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Was able to book a tee time for my buddy and myself at 11:14 for $49, which I felt was a good deal. We were paired with Yuna, a high school age young lady who could really crush the ball. Yuna rode with her father who, although dressed ready to play, did not as this round was dedicated to preparing for an upcoming CIF qualifying event. The course was very busy as usual, and being that we were a threesome amongst mostly foursomes( and on more than one occasion I'd seen more than that!), so we waited on a few holes, but never more than a couple minutes. That being said, I'd have to say, pace of play wasn't smooth nonstop play through the round, but never had to wait long enough to be bothered.
The course was heavily watered, no dry spots within the fairways. There were several oversaturated areas spread throughout the course. While I didn't encounter any dry or hardpan areas, I did have a couple lies that were pretty thin for as close to the green as they were. Also, a couple small areas staked and roped off on outside edges of a few fairways.
The rough here is not seeing much water, the further you stray from the fairway the higher the odds you'll be hitting off dirt and/or wood chips. The rough adjacent to the fairways was most often not very dense and about an inch and a half deep. Not a drastic club difference, but enough to make you double check your shot approach.
As for the bunkers, I didn't land in one the entire round, surprisingly enough! And so of course if I don't have to play out of any I don't pay any attention to them whatsoever, lol. I walk by them as if they aren't there, mostly because I don't need any bad thoughts, lol. Seriously, the couple I had to glance at while chipping over, looked nice and playable. Far better than average for the area, in my opinion.
In finality, the greens which were quite bumpy the last time I was here, were more in line with what I expect from a course like LS South. They were fairly smooth, and actually better than what I would have expected considering I was passing through most greens after 12 o'clock. Putts held their lines very well and I'd have to guess about a 10 on the Stimp meter, which was a little surprising considering how smooth the greens looked. All of us at one point or several, either left putts short or didn't have enough speed to carry a break that was correctly read. Greens were also every receptive to well struck shots, hitting the ground with minimal rollout, even on some chips when you needed a few feet. Easy pin placements, conditions forcing you to play an aggressive short game in order to score well.
In addition before finishing, big fan of LS's practice areas. Practice greens seemed a touch quicker than on course greens. Side note, in the several years I've frequented LS, this was the first time I'd hit off mats on their range.
All in all a very enjoyable round at a very efficiently run facility. I'm sure I'll be back very soon.
Ventured out to Palm Desert to play Classic Club in a scga event Saturday morning. Had played this course once before and was very impressed, so needless to say, I was very much looking forward to playing this course again.
My tee time was set for 9:50 so I hit the range about 45 min before my tee time. The range is like many higher end courses in that as many range balls as you'd like to hit are available to you. As with the course, throughout the practice area it is wall to wall carpeted grass. The precision with which the course is manicured shows in the chipping area, in that the fairway cut and rough cut are represented accurately. Two chipping areas and one large putting green that was an accurate replication of the greens on course.
Tee boxes were very good, cut to a length that was just a touch more lush than the fairways. Don't remember having a problem finding a flat spot all day, in actuality it would have been much more difficult to find an unlevel spot. I don't know whether to attribute it to the scarcity of play or the fresh placement of markers for the event, but the par 3's had an unusually low number of divots. 9/10
Fairways were nice as well, although I did encounter a couple soggy lies. Not much rollout on drives due to the soft sometimes wet fairways. Occasionally your second shot would have to be taken with a bit of mud on the ball. Had a few second shots that in normal conditions would land short of the green and roll up and onto the green, but hit the ground rolled only a few feet further. 8/10
Rough today wasn't overly penal, easy to find balls, no more than an extra club in most cases. Not one hardpan spot anywhere within the rough cut! 9/10
The bunkers were the outlier on the course. While they weren't 'sidewalk' hard, the sand was wet and compacted in most. Those conditions made greenside bunker shots very difficult, but the lone bunker I played from was a 160yds out in the fairway, so needless to say, it was a benefit in that particular instance, lol. 6.5/10
The greens rolled smoother than you would expect based on the appearance. No putts bounced off line and rolled very true, although they were a bit slower than expected, based on the visuals. They looked as though they could be as quick as 11 or above on the stimp, but as you hit a few, you quickly learned they were probably closer to about 10. Very few putts blown by the hole, many left short amongst everyone in our group. Soft and receptive to approach shots, similar to the fairways, not much rollout. I'm very proud to report, even with the softness of the greens, the clientele here was/is diligent in repairing divots! 8.5/10
Several water features throughout the course, with lakes to avoid on many holes. With fairway and greenside bunkers strategically placed, but with ample landing areas for drives, makes for a challenging but very fair and enjoyable round. Also I feel it necessary to mention the sheer beauty of this course, along with the visual aesthetics from the tee boxes. What also must be mentioned is the helpfulness and hospitality of the staff.
Just an overall great experience at Classic Club and again demonstrating why it's remained as one of my favorites!
Played at was formerly named 'Desert Island CC'b this past Sunday in a scga event. After the guard let me through the gate following his verification of my name on a printout, I parked and headed straight to driving range in hopes of warming up. This was not to be, as the number of range stalls between both sides of the range were not nearly enough to accommodate the demand for such an event. Aside from that, the range itself was very nice, much like what a high end low volume country club range is envisioned to be.
Okay, fair warning, there will be a recurring theme in this review, much like the rest of the course, the tee boxes were very lush. I can not remember even one unlevel tee area. Divots on the par three's were minimal.
Although the fairways, like the tee boxes and rough; which was pretty thick in some places, not as much in others, were lush with ample coverage, in some places it was a bit thin.
Bunkers were hit and miss, as expected with the recent rains. A few bunkers were as expected, most were more playable than they appeared with the moist sand, and more than a couple had rather deep pools of water in them, lol.
Rough was lush virtually everywhere. Never so tall as to not find your ball, but extremely penal in some places. More penal than the rough was the water, which is in many places throughout the course.
The greens on this day were quite quick, if I had to guess I'd put them somewhere between 11 and 12. In addition, they were very very firm, as others in my group noted as well. Shots under 150yds barely made indentations in the greens, and had trouble staying on the green if not landed on the front 1/3. We saw several very short downhill chips land on the fringe seemingly perfect, only to roll across and off the green on the other side.
The staff were energetic and eager to help with every interaction concluding with a smile, this is vastly underrated.
All in all, a very nice course, highly recommended, deal available on underpar right now.
Had an opportunity to play this exclusive private course Saturday afternoon thanks to fellow GKer Ben. Arrived about an hour ahead of 1 pm tee time to take advantage of practice facilities. The driving range was as expected from a facility of this stature, grass only with balls stacked in pyramids at every stall. Two practice putting greens surrounded by beautiful landscaping and flowers accenting the meticulous masonry.
The tee boxes were very nice, plenty of coverage, didn't have a single uneven stance the entire round on the tee box. 8.5/10
Fairways had very nice coverage throughout. There were areas where the grass was a little browned, but very playable. I didn't have a thin or unfavorable lie in the fairway the entire round, though I played terrible and only hit 7-9 of them. 8.5/10
As badly as I played on this day, I only found 2 bunkers. They weren't fantastic, but they weren't bad either. 7/10
The greens were very speedy! I didn't know before hand what the stimp was, but if I had to guess, I would put that number above an 11, but lower than a 12, seriously lol. Took me the majority of the round to adjust. Also a bit firm in the way that well struck shots would stay on the green with a substantive amount of back spin and landing in the proper spots. Ben and I had several shots that hit the green from distances and in places we thought would leave us with a decent putt, only to find we would be chipping just off the green for our next shot. The one thing I was quite surprised about, was the number of unrepaired divots. 9.5/10
Pace of play was very nice, don't remember exactly, but I believe our round was under 4 hours! Even as we waited on several holes until the twosome in front of us left after playing 9 holes.
Overall a great experience. All staff I encountered were helpful and welcoming. The members I happened to interact with were friendly and seemingly happy to have us. I played terrible, so the round itself wasn't great, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly! Highly recommended, if the opportunity presents itself.
I was given the day off the Friday before I went on vacation (score!, lol), so I immediately made plans to play a round of golf taking advantage of the week day rates I seldom get. Since Oak Valley gc notified me through email (how cool is that!) that they would be conducting maintenance on the course 12th-14th, I decided to head out there before hand. 'Maintenance' is the operative word for what will be taking place, because I'm guessing the work they are doing is to 'maintain' current conditions. This facility, in my opinion, is very 'golf centric', when you arrive in the clubhouse you'll understand what I mean. Very welcoming and pleasant staff (shout out to Bryce!) that always make you feel as though they appreciate your patronage.
The range is very nice, grass only, very aesthetically pleasing. Practice putting green is near the first tee. It is rather difficult to alternate between several shots on the range and then hit a few putts like I normally do when I practice. I would love it if they were to convert that beach volleyball court that seemingly no one uses into another putting green or chipping area, just a thought.
Tee boxes were level, the whites where my group played from today had high amount of usage, but could always find a spot to hit from, even without a tee on the par threes like I usually do. 8/10
Fairways were as usual very good. Very few brown spots and not to say there were no hardpan areas on course, but I did not come across even one in the fairway. Seems the only way they could have been better would be to be a deeper green in color? lol j/k 9/10
Rough was very lush, but not long enough that you'd lose your ball. Added one or two clubs to shots into greens. Not overly penal and quite fair in my opinion. 8/10
Only remember being in one bunker. Actual sand, not dirt. Not soft and fluffy, but very playable. Rating based on the singular bunker I experienced; 7/10
Overall experience here at Oak Valley is better than what my ratings project due to the pace of play with virtually no waiting on groups ahead. The level of difficulty, very much a challenging course, and the clientele this place attracts, not a place high handicappers will have a good time at. Definitely a golfers course as opposed to the deal searchers go to facility. Though Oak Valley is one of my favs, like Goosecreekgc, I always leave wondering why I don't play there more often. Highly recommended, will return very soon.
Booked an 8:52 round for the champions course Sunday morning for $63. I arrived at the course more than an hour early in order to take advantage of the ample and very spacious practice area. Two huge putting green complexes, an ample chipping area that often has balls ready to be collected to practice with, including a pretty big bunker adjacent to get bunker practice in, along with an all grass range with about 20 or so stalls to hit from. The champions course was very busy today, as expected due to the closure of the legends course for maintenance. Short waits on nearly every hole, but not long enough to be annoyed, at least not in my opinion. Pace of play ended up being right around 4:45.
Tee boxes had good coverage, don't remember any being unlevel except for the tee box on the par three number 15. Large tee areas for tee boxes to be moved around regularly ensure no overuse in any one particular spot to avoid excessive divot damage, very important for the par three holes. 8/10
Fairways were very lush in some places, quite wet in others where there was a bit of over watering, but virtually no dry spots that I came across. The softness of fairways led to good drives having very little roll out, which is not a complaint, just a state of fact. 8/10
The bunkers, and I was in a few, were mostly damp, but playable as long as you didnt try to get too far under the ball. A pleasant surprise to play out of actual sand versus the soft dirt I've encountered at some other inland empire courses. 7.5/10
Rough was quite penal, in some places your ball was only visible standing within 10 feet or right on top of it. In other places, though not many, it was a bit patchy wherein the ground was maybe a bit too hard to grow consistent coverage throughout. Difficult to rate
Greens were nicer than I typically expect here with the high amount of traffic. They did seem to be just a touch quicker than the practice greens. Plenty of contours on these green complexes, and I've played here when it seemed the person who places the pin positions was angry at the world, but not so much on this day, lol. I did find myself fixing between 2 and 3 unrepaired divots per green. 8/10
Due to the large practice areas, engaging starters who maintain order on first tee box, a cart girl who makes regular rounds, the course marshalls who constantly observe and the friendly staff, from check-in, restaurant and cart barn attendees, this is one of my favorite places to play. Highly recommended.
Booked a round on that 'necessary evil website' we all know for 8:28 on Sunday morning for Brookside E.O. Nay(course#2) for $42. Arrived about 45 minutes prior to tee time with designs on hitting a few range balls before the round. Range was mats only, which I understand is absolutely necessary due to the incredible volume of patrons of this facility. With about 20 stalls, I was lucky to find a spot. Two practice putting greens, one of which was open.
I don't know whether it was the high number of walking golfers, more here than any other place I've seen before, or the close quarters within the practice area, or what, but there seemed to be a very communal atmosphere amongst the golfers here. It's likely attributable to the gracious staff that seemed to handle the high volume of players very effectively. My group teed off about 25 minutes after our scheduled time, but shout out to Wendi, the starter who managed to keep everyone in good spirits despite the late start and informing us that a 5 1/2 hour round was the norm. She was spot on, btw. Wendi performed her job well, in managing the first tee and answering any and all questions we had about the course, and eager to do it.
Now to the course, fairways lush in most areas, a few dried up areas in some places. 7/10
Tee boxes were mostly level, there were a hand full that forced me to hunt a little bit for a good spot due to excessive divot damage. 7.5/10
Bunkers, which I found a few, some were good sand, with others seemingly more soft dirt than actual sand, but all were playable. The first bunker I found early in my round was kinda fluffy thick moist sand, very playable. Later in the round I found one that was pretty thin. 6.5/10
The rough on this course varies greatly. Between holes within the course, where the sprinklers get to, the rough can be very thick and penal. In some cases you won't see your ball outside of 15 feet, lol. On the outer edges of the course you can expect lots of very thin lies and dirt. 5/10
The greens on this course were a pleasant surprise actually. Of the high volume of players here, only a very small percentage struggle with not preparing their divots. There was always a few to repair on each green, but not nearly enough to be annoyed about. My guess would put them between 10 and 11 on the stimp meter, deceptively quick even with plenty of moisture. Not overly undulated, but plenty of slope and breaks to play (best be beneath the hole always, lol).
Overall, a great deal for the price. Be prepared for a long round on a crowded park like setting course, but a very enjoyable place to play. Will return very soon to play the more highly regarded C.W.Koiner(course #1).
Intended to play another course nearby that didn't have a driving range, so stopped in at Jurupa Hills to get in a preround warmup. Had no intention of playing here due to my displeasure regarding the issue I brought up in my last community post. I was charged $13 for a large bucket of range balls! That's more than I pay anywhere, and goosecreekgc, oak valley gc, Arrowhead cc and the morongo tukwet canyon courses are in my regular rotation and have far better practice areas! Strike number two!
Playing partner and I decided we didn't feel like getting back into vehicles to drive to the intended course, so we went to pro shop to pay and head out onto course. Paid $39 for a post 10am start, which wasn't terrible, really.
Played the blues as this course is not very long, but in my opinion plays more difficult than the 69.1 rating. Tee boxes were hit and miss, some fairly decent while others made it difficult to find a spot to tee, not because of divot damage, but due to lumpiness, being unlevel and general neglect it seems. Side note, it seems rather uncool to position a tee box with multiple sprinkler heads (why two?) dead center.
Fairways were pretty decent, considering expectations based on green fee. Mostly lush with good coverage, a few dry hardpan spots per hole, but again not terrible. A couple holes had white paint around gur areas, but then it seemed as if they stopped being concerned with it and didn't bother to do the same with equally damaged areas, lol.
Rough was just bad and a crap shoot. Mostly dry and altogether neglected. Not too much of a problem in that, due to the many, many, many trees here, if you stray off the fairway, your next shot will more often than not be a punch shot, low runner back to fairway or towards the green. On one particular hole, in between cart path and green there were wood chips that had been dumped and spread in the grass, making for a very akward lie and difficult chip shot. I thought wood chips were for waste areas, not 15 feet off the green?
Bunkers? I'll keep this one short. Just wet dirt, until about 10:30. Anytime after that it will be dry and hard. They were groomed in a way to appear nice though, lol.
Greens were, as they always have been, the recipient of the most care on this course. Smooth and rolling out further than you'd expect, especially when putting with the grain towards the river bottom. In my opinion, quite difficult to read correctly.
My playing partner and I were very perplexed with the conditions of the grass just off the greens on many places. The mower just butchered many of those areas. Deep cuts into thick rough, with no rhyme or reason, sometimes down to the roots. Very weird and caused a couple lies that were nearly impossible to play from. In all my years playing, even at some pretty bad courses, never seen anything like that. It was as if intentional damage was done. Disgruntled employee, perhaps?
In finality, not a terrible place to play, but not a place that you leave with a feeling of satisfaction. I went into the round thinking maybe I would rethink my opinion regarding the walking rate issue. I believe it was approximately hole number 7 when both my partner and I had an epiphany and decided this would be the final time we play this course. The emotion that I feel moreso than any, is one of disappointment. Okay place to play for some, maybe not so much for others, is my recommendation, or lack thereof, depending on your expectations.
Headed out to Arrowheadcc to celebrate our nation's Independence by playing a round of golf, lol. Figured the course would be busy and was right. Tee time was for 9:02 with a walking rate of $39, which I didn't realize at the time of paying, was going to be a pretty good deal.
Started off with a small bucket to hit off a mat only driving range that is parallel to the 13th fairway, which they encourage you not to use driver or long irons when players are out there. Kinda surprising to have mat only range at a formerly private club, imo. Putting and chipping area not huge or spectacular but ample enough for about 10 to practice comfortably. Practice greens very good representation of on course greens.
The blue tee boxes that my playing partners JD and I played from, as usual had good coverage and were for the most part pretty flat. There were one or two that were slightly unlevel one direction or the other. Because the par threes are pretty long (shortest being about 170), most are using long irons off tees or fairway woods which lead to fewer divots, I'm guessing.
Fairway reconstruction is complete and very lush, back to the way I remember when they first opened to the public some time ago. Fairways haven't been this nice since then, very impressed.
The rough on the course is mostly lush with some dried out brown spots in places that are the result of miss hits, ie a few yards off the tee, deep into the trees, etc.
The greens on this course are obviously a priority over other areas, but they too have seen improvement. Didn't really notice any diseased or damaged spots that had plagued them in the past few months, and were much more receptive to approach shots than in the past. They were also softer than I can ever remember them being in the recent past. Imo, they've finally got it right with greens rolling about an 11/11.5 on the stimp, like usual, but soft enough to hold long approach shots. In the past, they were fast and hard, making it difficult to keep balls from hitting the green and not rolling off. Be prepared to not have many straight putts if you're not within 2 feet, lol.
The only gripe I had was with the bunkers. Best way I could describe them would be as 'soft dirt'. I know they are hazards, meant to be penal, but there were probably about 3 shots that maybe would have played different had there been actual sand in those bunkers. Easier to play out of when moist early in the day, than when they dry out around 11. Kinda frustrating when you're trying to save par and you know you can't get under the ball smoothly.
All things considered, including pace of play, a very enjoyable round with conditions at a level I thought they would never return to after opening to the public. A challenging walkable course with narrow fairways on many holes with greens that will test the skills of even the best putters.
Highly recommended at this time.
Arrived at the course with plenty of time to warm up which was good, cuz for a first go round I sure was gonna need it. Club house seemed to have everything you could ask for with a very courteous and welcoming staff. For instance, a young man whose name eludes me now, picking up range baskets saw me searching a plastic tee, I jokingly said I didn't want to lose that one, and a few minutes later he presents me with two plastic tees, lol! I immediately knew that this place was next level. One true indicator of a well managed facility is the attention to detail and the hospitality extended to its customer base.
Driving range was grass with a couple wedge distance targets that invited you to go at them with resonating bells that lets everyone knew when you've struck your target! Apparently there is a nice size putting green behind the clubhouse I didn't get to try, but the putting greens near the first tee were a spot on preview of what was to come. The pitching area adjacent was small, but satisfactory for a handful of users with a bunker, that after a light raking, was equally representative of the on course bunkers.
Had a nice chat with the starter while waiting for my turn to be tested and gained a bit of very helpful information, including the fact that, like my children, putts almost always want to go to Disneyland! I also was very impressed in how the starter and course marshall monitor the movements and timing of each cart on course. I witnessed them discuss one particular regular who always played slow and was at that time, 11 minutes behind before finishing hole number 3,lol!
Played the blues with 3 other fine gentlemen, Dave, Mark, and Bill. Tee boxes had plenty of coverage and I can't remember one unlevel tee box. The par three holes had about as many divots as you'd expect a $120 rack rate course to have, lol, which is to say, not many! Not difficult at all to find a spot to hit from.
Fairways were a mix of grasses someplaces, but with plenty of coverage, minimal bare spots. Thin spots in the fairway were usually due to the terrain of the course, such as the crest of hills.
Rough ranged from manageable to severely penal. Lots of areas to hit the ball out of bounds, including plenty of chances to test your knowledge of options regarding drops and unplayable lies based on the placement of stakes and what color they are (be wary, could save yourself strokes,lol).
Bunkers were very good, trust, odds are you'll be in a couple. I'm convinced, the nicer the sand, the more enjoyable it is to rake, lol.
Finally the greens. Fast, was told somewhere between a 10 and 10.5, but seemed a touch quicker. Putts very hard to stop at the pin when above the hole. Held shots well, smooth and fast, but also soft.
Overall, a very enjoyable day at a very fine facility made even better with the Gkers coupon I downloaded! Btw, these deals have a lasting benefit beyond this isolated round. While the rack rate is more than I regularly pay for a round, I found today that the green fee is very deserving based on conditioning, location and demand. I'm very likely now to target the rate between rack and twilight, when in the past I'd see that number and question whether or not it was justifiable. Thanks again Johnny!
Every time I come to this place, I'm quickly reminded how much I absolutely love this place. The customer service is just impeccable! I checked their website about 7:30 and there were no openings until after 11, which was expected considering the walking rate m-th is $44, an absolute deal all things considered. I called the pro shop and spoke with Scott who told me to come on out, the odds of spot opening up are usually pretty good. I did just that, purchased range balls to hit(was given a large for the medium price) while I waited to be called, which only was about 20 minutes. The staff at GC always makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated.
On to the course, the blue tees had very good coverage and I dont remember having an unlevel lie the entire round. Fairways were mostly lush with a few browning spots scattered throughout the course. Lucky for me I managed to stay out of the sand the entire round, though I noticed they were filling some bunkers with nice new sand! Greens were smooth, kinda fast(prob somewhere between a 10.5 and 11.5 on the stimp), and the entire group conferred that they were rolling true with no putts bouncing off line, that I can remember anyway. This course is one of those that is so well manicured, I dont feel 'rough' is an accurate description. The 'second/third cut 'is a more deserving description.
Great course, Great staff, love this place and cant wait to come back!
Played arrowhead cc Sunday afternoon, teed off as a single at approx 4:15 for about a 3 hour round. Would have been much shorter round, but had a twosome directly ahead whom were playing at a very good clip which allowed me to take my time and hit a duplicate shot every so often. Pace of play has been very good each time I've played here.
This course is pretty flat and plays more difficult than it appears. Couple that with a rack rate of $85, $55 at twilight and you get a course that typically has a lower volume of players. I'm sure there is a correlation there in regards to the lush seemingly divotless tee boxes, minus the par threes, of course. While the par three tee boxes had plenty divots, it was fairly easy to find a spot to play from.
Fairways are also very lush, with great coverage. Second to greens, which I'll get to next, fairways are of utmost importance to me in a golf course's conditioning. Within several fairways there are subtle and not so subtle mounds and/or depressions that affect your lie and stance that add to the difficulty of this course. In my humble opinion, the only way they could be improved is if they were mowed a little tighter to produce a bit more roll out on drives.
The greens are, in my opinion, the highlight of the course. Here is where a great deal of that 131 slope rating comes into play! You would be hard pressed to have a straight nonbreak putt over 5 feet the entire round. For a course as flat as this one, the undulations are on some holes are quite challenging. The fact that arrowhead cc is probably less than a mile from the base of the mountains, Crestline community, will have you trying to figure whether you're putt is flat or actually slightly downhill. Landing short of the pin is usually the smart play, putting downhill with the grain will lead to some wide eyes and open mouths, lol.
Bunkers are really nothing to write home about. Not great, but not terrible either. Very playable in my opinion, just not fluffy white sand like I prefer.
Rough can be pretty penal, mostly because if you find yourself in it, you will undoubtedly have to navigate thru a tree or two or three, lol. Balls easily found, but may need an extra club or two provided you have an angle to the green.
In all, a great course to play. I personally appreciate the difficulty, coupled with the ease of walking. Very diligent with providing and insisting upon the use of divot filling bottles for walkers. Btw, water fountains all over the course, some in unexpected locations between holes and adjacent fairways. Also, brand new signs and ball washers, lol. Quickly becoming one of my favorite places to play.
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