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I played Twin Oaks on 3/11/2018. The course was soggy from the rain the previous day but overall in decent shape with very good greens.

We teed off at 10:30 as a twosome. I do not think the starter does a good job of pairing groups up here because there was a lot of twosomes on the course. We passed a slow playing foursome in route to finishing in around four hours and 45 minutes. The whole course was cart path only which contributed to the overall slow day.

The tee boxes are a little shaggy for my tastes you had to tee up the ball on a few par threes (number 3 I specifically recall). But they were level and minimal divots.

The fairways I think could benefit from this rain. They were a little soggy and looked a little thin. I think in a week or two they will be in very good shape.

I was in a few bunkers. There was some standing water in a few (as previously mentioned it rained the day before). Overlooking that the sand was of a pretty good quality. The rough around the green is about half a ball deep but still able to get up and down a few times.

The greens are rolling very nicely and are the best part of the course. There are a few ball marks on some of the holes. There are a few holes that are on top of a small mound and those have the most ball marks.

The course overall is very narrow for four holes then opens up. There is not alot of risk reward holes as I would like. There are a few holes where you dont want to hit driver or risk end up in water (hole 9) or a blind shot in the bottom of a ravine (hole 14). There are a couple of longer par 3's that I dont really care for and seem to slow down play. I dont know why they put a 175-190 par three (from the whites) on hole 10 and god help you if you have to go off the back to start the round.

Overall I like the course and it is in decent shape that should only improve after the grass has time to grow after the rains.

Despite the rain the day before I saw the cart person out quite a few times and the homemade/made on site potato chips in the bar after the round were amazing.
I played Arrowood on Sunday 3/4/2018. We started around 10:30 and finished in 4 hours and 15 minutes. I played the blues and walked the course and overall Arrowood is in very good shape.

The tee-boxes are above average my only complaint is with a couple of the par three tees that are not level due to the golfers covering up divots with sand.

There was rain the day before and some of the bunkers (greenside and fairway) were still a little muddy but did not have any standing water. The sand seemed to be a better quality than last time I played here (less clay).

The fairways are very thin with tight lies and a lot of roll. A well placed tee shot can get over 40 yards of roll downhill on a lot of the holes. The challenge comes in having to hit a wedge with a tight downhill lie.

The greens are very receptive. The speed was pretty fast on some of the puts despite the rain the day before. There were some un-repaired ballparks.

The course layout appeals alot to me. Most of the holes allow for a wide landing zone for your drive. The challenge comes in the second shot with some holes on the back nine having a forced carry over a canyon or over water.

The course is not really made for walking. The cart is included with every round and there is no discount for walking. There are also elevation changes and a few holes that are spaced apart but nothing that prevents walking a la the crossings.

Overall Arrowood is in good shape with an enjoyable layout. I definitely recommend.
I played Encinitas Ranch on 1/2/17. There had been rains in the days before and the course was cart path only. This place did seem to drain a little better than the Crossings after the rains.

The tees overall were pretty good level with good grass coverage. There were a few that were not level and the par 3 tees were quite chewed up.

The fairways are in very good condition with a few divot marks but overall good grass coverage.

The greens were a little worse than the last time I played. There are still bare spots around the collars of a lot of greens. There are un repaired divot marks that have since mutated into small bare spots on some holes. With that being said the greens rolled true when not in line with a bare spot and were pretty fast even after the rain.

I was not in a sand trap but I did not see any standing water in them (overall looked good).

My dad loves this course because it plays to his slice, is pretty short from the white tees and has very large greens.
I played the Crossings after the rains rolled though on January 1/1/2017. The course was very wet with a lot of standing water and cart path only on all of the holes. The recent rain made the whole course a lot longer with no roll out on drives but the greens held any shot into them. The fairways were in very good shape, as they always are here, with very lush grass. I did have to move the ball a few times to find a spot without standing water. The greens were in good to shape a little on the slow side but rolling true.
I was also part of the in the GK plays even held 12/11/16. The whole even was great. Linksoul, Golfmoose and Cleveland Golf all came through with great support and swag. The entire Rams Hill staff was pleasant and helpful. On to the course review.

I had never played this course before and overall I was impressed by the amenities the views and the quality of the course conditions.

The tee boxes have many options to choose from ranging from 7200 to 5000 with a par of 72. I think it is a good sign that someone playing from a forward tee was able to win one of the long drive contests. I played the blues which are around 6300 which included a few long par fours and a few reachable par fives. When standing on the tee boxes you are treated to some nice views of the mountainous and surrounding areas.

The course has a lot of long fairway bunkers with white sand contrasting with the dark green of the rye grass. They let the grass about 2 feet around the bunker go dormant for the winter to further frame the bunkers. I was in a few bunkers the sand was consistent, the rakes were plentiful (the mistakes were my own).

This is a resort course and the fairways were fairly wide. The fairway does have some undulations sometimes presenting you with a fairway lie that is uphill or downhill or on the side of a hill. The rough is present but not extremely penal sometimes the ball would sit down making the shot harder. After the rough there is normally some knee high grass there are also some houses on the course but for the most part they are hidden away.

The greens are skinny and long. There are a few false fronts or sides that will have your ball roll off the green. There are also many greens with tiers. The greens often leave you with one side you really don't want to miss on with either a bunker taller than shaq or a water feature. Even though the some of the greens have a side of a hill that looks like it could roll onto the green the rye grass will grab it and keep the ball on the top leaving you with a very difficult downhill chip.

From tee to green the course is in amazing shape. The faiways and rough have an abundance of green grass. I could not remember a single dead spot in either the fairway or rough. The collection areas are closely mowed and show minimal divot damage. The collars of the greens also did not have a dead spot this area often shows signs of wear and tear but not here. The greens did make small little marks with my plastic cleats and over the course of the day there were some bumps in the greens but nothing to prevent a strait put.

This place also has a golf board and something I have not seen before a golf bicycle that you could bike and golf. They also had a well stocked bar and a lot of food options. I think next time I come here I will try the golf board. I will have to go back soon.
I played in the GK Meet and Play held at Mt. Woodson on 10/16/16. Overall it was a great event and I met some great guys that I played my round with. This was my first time playing the course and I thought the course was in good to very good shape and I would recommend playing the course. It is a very short track that gets it difficulty from narrow fairways, blind shots, smallish greens, lots of elevation changes, afternoon winds and strategically placed bunkers.

Alot of the tee boxes had quite a few divots in them. I would think this is because of a few factors. The course is very short and therefore often times I was hitting an iron or a hybrid off of the tee which makes divot. Also the tee shots are stressful. The course has a lot of target golf with bad results for a left miss or a right miss; more stress more chance of a divot.

The fairways are easily the best part of the course right now. They are in very good shape with little divot damage. I cannot remember a bare spot. The fairways are often very narrow and are lined with trees and other boulders after about 7 yards of rough on either side.

The fairway bunkers had fine clay not sand but most were in good shape. There was 2 times though that I was in a bunker and there was no rake at all. This included the mammoth bunker that is about 50 yards long on hole 13 with no rake at all.

The greens were in good shape a little firm but held approach shots. They were a little on the bumpy side with quite a putts from all players bouncing more than I would expect. I would think after a cut and roll the greens would be great.

I do have to note that our cart almost died on the way back after the round and we had to get out a few times to remove any weight.

The cart lady came around a lot and was very nice. They are in the process of upgrading their grill but currently there was no hot food available during the round.
I played the Crossings on Saturday 9/24 it was 18 days removed from punching the greens and overally the course is in very good shape. The greens were a little sandy and bumpy from the recent maintenance but they were receptive to shots and I did see a few putts go in. The fairways are in very good shape with nice green turf with a few hints of brown. The ruff was inconsistent and the sand traps were in good shape with fluffy sand. The greens should be really nice in about a week or two.

I enjoy playing a course with the maintenance showing yellow it was a very fast round I think we finished just around 4 hours with only waiting on 2 holes.

Our cart did die heading up the hill to 18 so we had to walk hole 18. This was not that bad but if it happened a few holes earlier could have put a real hamper on the round.
I played Arrowood on Saturday 9/17/16 with a tee time of 1030 we finished in around 4:15 minutes with no one in front of us (indicating we could have finished sooner if we so desired). The practice green was nice and the driving range had alot of extra balls left around from the early birds that had to abandon them in order to make their tee time.

I walked the course and I would say this course is walk-able but difficult. There are a few sections where you are traversing around a canyon to get to the next hole and some elevations changes here and there to increase the difficulty.

The greens are very soft and I was wearing non metal (plastic) spikes and where ever I stood made little marks in the green. Compound that with everyone on the course and the greens were bumpy but otherwise in good condition with minimal ball marks and no bare spots.

The fairways are very wide and allow for a tee shot that might be offline to still be playable. Overall I would say they are a little on the thin side but still very good. There is still a large swath of the fairway that is GUR on the only par 5 on the back 9 (number 13). The rough was also thin and had seen a lot of cart traffic. There was a couple of times where it looked like a cart got stuck in a muddy patch because there are some really wet parts in the rough.

The bunkers were easily the worst part about this place. I dont know if they are in the middle of resigning or fixing them them or something but a lot of them had standing water in them. The others did not appear to be regularly tilled by some sort of machine or even a rake and were very hard and compacted.

I really like this course the fairways are wide and the greens are large and reward lag putting. I would love to play this course again but I should mention that I played with my Dad and he said that he would not play this course again and if he did he wanted to label every bunker as GUR.
Played Encinitas Ranch on Saturday (9/10/16). Started at 7:06 AM and finished roughly at 4 hours for a nicely paced round in the morning. Got there around 6:30 to warm up and grab a bite but the bar with food does not open until 7:30 AM but the proshop was nice enough to gift me a cup of coffee.

Last time I played here the greens were very firm but this time they were soft and very receptive to shots. There are still more than a few holes where the collar of the green has bare spots. They rolled fairly true and were a medium fast speed.

The fairways are still in good condition with some thinning and bare spots showing up at number 7. Also on hole number 7 they removed the camera and monitor that was used to make sure the fairway is clear. In its place is a sign that instructs you to leave a cart at the top of the hill until everyone has hit.

The rough is minimal and often times if you go too far off course you will wind up in a different hole's fairway and still have a shot into the green. I was in a fairway and a greenside bunker both were raked and the sand quality was good.

The cart girl showed up around 9 am and we saw her a few times. I do not like this course as much as the Crossings or Arrowood but it is in good shape has some nice ocean views.
I played Encinitas Ranch on 8/13/16 (apologies for the late review).

The greens were very firm. Despite hitting wedges into greens I don't think I made one mark. They rolled pretty well not as fast as I was thinking with the firmness. The collars on alot of the greens had bare spots some were rather large which I don't think I remember seeing the last few times I played this course.

The fairways were in good shape the grass was green and there was only a few spots with divot damage. The rough was recently mowed as a result it was a uniform height and did not penalize you alot. I was in a few sand traps and the bunkers were nicely raked and provided ample opportunities for me to showcase my horrendous bunker game.

It was a hot day in northern San Diego county and the breeze from the ocean was very welcoming. The cart person came around a few times.
Played the Crossings on Sunday, 8/7/16. I agree with the previous reviews of the course. It is in very good shape currently. We teed off at 9:55 am and were done right around 2pm which is a very fast round for this course considering the driving time in between tees that really can't be sped up.

The fairways were fast and allowed alot of run sometimes into the rough which is inconsistent. Sometimes your ball will be buried, sometimes your ball will sit up for a flyer, sometimes it will roll over a heavy traffic part and give you a nice shot. The tiered greens make three puts happen often but the greens roll true with minimal divot damage.

We saw the cart person a few times but I am too cheap to buy anything.

Despite the rough roulette I would strongly recommend this course and I will be going back.
A friend and I played the Welk resort fountains course on 7/17/16 while our wives were watching the kids at the Welk resort. The course is an 18 hole executive course with an overall par 58 with a few par 4s mainly par 3s and no par 5s. We played from the blues and I think the average shot was about 160 yards with a few par 3s around 180-200. The par 4s very fun and drive able but often played smarter with a layup shot.

The greens are very small but are kept in nice order and are the best part of the course. They were soft and easily help shots they were kinda slow but minimal divot damage allowed for pretty true rolls. Possibly due to the size of the greens but it felt like every pin was placed about three paces from the edge.

The few fairways they had were thin but still sported green grass with a few areas of divot damage intermingled.

The grass in the non green side rough was dry and brown there were some bare spots. The rough around the greens was green and had maybe an inch of growth and was in much better shape.

The tee boxes all sported alot of divot damage (it was Sunday and I do not know when they move the tees there were other areas that the tees could have been placed that did not have alot of damage). All of the tee boxes had areas on them that were not level which contributed to the divot problem as everyone crowds the level spot leaving lots of divots.

The sand traps were the worst part of the course. The bunkers were not raked at all and you could tell where other people had played shots and not raked. Upon closer inspection the shoe prints and divots appeared to be days old. The sand in them was good mostly a brownish clay color but still fine enough to allow a club to pass through.

The pace of play was very slow we played the executive course in around 4 hours my friend said it normally is alot faster and this pace was abnormally slow.

Overall this is a nice short course that was a great break from the family fun. I do not know if I would drive the 45 mins from my house to play this course given the conditions but I would play again if we stay at the Welk resort again.
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