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Played on Friday, 11/20, 9:30 tee time with John_T, Famed02, and our buddy Chris, and paid $56 with the Arroyo/Siena card.

Course is in pretty good condition. Fairways are pretty well cover and have been gradually getting better. Visually, the rough doesn't look great, as the Bermuda is starting to go dormant, so it looks spotty with green and brown throughout. Sand was ok, depending on the bunker, I had some with decent sand and others that were basically hard pan with a thin layer (I was in lots of bunkers). The greens were outstanding, fast and receptive, but some had many unfixed ball marks.

Easy check in and the cart barn had everything set up. Drink cart was around 3-4 times and we enjoyed a drink on the patio overlooking the lagoon afterwards. Carts are new with GPS and upgraded bluetooth speakers. Large grass range (included) and a huge putting green.

C-19: masks required indoors, 2 person carts equipped with the clear bungee cord shower curtain, divot bottles are on the carts and rakes are in the bunkers. Noodles are in the cup but some are way too long.

Not a Vegas golf destination course, but a fun and relaxing round.
Played in a charity scramble event with a bunch of guys from work on Sunday, 11/15.

Course was in pretty good shape overall. Tee boxes mostly level, but some had some crowning. The Bermuda rough is in the early stages of going dormant. The one bunker (yes, we had to play from 1 green side during a scramble) had some nice medium heavy sand and easy to hit from. The greens were the highlight. Smooth and fast, but holding shots.

The course handled the event very well, with about 50 groups in a shotgun start. Drink cart was out and passed a couple times on both sides. The lunch was perfect and the banquet was handled in accordance with the current standards. Carts were plush but no GPS. A nice range with mats that have a slot for tees, large putting green and a separate chipping/bunker area.

C-19: 2 to a cart but they were equipped with the clear shower curtain I've seen around town (they're attached with bungee cords just below the roof and the bottom of the windshield, but can be rolled up if you wish). Masks required indoors and around the staff areas, short PVC pipes in the hole, no flags on the putting green and holes were almost level. Locker rooms currently closed for some renovations.

CanyonGate is about 30 years old but has aged well. It's a Ted Robinson design and has a very Rhodes Ranch feel to it. Wide fairways and a nice variety of holes.
Played on Friday, 11/13, with John_T, and a couple of his work buddies. 7:35am tee time for $45 with the OB Card.

Itslikeimsayin's review from 3 days ago is awesome. I play here a lot so his review of the course is probably better than what I could say about my home course. Conditions are in prime shape right now, a couple months out of tee to green re-seeding. Greens are easily in the best shape I've seen them in and running faster than they look.

Only bad point today was pace of play. I'm never looking to rush around the course, especially in the morning, but there's no reason to fall 2 holes back on the front 9. We finished in just over 4 hours, but it could of easily been 3.5 or so, with us waiting on every hole.

We were in a bad position for the drink cart, hitting her early in the round and on the last hole, but saw her 2 other times. Unfortunately no marshal was out to regulate the pace.
Played on Veterans' Day with John_T and a couple of buddies who are HS golf coaches. There was a frost delay which pushed times back about 30 minutes and we got off around 12:15. I was a bit worried we would fail to finish but everyone was chasing daylight and we finished right about 4 hours.

Course was in great conditions. Tee boxes mostly level and plenty of area on the par 3s to find a spot. Fairways were a bit tight but all green with no dirt areas. Rough was variable through the course, going from just past fairway to about about 2 inches, with it a bit thicker and longer around the green. Bunkers were outstanding, with the "South Pacific" theme throughout the course, the white sand bunkers were easy to hit from with some decent depth to them. The greens were awesome, outside of the unfixed ball marks from previous groups. Greens were smooth and running as fast as they looked.

Overall, it was a great time and a fun course. A nice mix of short and long par 4s, a good set of par 5s, and 5 fantastic par 3s, with 3 over water. Great views of the Strip with a few holes using the Luxor pyramid as an aim point. The holes in the middle of the course are similar but there's some great holes in the mix.
Played on Friday, 10/30, with John_T and a couple of his co-workers. Price was $68 with the Arroyo/Siena card for a 9:30ish tee time. It's prime season in Vegas and the prices are going up.

The conditions have steadily improved over the last couple of months as they worked through re-seed without closing the course. Tees are staying Bermuda and starting to go dormant, with the staff out painting the boxes. The fairways have grown in nicely, with very little areas needing maintenance. The rough continues to grow and absolutely brutal, over 2 inches. You need to spot where you landed because you may not find your ball. The greens were smooth and medium/fast, just consistently good throughout. The bad spot for this course has always been the bunkers. Today, the par 3 3rd hole bunkers were flooded and the back left green side on 18 looked like a rock garden. Easily the worst part of the course.

Arroyo has an all grass driving range (included), just need to drive past the private club's range and 1st hole to get there. Keep the head on a swivel as you'll see plenty of range balls along the path to the range. 2 small putting greens, one by the clubhouse and the other by the 1st tee, both were consistent with the course. Drink cart was out and flying around, saw her 4 times during the round. There is a small bar/grill with limited seating for now. Carts have GPS to the center and very nice bluetooth speakers.

C-19: Practice greens have no flags and raised cups. Carts have a shower curtain divider, with a player option to roll it up, and single carts are available. Masks required indoors and worn by all staff.
Played on Friday, 10/23, with pisarski01, John_T, and Famed02, using a 4some certificate I won at the Mt Woodson GK event (thanks Royal Links and GK!).

One of my only complaints here has always been a need for an additional tee as the current tees go from 5800 to 6600 with nothing in between. Thanks to the starter, who made us a combo set that was about 6200.

Course is still in the same great shape as 2 weeks ago. Fairways were a little drier today, giving more of the firm, links feel. Fairways were almost lush. The fescue/high grass bordering the fairways is incredibly long and penal, almost no chance of finding your ball unless someone knows the exact spot. I had one land and sit up a little, when I popped my ball out, a second ball under it squirted out with it. Bunkers, ugh, tough enough being deep and small, but add a thin layer of sand and difficulty level goes up. Greens are outstanding. A few bumps on longer putts, but fast and will hold high or spinning shots.

Food and Beverage prices are surprisingly low for a "resort course."

Right now, Royal Links is in incredible conditions, and for locals, a great price through the end of October. Definitely a must play.
Played Friday, 10/16, with John_T and his dad and a friend.

Looking back, I've played here every 2 years. The last time was during a bachelor party weekend where the course was DEAD.

Happy to say those days have past. Tee boxes show some wear and tear, especially on the Par 3 holes. Fairways are good, just short of great. Rough ranges from 1-2 inches. Fairways are consistent with the change from bermuda to rye, but mostly full areas with a few thin areas. Greens are the highlights. I kind of hone in the unfixed ball marks, which are plenty, but for the most part, the greens are relatively smooth, and run on the fast side of fast/medium.

Overall, a nice course. Definitely worth the $56 we paid with the Arroyo/Siena card. Design wise, nothing really to talk about, I think it's sister course Arroyo is better, but Siena beats how I've thought about it the last couple of years. Not a destination course but if you can get a nice rate, it's worth it. Fun course and will be back in the rotation.
Played on Monday, 10/12. Last minute decision and walked into the pro shop at 12:20 and on the 1st tee at 12:35 on a very busy and beautiful afternoon. The 4some on the 1st tee allowed me to tee off ahead and caught the next 4some on 3, who did not let me pass as they played the tips and looked for balls forever. I skipped ahead from 4 to 7 then swung back and played 5/6 after 14, and finished just over 3 hours.

Course is in phenomenal shape, just after reseeding and off CPO. Fairways are still very wet with a mud ball every drive and no roll out. Rough is growing and is just about 2 inches. Greens are softer than normal and a bit slower than usual, but smooth.

It's now prime season in Vegas and prices and conditions are matching up well. I consider Mountain my "home course" and it was great being back out.
Played Sunday, 10/11, with a local group in an 8 club challenge, walking from the 5500 yard tees (black), for $40 on a busy morning.

Course is in good, not great, shape. I'm guessing the black tees do not get a lot of play and the boxes show they don't get a lot of attention. Definitely needed to be cut but the other boxes did look well taken care of. Fairways were firm, with plenty of good lies, and the Bermuda is starting to show signs of going dormant. The rough is non existent which results in the ball running into overgrown areas. The green side bunker I found was hard packed and I just hit a normal chip out of it. Greens were in good shape, but running slower than they looked.

Course has a an all grass driving range, a bunker/chipping area, and a large practice green with elevation changes.

Wildhorse has a long history, one of the 1st courses in the Vegas Valley (1958), 6 name changes, and hosted a PGA Tour event in the 70s. It has an old school feel, including a 2nd story clubhouse bar/grill with patio over looking the course. Bar/grill prices are lower than typical courses. It's an Audubon Sanctuary and is not your typical Vegas course. The course is owned by the city of Henderson and while not a destination, it fills the a niche for locals.

C19: single rider carts (w/GPS), no rakes, NO NOODLES!(but no touching the flag) Ball actually hits the bottom of the cup.
Played on Saturday, 10/10, joining Matt, John, and Larry, and using Matt's 4some certificate from a GK event. Started right at 12:40, and finished in about 4:15 with some early waiting. Staff was great from bag drop, check in, bar/grill and drink cart. The cart staff quickly cleaned and washed a couple of carts so we could load and hit the range.

Practice area: Large grass range (included) and a large putting green next to the 1st tee.

To echo Matt, the course was in the best shape I've seen in the handful of times I've played. Fairways were lush, but still had some roll to them. The wild grass lining the fairways is extremely long and thick, if you don't see where the ball goes in you have no chance of finding it. Bunkers, there's 108 of them and you need to be able to get it up fast to get it out. The greens were fast and firm, but held high shots into them.

I always have a great time at Royal Links, especially when it gets firm and fast. The castle motif absolutely fits the course and is a cool little clubhouse. The back patio should be expanded, it was cool to sit out there and watch groups play 4 different holes while enjoying a drink. My only critique is I think they need another tee box option from 6200ish, as it goes from 5800 to 6600. For locals, incredible pricing for the month of October.
Played on Sunday, 9/27, joining Alex326, DeepSea14, and Todd. Dropped the bag and checked in, cart was ready when I was done.

Course absolutely lived up to, if not exceeded my expectations. From a conditions perspective, it was in fantastic shape. Lush fairways. Level tees. Smooth, challenging greens running a bit close to fast. On the scenery side, oh my gawd, it's incredible. Tree lined fairways which make you seem away from everywhere, elevation changes throughout every hole, wildlife, and huge boulders that are definitely in play.

Definitely a must play in the area, even at the $150 price tag (comparable to area courses though).
My 2nd time here for the Pisarski "family" get-together, joining 12 other GKers and friends. Just like last year, the staff was excellent and very accommodating to us, having us go out as 2 4s and a 5. Paid $115 which included a free replay, so excellent price for 36 here. Bar/Grill opened about 30 minutes before 1st tee, and had some great food to enjoy outside overlooking the 18th green.

Huge all grass driving range included, with a large putting green and chipping area.

Course was in excellent shape. Level tee boxes, lush wide fairways, about 2 inches of rough, and pretty smooth greens (outside the before mentioned 16th green). Overall it played a little firm and fast.

C-19: 3 people in pro shop, they allowed us to pair up (I didn't ask about single carts), pool noodles, no rakes.

I think I like early fall Grizzly more than Spring Grizzly. Course was drier and played faster/firmer. Easily my 2nd favorite course ever. Great weekend getaway if you throw in a cabin. Fantastic views and some wildlife running around.
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