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Played on 7/19 at 2:30. Check in and starter was smooth and friendly. Course is in very nice condition. Tees relatively level and good coverage. Fairways were very good good roll but not too hard. Rough was not very long but good coverage. Greens were very nice but really slow. Bunkers were excellent.

POP was HORRIBLE! I was in a threesome, in front of us was a twosome and in front of them was a five some. Front nine took OVER three hours. Did not want to take the chance of missing the sushi dinner I had planned so I stopped at the turn.
This is a fun track but the pace of play is almost always bad.
Left work early on a Friday. I now work in Azusa so I thought I would give AG a try. I have not played here in a long long time. Previous reviews are pretty much spot on.
Tees... OK with some uneven spots.
Fairways... Very poor. Finding a good lie is next to impossible. The ground is so hard under the grass (and often there is not a lot of grass).
Rough... Not much different than the fairways.
Bunkers... Not in any but they looked ok.
Greens... Very nice. Rolled med-fast and pretty smooth.

If this course was in better shape is would be a very pleasant place to play. It's short but being that it's a par 70 and there are only 2 par fives it plays a little longer than the 6100 yards would indicate. And it is pretty tight off the tee so you have to think a little bit before going with driver.
Played here 11/12. Booked a time via GN but starter tried to charge me rack rate (58.00 no way for this place). Once I showed him my confirmation on my phone everything was ok.

This is a fun, short course. Holes that make you think and not just bomb and gouge.
But for the life of me I can't figure out why this place is always soaking wet.
I mean like leave tracks in some spots with your cart wet. And with it being super soaked you would think it would always be lush. Nope. Bare spots galore in the fairways.

Greens were actually pretty good, highlight of the course. Rolled pretty true and medium speed. Tee boxes pretty crappy with markers placed in some super uneven spots . Bunkers fair.
TPC Santa Ana. While this place has never been Augusta like when it comes to conditions it is currently in pretty bad condition (the bathroom by #'s 5 and 15 is disgusting). Fairways were the worst, bare spots everywhere, inconsistent grass height. Tees were pretty bad though you could usually find a good spot. Bunkers were hit and mis, mostly miss. Cart paths are really bad in many places. Greens were actually ok (with the exception of a couple really crappy ones) but really slow.

This is a fun layout with some holes that make you think off the tee (and quite a few that don't lol) but I don't think I will be back until things get a little better.
Played Big Rec last week. Pretty disappointing conditions.
Tees were in decent shape but there were some that were pretty crappy.
Fairways had quite a few bare spots.
Rough was hit and miss big time. Lush in some spots but bare and dry in many others.
Greens were very slow and littered with many ball marks and troubled areas.
Still a fun track but it can be in much better condition.
The highlight of my four rounds in the Phoenix area.
Beautiful club house. Excellent service from everyone.

With exception of a few areas that were being repaired with sod the course is in excellent condition.
Tees perfect.
Fairways were very nice. Not too hard, not too soft.
Rough was relatively short.
They had cut most of the deep, deep scrub brush off of the fairways down very low.
From what I understand when it is at its normal depth it is tough if not impossible to find/hit your ball from.
Green side rough and chipping areas are very good.
Greens were very nice. Excellent condition. Not as slow as the other courses I played but still pretty slow. Grain plays a big part in speed and break on these bad boys.

A few people when hearing that I was playing there gave me the "bring lots of balls".
While that would be true when the native grass is long for a high handicapper, if you can keep it near the fairways you will be fine. Most driving holes offer plenty of room to hit the big dog (Watch out for number 3 tee shot).
Also, great set of par 5's.

All in all a really, really nice course. Some purists don't like courses that play through houses but it did not distract or bother me in any way.

Probably the best/favorite new (to me) track I have played this year. Killer deals in the summer time. I have to assume in the high season it would be quite pricey.
My first round in Arizona. Not what I was expecting. Definitely not a desert style course. Parkland through a retirement community.
Nothing bad per say just really underwhelming especially at only 6200 yards.
Pretty wide open so it was driver wedge all day.

Conditions were ok across the board. Greens were slow, typical for this time of year.

Good course for a high index or to get your confidence back and go low (lots of birdie opportunities)
Really liked this course. Great deals available on GN.
This is a desert course that played through a nice housing complex.
Very good design and a lot of memorable holes. The par 5's are really good.
Only thing that takes away from it are the power lines that cut through a few holes.

Tee boxes were excellent super flat and complete coverage.
Fairways were very good with very few bad spots. Lush and easy to hit from
Rough was pretty short and not really an issue.
Green side chipping areas and rough were very good.
Greens were nice but but pretty slow. Some really, really big greens that offer many, many cool pin placements.

6700 from the tips was a fun challenge for me (0.7 index)
I would recommend one up from that back for mid cappers.

All in all a very enjoyable course that is off of many people's radar.
Summer time rates are great at under 30.00.
I could see paying 60.00 + in high season.
Ok. I am basing this review on the fact that I paid 14.00 to play this course. If I had paid over say, 50, 60 bucks I would be super pissed.

This track meanders through a manufactured home complex. They are all very nice and do not detract or add anything negative.

It's a very fun layout. Most holes have quite a lot of room off the tee but a few holes make you question if driver is the wise choice. It even had some (slight) elevation changes. Lots of mounding that add to the look and challenge.
6500 from the tips but it's not driver SW all day as there are some legit length holes (440+) and some of the shorter ones really call for a long iron off the to play smart.

Tees were ok, mostly flat with good coverage.
Fairways were pretty shaggy for the most part though there were a few that were mown tighter. I think whoever was mowing the fairways was jumping around a bit.
Mostly good coverage with a few bare/poor spots. But mostly they were very nice to play from.

Rough was pretty low at 1"-2". Not too tough at all. Did not put it any bunkers but they looked kinda bare in some areas.
Chipping/green side rough was pretty good.

Greens complexes were pretty cool with many two and three their greens. If the greens had been rolling (more on that in a sec) I could see them being very, very challenging.

The greens had mostly good coverage with the exception of a few on the back.
But... they were SLOW and shaggy. From what I understand that is pretty common this time of year.

All in all a pretty neat course. Super great deal at under 20.00 with cart.
If it is in better condition in the winter it would be worth a look when the big boys are all costing 100.00+.
Played here on 8/5. First time as I don't tend to play many nine hole courses.
What a fun little track. Some really great holes. Really enjoyed the par 5's especially the second one. Downhill dogleg left.

Tee boxes were nice.
Fairways were in good condition. Very, very few problem areas. Rough was good and just long enough to keep things interesting.
Bunkers were very good.

Great place to get in some golf without committing to a full 18. 22.00 to walk on the weekend is a good price IMO.
Played 8/4/17 around 3:30. Paired with three really nice guys.
Even though I live in Lakewood I have not played Lakewood CC in a long time due to the fact that I play the LBC courses thanks to the Players Club.

I was really disappointed (though I played great so this is not a sour grapes review).

The new driving range looks very nice (although very small. While I didn't count them it looked like there were only 14-16 hitting bays). The huge concrete staging area in front of the range looked to me like a waste of space but what do I know?

On to the course.
Tees. In pretty good shape thought there were some uneven sections and some were pretty chewed up.
Fairways. Pretty good with only a small amount of bad/bare spots.
Rough. Really bad. Bare spots mixed with clumps of long, dry grass. There were a few holes where it was nice though.
Bunkers. I kid you not I was in a fairway bunker on 11 and I could not leave foot prints. It was like a cart path.
Greens.... Whoa boy were they (most of them) pretty crappy. For whatever reason quite a few on the front nine were punched with no sand. Some had many, many areas with 12" or so sections that had been pieced in. They looked like quilts. Super bumpy.

This is a great layout. I don't know why the whole course from tee to green is in such poor condition. Maybe all the money is being spent on the clubhouse and range work.
Played July 4.
I have been playing here since the 80's and have seen this and Los Lagos in all kinds of different conditions. I can honestly say this is the best condition I have ever seen Mesa Linda.

Fairways were great. I can't remember a bad lie or thin spot (though I'm sure there were some). Greens were also really good, rolling medium/fast and true.

Rough was in good shape and semi penile.

Bunkers were very good.

POP was just under 4 hours. That's super fast for this place on a weekend or holiday.

I've been on a nostalgia tour since turning 50 in April and have been playing courses from my youth (Mesa Linda, La Mirada, Willowwick. Haven't been to my old high school course Dad Miller in a while. I hear it's in really bad condition) it's been fun.
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