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Got out yesterday 10/20 to play in the afternoon. Course is in beautiful shape regarding tee boxes, fairways and rough. The bunkers are okay. The greens are recovering from aeration about 2-2.5 weeks ago they still need some time, very bumpy and slow, especially in the afternoon. This course should be in great shape for November and December once the greens heal up.
Noticed Shady Canyon hadn't been reviewed in a few years and I was lucky enough to get out to play on 10/6/2020. The course is immaculate. If you haven't played it and get the chance I highly recommend it, it's number 1 in Orange County for me personally and its not very close. Greens are as good as it gets. Conditioning is fantastic tee to green. Layout is fun and challenging. Customer service is top notch. Driving range is fantastic, as is the chipping green out on the range, and the massive putting green by the first tee box. Highest Recommendations.
Played out here 3 days ago on 6/14 early in the morning. Course was about what the previous reviewer stated. Generally good conditions definitely nothing like prime winter out here around january to march but solid. Fairways were nice starting to brown in areas but very playable. Rough was good again also a little dry. Only difference I would say was for us the greens were definitely drying out and the speed was very slow, although still pretty smooth. Good tough layout with tons of water off the tee. Wouldn't over-pay for this one right now due to the greens but not bad if you live in the area.
Got the opportunity to play Hacienda today, I had heard really good things about this place and it lived up to the expectations. Course is lush, in top notch condition. What a great design with such a variety of holes. Greens are amazing, bent grass, sign said 10.5 but everyone in the group felt they were a touch faster. Really no complaints, such a hidden gem back there, would love to play here on the regular if I could. Clubhouse is set up on top of a hill with a great view. Felt like a mini-riviera out there. Highly recommend if you ever have the opportunity.
Walked the north course yesterday 5/17/2020 at 8:50am. We knew the course had punched about 5 days prior and therefore had low expectations for the greens. To our surprise, although they had alot of sand on them and looked bad, they actually were firm and rolled surprisingly smooth at medium speeds, really never saw any major bounces offline throughout the day. Fairways were great, full coverage with a few browning spots here and there. Rough was definitely much less penal than in the winter around PGA tournament time, easy to play out of for the most part, occasional tough spots. Some tee boxes have also been punched with sanding didnt affect play much. Weather was great as was the POP at about 4:15. If you're paying the high out of town prices you might want to wait for the greens to heal for another 2 weeks but they really played as well as most courses in Orange County.
Played the north this morning at 7:45. The course is doing single rider carts with face masks being worn around the clubhouse at common areas. Range was open, putting green was open. Both courses seemed pretty filled up.

Course looks really nice right now. Fairways are mowed and are in great shape, super nice. Greens are also in very nice shape, smooth, medium-fast speed maybe slightly faster than they look. They did a light sand top dressing this morning but really didn’t affect much. Rough is deep in some spots, patchy in others. Bunkers are horrible mud/dirt. If you can avoid the bunkers, course is in very good shape. Pace of play was right about 4-4:15 which is much better than normal out here.
Played San Clemente today, walking around 1145. Due to COVID they are walking only, no carts right now. No masks required. They have NO FLAGSTICKS IN. Don't know if that is a city requirement but I find it impossible to play that way, really no idea where to aim until youre within 15 yards of the green so good luck on making birdies like that. They have the cups flipped upside down so the ball drops in a little bit.

Course conditions were nice, fairways were full and ball always sits up great. Rough was deeper than normal and bordered the fairways nicely. Greens looked full and healthy but definitely were slow and needed a mow.

Bottom line if they mow the greens tighter and put the flagsticks in this place will be great.
Walked Mesa Linda this morning 4/30/2020. The maintenance crew was out there! Man never seen so many mowers going at once. The fairways that were mowed were very nice, rough was bordering the fairways nicely, pretty deep and heavy for the most part, put hitting fairways at a premium which is kinda rare out here. Greens were in great shape, best putting surfaces I've seen since the re-openings, smooth and medium-fast, not riddled with ball marks yet because of the lack of play. Tee boxes are okay, bunkers are okay. Only problem is after all the mowing there is tons of dry grass in the rough and fairways, tough to find some balls in it. Pace of play right at 4 hours.

As of todays round, COVID restrictions have the range closed, putting green closed, walking only, requiring masks, and also has a waiver to sign at the pro-shop that is available to print out online and recommended to sign before you show up. Would definitely recommend getting out to either course right now at costa mesa.
Got out to Tijeras Creek yesterday 4/28/2020 at 2pm. Course is allowing single rider carts unless youre from the same household then you may ride together. No masks required while playing, just 6 foot social distancing. Range at every other stall open. Putting green and chipping green were open as well.

Course is in nice shape, fairways, rough and tee boxes all have good coverage. Greens look nice but definitely were on the slow side, could use a mow and roll. Fairways could also use some mowing, definitely had a few lies with grass behind the ball in the fairway. Overall course is in nice shape, greens show no signs of aerification. Pace of play was great at 4 hours which seems to be rare for twilight out here regardless of the day.
Arroyo Trabuco is back open with single rider carts and walking. Course has really gotten everything in amazing shape during the shutdown. Greens show some minimal signs of the recent aeration but rolled smooth medium speed. Fairways are near perfection everywhere. Bunkers are much improved with good consistent sand. Rough is not too penal but in good shape. About as good of conditions as you could ask for out here and some good weather coming up.
Got lucky enough to head back out to the golf course today teeing off around 9am. Other than being thrilled to be back outside with good weather this will be more based on the course conditions.

Course completed their aerification during the closure and greens are far from recovered, definitely the most disappointing part of the day, very slow, bumpy, and inconsistent hole to hole. Bunkers are awful, right there with a low-point on the course. Some areas of rough are mown down, and they are mown very tight, I would say much too short or the rough hasn't been touched at all like number 1 with 6 inches of thick stuff. There's potential for this course to be in very nice shape in a couple weeks, maybe the re-opening wasn't expected this quickly because the course was definitely rough around the edges. Fairways are solid for the most part, maybe the highlight, but multiple holes have hard pan and sand areas in the middle of the fairway. Would I come back out to play for about 55 bucks? Absolutely, its not in horrible shape, but if there are other options opening up I would try and find somewhere else with better greens right now. Again, super excited to be back out there playing, but conditions were spotty.

As far as COVID, they require face coverings out there and it is single rider carts. They did have a few mats open on the range to hit some balls
Played the South course on 2/26/2020 teeing off at 10:30am. Greens out here are great right now, they're firm and very quick and rolling true definitely the highlight of playing out here. I found the fairways to be in very good shape, not thin, sure there are a few bare spots here and there but for the most part lies were great. Rough is definitely patchy around the edges. Bunkers are bad, would love to see them go through and replace all the bunker sand out here, course would look great. Pace of play is always the problem I've had out here, even a Wednesday I guess. 2:45 to play the front, slightly faster on the back nine to finish in about 5:10, mainly because a couple groups in front quit after 9 holes. Only 35 bucks with cart booked straight on their website is a great value for this course during the week.
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