee boxes were nice all around. Even the par 3 tees were relatively divot free.

Sand traps were excellent. Rated at a 9. The first bunker I was in had nice white fluffy sand the other two had darker brown sand but still very very nice to hit out of.

Customer service is great and the beverage cart was making its way around several times throughout the day. POP was under 3 hours as after I got through three groups on the front nine, I had clear sailing on the entire back nine.

Eagle springs just put in new carts last month. Carts are very nice, with plush seats and GPS.

Definitely a recommended course if in Fresno. Also, there is an “Indian” Casino across the street for those who like to partake in the gambling activities.
I get out to Laguna Seca about 3-4 times a month. Conditions have remained steady all summer. Green are decent with a few having a couple of bumps here and there but overall not bad. Greens are tricky at Laguna Seca. They look girly tame but have some sneaky wicked breaks.

Fairways have some brown spots in them but are mostly playable and fine. Tee boxes are average and sand traps are either excellent or very poor. There's no in between.

They have put in new balls in play at the range (grass hitting surface).

Covid: masks required in the pro shop, pay at a table that is 10' away from person at the counter. No flags in on the practice putting green, no sand bottles in the single rider carts, foam noodle in the cups.
It’s been a few months since I posted a review on Dragonfly so I thought I’d give a middle of the summer condition update. Overall the course is in nice condition. Not quite as pristine as it can be (or that of Ridge Creek down the road) but certainly worth the price of admission.

Greens did have a lot of pitch marks in them, some repaired some not. Other than that they rolled fine at a nice medium-fast pace. Fairways did have some brown spots here and there but even those areas were perfectly fine to hit from as they were lush just not pretty to look at (just like when the grass goes dormant in the winter). For playability the fairways get an 8-9, for aesthetics they get a 7.

Tee boxes were all level, but a few of the par 3’s had some crab grass mixed in. I previously mentioned that the course had been doing some major overall on the sand traps. I was in three today (make that four in three holes) and all had excellent quality sand. Kudo’s to the staff for finally addressing this issue.

I found a perfect pocket and zipped around as a single in 2.5 hours. All of the staff were very friendly. Dragonfly moved all of their operations outside for covid. Check in is now at two different outside tables. The kids (all teenagers and early 20’s) are stuck outside in the heat with only an E-Z up for shade. This was fine in March and April, but in the summer heat? Make us pay online or via phone. Something can be worked out to get these kids inside the airconditioned building at out of the triple digit heat.

Cart gal was around a few times. She even came through when I was on the 17th which was at about 4:30 PM. Which worked out perfect as the Gatorade was just what I needed to finish with a birdie.

COVID Restrictions: Check in is outside on a plastic table under a canopy. No rakes in the bunkers. Sand in the carts (which have GPS), Cups are back to full depth. Unknown if players are allowed to take flagstick out. I left it in all day. I was solo so don’t know about a shared cart. Didn’t use practice putting green. Range is open (didn’t use it).

As a side note on the all grass range. They have a large rolling canopy that covers the players while on the range. This is great to stay out of the sun while warming up or getting in a range day.
I can’t believe I haven’t played Spanish Bay since February. Between Covid shutdown, injury and having to cancel my round a couple weeks ago due to a family matter, I was itching to get out and enjoy the views of the Monterey Bay. Normally in the summer Spanish Bay can show signs of “summer wear”. Meaning that they pull water from Spanish Bay to give to the sister courses.

I’m pleased to say that the course is in excellent shape. In fact this is easily the best condition I’ve seen Spanish Bay in during the summer. It also rivals the best condition the course has ever been in regardless of time of year.

Greens were soft and easily holding well struck shots. Greens were rolling a tad bit slower than normal which helped manage the severe undulations each complex has. I’d rate the greens at a 9.

Fairways were superb. Lush throughout. Easily a 9.5 if not a 10. I’d like to point out that they have cut down the initial part of the fairways. They have let the first 50-100 yards of fairway go brown to conserve water. Given the great condition of the “playing” area of the fairways, I’m totally good with this decision. At this point they haven’t decided to just let it remain as dead/brown grass or replace it with DG like Poppy Hills did (on the sides) during the remodel.

Tee boxes were great all around. I was only in one fairway bunker and managed to avoid all greenside bunkers. The one bunker I as in was in excellent condition.

We teed off at 9am. The weather was nice, overcast for the most part but the wind did pick up on the last few holes which is typical of this place. All in all Spanish Bay is in fantastic shape right now. A solid 9 rating tee to green.
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