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Rode the Greens (6537/71.4/139) in 3.5H mid day as a 3some. Mid 60's, partly cloudy and calm.

Overseeded tees excellent. Only a few divots here and there, level/lush.

Overseeded fairways lush and nice to play from.

Bermuda rough mostly dormant and maintained at a level that the ball often sat up. Not overseeded, provides a great contrast with the lush green fairways, tees and greens.

Sand traps excellent. Around the greens plenty of fine white sand. Fairway bunkers firm.

Bermuda greens smooth, firm and medium fast to fast. Few true tiers, but with the amount of break, firmness and speed these greens are quite challenging. Better be on the correct side of the hole.

Customer service excellent on all levels. Bottled water provided. Nice, all grass practice area which includes range balls. Only negatives are that it is close to a mile from where the Pro Shop is located. Basic carts do not have GPS. No drink cart on the course, but you can order food at the turn.

Tom Fazio design, was told this was his first course in the Western U.S. Many holes have elevated tee boxes hitting over no man's land. Long climbs in carts, play down hill, then repeat the process is a common theme. Few holes are severely uphill. Enjoyable layout, one of the top ten courses I have ever played. Highly recommended.
Rode the Greens (6537/71.4/139) in 4H mid day as a 4some. Mid 60's overcast and breezy.

Overseeded tees level/lush with only a few divots unfixed divots. Excellent.

Overseeded fairways lush and very nice to play from.

Dormant Bermuda rough provides a great contrast with the lush green fairways, tees and greens. Very unpredictable clumpy lies make it penal.

Sand traps excellent. Around the greens plenty of fine white sand. Fairway bunkers much more firm.

Very challenging large green complexes with swales and drop offs. Bermuda greens smooth, firm and medium fast to fast. I putted from the fringe on the high side all the way across the green into a sand trap on the low side today on a putt that did not appear to have that much pace. WRONG!

Customer service excellent on all levels. Bottled water provided. Nice, all grass practice area which includes range balls. Only negatives are that it is close to a mile from where the Pro Shop is located. Tight layout in spots with desert scape surrounding nearly every fairway/green on both sides. If you are not straight this course will become penal very quickly. Course would be almost unwalkable from a POP perspective. Basic carts do not have GPS. Highly recommended.
Rode the Greens (6537/70.7/135) in around 5H as a single. Supposed to play with 3 singles, but they were MIA... so the starter let two 4somes go off before he would let me go. One group quickly let me play through, the other did not. Got a sarcastic "thanks for playing so slow behind us" from one of the guys as I drove up to #18 green. Breezy, partly cloudy and around 65.

Tom Fazio design. Ventana Canyon is THE most spread out course I have ever played. Driving range 1 mile from the pro shop, Hole #1 another .3 miles from where you get your cart. Walkers are not allowed because in addition there are 4-5 holes about 1/3 mile from last green to next tee box. Course is not well marked. Very easy to get on the Mountain course by mistake. As I did when I played 10-12 on Mountain @ the turn before realizing I was on the wrong course. Got in 3 "bonus" holes, only to quickly catch the same 4some I was behind earlier after I doubled back and played 10-12 on Canyon unimpeded before they were again the log jam on #13. Ugh! Should have just played the Mountain back...

Tees good coverage, lush/level and nice to play from.

Fairways lush and deceptively undulating, few flat lies.

Bermuda rough is dormant and generally penal, the ball sat down and is clumpy. Provides great contrast to the lush green everywhere else.

Sand traps plentiful and very well maintained with good quality, light sand.

Bermuda greens firm and smooth. Medium fast to fast and very consistent from green to green. Probably the quickest Bermuda greens I have putted on since I last played here. Immaculately maintained. Few huge tiers, but these greens with the amount of break, firmness and speed are quite challenging.

Many forced carries that are fair, but no tricked up holes. Tight holes were balanced by more open holes. However, no holes I would classify as wide open, at most you had a bailout on 1 side. And if you miss the fairways by much, grab a new ball and add penalties to your score.

Customer service other than the starter excellent from all encountered. Very nice grass practice area and balls are included in your fee. Excellent layout in very good playing condition. Highly recommended.
Rode the Purples (6676/72.1/136) in 4H twilight with GK Guru's John, Brian and Dave. Great to play with a couple of out of the area guys I previously had enjoyable rounds with. We finished 18 in the dark due to a National Club Champion Tournament that ran over. We were unable to start until after 1 pm. Partly cloudy, fairly calm and around 60. Thanks to John for setting up and to Desert Willow for having the guru group out.

Tees mostly lush and level but after that tournament, were pretty chewed up for divots.

Fairways lush and good to play from.

Rough very lush. Ball sat up, not overly penal except it cost you roll. Usually good to chip out of but deep enough to be penal.

Greenside traps had good quality sand. Decently maintained, with a generous amount of thick sand. Waste bunkers were firm and not as well maintained as the greenside traps.

Large greens putted medium fast speed and were firm with some rollout.

Customer Service always excellent here from when you drop your clubs off out front to when you pick them up after the round. Nice GPS on upgraded carts that have ports for electronics. The all grass driving range is included and is excellent with a nice practice chipping area. Drink Cart around several times. Ice/water stations every few holes. Excellent and very fun layout to play. Recommended, IMO the best public course in the Greater Palm Springs area.
Rode the Blues (6711/72.6/134) in around 4.5H early morning with GK Guru's Gary, Pedro and Dave. CPO the first part of the round slowed things down. Fun, relaxed group to play with, great to see old faces. Thanks to John for setting up and to Classic Club for having the guru group out.

Very calm by Classic Club standards, but it was brisk early and still not warm even by the time we were finishing around noon. Fun Arnold Palmer design, nice elevation changes, lakes and valleys coupled with trees that would make you think this is more of a mountain than desert course make C.C. a very unique layout for this area.

Tees level and lush with good coverage. Most divots already maintained.

Fairways were the only thing not almost immaculate. Mostly lush with a few thin areas here and there but still quite good, just not as excellent as everything else.

Rough lush and green from horizon to horizon. Just deep enough to be penal w/o being TOO penal.

Sand traps excellent with deep, thick, fine sand that both looked and played great.

Greens firm, smooth and medium fast. They rolled very nicely.

As always, customer service was excellent from everyone encountered here. Complementary water and good range balls on a 1st class grass practice facility. Drink cart out making the rounds. Upgraded carts with nice GPS and ports for electronics. Huge, beautiful clubhouse, everything about this place is top notch. Definitely recommended.
Rode the Whites (6191/70.0/123) in a charity Tournament. Fun event with catered food/drinks on every tee box and the course closed except for the tournament. POP brutal @ 5.5H.

Ted Robinson design. Up/down rolling hills, hundreds of tall palms but not overly tight. Resort type layout with a decent amount of water and small greens. Fun track even if no specific hole was memorable.

Tees were lush and well maintained for divots.

Fairways lush and very nice to play from.

Rough was penal. Thick and deep enough that several balls in our group were lost just off fairways.

Traps had thick sand and were okay to play from.

Greens were firm and putted medium speed. Smooth with few ball marks.

No GPS on the basic carts. Large, well stocked clubhouse. Complementary waters in the cart and range balls on the all grass range was a plus. Customer service was excellent from everyone. Overall, decent layout where every hole is surrounded by well kept, middle class homes or condos. Recommended.
Rode the Blacks (6464/71.3/128) in 4H, 15M with Matt, Ron and Justin twilight. Thanks to John for coordinating and Quail Lodge for having the Guru's out. Bright and chilly with a slight breeze most of the afternoon.

Classic Robert Muir Graves par 71 design. Beautiful, tree lines layout. I thought the layout was very good but not great with 18 solid holes of golf. However, the playing conditions were great overall.

Tees lush and near immaculate except for todays divots.

Fairways lush and very well maintained with few unfixed divots. Looked like carpet.

Rough lush and well maintained. Just deep enough to make you think twice about longer clubs.

Sand was thick and excellent quality, very well maintained.

Greens had been recently punched with small tynes that IMO hardly affected the way they putted. Quick and smoother than you would think. I thought I saw the lines well but consistently played too little break. You better not be above a few of the pins on several holes, #4 comes prominently to mind.

Customer service excellent, saw the drink cart several times and the starter was on the ball and informative. Carts had nice GPS and there were numerous restrooms on the course. All grass driving range with complementary balls was a plus, however it topped out at about 200 yards. Really solid course, highly recommended.
Rode the Blues (6751/72.1/136) in over 4 1/2 H with Perry mid day on a GN "Hot Deal". Sunny, fairly calm and around 70 made for pleasant golfing conditions. Played behind a slow 4some and waited most shots.

Tees were the weak link and a mixed bag. Some thin and not that well maintained for divots, others immaculate?

Fairways mostly lush and good to play from.

Rough was fairly lush close to the fairway. Thick even though mostly mowed down. Thinner the farther you got from the fairway.

Sand traps had good quality sand and were very well maintained.

Large, undulating greens were smooth, quick and firm. They rolled excellent, holding irons with minor run out. And when I say quick, a ball you thought you died at the hole could have 8-10' coming back.

Customer service excellent. Quick efficient check in. No on course services, but open Restaurant @ the turn. Carts have been upgraded to include GPS. Course is not well marked for yardages if you do not have a measuring device of some kind. Challenging course in nice condition overall. Both the layout and the greens are well above average. Best course within at least 50 miles in all directions, definitely recommended.
Rode the Blues (6622/70.9/112) on a GN "Hot Deal" in calm, overcast conditions around 55.

Layout is fun with with five par 3 and four par 5's, par 71. Starts with two straight par 5's and later have two straight par 3's on the front. Three par 5's and three par 3's with only one par 4 through 7 holes, very unusual. Numerous dog legs and some of the largest greens I have ever played on keeps the layout interesting. Greens are some of the flattest you will ever play, but you could have 100' putts on numerous greens here.

Tees were all over the place. Some almost immaculate, some thin, some maintained like the rough. Mostly level with few divots, but many were hard to get a tee in the ground they are so firm.

Fairways were usually decent. Mixture of grasses and firm.

Rough also a mixture of grasses with mostly lush coverage. The secondary rough has been removed and is quite punitive because it plays like a plowed field, clumps of unlevel dirt.

Most of the sand traps were long ago removed and are now HUGE grass bunkers. You can clearly see where the traps were with steep faces. Very challenging to play out of even with grass because it is thick and clumpy. The few sand traps remaining looked okay.

Greens were surprisingly good. Very moist, they held irons well. Medium to medium fast speed and mostly smooth.

Quick and efficient check-in, the people here treat you great. I played 2 balls and only saw a couple of other golfers out there. Pro Shop is a trailer, no Starter, Marshall or Drink cart. The gas powered carts do not have GPS. Course marked every 50 yards old school. Playing conditions much improved from my last visit here. Still rough around the edges, but perfect for some on course practice after a long layoff. If you do not expect too much, the layout can be fun. Have to avoid going in the surrounding vineyards OB, but with no water and little sand, this isn't a very difficult course even from the Blues.
Rode the Blues (6587/72.8/133) in a little less than 4.5H mid day with Ron and Marvin. Thanks for an enjoyable round guys! Also thanks to John for coordinating the guru outing and La Costa for having us out. Partly cloudy, high 60's with a little breeze made for nice golfing conditions. We caught a slower 4some on the 3rd green and waited most shots the rest of the day.

Layout has 18 solid holes but nothing spectacular. IMO, Champions is the superior 18 @ La Costa. Legends very playable, not overly tight with enough trees and water to keep you focused.

Tees decent, nice coverage and only the par 3's needed divot attention.

Fairways mostly good to play from with good coverage from a mixture of grasses.

Rough decent coverage with many different grasses, mostly Kikuyu. Lies could be all over the place even a few ft. apart.

Traps looked good but did not play well. Thin layer of sand over hardpan is great for fairway bunkers. Not good to play out of greenside onto fast greens.

Greens medium fast and held balls well. Softer than most courses I play, so players not fixing ball marks was a challenge. As were the coot droppings. Overall, I probably liked the greens more than most would.

Many positives: Friendly personnel @ the bag drop area creates a nice start to your visit. Drink cart around a couple of times and there was an open snack stand on the course that was accessible on both 9's. Cart guys very attentive. Nice GPS on the carts. Okay range on mats with complementary balls. Negative is that most available parking is a good hike from the golf shop/bag drop area.

Very playable, only the traps were not above average IMO. However, I was disappointed in the playing conditions for a course of this stature that charges rack rates well north of $100. Overall recommended if you get a deal, but would not pay full price for what we experienced today.
Rode the Blues (6829/72.7/136) with FirstFlightFX-101 in 4.5H playing behind a 4some. Thanks to Chuck for a fun afternoon. $55 w/cart is their twilight rate. Clear, little wind, mid 80's. Golf weather as pleasant as you can get!

OV would be really challenging to walk as numerous tees are a long way from the last green. Nice layout with above average playing conditions. Even though part of the course has homes around it, they do not intrude and many holes are just surrounded by trees and open space.

Tees decent coverage and were mostly well maintained but several could use leveling.

Fairways good, firm with decent coverage.

Rough mostly lush, several inches deep and thick. Lost ball rough unless you are right on top of it.

Sand traps nicely maintained with brown sand that played well. However, before you hit, all the bunkers I was in you had to remove the many rocks in them before playing.

Large, undulating green complexes are challenging. Firm, they were mostly smooth and putted medium fast.

No drink cart out, the Marshall was out patrolling. Friendly starter and the check-in was efficient. No GPS on the basic carts. All grass driving range was a +. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6722/72.5/130) with John, Mike and Ron in 4H, 45M twilight. Breezy, clear and in the 70's. Very fun group to play with, enjoyed seeing all those guys again and catching up. Thanks to BH for having the Guru's out and to John for coordinating!

First time here. Overall, probably the best Ted Robinson design I have played. Not overdone with water features, up/down rolling hills with 18 fun holes. Plenty of variety, plus on the layout. And the conditions were excellent overall.

Tees mostly good. A few were thin and needed some attention for divots.

Fairways had good coverage and were nice to play from.

Rough had good coverage and was thick enough to be penal even though not that tall.

Traps had good sand and were well groomed.

Smallish greens were a real treat to putt on. Firm, medium fast and smooth, they rolled really well. Some of the best greens I have putted on in recent memory.

Carts were nice but did not have GPS. No cart gal but there was a busy snack stand on the turn. Nice driving range on mats with complementary range balls. 2 putting greens that were both as nice as the on course greens. Fun course to play in very nice condition, I would definitely come back. Recommended.
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