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Headed out to play Whispering Lakes this morning. Few guys from the shop wanted to play this place as it is never in any play rotation. I haven't played here since the 90's so the clubhouse being gone and the flipped 9's was new.

Man, this place. Yes its inexpensive, however, hmmmm.

The course was patchy in spots but they are watering it like crazy. Lots of maintenance guys doing their thing. Some of the tee boxes were pretty raunchy, like I was a little surprised. Like, they just dropped the tee markers anywhere. On hole 12 I was like d%mn ! this is considered the rough in most spots and it was a tee box.

The traps were all wet, all 3 I was in and all my friends were in. Just like that am cement style from the sprinklers. They do water this course.

The greens were slow but a lot better than some of the other 35/40 dollar places you'll play locally. Santa Anita being one. The greens are small and flat so its a peaceful putting round without getting into too much trouble. They were seeding some of the greens on the back when we were out there as well.

Pace of play was ok, it was a little busy out. Great value for 24 bucks to walk.
Late day round at Marshall Canyon

What can I say that hasn't been said?

Fairways and tee boxes aren't the best. The greens, all things considered, for a late day round
they were still quick and for sure tricky. Like annoying tricky. I know Marshall Canyon isn't always the best but its still nice to get out and play. Lastly, lots of deer out, if you're a deer hunter you might want to check this place out.
Hit up Encino for a 6am tee time. Just old guys and death out there that early morning.

I totally get maintenance and all but today was ridiculous. We play the first couple of holes and then on hole 4, worker guys are standing on the green going over things as were waiting to play into the green. Like they knew we were waiting and they were like, no, I'll be a cigar store Indian and just hold up the pace of play and chat about bent grass and weed. So we wait. then we wait. Then we play.

FFW to a couple of holes later and the tractor guy is on us in the fairway. Like right behind us. It reminded me of the movie Cars when the tractor Frank was after them. I look back like, Dude! Let me hit this shot so you can keep mowing. He waits, half idles the mower and now I gotta hit a good shot because he's waiting. I hit a nice second tip my cap and move on.

Literally, the next hole, another guy is doing the tee boxes. I'm like, d%mn !, Augusta is closed and the Masters is coming here! I wonder if Tiger will sign my chest?

I totally get we were out early and theres 2 courses, blah blah blah. I'm not a retard, however, the constant work was kind of a bummer.

Fairways were usual muni and the rough was whatever. The sand was also soft but its like cheap playground sand and not the nice cocaine sand but it was still sand so not complaining.

Tee boxes were decent and the greens were very nice. The greens rolled well, not too hoppy at all and looked lush. Pin placements were fair and friendly all day.
Course was busy and the range was packed. Saturday golf man.

850 tee time for our mens club tournament.

Harding is in really nice condition. The fairways are good with some dry spots but its also
California in the middle of summer. The rough around the greens is a killer. Again, the Kikuyu
makes look like its the fluffiest lie then before you know it you'll TC Chen the hole. The rough around the greens is just frustrating at times. Also, not missing greens could solve this problem.

Greens, the greens were nice and smooth today. even later day foot traffic the greens were nice, Its funny to see the big difference between Harding and Wilsons greens. Harding looked more for the taking yet the breaks were so subtle and confusing.

Excellent day for golf and another solid round in the books.
Hit up Wilson this morning for my regular ass whipping.

850 Tee Time on a beautiful LA morning, what else could a person ask for?

Hit the first tee with the bros and play golf. Played well and hit some very sexual shots.
I also hit 3 shots so thin I could probably make communion wafers for the Catholic church.

The course looks really good. The Covid thing sucks but less foot traffic and more maintenance
getting done is cool. Ive been a member here for a few years and the course looks good,

The greens today rolled true and were fairly smooth. Couple of bummer holes when the guy was top watering the par 3 we were on but whatever, its not the Masters,

All in all , Wilson was solid and when those trees come in on a couple of holes the front will be back to whipping again.
Had a 7am tee time today to beat the gentle 100+ degree heat that was on deck for the day.

This was my first time playing here and was super impressed with the grounds. Great throwback feel with the palms and water that I was waiting for Frank Sinatra to come out with a martini and cigarette and grab my bag.

I head down to the range to hit some balls and roll some putts. Hit the first tee and smacked a driver, played the hole like a pro then realized these greens had been punched. I should have checked BEFORE I made the reservation. Of course it was on Greenskeeper in big letters however, my research is about as good as my putting is. So Plinko for the balance of the day it was.

The course layout was nice and in decent condition although there was a lot of maintenance workers all through the course all day and on a lot of holes.

For sure would love to play here again with non punched greens and less landscaping.
Played here for the first time. Had a 7am tee time.

Checked in early to hit balls but the range was closed. I asked the starter about the range and he grumbled something about people being together and that the range is 700 feet from the starter. He mentioned the distance a few times, almost as if he was caddying my range session.
He didn't have to be a dick but maybe he was having a rough morning.

Rolled some putts on the practice green which was slow but at least true.

Tee'd off #1 and I was on my way. Course was in goodish condition but I'm sure its nowhere
near its prime winter time. Greens were slow like the putting green but at least rolled true.
Layout of the course is really fun and the views are super cool if you like the hollow soul the
desert topography creates. Looking forward to playing here again.
Played here July 13.

Lovely course. Always a treat playing in the desert vs playing the usual LA muni stuff.

Greens were slow as they looked punched a few weeks ago. The fairways and conditions were typical nice. The sand was still a little cocaine like which is helpful, because what you dont blade out in 2 you can snort.

The range was nice and the staff was helpful.

Bring water and your own cooler as this is not available because of the Covid.

It was hot finishing at 1030am. I mean like, hell hot.
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