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Played a free b-day round here Wednesday at 8:15. Walked on as a single and was put in the next group out, finishing in just under 4 hours. Course is not a hard walk, except a few long stretches betwee a few holes and a couple of short hills.
Greens had some speed, and overall rolled well, although a couple bumpy spots here and there due to unrepaired marks. Fairways are decent. All green, yet not the smoothest to hit from. Rough was very inconsistent. Some areas were really thick, where you had to go iron, where as some areas were bare. Tee boxes were decent, and no experience today in a bunker but looked pretty nice. My only complaint was the amount of little gnats around, caused me to back away from a shot or two here and there, was very annoying. Layout is nothing too exciting, but not a bunch of the same holes with different numbers on them either.

Green River Golf Club Course Review
Corona California Golf Course Reviews
Played my annual round here, since it is free on your b-day week. It is the only time I play this course. Went out at 11:40 and finished in just under 2 hours. I went as a single and caught a 2 some at hole 15, playing my way through 1 group on the front. This place still has the absolute worse fairways and rough I have ever seen. So many bare areas. and thick patches of rough, mixed in with bare dirt. They have done some work on the greens and these actually look really nice at this time. Roll well, with more break than you can see. I gotta give them a little credit for that as well as the bunkers, which are fluffier than I remember. Unfortunately, you have to use the unlevel tee boxes, bare fairway, and patchy rough to get to the greens... Will be back May 2013 for my next free round.

Azusa Greens Country Club Review
Azusa California Golf Course Reviews
Great course and conditions. Tee'd off at 1:45 and finished just under 4 hours. Fairways are the best I seen in the Inland Empire and LA. No noise, good spacing between tee times, very peaceful feeling. Tee boxes and bunkers were taken care off. Greens are a bit firm, quick speed, and looks taken care of beside a few areas of unrepaired ball marks by inconsiderate golfers. Rough is easy to hit from. I've played here once before and will go back at the next opportunity. Can't say enough good things about this course. A nice walking course, as it is very flat. Lots of fun to be had here.

Goose Creek Golf Club Review
Riverside County California Golf Course Reviews
Always a fun layout to play. Starts out pretty mild, then the 1st half of the back 9 comes to kill your round. Greens are being 1/2 aerated, so 1/2 are good right now, and makes you a pin hunter. Greens should be fully back in a couple weeks. Fairways & tee boxes are muni decent. Not bad, not great. Fairway is all green, just the grass isn't always the best. Rough is inconsistent, great in places, and mediocre in others. I come here a couple times a year, as it is an interesting layout to play, but a slow game here typically.

Mountain Meadows Golf Course Review
Pomona California Golf Course Reviews
I love this track. This style where you get lots of roll and can putt from about a mile out works well for me. Course is in great shape and about to be worked on more in another week or so. Greens are the name of the game here. Lightening quick and firm. Lob it in or easy bump and runs here. Course knowledge is huge here, but this place will make a 1st time visitor an easy returning client. Some adjoining fairways where you may need to watch out for another person's slice. Can't wait to get back here.

Rustic Canyon Golf Course Review
Ventura County California Golf Course Reviews
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This course looks like it has been manicured by someone with OCD. Tee boxes were pristine, fairways were amazing, and even the rough looked even and if cut by a hairstylist giving flattops. Greens were very very fast and has a bit more break than meets the eye. Course layout is very nice, and some course knowledge would come in great. Many times there are adjoining fairways, so your slice/hook may still find a fairway.
Customer Service is great. Meet you at your car to take your bag, then give you a pager to let you know when to leave the free range and proceed to the tee box. Would definitely play here again when there is a deal, as it can get pricey here.

Indian Wells Golf Resort Review
Indian Wells Golf Course Reviews
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Interesting little track in great condition. Tee to green was very green. Fairways looked nice, but I was in the rough more than not, and the rough was perfect for me. Nice, lush, and easy to hit out of. Long string of par 4's on the back 9, but it still feels mixed up as some are very short to decent length. Check the weather before you go, as the heat made it a bit draining, but in decent weather, it would be a great track.

Eagle Falls Golf Course Review
Indio California Golf Course Reviews
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Fun short course. Many short par 3's that are drivable or almost drivable. Course is in decent condition right now. Fairways are green, but can be a little thin. Rough can be 1 to 5 inches depending on the hole. Greens were pretty smooth, but slower than usually, although they are aerating in a week. Fun little layout. Easy to walk the front 9, but a few holes on the back can get tiresome with the hills. Some course knowledge is great here. Will be back. a 10 minute late start and a 5 hour round, but nothing I'm complaining about for this course.

Alhambra Golf Course Review
Los Angeles California Golf Course Reviews
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A pretty relaxing course here when the wind isn't blowing. Went on a email special of $29 including a cart at 11 am, finished up at 3:20. Wind didn't hit till about 2:30, but it wants as bad as I thought. Front 9 is interesting with 3 par 3's, 4's, and 5's. Lots of tree trouble here. It isn't a special course to travel to, but a decent track to visit for locals. Fairways are decent, but can get thin. Greens are often a bit bumpy, but look good. Rough is hit or miss, but easy to get out of. Practice greens have a completely different speed than the course greens.

Green River Golf Club Course Review
Corona California Golf Course Reviews
Nice course, and you get lots of time to enjoy it as most rounds are in the 5 to 5 1/2 hour range. Course is in great shape, especially considering the time of year. Greens are quick and for the most part roll true with an occasional bump here and there. Give a bit extra on the break. Fairways were great as well. Tee boxes are very nice, flat and can see they worked on this part. Didn't hit a bunker today, but looked nice. I like the layout here, and mostly a flat course with an occasional hill or two if you spray your ball, and a big hill on the par 3 hole 9. I like the layout and will be back again, since 26 to walk during the week.

Diamond Bar Golf Club Review
Diamond Bar Golf Course Reviews
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Had a fun quick round here, just under 4 hours. In these winter conditions, this course stands out among the rest. Still great fairways and rough. Greens were challenging and hard to read. Seems like the shady holes are noticeably slower than the sunny ones. I like the layout and generous fairways. Not a overly long course. Not a heavy slicers course either as homes line most holes. Quickly becoming a favorite.

Sierra Lakes Golf Club Review
Fontana California Golf Course Reviews
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Never know what you will get here in regard to pace of play, but expect it overall to be slow. Somedays I can do it in 4 1/2. Today was not the case. Tee'd off on a weekday at 11:45, and finished at 5:20. Dang near 6 hours. They throw out tee times 6 minutes apart. One 2nd hole, there was a group putting, a group ready to tee off, a group waiting, then our group waiting. Never got any better until about hole 17, when only 1 group waiting.
Conditions are pretty decent though from Tee to Green, even in this weather. Greens are a bit bumpy, but from unrepaired ball marks. Fairways and rough are typical San Dimas decent. They are doing some repair to the cart path in a few areas, so make sure you watch where you are driving. Cart got hit by another wayward ball from another group, which is not untypical for this place, especially on holes 5-6, 8-9, & 11-15.

San Dimas Canyon Golf Course Review
San Dimas California Golf Course Reviews
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