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Played a tournament here where the group decided to lift, clean, and play in all sand traps. Hardly any sand. Aside from that, the course played decently.
Don't let this course fool you, it's long! Anyone can read that scorecard, but...and it's a big but!! Check out where the yardages are. Long par 4s, short par 5s! Even long hitters have difficult times reaching in GIR. Greens can be slick fast. Stay below the hole!
I haven't played this course in years but for some odd reason, I've played it 3 times within a month. Bottom line, love the layout of this course. No matter what the conditions, the layout is awesome. Greens??? That's the mystery! Sometimes is smooth, sometimes it's bumpy. If they just figure out the greens, this course is better than most courses around this zip code. The weather hasn't been hot enough yet but I'm assuming they are watering the hell out of the greens to preserve them. The first time I played it this year, the speed was lucky to be over 8. The second time, the speed was higher than 9. Last time?? IDK!!! I can't imagine it was faster than an 8. It's just slow and bumpy. Hard to be aggressive in putting. Overall, still, a great course to play. If you're considering this course for the first time, take your chance on this course. The views are awesome. If you've played here many times, maybe call ahead to get a better idea of the condtion of the green.
Played 36 holes on 7/6/22 from the Golds. Scored 86 and 83. Putting surface wasn't too bad. Fast enough yet very fair. Played the course at 4:30 hrs. Bunkers had awesome sand yet it wasn't too fluffy.
Thank goodness golf courses do their best to maintain the greens. Just 10 days ago, the course was difficult to play. (Slowest greens I've ever played there in 15 years.) Got another invite to play this course today and what would you know? They rolled the greens and they were smooth and faster. It was a great day for golf!
Definitely a course you must play. Pace of Play is my biggest concern. Wish it wasn’t so popular! I’m sure the greens had better days, just not my day! Lumpy greens…hard to score
First thing….if you want to finish early, this is not the course to get a quick early morning round. Doesn’t make a difference when you tee off, you can’t start the back nine until the workers are off the course. They have a sign to prevent you from teeing it up on the 10th hole. Morning dew can force you to club up. At the time we played, the greens seem to have a fungus issues. Some areas were patchy. But…enough with the bad mouthing on this course…the views are amazing! The weather, perfect! Layout is tough but in a good way! I’d play it again.
Sierra Lakes has always been one of my favorite courses to play. The conditions are great!
It's been over 20 years since I've played the course. So glad I had the chance to play it again. Loved the 15th hole. Have to play it from the tips.

They have a Golf Package that costs over $600+. It allows you unlimited golf for 3 days that you have to use within a week. I scheduled a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule. My tee time was set at 7:20 but they open the pro shop at 6:30. Played the first round in 2 hrs. The second and third round was a tad longer, 3+ hrs. Full 8hrs and I played 54 holes! Not too bad. I'm not sure I can do this two more times but I intend to play 36 holes for each day left on the golf package deal. Bottom line, 6+ rounds here for $600+ is a great deal! I'd recommend it to anyone. If I had to recommend a course (North vs South), the South is affected by wind more than the North. But, that means you can drive 275 yds+ on some drives. I find the South more eye candy than the North. Don't get me wrong, there are few holes in the North that are just awesome too. But if you have limited time, I'm picking the South over the North.
If you ever have the chance to play this course, it's a great gem in the San Gabriel area. (Whittier, CA) Even with this heatwave, putting surface is pretty green. Rough is getting to be a problem. Can easily lose a ball since the rough is over 3 inches in certain places. Thick grass! Pace of play is normally fast. Very common to finish a round under 3 hrs.
Played this course 3 times this week. Monday, greens were slow. Tuesday, greens were faster. Thursday....faster than before. However, as fast as they were on Thursday....slower than what I'd like. For the most part, not too bumpy. Some fairways were pretty brown but it really didn't alter the shot that much. Now for the great news. If you sign up with their own golf app, you can play this place for cheap! First time users gets $10 off. So my first round cost $9.99. My second and third round cost $19.99. How awesome is that? In one of my rounds, I was hooked up with this nice couple and finished the round in under 3:30 total. Pays to be first one out. I would play this place again. Awesome price!
$19.99 for a round? Decent greens. Slower than normal. Maybe an 8??? Fairway has brown patches but not really a problem.
Listing 1 to 12 of 67,452 Course Reviews
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