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Played CH this week with my neighborhood group and had a 9:12 tee time. The course was busy but we still go off on time. Always the best of customer service when we check in. We preferred to get single carts and the young man in the club house said no problem – “we have plenty of carts available” says he. Great and off we went. POP was 4 hours and we waited on a slower group ahead but was not a problem. For some reason the marshal told the group ahead to pick it up which wasn’t necessary but interesting enough, they complained that we hit into them. Well that never happened but we dialed it back a notch anyway so as not to pressure them.

Not much different since the last time I played her it but seems like the fairways are a bit dryer than before. Some tight lies out there. Not very thick rough which is always nice. Bunkers were in real good shape despite not having rakes.

Greens were in good shape. A bit damp and easily holding shots. Not very fast but they rolled smooth.

This isn’t one of my favorite places to play but I seem to be playing it more lately. I usually play the gold tees and play well for some reason. Keep it the fairways and you should score well. Not in the fairway, you’re dropping a ball for your penalty shot. I know a lot of people who love playing here and do so regularly. I would definitely recommend.
Played Tijeras with the regular group and had an early morning tee time – 6:30 ugh! But wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to play here regardless of when the tee time was. Looked like all Covid 19 protocols are in place including single carts. Starter asked us to please finish in 4 hours or less so they can keep the carts moving and available for later tee ties. No problem there as we finished in under 3½ hours. Love single carts!!

As expected, the course was in very nice condition except they were pretty wet. Looks like the sprinklers were just turned off as we started. Aside from being wet, fairways were in great shape. We were careful driving out there so as not to leave tire marks in wet areas on the fairways. Greens were excellent even though damp. Really holding. One green, #10, was so wet, putts were literally hydroplaning. Other than that everything else was pretty darn good. Tee boxes – excellent, bunkers were also excellent. Damp but very playable.

I thoroughly enjoy playing here and would play here more often if it was closer to me. The price tag is also high. We paid $65 - a discount I guess as the rack rate is definitely higher. Thumbs up for this course and look forward to playing again.
Played Mountain Meadows with a good friend on 7/9. As a twosome, had an early morning tee time – 6:00 AM. Ugh! Don’t do a lot of these early morning tee times but my friend had some business to take care of after. No problem and off we went right on time. I walked but my friend rode and we still finished in 3 hours, waiting on no one and no one waiting on us.

The course is very lush and green but most if not all is kikuyu. The fairways were cut down but still not much roll out. I hit what I thought were good drives only to find out I was hitting a mid to long iron for my 2nd shot. Tee boxes were in good shape and you could see they are over seeding certain areas. The rough was ridiculous IMO. Very tall and thick kikuyu. I know they are trying to make this a challenging course but c’mon, this was way too high. Yeah I know, keep it in the short stuff and you don’t have to worry about it but not many people do and to get penalized like this is unfortunate. Bunkers are very damp and un-kept but aren’t we used to that by now?

The greens are in great shape. They hold nicely and roll just fine. Not real fast (unless downhill) but it was a treat to play on such nice greens.

MM is a lot fun to play. Very nice layout with doglegs and many elevation changes but tough to walk unless you’re in shape (or a Billy goat). Especially on the back 9. We played the blues at 6,440 but it sure played longer. Still a great place to play. Don’t let my whining about the rough discourage you. Go play!
Played Eldo with my regular group on 7/8. Early morning 6:30 start and there were a lot of golfers ready to go at that hour. Single carts and finished in 3.5 hours and would have been faster but we followed a group of walkers. No complaints but single carts definitely speed up play.

The course is in really nice condition right now. Fairways were really nice. Good lies. The rough was not very thick but it was definitely better to be in fairway. Bunkers were damp but still very playable.

The greens were excellent and rolled much faster than the last time I was here. Best I have ever seen them. Noticed some very light sand on them but it had no effect.

I find Eldo a challenging track. Maybe if I did a better job of hitting fairways on this day I would feel differently! A lot of trees line the fairways so keep it in the short stuff. Definitely recommend playing here.
Played CH on 6/22 with a neighbor. 11:00 am tee time which is a little late for me to play but what the hec. Nice guys in the clubhouse and I see the price tag has increased to play here. $65 senior rate but does include lunch and a drink. Used to be $55 pre covid. Single carts are optional. Decided to do single carts and was paired up with a very nice husband and wife couple. Teed off right on time and finished in just under 4 hours. A little slower on the back as we waited on a slow group on the back nine. Not to mention helping my neighbor look for many of his errant shots. Lol

Overall, the course is on good shape. Fairways are in good shape but on the thin side. So expect to have some tight lies out there. Not dry, just thin. There was light rough just off of the fairway. Not thick at all. Bunkers were in good shape and without rakes, did my best to smooth them out with my feet and club.

The greens were in very good condition. Rolled very nicely and were holding.

A hilly course with many elevation changes from the tee boxes and plays relatively short. We played it from the blues which is only around 5,600 yards but target golf on some holes so driver not always needed but do keep it in play. As previous reviews indicate, they have these EZ lift thingys which weren’t working very well. Pull it up with your putter and the whole pin comes out with it. Useless. They need to be cleaned or something. Aside from that, we had a good time out there and would definitely recommend.
Played IH with fellow GK’er, cthuyen (previous reviewer) and a couple of his friends and yes, I am the one he mentioned who got a hole in one (#9). And we will appropriately celebrate the occasion sometime in the future. Single carts moved us along nicely. Finished well under 4 hours sometimes waiting on the slow group ahead of us.

I am always impressed with this course and this day was no different. It was in great shape. Fairways were as good as they can get. I imagine we played not long after they were mowed because in the fairway, the ball sat up perfectly. The rough was lush and not too high. Very playable at a couple of inches high. Bunkers were damp and hard. Worst I have ever seen here but understandable as not many courses are maintaining the bunkers very well if at all.

The greens were really nice. On the hard side but rolled very nicely.

I can’t say enough good things about IH. It is one of the premier, challenging resorts/venues I play. The price tag is always a bit high and that’s the down side but if you ever get a chance to play, save your pennies and plan on it.
A little late with this review as I played on it 6/1. Actually played it 3 times as we stayed up there to play in a college alumni tournament. Beautiful weather up there each day. Also glad to see Keith (sixpez) another GK’er getting up here to play Bailey. He described it very well actually. Not many folks out here playing so pace of play wasn’t an issue as never waited. Really nice folks in the clubhouse and in the restaurant.

The course had been open for about a month from the winter and the fairways are in pretty good shape. Some patchy areas filled with sand but not many and actually it looked like poa annua was growing in. Tee boxes are in good shape as well. The rough was about 2 inches high. Not real thick and playable. Bunkers have a red looking sand but were in good shape. A little damp but easy to get out of.

Greens for the most part were in very nice condition. Two greens, #’s 8 and 13 got hit with a fungus and were still in repair but only half of the greens were impacted. The other halves were just fine and that’s where they put the pins.

This is one of my favorite places to play for a lot of reasons. I always get to play it with some good friends which is one reason but the course is usually in great condition and has a beautiful setting. The course is carved into the mountains with many beautiful pine trees with generous fairways. I play it at least once a year and so look forward to it. Noticed the price tag has gone up - $80 rack rate. You can get a get a better price on Golf Moose or even the course website usually has a couple of tee times that are discounted but do give it a go if you’re up in the area.
Played Table Mountain passing through No. California. Long story but we were supposed to play a private course in Marysville, CA using a Golf Moose voucher but the course changed its policy to members only because of Covid 19 so we hustled to get a time here. Not my favorite place but what the hec! As a 4 some, had a 12:30 tee time and off we went right on time. Place was empty and was told this was because of the hard rain earlier in the morning. Missed all of that and we had a beautiful day. Really nice folks in the clubhouse and in the restaurant however.

Again, not my favorite place - flat course and a fairly boring layout but it was in good condition. Fairways were fine. Not many bare spots and in the fairway, you got a good lie. The rough was down but you can see some weeds growing in. Bunkers were in good shape however. A little damp but better than most courses I have recently played.

One thing nice about this course is the greens. Always in good condition and this day was no different. Flat greens with not many breaks but rolled true.

TM is an old course and not real challenging but if you’re in the area (not many are), looking for a place to bomb the driver, give it a go!
Heading up again this year to No Cal to play in a college alumni tournament and making a few stops along the way to play a few more courses. First stop was on 5/29 with a good friend in Stockton to play the Reserve at Spanos. Never played here before and what a treat this was. Check in was easy enough with a well-organized, friendly staff. It’s a little pricey it seems but we paid $45 late rate and as a 2 some, had a 1:40 tee time, joining up with another 2 some. Nice folks from the Bay Area. Got out right on time and finished in just under 4 hours.

The fairways were in great condition and offered nice roll out with the driver. The rough was a couple of inches long and very playable. Tee boxes were great as well. Was only in one bunker and it was fine despite not being raked (no rakes out there). Sand was a little damp but otherwise just fine.

The greens were in excellent condition. A little hard so you had to hit it good to get it to stop. Not real fast but rolled true.

I really enjoyed playing here. Most fairways are pretty generous but there are quite a few fairway bunkers so some strategy is required off the tee. Nice layout and pretty flat with water on some holes. Some nice dog legs guarded by bunkers. Make it a must play if you’re ever up this way. Just wished I lived closer as I would put it in the rotation.
Played Big Rec for the first time with some old friends on 5/20. We had two times tee times - 7:00 and 7:10. Check in was very well organized and the starter was using the microphone to announce who is on the tee and who was up next. I like that. Masks were required around the club house area and on the course. I wore mine but noticed many not wearing them out there. I was the only one walking in our group but we still finished in about 3.5 hours. Very little waiting.

Fairways are heavy Kikuyu so not a lot of roll out. The rough was not thick but if you hit in there, it didn’t go very far. Bunkers were like concrete, many just unplayable. That seems to be a consistent theme of a lot of courses since they’ve recently opened. Tee boxes could have been cut down a bit but overall ok.

The greens were in good shape. Not fast but rolled out well. Never could figure out the breaks.

I found Big Rec a fun course to play as it has a park like setting with generous fairways so I wouldn’t call it difficult. Some slight elevation changes particularly on the back but nothing severe. Thoroughly enjoyed playing here and look forward to another opportunity to come back.
Was invited by fellow GK’er cthuyen to play Eagle Glen with his brother and friend. On a beautiful but windy day, we had a tee time at 10:30 on 5/19 paying $46 using Golf Now. Since we prepaid, only had to go into the clubhouse to sign the cart waiver which gave me a weird feeling. There was nothing in the clubhouse; no apparel, golf equipment, lights on very low, eerie actually. Anyway, got off right on time and finished in less than 4 hours. Riding single carts was kind of nice. Speeds up play, no question.

I really enjoy playing here because of the challenge but know that fairways are pretty thin. Looks like some of the fairways were sprayed with green color dye. Gave it a good look as I think they would have been dormant brown without it. Lots of roll out though with the driver which is always nice. Not much rough but it is starting to grow back. The bunkers weren’t as bad as they looked, just full of wet sand.

The greens were in very good condition but pretty slow. Used to seeing them much faster here.

EG is not in the best shape but not horrible either. I would definitely go back largely because of the layout and the challenge. Can’t be spraying it out here.
We had two foursomes at HV on 5/13 – 7:20 and 7:28. Got off about 30 minutes late because of a good crowd wanting to get out and play. They have a person organizing everything before you can check in. Well controlled however, Riverside County has eased off on the covid 19 protocols and Hidden Valley has followed along. No masks required, two to a cart unless you feel uncomfortable riding with a partner. Wasn’t feeling real good about this but with some hesitance, I did ride with a partner but wore my mask anyway and brought plenty of alcohol wipes and sanitizer. Credit card only to pay but they were having problems with the card connecting. Took a while.

The previous review from Abbacat was spot on. Fairways were in really good shape but am I seeing Kikuyu growing in there? Never seen that before. They were cut down and lush but noticed not a lot of roll out. Tee boxes were fine. Lush actually but some of them were becoming invaded with Kikuyu as well. Bunkers were like concrete. Don’t go in them. The rough was cut down so it wasn’t a real factor.

The greens were nice and lush but were really grainy. Medium speed but heavy poa and have seen the greens a lot faster. They took out the foam inserts in the cups and put in some metal devices in there which does the same thing.

We had a good time out there on a beautiful day despite it all. Finished in just over 4 hours.
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