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Played 5/28 at 0700. Check in quick/efficient.
All on course areas in great shape. Real sand in bunkers!
We were allowed to just play with no prowling marshals
checking our faces (no masks). Remember, this is in LA county!
Exceptional great rate for walking seniors and this is not a tough
course to walk!!!
Always love my visits to San Dimas Canyon.........
Check in this morning was not to streamlined. I am sure they are working on processing
golfers as quickly as possible. Spreads between groups seem to be 20 mins, providing
plenty of safe spacing. Ground crew is still trying to hack down the rough and producing
large tufts of cut grass to hide balls in.
Forget any maintenance in bunkers. They look abandoned to the grass coming up thru what
sand is in them. Greens had many UNFIXED ball marks as if the bozos playing don't much
appreciate being back to the game I enjoy.
Ambassador seemed to be prowling about ostensibly checking space between groups. Thankfully, masks were not required on the course, but around the clubhouse you
better have it on!
Played with my "Thursday" group and started half hour late
because of senior mens club start as a shotgun on the back nine.
I understand why the last foursome was last!
This was close to a 5 hour round due to the "managing" of groups.
I don't care how much food they offer here (incentive to play), it will
be another year or so before I come back!
Sad that we have lost so many good courses here in the IE and this is
what we are offered to play.
Shandin Hills management...………..GIVE A CRAP......PLEASE!!!
Course is severely up and down. Some very intimidating holes and some not so
much. Regardless of how much pre-round planning you do, when the wind is
UP, its all out in the desert! 20-30 for most of the round wasn't fun but nature
has a way of sobering the best players. Club selection is absolutely critical!
"Clean club" dude at the 18 green was unnecessary. Give us the option at cart
turn in rather than mandating it. Some of us keep a tidy bag during course of play.
Limited warmup/practice facilities. Wolfpack ale is good...
Due to location, cell service is spotty and apps don't always operate properly.
Our club tournament was held here June 2,18. Even though we were
a small group (24 players) this facility provided small gift bags and
helped keep us hydrated with bottles of iced water.
Very good practice facility and 19th hole.
Tourney director Jimmy was most hospitable along with all staff members!
Views from some holes and the clubhouse are outstanding...…...
Our golf club (IEGA) played Sat. Aug 5 with 35 players. Another club was put out at the same
time on the same back nine with a similar amount of players.
This produced a SIX (6) hour round! There was no "pace" to be found since the forward club dictated what became a painfully long day at REDHAWK!!
Great management by the tournament director!
Their little grill was way behind the 8 ball on keeping up with our orders once we did finish. Dreadfully long day of golf but I am
sure they are pleased at what they collected.
Arriving very early,we were put out as "bunnies" [2nd group off] after they could not find our
tee time I had made one week earlier. I guess we were so early that they didn't even have
time to open the restroom facilities but thankfully they have 1 (one) CAN behind the 3rd green.
General conditions are OK with the exception of rough that was inconsistent. I know its a "county" course but it doesn't take much to have the ground crew cut around tree wells and
eliminate the tufts of excessively long rough where balls can disappear too easily!!!
Tee boxes were chewed up but it always seems to come down to the greens which were OK.
Didn't use it but they have a very good practice facility. Got food at the turn and should have
phoned it in because they are in no hurry to help the "playing thru" golfer..
Thank God my 4some only plays here once a year!!
My club played our monthly tournament 7/15. This was our 1st time using this property and
some of us previewed it several weeks ago. We were glad we did because this track requires
a few rounds to get the lay of the land and feel comfortable with lines of some hole layouts.
Very good design for where it is situated with many rolling fairways, perched greens and only
two water features. Many fairway woods and long irons off tees. Fun/fair course..............
I played Mt. Meadows day before Thanksgiving. Lots of players making play slower at 0700.
The gentleman from Palos Verdes is correct. I could not see the ocean from the many high points of this golf course. I only saw the greater Pomona valley and the San Gabriel mountains
including Baldy and Cucamonga peaks. Very boring on a great fall day. I like playing most of the county courses on the eastern border of LA county. That's made all the better when I only pay $16.50 weekday rate to WALK this course!
Played 7/9 with monthly golf club. Received excellent service from all staff personnel
especially Rob Glickman.
Greens were the only spotty part of game due to bare spots which affected putting lines.
Always like this course but it does play at its best in the cooler months of the year.
I was advised by staff that due to spotty fairways, they accept "bumping" the ball to
grassy lie. Ya gotta love it!!
I would have to play this course multiple times to understand the proper lines to play in order to score well. I understand Nick&Jims' evaluation and partially agree. Kevin caught
my ear with his "gps or yardage book" comment. There is the hook. Why should management pay the big bucks for gps when they can sell a book for 10 bucks?. Don't forget, they are in the business of providing and recouping on their investment. Takes lots of capital to run this establishment.
Crap! I forgot, we are supposed to be fair and generous in our reviews of properties we play!
Sorry for getting off on a tangent.
A reflection of the old adage- "you get what you pay for"!
The glaring aggravation for me was no comfort station on the back 9!
Weak bladders require attention!
With the new clubhouse has come a problem with kitchen/desk staff.
Checking in at 7AM I was told there was no cook available for the advertised
breakfast burro to help start my day/round.
On the 9th teebox I called the clubhouse to order my b-fast and never received
an answer. Consequently, when I "made the turn" I put in my order and 10mins
later and one group let thru I received my food.
With no scheduled breakfast cook and no desire to take phone orders the two
young women try to be as helpful as possible acting as wait/starter staff.
Would someone there please manage the process and set some procedures
to accommodate the guests going thru the clubhouse??
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