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I play here 4-5 times a week , so I do not review often....greens are the best they have been in years, working hard to keep the fungus away, tees good, fairways just aerated, so they are coming around, not as thin as they were, rough is spotty, my only gripe is the bunkers, way too wet, also, working to improve the range...customer service is exceptional...wait, one more gripe. reverse shotgun starts really irk me, ask the shop before you set up a tee time, just to be on the safe safely, stay healthy, CGG...
Played 4/19, first time here in years, the new layout is very nice, not overly challenging, but fun and fair...greens looked fast, but, played really slow, pretty much recovered from recent aeration, so no real complaints...fairways, tees, in good shape, but, the bunkers were in bad shape. I guess the people who play here. do not realize that bunkers need to be raked, saw one marshal , and he drove by us at breakneck speed, but, pace of play was okay for an 8 am tee time...for $45.00 it was a good deal......the only real negative is getting here, especially with HWY 47, still shut down due to the recent flooding, aim for the mountains, and the casino, that should get you General Macarthur said. "I shall return." drive safely, stay healthy, CGG...
BEWARE...Legends up to their old tricks again, you make a tee time, pay your fee, play along at a real nice pace, and then, you run into their reverse shotgun starts, which they do not tell you about, they used to tell you... but..., before you make your time, ask them about any reverse starts, or you will probably play only 14 holes; you can play all 18, but, because of all the groups on the last holes, it will take you forever to finish; very disappointing. Greens have come back very nicely, tees are so-so, fairways are kind of thin, rough is spotty, and the bunkers need a total rebuild, like a rock underneath, 1/4 inch of sand, looks nice, plays terrible...sorry to be so negative(truthful), but, a real good score was ruined by poor customer service, stay healthy, drive safely, CGG...
Played SCGA event on 11/20, agree with Mr Weber 2323...everything you would expect from a private course, the staff in all areas were just terrific...the range had nice new Taylor Made balls, smooth, level areas to practice on, short game area was in great shape, and the practice putting green matched the speed of the course greens...they just got done with their overseeding, the course was closed all of October, and the conditions were what you would expect from a course of this caliber...greens fantastic, fairways, a little thin, but, growing in nicely, the rough was kind of thick in places, only in one bunker, and I holed the shot, so I think the bunkers were fantastic...a real treat to play, kind of isolated, to bad we only get to play this course once a year, everyone should try to get out here at least once, you will not regret it,,,drive safely, stay healthy, CGG...
Played 5/27, 5/28...a joy to play as usual, staff is one of the best, Stacey especially, be careful, her 5 year old son Alex will clean your clock on the putting green, he is just priceless, now, for the golf, LaPurisima is pure golf, this course will let you know the shape of your golf game, every shot is needed to negotiate your way around...greens conditions are some of the best I have played this year, some wear, and tear on the tees and fairways, but, that is normal. play early, if possible, the wind makes this course a monster to finish on...the only negative comment is the conditions of the bunkers, wet, hard, mud-like , like General MacArthur said,"I shall return"...stay healthy ,drive safely, CGG...
Played 5/26.. first out, a real treat; course in very good shape, all the rains really helped. greens are tricky to read, especially anything coming in from the sides towards the hole, play more break than your eyes see, if you miss, keep everything under the hole if possible, chipping, pitching from the sides is challenging, greens are bigger than they look, and being closer to the ocean, the ball does not carry like it does inland, a club longer on some approach shots is a good choice, especially since many greens slope pretty good from front to back, with some false fronts to deal with to the public, but, call ahead; lots of member groups, outings etc. just to be on the safe side...owned by the same gentlemen who bought LaPurisima, a good choice to play, if in the area, stay healthy, drive safely, CGG...
Played here on Tuesday with my son for his birthday round. The customer service here is probably the best of any course in the area, Jerry is the best. The course was in good shape, they aerate three greens per week, but, the greens that were done, were in great shape, not to fast, not to slow. Fairways in nice shape, some of the rough was very thick, again, due to the overseeding, and watering. In one bunker, and it was okay, a little bit of a hard base. I always enjoy playing this course, friendly off of the tees, huge greens, and just challenging enough to keep your interest for the whole round, just wish they had better practice facilities, hitting of mats for a course of this caliber is ... stay healthy, CGG..
Played in a SCGA outing on Monday, first time to play this course, and was very pleased. The range was excellent, great turf, brand new practice balls, and the putting green was very reflective of how the course was to play. They just completed their overseeding, so the fairways had very little roll, which made the course play somewhat longer. The greens were in great shape, lots of tricky breaks on short puts, but, very fair. The rough was thick in places due to the overseeding and watering. The bunkers all had new sand, and very playable. The customer service was what you would expect at a private club. Overall, a really nice golf experience, Thanks to Brenda, and the SCGA for putting on these events, and to the clubs which allow us to play their facilities. Drive safely, and stay healthy, CGG...
Played here on 8/18, after a very nice round at LaPurisima, I would rate Lapurisima, but, there have been a number of reviews the past month or so, and, I very much agree with their ratings,now to the Village, it is open to play to the public, but, I would call to check on tee time availability, lots of member events at all times of the day, so call ahead to be sure of being able to play. A real nice Ted Robinson designed golf course, not overly long, but, makes you hit golf shots, especially when dealing with the wind that comes up in the afternoon. Greens in very nice shape, fairways a little thin, rough sketchy in areas, tees in good shape, no bunker shots, so no comment, if you are in the area, check it out, rumor has it that the owners of Lapurisima are looking at buying this course, and with the demise of Marshalia, things could be happening, play well, stay healthy, CGG...
Played here 8-20; always enjoy playing the course, got to play all three nines. conditions very good for this time of year, staff was excellent as usual, not the hardest golf courses in the area, but, very fun, and fair to play. Pace of play was very good, the starter seemed to be able to maneuver everyone around to keep the switch-overs at the nine-hole junction running smoothly. The greens were as good as I have played in some time,always enjoy coming back, drive safely, stay healthy, CGG...
Hello, played in the SCGA event at Dove Canyon today; local knowledge is a must out here, where to aim and place tee shots is of great importance, especially when trying to play to the proper areas of the greens to have decent chances for birdies; greens where in good shape, not overly fast, very fair, fairways a little thin in areas, did get some shaky lies, rough kind of inconsistent, which should be expected, bunkers in nice shape. tees mostly level, with little divot damage; now, the tricky part, they have a GPS system, the good, it showed the hole layouts which should be studied before each shot, lots of hidden bunkers off of the tees; the bad, their yardages on the GPS where at time 10-15 yard off, luckily, I had my Bushnell which had to be checked on each shot just to be sure on proper yardages. a number of elevation changes also must be figured in, example. #17 played 25 shorter due to a big downhill. a good time, did learn a lot for the next time here. Stay healthy, drive safe, CGG...
Hello, played in the SCGA outing on 7/6, Bear Creek starting to shape up nicely, greens are in great shape, as challenging to putt on as ever, fairways are starting to come back, lies still pretty tight, rough, kind of spotty, and spongy, ball tended to sink down some, bunkers, in terrific shape, but, I will be biased; was in one bunker, and holed out from there, tees, nice and level, little divot damage, practice facilities some of the best around. The new owners also own Steele Canyon in SD area; trying to put together some kind of multiple course membership in place, details to be worked out. Stay healthy, drive safe. CGG...
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