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Walked on yesterday. Got there at 6 and was the first one on the list. Got out a little after 7 and was in the 5th group. First tee time went off sometime between 6:30-6:45. Total pace of place was just under 4 hours so it pays to play early here.

Greens had been punched with the smaller holes. Some of the holes at the start of the round were fresher than the ones later. Greens seemed a little slower than normal but there was still quite a bit of morning dew on the greens that really slowed down the pace. The greens were also super soft. Combine these 2 and I don't think the greens were cut. The pace really impacted my chipping more than anything. I couldn't get myself to hit a chip firm enough to the hole. I kept expecting more roll out, yes I'm hard headed.

Fairways and rough are ok. There are bare areas throughout the course in both areas. Rough is pretty typical here, not penal or penalizing. Just more about navigating how to hit around/over/under trees.

I was in a couple of fairway bunkers and they were ok to hit from. I wasn't in a greenside bunker but I did notice they they hadn't been cared for in a while. No rakes but you'd think the course would rake them and I just remember most of them need some attention.

Tee boxes were a mixed bag. Some were good, some need grass, some need leveling and some need cutting.

I mean it was only $49 to walk which makes it pretty affordable and considering most courses are punching and overseeding right now. I've seen the course in better shape but its slim pickins right now. Beggars can't be choosers.
This will be a rather short review. Played yesterday and I was pretty surprised at how dry and brown the course is right now. I know they are punching and overseeding on 10/20-10/22 but it looks as though that should happen this week. I can't imagine what another 3 weeks will do to this course. Greens are actually decent but the rest of the course is awful. I'd avoid the course until December.
Last of the Bandon courses on my trip up here. This course was being built last time I was here so I was curious to get out here since Sheep Ranch has been completely booked up. Teed off a little after 8 and we finished right about 4 hours or maybe a tick over.

Holy smokes these are the biggest greens I have ever seen. Not only are they some of the biggest but have some of the largest slopes I have ever seen too. The are these little white spray painted dots that mark the edge of the green because the fringe and greens almost run together. I'm guessing this how it was done back in the day. I thought the greens were really smooth but slow. To me it doesn't seem like the grass on the greens on this course could ever get super fast. It seems like a much different type of putting surface than Trails and Dunes that I previously played.

Fairways are generous. I would say this course would be a place where a new golfer could play and enjoy because there is a lot of room here. I thought it would be very difficult to lose a ball here. The conditions were very good here too. Nice roll out on drives but you'll get some slopes and little pot bunkers that you'll have to deal with.

As I indicated earlier there is a lot of space here but the rough very much like Bandon is more of the sand dunes. You'll find your ball but may have to play off such a lie. There are a couple of places you don't want to miss like a few gorge bushes.

I was in one greenside bunker and I literally could not see the flag stick but like 40 yds away. I was just happy to get out of that. Course has some deep natural looking bunkers. Like the Bandon course the sand is pretty similar, more firmer.

Played 3 courses at the resort and I think I played 3 different courses in a sense. I like the resort can offer this bit of a variety to keep things fresh. Course is a little unique in the first 2 holes and the tee shot on 3 are on one side of a ridge along with the last 2 holes. The remaining holes are more exposed to the ocean on the other side of the ridge. Was a few degrees cooler and a little more wind over there too.
Played on Wed and teed off a little after 11 on what I would consider an outstanding day at the coast. Overcast, a light wind and mild temps were a welcome to the heat wave that hit the day we came in. I'd say about 1/2 the golfers were wearing shorts and half were wearing pants.

I'd say Bandon was my favorite on this trip but I didn't play Pacific or Sheep Ranch. I just like these courses on the coast with the scenic views.

Greens were great. Balls really do not make a mark when hitting these greens. In fact I don't recall fixing a ball mark all day. I don't think the greens are too gimmicky here but compared to the Punch Bowl I guess nothing is. I will say some putts did break more or less than I may have thought but it wasn't like I was putting over the whale buried in the middle of the putting green. Putts probably rolled at medium pace nothing really fast or slow.

Fairways are nice. Good grass and coverage. Much bigger than I remember from my previous time here. There might be some bare spots here and there but nothing I thought that was in play or big enough to be concerned about. I was told that the don't want the divots to be replaced because they have a crew that comes out and fills in the divots with sand.

Rough is more of the dunes and not necessarily the long grass that I'm typically used to so it was interesting to hit out of that. Also kind of unpredictable because I had no idea how the ball would come out.

I find it hard to believe I'm writing this but I wasn't in a typical bunker all day so I can't comment on those but it looks like the sand is on the firmer side. That would make sense since any fluffy sand would get blown away with any significant wind.

I didn't mention this in my Trails review but unless you play here quite a bit the caddies are extremely helpful. Even on Trails, here, and Old Mac there were some lines that they told me to take that I never would have guessed by standing on the tee box or even believed if I was looking at a yardage book.
Played yesterday with an 10ish tee time. Finished in 4 1/2 hours and really we didn't see the group in front of us or behind us. With Monday being very warm (over 90 degrees) we expected some warm temps. It was a little cooler but we were told that there was a fire that started in Napa over the weekend that was pushing up the smoke which caused a hazy look to the course. The sun even had the orange glow to it.

Greens were pretty great even though I 3 putted 4 times out here. I think what messed me up was going to the Punch Bowl the day before. I thought the greens might be a little slower than I usually play but were very smooth. The greens themselves are pretty firm and I hit some high shots that didn't seem to make a ball mark.

Fairways were pretty good too. Some might be a little longer than normal but that is more the exception than the norm. Good coverage, I don't remember that many bare spots or areas that needed attention.

Rough (native areas) was actually not bad to hit from. You do risk it going into this stuff as there is some big areas of grass where ball could be lost. I was fortunate not to find any.

I was in one greenside bunker and it was pretty soft. Fairway bunkers seemed like a darker type of sand, almost dirt like color. I think the design really played into the natural surroundings.

For a drink I recommend the Bandon Pale, that was a pretty good treat after the round. I didn't like this course the last time I played here over 10 years ago but I have a better appreciation for the course now. Even though this is on the property it feels completely different than the Dunes courses. There is more tree lined holes which is a nice change for the courses here.
Played last weekend and I'd say the conditions are pretty similar to my last review before the punching.

Greens were a little slower than normal. When I made a ball mark there seemed to be a little bit sand right under the grass so I'm guessing the sand hasn't worked its way all the way down in the soil yet. I'm also guessing that this is contributing to the slower than normal pace. Some ball mark spots here and there, kind of typical I'd say.

Fairways are ok. Good roll on them and 50/50 on divots being filled in. I'm just wondering how much care will be put in these next couple of weeks with the overseeding scheduled.

Rough is completely playable, everything is a green light. I really don't remember seeing any real thick rough anywhere and believe me I only hit 1 fairway so I had ample opportunities to explore the rough.

Tees boxes were good and level with the exception of #8. That one needs to be completely redone. It seem there is more dirt than grass and I have no clue as to why. The back tee box is fine as is the front tee box but the middle one is gone.

FYI the course will be closed 9/29-10/1 for overseeding only. I'd say for a resident rate its ok but I'd certainly wait if I were a non-resident to play here.
Played the last 2 days. One in a tournament and one causal play. On Sunday we were the 6th group out and it took about 5 hours to play. In that heat it felt like 8 hours. Didn't see anyone slow out there i think the heat just took its toll on everyone. Yesterday we were 3rd out and finished at 4 hours. Sadly the group behind us was at least 3 holes behind us.

Greens are not too bad but a little on the slower side than I like. They healed better than I thought coming out of punching but I'd still like to see them rolled and cut a little tighter. Some putts were a little wobbly rolling to the hole that I thought was due to the length of the grass not the break of the putt.

Fairways are good. Pretty good lies but again like the greens I'd like them a mowed a little tighter. Still some good roll on drives and the usual amount of divots for here.

The rough is a mixed bag. There are some areas that are pretty bare and dry and then there are areas that the USGA is testing out for the US Open next year. So you got these polar opposites and everything else in between. I did post a picture on the GK app on the rough that was really deep.

In my previous reviews I made a comment about the traps being soft and while they don't seem as soft as then there were a couple of buried lies. With the local rules due to COVID being able to place the ball within a club length does mitigate this.

Course is due for punching (again) and overseeding at the end of October. North is being overseeded in a couple of weeks so there is not much time to get out here. Probably ok to check out if you're a resident but I'd hold off if I was a non-resident for now.
Had a tee time for this morning for 2, me and a buddy. My buddy cancelled last night (I didn't get it until this morning). Upon arriving at the golf shop I was told that since I was a single golfer that I am not allowed to play. I thought he was referring to walk ons which I know they do not allow now but this is even true if you have a tee time. I was pretty shocked and had to leave. I checked their website and this is not mentioned as one of their COVID precautions. So just FYI make sure you have someone. I on the other hand will not return here given this piss poor customer service and lack of communication. So long AB.
Played yesterday and teed off a little after 8. Pace of play was pretty good, we finished in a little over 4 hours. I agree with the last couple of reviews. The course is very nice right now and with this heat we have been getting they have still been able to maintain very good playing conditions.

There are some areas around the greens that are bare but those were marked with spray painted blue dots and we were able to take relief from it. Greens rolled well. Not the fastest I've seen here but still I'd say slightly above a medium pace. Just a few ball marks here and there but generally it looked like golfers had repaired their marks.

Fairways were pretty nice to hit from. Again with the heat there are going to be some bad spots but generally you'll have a good lie all day.

Rough isn't too bad and generally won't impact your club decision but I did have a lie that I decided not to try and muscle out and just hit a higher lofting club out to get back in play.

I seemed to find every bunker that was in the middle of the fairway (#3, #10, and #15). So much for aiming to the middle... Fairway bunkers a little firmer than the greenside bunker. The sand was a little firmer than I expected and I was in a greenside bunker too. They all did look pretty consistent too.

Even though I played poorly the course was very enjoyable and I'm looking to get back up here before the fall maintenance.
Played this past Saturday and teed off a little before 7. I must be getting nostalgic because this is another course the last time I played predates joining GK. Needless to say father time has killed a few of my brain cells and I don't remember much of the course. But I did remember the uphill par 4 and uphill might be an understatement.

Greens were way too overwatered. I get we are in the middle of this heat but we had a couple balls plugged on their approach shot. Obviously the greens were very very soft. I'm a heavy set guy (ok I'm fat) and I felt bad walking on the green because my footprint were all over the green. The pace was just ok, not really fast and not really slow.

Fairways and rough are about the same and you'll probably have a lot of different lies throughout the day. Wet grass, dry grass, hardpan, dirt, weeds, gopher holes are just some of the lies you may get during your round. Side note did have a friendly encounter with a snake about 15 ft from my ball on 14. I found out I can't hit a ball with my eyes looking out of the back of my head.

I was in one bunker and the sand looked like dirt. It's a really dark color sand. It actually played good though. I was able to thump it and get some spin on that.

I read a lot of reviews that talk about unlevel tee boxes and always thought those were picky but these tee boxes are in need of some serious leveling. Might be the worst set of tee boxes I've encountered in recent memory.

After playing I remember why I don't come here. Just an odd course in my opinion and not my particular cup of tea. I'm not a huge fan of in course OB markers because to me if you need those then that was a poorly designed hole. When you say "muni" this is what I picture. It's cheap, $40 walking on a weekend is certainly attractive. But the course leaves a lot to be desired and a little too far for me to justify.
Played this past weekend before the punching scheduled tomorrow and Wednesday. Overall decent conditions. Course is playing the easiest I've seen since it reopened. Greens are ok but there are way too many unrepaired/poorly repaired ball marks. Greens were a little slow in my opinion but I'm a terrible putter so take it for what its worth. I really hope that the punching will help heal these greens up.

Fairways are ok. There are some unfilled divots and some that are filled in.

Rough is generally not penalizing. There were a couple of areas that the mowers did not address because that part was wet so they were keeping the mowers out of those areas.

Some of the bunkers had been raked and some hadn't. Just in this day and age it's hard to expect every bunker to be raked prior to play.

Probably wait 4 weeks to let the course heal before coming back out.
Played today a little after 8 and man was it foggy for nearly the whole d%mn time out there. I don think we clearly see the group ahead until 14. This contributed to the slow pace today, pretty close to 5 1/2 hours I believe.

It’s a shame that they are punching on Tuesday and Wednesday because the course is really in great condition with the Cal Am here last week. There were some really gnarly areas in the rough.

North is being punched mid August so it wait 4-5 weeks before coming out.
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