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Rode the Hawk tees (6140/70.0/127) in 4H, 15M with Sbogey and Bob mid day. Thanks to Steve for setting up a fun round! $70 was a fair price for this course. The weather was WINDY, hazy and in the low 80's.

Tees lush and well maintained. No challenges with level lies.

Both the fairways and rough were lush and nice to play from. Rough was maintained low, fairways cut tight. On most holes, if you miss the fairway, you hope the rough catches it, because there are native areas that they play like a red hazard penalty where your ball is likely gone.

Sand traps good to play from. Well maintained with good quality sand and rakes in the traps.

Many greens had some pin placements where you could expect some fairly severe breaks. They putted medium fast speed and were firm with few ball marks.

Customer service was exceptional. Cart staff is great. Quick, efficient check-in with the pro shop. No drink cart today. Complementary range balls on an all grass range and bottled water are included with your golf fees. The carts were newer with advanced GPS including a video tour of each hole with tips on how to best play the hole.

Really fun par 72 layout. Three par 3's, three par 5's and twelve par 4's. Excellent mixture of risk reward, medium and longer par 4's. Definitely keeps things interesting. There is also a generous amount of water hazards on this course. Almost no holes where penalty shots are not just waiting to jump up and bite you on anything more than a little offline. Course was in excellent shape, highly recommended.
Rode the Blacks (3475/57.1/92) as a single in less than 2H twilight on a GN "Hot Deal". The weather was sunny and breezy around 95.

Ted Robinson design. Par 60, six short par 4's and ten par 3's. The par 3's range from 105 to 175 and provide different looks. The six short par 4's were a good mix of risk/reward with lakes or OB close by if you went for them and missed. All holes are closely surrounded by condos/townhouses. Water on all 18 holes hi-lite this fun executive course layout.

The tees were lush but many were fairly chewed up.

Both the fairways and rough were immaculately maintained.

The sand traps were well maintained with nice, fluffy sand but several had sprinkler runoff issues.

The small greens putted excellent. Smooth, medium fast and firm. No tiers, but many have a decent amount of slope on them. If you miss one of these tiny greens, good chance there will be little green to work with no matter which side you missed on.

The customer service was limited but good. Prepaid online, quick efficient check-in, no drink cart. No GPS on basic carts. Very good executive course, definitely recommended.
Rode the Blacks on the South/North combo (6343/69.2/124) twilight on a GN "Hot Deal". Then played the North again. Got in 27 holes in 4H, 20M, mostly as a single. Low 80's, sunny and fairly calm.

Tees very lush and well maintained.

Fairways lush and nice to play from.

Rough lush and thick but not overly tall. Still somewhat penal.

Sand traps had decent sand and were well maintained.

Greens were smooth with few ball marks. They putted medium fast speed and held irons with a little run out.

By FAR the best shape I have ever seen this course in. Customer service excellent all around. Well stocked pro shop. Let me out before my tee time. No drink cart, but there was a snack stand at the turn. Single rider carts @ no extra charge. Carts have GPS to the F/C/B of greens. Grass range looked decent. Highly recommended.
Rode the Blues (6646/70.8/132) in 4H, 15M with sbarajasjr for a GK Cup match. Thanks much to Sal for coordinating and setting up! Around 80, sunny and breezy. $75 was reasonable for this course.

First time here, really liked the Gary Panks design. First time I have ever played a 37-34 = 71 combination. Up/down rolling hills, 18 challenging, fun holes of golf. Plenty of well placed bunkers, trees and red staked areas to keep you honest.

Tees lush and mostly well maintained.

Fairways lush and nice to play from.

You better find the fairways here, because the rough was lush, thick and punitive. Balls in the rough would cost you 25-75 yards, and your ball often sat down. First time I have played in rough like this since Bayonet last summer.

Traps were decently maintained with fine, red clay/dirt/sand. Just needed more of it.

Large greens were very nice. Medium fast and firm, but still held well struck irons. We both putted poorly, but it was us, not the way the greens rolled. You want to stay below the hole on most of these greens.

Customer service a + all around. Friendly, informative starter. All grass driving range with complementary balls. Carts nice but no GPS. Drink cart around twice. Beautiful clubhouse with a busy restaurant onsite. Very nice layout in excellent condition. Definitely recommended.
Rode the Ruby tees (6825/71.2/133) in 4H, 15M twilight with Felix and Adam. Locals who play here alot and were great to be matched up with. Sunny, breezy and in the mid 90's. $59 twilight Sunday was good value for this course.

U of A home course, also hosting the Ladies Symetra Tour this coming week. Really enjoyed the layout that was in excellent overall condition. It has taken me several years while visiting my daughter and son-in-law to make it around to most of the Tucson area public courses. IMO Sewailo ranks #3 behind the two Ventana Canyon courses and ahead of several other well known courses that have hosted the PGA, Champions or LPGA Tours. A few tight shots, but most holes have wide fairways with huge greens surrounded by lots of traps. Plenty of slopes, water and native areas to catch anything wayward.

Tees very lush and well maintained.

Fairways were excellent, near immaculate status. Appropriate I played this course on Masters Sunday, because these fairways were very Augusta like with great roll out.

Rough was mowed down and not overly penal, just unlevel poa that produces iffy lies.

Sand traps were the weak link, just okay. Decent quality sand, just needed more of it.

Greens were large and challenging. Had a terrible putting day on these greens, had challenges with both the break and the speed. But they were smooth, firm and medium fast.

Difficult layout that stretches to over 7300 yards for the real guys. Some nice risk/reward holes and a few absolute brutes... #10 was a 618 yard par 5, then #11 was a 481 yard par 4 and both were considerably longer if playing the tips.

Excellent customer service from everyone. No drink cart or on course water stations. Carts had an ice chest, divot mix and GPS. All grass driving range with good Callaway balls included. Highly recommended.
Rode the Golds (6482/70.2/132) as a single for their $45 twilight rate. Played 36 holes in 5H, 15M, excellent POP. 95, breezy and sunny is a reason I played through a couple of groups and basically played at my own pace the entire afternoon.

Par 71 layout built on the site of an old Quarry. For those of you reading this from So Cal, this is the Tucson version of Oak Quarry. From the Golds, there are many generous forced carries. Was surprised this is a Troon course. Would be almost unwalkable with all the long climbs to numerous tee boxes.

Tees lush with few divots. If anything, too lush, they need to be mowed lower IMO.

Fairways semi lush with good coverage. Firm with lots of roll.

Rough also semi lush. Mostly mowed down, but patches on many holes were lost ball rough, lush and thick.

Was advised in the pro shop that they play all the traps as GUR. I can see why, they were terrible. Hard dirt, not sand.

Greens looked nice from afar. However, they were maintained high and putted somewhat bumpy and medium slow. Firm, you had to play for run out.

Customer service was excellent. Friendly Marshall, attentive cart staff. No on course water or drink cart, so better come prepared.

This is a tough golf course. I thought the 132 slope was under rated. This layout would play better IMO in lusher conditions. With tight target areas you need grass to stop balls when the first bounce is 10 yards in the air on many shots. Front 9 had a few tight shots but had some fun holes. There were two very fun risk reward par 4's on the front, 332/302. In between was a 490 yard par 4, so there were long holes as well. Back 9 was target golf on steroids, many tight holes. Par 3's were a beast. 200/202/256/134/197.

Recommended, but play up if in doubt and on numerous holes it would assist if you drove up and saw the target area.
Rode the Blues (6298/69.6/125) with Super Seniors Clayton, Terry and Mike in 4H, 20M twilight. Delightful guys to get matched up with!. Breezy, clear and around 95.

Interesting layout with plenty of elevation changes and some fun holes with water. Very spread out, many tees were a long way from the last green. Numerous holes had a "bowl" effect where there was cactus and native trees lining both sides of the fairway. You did not want to stray off these fairways, it was ugly. Most holes had houses on both sides, but they were far away and rarely came into play.

Tees lush, very well maintained with few divots.

Fairways mostly lush and nice to play from.

Rough a step down from the fairways. Good coverage mowed low, but not nearly as good to play from.

Sand traps well maintained with good quality sand.

Greens were firm and putted medium speed. Not as smooth as you would prefer to see with more unfixed ball marks, especially on the elevated tee holes. But good overall. Some severe putts could be found on these greens with some of the slopes.

Customer service excellent from everyone. Busy range and restaurant onsite. Very friendly feel here. No GPS on the basic carts. Conditions were very playable and the layout was very good. Definitely recommended.
Rode the Blues (6905/71.2/124) with Tim and Macdrizzydre in 4H early morning. Fairly calm, clear and approaching 90 when we finished. Very nice to finally be able to meet and play with Dre after corresponding with him online about golf clubs.

Older, traditional parkland style layout. Plenty of trees, lots of longer, fairly straight holes. Layout average, fun to play but playing conditions well above average.

Tees lush with few unfixed divots.

Fairways lush and nice to play from.

Rough very lush close to greens. Mowed down Bermuda along the fairways, hardpan if you stray too far off the beaten path.

Sand traps well maintained with large grain sand, but too thin the traps I was in.

Greens were smooth, firm and putted medium speed. Not alot of break, no tiers, this course was built when length was the scoring deterrent, not severe greens.

Only negative was numerous holes where they really pinched in the OB stakes where they were 10-15 yards from the course boundary. I got popped twice on the back with shots that were seemingly okay, only to get up there and find out they landed on grass, hit the hardpan and rolled OB.

Quick efficient check-in, cart gal was around at least once. Everyone was very pleasant and friendly. Old school charm, busy grass driving range. No GPS on the basic carts. Course is pretty spread out and even though flat, would be challenging to walk. No water or divot mix but did have trap rakes. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6546/71.5/126) on a GN "Hot Deal" mid day in 4H, 45M. Dreadful POP. Sunny, calm and around 100, but the course was surprising busy when I arrived.

Played with 3 millennials on the front, they quit after 9 because of the POP. Joined by Tom on the back. We would often be up to the next tee box before the 4some in front of us had finished hitting. And there was no one for several holes in front of them? Marshall was just oblivious when I told him on 17 how far behind they were and how long we were waiting in between shots.

Have now played here 3 times over the years. Once in November, it was mediocre. In July heat it was in terrible condition. So wanted to give it a try in "prime" season. Glad I did, it was in surprisingly decent condition after the bare and overgrown conditions I experienced during the hot part of last summer. I have been told that the HOA acquired the golf course and are putting $$$ into it. Their efforts show.

Traditional older desert course where the holes are almost all surrounded on both sides by condo's or duplexes. Fairly wide open layout with a few tight tee shots. Two lakes on 10/14 that were dry last summer have water again, so aesthetically, the course looks much better.

Tees were decent, good coverage.

Fairways had good coverage and were decent to play from.

Rough was clumpy, mowed low, very hit and miss. One of my playing partners was a member of the HOA, and he said they are planning on replanting grass where all the "turf reduction areas" currently are.

Sand traps around the greens were very hit and miss. Several looked decent, many were crusty. Waste bunkers are basically just let go, you are probably drawing a poor lie.

Greens putted medium fast and were firm. Smooth, but would not hold irons or chips because of the firmness.

Clubhouse open, friendly staff. No on course services. No water. All grass driving range with complementary balls looked decent. Basic carts do not have GPS. Recommended as a good budget alternative.
Rode the Golds (6401/70.9/130) with Geno in 3H mid day on a GN Hot Deal. Quick, no nonsense player, good guy. Partly cloudy, fairly calm and around 95, we did not wait a shot.

Looked like they were removing a greenside bunker on 9 and had already removed a fairway bunker on 10. I have seen deals online where the TL South course costs less than the TL North course. I can see why, fun layout that unfortunately is rough around the edges condition wise.

Tees had decent coverage with few divots.

Fairways were playable with some brownish areas. Decent coverage with a few bare areas and some lush areas, okay to play from.

Rough around the fairways has okay coverage with occasional bare spots, mostly maintained low. Hardpan the farther you are from the fairway.

The greenside sand traps are terrible. Anything but the flat areas they long ago let go and those are mostly weeds/grass. The flat areas they are barely going through the motions of maintaining. Consistently too crusty/thin to be playing up to raised, firm greens. Most of the fairway traps they have let go and are more like waste bunkers.

Greens putted medium speed and are extremely firm. Almost no ball marks because of the firmness, they rolled well overall.

Customer service was decent from all. Quick Pro Shop check-in since I prepaid online. No Starter, Marshall or beverage cart on the course. Plenty of water/ice stations on the course. Decent GPS on the carts. Good all grass driving range with a couple of practice holes. Recommended if you do not pay too much.
Rode the Blues (6328/69.6/117) with GDR23, Ian and James. 3H, 45M POP early morning in warm, calm, sunny conditions in the 80's. Then rode the Blacks (6747/72.0/124) in the afternoon with Gary. Again, around 3H, 45M. Seemed longer playing as a 2some behind a Sr. 4some.

By far the best I have ever seen Cimarron look and play!

Tees lush with most divots already properly maintained.

Fairways lush with few unfixed divots.

Rough lush, maintained and not very penal. However, if you miss the grass rough the native areas are 50/50 on whether you can play your ball even if you find it.

Sand traps were decently maintained but too many rocks in them to be considered good.

Greens were fairly smooth/firm and putted medium speed. No huge slopes or tiers on these greens, but there is rarely a straight putt anywhere.

No on course services. Excellent customer service from all encountered. Carts have GPS to the front/middle & back of the green along with hole tips. No Starter, Marshall or Drink cart most days. Restaurant onsite was open, as was the all grass range open. Fun course in excellent shape. Recommended.
Rode the Blacks (6468/71.3/134) in 4H, 20M with Nick, Larry and Glen. Around 65 and partly cloudy. Breezy, 1-2 club wind, which at least this week was about as good as it got in Mesquite. Much preferable over the days it was a 3-4 club wind.

Arnold Palmer design with lots of elevations changes. Numerous tight holes where you play down canyons. Numerous holes where you played severely downhill. Signs said 100' elevation changes on multiple tee shots.

Tees excellent, almost immaculate with few unfixed divots.

Fairways excellent to play from, lush and green.

Rough was mostly dormant Bermuda. Lush over seeded around the greens. Very playable around the fairways, not high but a huge difference from being in the fairway.

Sand traps were decent with good quality sand.

Played 7 rounds in Mesquite this week and these were the best greens. Firm, smooth and medium fast to the point that you better not get above the hole. I saw the lines well on these greens and still had a terrible putting day because I never got the speed down.

Excellent customer service, they were running right on time. Cart gal around numerous times. Nice, all grass practice facility included in your fee. Comfortable carts but no GPS.

I liked the layout and would enjoy playing here again anytime. This layout should appeal to the masses more so that several of the more high profile Mesquite courses. Tough, but not so tough that the average player will lose a dozen balls. But anything not that far offline is going to result in penalty shots. Overall, highly recommended.
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