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Played 11/21/2018. POP good at 4 hours. All turf condition a little above average.
No bare spots , but some thin areas. Rough was pretty healthy. Fairways cut real low some very tight lies. Most areas a little over watered and soggy/muddy. Greens have improved a lot from my last visit. Still some thin areas and very minor damage. Worst problems are
the ball marks and spike marks. The wet soft greens only make this worse. Saw several putts hit things and bounce and go offline. Medium speed. Bunkers have improved the couple I was in had sand! If now people would rake the bunkers when done. I wont wait as long for a return visit. Recommended
Got an email from them for $25 all you can play after 10am. Thought cool. Have not been here for awhile thought I would go out about noon and play at least two rounds. Condition wise I'll keep it short. Everything except the tees and greens are very nice. Tees just need to be mowed. Greens ughhhh. Looks like their annual lose the greens is in full bloom. Bare spots, invasive grass and putt like very slow pinball machines just a disaster. Great course except for the greens. Guessing just stay away in the summer. Too bad
Played 7/21/2018 POP slow. Very slow. Had a foursome doing a two person scramble each. Problem was none could hit a ball over 120 yards. Drove up to a par 3 and they were 20 yards of tee. Wow that was their best shot? Never ever looked back. Dont quite get this place. Canyon nine was recently punched. They had a sign at the check in desk. So far good. I asked how they putt guy at desk said bumpy. They have three nines here. We asked if the other two were punched he sad yes but months ago and completely healed. We were told we were playing the Canyon/Lakes combo. One of my buddies asked if we could play the oaks he has played there about ten times and never had played it. Golf shop guy said sure go for it. So I decided to press my luck and asked to play the lakes and oaks avoiding the punched greens. Was told that was not possible. Oaks was deserted. Why not use the good nines and let the punched one heal?

Conditions. Tees poor. Really thin, extremely unlevel full of holes bumps dips etc.
Probably the worst I have ever seen. fairways hit and miss as far as grass coverage.
Rough the same. Wasn't in a bunker but they looked fine. Greens Canyon bumpy very slow. Oaks just slow. I do like the layout quite demanding on accuracy. Greens have lots of interesting slopes. Conditioning needs to improve from tee to green.
Played Sunday after taking a month long break because of back issues. Thankfully it has improved. A light breeze with temps in 80's. Very un-June like. Played as a fivesome in 4 1/2 hours with minimal waiting. Tees are a little thin, but fine. The bermuda fairways have grown back and are quite good. Thin lies occasionally. Rough is mainly flowering clover mixed in grass. It can cause some concern on y8our next shot. Ball sits up alot or sinks to the bottom. Greens at some point recently were punched. They are healed, but you can see where the holes were. They were medium slow, pretty firm and at times a little bit bumpy. Did not get in a bunker but they looked pretty good. Great design nice visuals with the mountains and Tule River running throughout. Highly recommended
Played Sunday 3/11/18. POP 4 1/2 with a lunch stop playing as a fivesome. Good news.
They now have grass on the fairways and some clover. Big improvement grass coverage wise. Except for the greens nothing had been mowed for awhile. probably due to the rain. Tees long and uneven, but playable. Fairways have a few thin spots, but have the clumps of grass that grow faster than the other grasses, hate those things. Rough is fine not penal at all, slightly longer than the fairway. Bunkers were wet packed down sand with puddles in low spots. Greens were outstanding. Very fast and smooth. It is in good enough shape to go back to occasionally. Will put back into the rotation.
Played as a member for the day. $55 for golf, range balls, cart and lunch. $45 without food. Played in 4 1/2 hours which seemed longer as the twosome ahead of our threesome
held us up on almost every shot and had a foursome hitting into us quite often. Tees are good some unlevel areas, but nothing too severe. A little thin, but just find to tee off from. Fairways were similar. Not lush, but never a bad or bare lie. Rough not very long and bare as you get away from the fairway. Not great conditions, but very acceptable. Bunkers had some of the best sand I have played out of in a long time. Deep and fluffy. The course is mostly tree lined and surrounded by large homes. There are some elevation changes on the back side with water sprinkled through out. Greens are heavily bunkered and some fairway bunkers are present also. A great change of place from our normal rotation of county courses. Members were very friendly towards us.
If in the area a very good choice if you want something a step up from the county muni offerings.
Got out on Friday the 3rd for an afternoon round at the last minute. Walked front nine while waiting on another single. Single left and then finished back nine for a total of 3 hours. I was in a bubble with people behind and some in front, but had a very enjoyable round. I will update the previous review. Grass coverage much better, still some thin spots and occasional bare spots in the fairways and roughs. Bunkers have a thin soft layer on top , but hard underneath. Playable, but you have to adjust. No digging down in them. Greens much better although too soft. Big craters and ball marks. Much improved.
Haven't golfed for awhile so finally got out with some friends. Course was not busy at all
around 4.5 hour pace as we took our time and enjoyed the cooler weather. No none in front or behind us until the 17th hole. Most enjoyable day. Tees offer good coverage although some are very uneven. Fairways were very good with a few over watered spots here and there. Rough was mostly short, but real thick. Edges were brown hard pan, but really why waste water on those areas. Found two bunkers and had good sand in them. Not real deep or fluffy, but easy to get out off. Greens were great. Roll fast and very true unless you hit a ball mark. Greens are a little soft so even though people were repairing ball marks you get the occasional bounce from a poorly fixed one. One of the better munis around as far as conditioning, challenge and enjoyment.
Played 6/19/2017. Course is under new management and starting to look better. The wet winter helped quite a bit. Most noticeable difference is in all of the trees they lost due to the storms. They have shredded them and placed the remains in the unplayable areas. Gives a different vibe to the place. Condition wise a lot more grass coverage. They are still some areas of the greens that have newly repaired areas. Fairways are a little thin, but improved. There is now some rough in areas that were dirt not so long ago. Tees are decent although very uneven. Green speed medium, but can be a little bumpy and times.
I see lots of improvement happening and work being done to the course. given more time it will be back to the good ole days.
Played on Monday the 12th. I will admit I went into thinking it would be an average course.
Boy was I wrong. It was great. Overall course design is very old school. Every green is guarded by high lip, deep bunkers. Usually at the entrance to the green. The greens themselves are tilted front to back with quite a bit of slope. They were medium fast overall, but you never get a level putt. Very well kept minimal ball mark damage and fun.
Tees were great. Fairways very good with the occasional thin area usually out of play.
Bunkers were well kept and great as well. Layouts front nine is a tree lined park setting with some minor ups and downs. Back nine is through a housing area with some neat holes. Service was fine, food was good. Just a real pleasant low key place to play. Would do it again if/when back in the area.
Quick review. Previous review has a course description. Tees still a little thin overall quite uneven. Fairways are much better, good coverage few thin spots. They are not lush but improved. Rough has a lot more grass after all the rain. Bunkers are very good lots of sand in them. Greens are great medium speed, but very slow uphill. They are true and bump free. Very little sign of ball marks. Medium firmness. Green surrounds have tall very thick grass. POP 3 hours walking at 3pm.
Played Sunday 5/7/17. POP just under 4 hours. Fairly quiet as it had rained earlier in the morning. Nice to see the Tule River flowing real strong. Course was very green for the first time in years. Tees are excellent. Fairways are a little thin in places, but there are no bare spots. Rough consists mainly of real thick clover. The ball either sits up or falls to the bottom of this stuff. If it sinks down you're in trouble. The one bunker I hit out of had thick sand about 6 inches deep, just perfect. I did not rank the course as the greens are about a 1 or 2 due to very recently being plugged. They are extremely bouncy and unbelievable slow. Notice I said bouncy not bumpy. Putts were getting airborne, deflected and generally tossed around. It provided some entertainment. With their normal excellent greens the course would be a solid 8 due to design, setting and overall beauty and challenge of the course.
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