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Played as a threesome November 14 with a 7:20 tee time from the white tees. POP was right at 4 hours with the course doing a good job of spacing out tee times every ten minutes. Check in was easy and straight forward with COVID protocols in place. Mask needed in side at check in.

Tee boxes where in fine shape, some divot damage but never had trouble finding a place to hit from. 6/10

Fairways were a little on the thin side, but had decent coverage throughout. 6/10

Rough was a mix between 2-3 inches and not being able to tell the difference from the fairway. 5/10.

Sand traps were in decent shape considering there were no rakes, a little hard for my liking though. However, there was a grounds member out on the course smoothing out the traps. 5/10.

Greens were the highlight of the day. Held shots well and even left ball mark on the long eighth hole after going with a driver off the deck to reach the green. Putted smooth, but slower then old River Ridge greens before the new management took over. Also had a pool noodle in the bottom of the cup as has become the standard with COVID protocols. 7.5/10.

Restaurant was closed, but did see the cart girl once during the round. A good time was had by all, will return and can recommend.
Played the Vineyard course with three friends the morning of May 18th. Had an 8:02 tee time and went off right on time. Played an about 4 hours with a relaxing pace. Didn't have to wait and really wasn't pushed by the group behind.

Played the white tees and they were were all in pretty good shape except for maybe the 11th hole, which had an up slope like and felt it caused the ball to launch higher than normal costing a slight amount of distance.

Greens putted smooth. Sign said playing at about a 10.5 and that seems about right. Fairway was in great shape and the rough the same playing maybe and inch thick but getting deeper the further you got from the fairway.

Was only in one bunker and it was a great condition and gave no problems coming out.

Would play again and recommended at this time.
Played as a foursome on Saturday morning the 14th with a 9:06 tee time. The course was crowded and the starter informed us upon getting to the first tee that they were going to let the group in front get a little lead on us and sent us off 10 minutes late. It really didn't help and by the third hole we were stacked up on the tee box. Waited on a few shots throughout the day, and the group behind was on us. But POP was still around 4 and a half hours so not that bad.

Course is in fair shape. Fairways were in good shape, lush with few bare spots. Rough was much of the same, without being to penal. Was in a few traps and they had were somewhat hard packed, but played fair. Tee boxes mostly level and some of the par 3's had considerable divot damage, but they didn't hinder finding a place to tee it up.

The greens could use some work. They had a fungus and was told by the starter and head's up posted here that they are going to aerate a few of the greens. Ball marks not much of a problem, but the fungus caused many puts to bounce of line and they putted extremely slow for what I am used to at either River Ridge course.

I really enjoy the layout, it can be a tough walk with some of the holes being a hike between green to the next tee, and some holes having decent little hills to climb. For the next couple of weeks I would stay away with the greens problems and the Cowboys coming to town for training camp the par 5 13th hole will become a short par 3. After that I would recommend and will be back.
Played out at Sandpiper with two of my buddies Saturday morning at 9:00. Pace of Play was right around 4 hours following a threesome, but hardly waiting on any shots, and not really being pushed by the group behind who was a hole behind most of the day. Two of us walked and both agreed that while the course it is walkable there are some holes that would make us think of taking a cart next time.

Customer service was excellent from the Proshop, cart attendent, beverage cart and restaurant after.

The tee boxes where in excellent shape with very few divots, lush and level. Fairways had a couple of spots that were thin, but were mostly in great shape and never had anything but a cushy lie.

Rough was inconsistent from lush to higher level weeds, but I am not a fan of punishing a course review for inconsistent rough since it is supposed to be penal and what better way to make it penal than having it play differently on different holes.

Traps were in good shape, some a little firm and others soft, but never really had a problem playing out of them.

The greens were the highlight of the course, (besides from the views) rolling quick, with very few balls marks. Definitely, need to be below the hole here. On one hole I was about 10 feet above the hole and barely tapped the ball and it rolled out to about 8 feet past when all was said and done.

The views are spectacular and without them, the course would still be fun and playable, it just wouldn't justify the rate. I have wanted to get out here for a while now, and am glad I did. I would play this course more often if it was a little cheaper and closer, but think it will make the rotation at least once every year or so.
Played the course the morning of the 21st with my monthly golf buddy. We were joined by GK Member TMoney88. Had an 8:50 tee time and purchased a voucher for round and replay for $89 on Underpar. The course is worth that, but I wouldn't pay rack rate or much more than I did when deals can be found.

This was my first time playing the course and there is not much to add to Tommy's review, as I agree with his assessment. I really like the layout of the course and the feel of the resort. Very laid back atmosphere which I appreciate. Food in the pub was good, but felt could have been better for the price. That has to do with the location though.

Definitely not a course that you can play the first time and expect to score well you need to know where to be off the tee. Something needs to be done with the 7th hole though. Maybe trim some of the trees that infringe on the approach or widen the fairway landing area. There just isn't much room in the fairway off the tee to hit and have a shot at the green.

Other than 7 the only other negative would be the group two in front of us for the replay was playing some sort of scramble and the best player couldn't hit it more than 100 yards and when we asked the starter to get out on the back first were told with an emphatic "NO". This was after waiting and hour eating lunch and while on the first tee for 30 minutes waiting for the group in front of us to be able to play, and seeing nobody come up 9 while we waited. I should have just gone out there. I am sure nobody would have noticed so we went back to one and just jumped up to 5 and played from there through 12 for the replay before deciding to call it a day.

If in the area and you get the chance I highly recommend playing here and will come back, when a deal can be had.
Played the Goose Saturday morning the 24th with a 9:15 tee time with a friend and one his friends and were joined by a nice single. POP was right around 4 hours playing at a leisurely pace with nobody in front slowing us down and nobody pushing from the back. The customer service was on point with a very friendly check in, down to the marshals, and the beverage girl who we saw multiple times.

I was a little concerned that the course would be a little soggy with all the rain we saw for the previous week in Ventura County, but the course either drains well or they didn't get a ton of rain as things weren't soggy in any areas and no puddles in the traps.

The fairways were in great shape, the ball rolled out nicely on drives and had great lies all day long, but there were some divots in some of the main landing areas. Played the whites since my buddy and his friend aren't long off the tees and they were in great shape. A few divots on the par 3's but that is to be expected. Grass was a great length and always had a flat spot to hit from they do a great job of moving the tees around to keep everything tip top. Sand traps ranged from being compact to super fluffy it depended on the trap and the lie, but I would say they were all in good to great shape. Rough was mostly about 2-3 inches in length, but the ball seemed to set up nicely so it's not like you had a terrible lie and you could get the club on it. The greens were outstanding. A well struck putt held their lines and the greens had few ball marks. It was a little confusing since I usually play in the morning and the greens seem to speed up throughout the day as they dry out, but for some reason the opposite happened hear and the greens slowed down as it got closer towards noon.

I great time was had and I can't wait to return, highly recommended.
Played Sunday morning the 24th with a 6:52 tee time with a friend of mine. Was paired up with another twosome that knew the routing of the course and were able to give some sight lines off of the tee boxes. POP was a little over 4 and a half hours, which I am told is great for the area on a weekend morning.

Tee boxes were fairly level and lush, not many divots to be had on any hole, and never had a hard time finding a good stance. Fairways were in great shape, it was like playing off carpet. They do seem to keep them cut fairly tight which is something that I am not used to and took a few holes to get used to, but once adjusted they were a pleasure to play from.

The rough was lush and I found it to be penal. Not overly long, but deep enough that your ball would sit down in it and made getting good contact a little difficult. Sand traps were in great shape, and I was in more than enough to get a good feeling on. Greenside, fairways you name it my ball seemed like it wanted to be at the beach and not on a golf course.

The greens were excellent, putted true and held shots well. Wish more people would take care of ball marks as that was my only complaint with the course, but my group seemed to clean several up per hole, so hopefully that helps.

I really enjoyed the layout, and not two holes really felt the same. I will definitely like to come back and play it again, now that I have a little knowledge of the course. Recommended.
Played as a replay on Saturday 6/24 with the first round being at Buena Ventura, cost for the replay was $20 and that included the cart. POP was just under 5 hours playing as a foursome at 2:00. I assume the course was busier than normal as Buena Ventura had a shotgun start at 2:00 and was closed for the tournament so they were sending all the walkons over to Olivas.

Overall the course was in great shape with tee boxes being level with minimal divot damage. Fairways were like carpet with great lies and the ball sitting up nicely. The rough was penal, but fair unless you found yourself in the extremely long stuff way off to the side. Greens had very little ball marks, putted fairly quick, but were getting bumpy, I assume it was just from the foot traffic earlier in the day. The sand was easy to blast out of and had enough base for it not to be problematic.

I enjoy this layout and course more each time I play it, and for the rate of $65 to play this after playing Buena Ventura in the morning I don't see how you could go wrong and I will be back.
Played Saturday morning 6/24 with an 8:27 tee time. Cost of the round was $45 as a Ventura County resident. POP was right around 4 hours without having to wait on many shots, playing as a foursome.

This is an easy course to walk with the tee boxes being next to many of the greens and the only distance between green and tee is 11 and 12, but it's not a very long walk.

Tee boxes were in good shape, divots on a good portion on the front side, but they also have several driveable holes, so I assume the shorter hitters prefer to lay up with an iron. Mostly level. Fairways were in great shape lush with not many bare areas to be found, and the ball sat up perfectly.

Rough was an inch to two inches long fairly lush, some bare spots, but not many. Could be a pain around the green if the ball was sitting down to get decent chips to stop near the hole, but I am by no means great at chipping. Bunkers were soft and had more than enough sand to blast out of. One or two of them looked damp and somewhat harder packed, but that was only by observation.

Greens putted true and rolled at a medium to fast pace. Not many balls marks to be found

Overall I really enjoy this course and as mentioned before there are several chances to hit up next to the green or even onto it on the front side as there are 4 par 4's on the front that are all around 300 yards, and the course doesn't ever really seem to be in poor shape. I will be returning in the future.
Played Sunday morning as a twosome with a buddy of mine with 9:00 tee time. Got paired with two really nice and good players Richard and Mike(weeman68). POP was just under 5 hours, without waiting on any shots walking from the white tees while the two who joined us walked the blues.

Greens were in great shape and rolled true. Very hard to putt here unless you play the course and have a little knowledge. With that said, I have only played here a handful of times with the last being over 2 years ago, so no knowledge for me. Tee boxes were level with good coverage, not really any bad areas that I could notice and had no problems finding a good place to hit from.

Fairways were in good shape, green but gave plenty of roll out, but not much padding under the ball like you would expect from a links style course. The rough is a mix between thin and hardpan to clumpy grass and can be very penal. If you get off the rough into the overgrown areas forget finding your ball as it could be high and think in places. Sand was in good condition in the bunkers and a joy to hit out of.

I really like this course and wouldn't mind playing it more often and would say now would be a great time to get out here. Just don't do it with new clubs that you are trying to get used to as it can make for a very long day.
Played Sunday morning as a twosome with a 7:52 tee time on a rainy morning. There was nobody there due to the rains and after hitting a warm up bucket the starter got us out early. The rains came during the night and continued till around the mid round.

POP was a little under 4 fours, but I took multiple shots are the greens from various spots on the fairways since no one was around and I just picked up new clubs and was trying to get some distances down. Had we played normally probably could have finished up in around 3 and a half hours. Seemed like we had the course to ourselves as there was one or two groups in front of us, but we only saw them at various times and nobody behind us for over three holes. Saw the Guru group going out as we were putting out on 17, but didn't get a chance to say hey.

Hard to give conditions of the course due to the fairways being wet and having standing water, but give it a few days and they will dry out. Fairways and rough were really green and in good shape. Greens held shots very well and rolled true. Putting was a little difficult as mentioned in some of the Guru reviews as they were wet and looked slow but putted fairly quick. Also some of the pins were in tricky spots and if you were above the hole at all good luck getting it to stop close.

Didn't make it in a bunker so couldn't comment on those, but they looked decent when I glanced in them. Major complaint here would be the tee boxes. Due to a shorter course many people play irons off some of the shorter par 4's so they some divot damage, as well as some were pretty unlevel. That being said all but one hole I was able to find a place to hit from that wasn't beat up and felt like I wasn't on a flat surface.

I really like this course, it allows you to work on shots with all your clubs, has some interesting par 3's and water comes into play on multiple holes. The conditions are usually fairly decent (not up to the same standards as some of the other courses in the area, but for an executive style course I think they are excellent and can't be beat), and it's only 5 minutes from my house. Walking is a breeze and I will be returning.
Played Saturday Morning with a 7:30 tee time as a twosome. Got out on time with a group in front that we waited on for the first few holes, but opened up after that. The group behind us was at coming up to the tee on two as we left the tee on three, and didn't see them again till about 15 when it looked like they were teeing off on 13 so it felt like we had the course to ourselves. POP was right about 4 hours which for a weekend round was great.

As others have stated and it seems like everyone does this course has two distant feels to it. Holes 1-11 wind through the hills and the native vegetation comes into play, while the final 7 are basically flat with a few gentle rolling fairways here and there.

Tee boxes were in good shape, I didn't notice that it was hard to place a tee like others have stated. Fairways had mostly good coverage dried out in some places, but not to the point of having a hardpan lie. Rough is either thick hard to find your ball type rough or the same as the fairway and mowed close. Wasn't in any sand, but my buddy was in one and it looked to be decent. The greens were soft and a medium speed. Some ball marks and bumps but not to bad. Putted true so can't complain about it to much.

I really want to like the layout, and for the price it wasn't great. Thank you Costco (2 rounds for $80, have to pay an extra 20 each for the early time on the weekend), but with Rustic right down the street and Moorpark a better target golf alternative, I see why it doesn't get the same amount of play and felt like there was hardly anyone out there.

Overall, I would say it's playable for the right price, and I will return, I just wish that the course felt more consistent (Mountain vs Flat).
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