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Rode the Blues (6865/73.1/132) with Itslikeimsayin, Ben and Shane in slightly more than 4.5H. Started as a 2some, played as a 4some for holes 3-9 then as a 3some on the back. Course busy, we waited on more shots than not. Breezy, not too hot and overcast.

Great venue for Mark and I to play our GK Cup match. Base pass required. Course is roughly 75 years old and has stood up well to modern technology. We both really like the Billy Bell traditional parkland layout. Mostly flat with some rolling hills. Most fairways are tree lined with traps on both sides. No houses within sight on this course. Greens are well bunkered with challenging par 3's. Wind was definitely a factor as several of the longer holes seem to play into the prevailing wind.

Kikuyu tees were the weak link. Some very nice, some poor. Many were lumpy, some crowned and the par 3's in particular needed divot attention.

Fairways had good coverage and were decent to good.

Rough had good coverage and could be penal because it's mostly Kikuyu.

Sand traps were well maintained and all I was in were in good shape with a decent amount of sand.

Greens were only medium speed, they looked quicker than they were. But they were soft and accepted irons and pitches with little run out. They rolled well, but being soft, many had marks that needed to be repaired before you putted.

Customer service was excellent from everyone encountered. Saw the cart gal early in the round. Basic cart with no GPS. Adequate grass driving range with plenty of stalls. Well stocked pro shop. If I lived closer, this course would be in my regular rotation. Definitely recommended.
Rode the Blacks (6720/72.1/127) mid day with Chuck and Tom using GM in slightly over 3.5H. Sunny, breezy and 108 made me glad the POP was moving until we caught a slower 4some on the back.

Tees had decent coverage with few unfixed divots.

Fairways semi lush with some brown areas. Mostly good to play from.

Rough semi lush mowed down low and not that penal.

Sand traps very nicely maintained with thick, good quality white marble sand.

Large Bermuda greens putted medium speed and are firm. Few ball marks and reasonably smooth for late Summer Bermuda.

Nice, all grass driving range. Basic carts do not have GPS or ports for electronics. Plenty of ice/water stations on the course. Santa Rosa would be a challenging course to walk with many tees a long way from the last green. Recommended.

Customer service is usually excellent from everyone here. Quick efficient check-in and no on course services as usual here. Normally I don't expect much from golf course customer service so do not get riled up if it is just okay or even sub par. I rarely comment about what I perceive to be poor customer service unless it is REALLY bad.

Chuck/I had a GM voucher good for 18 + replay. We are teeing off on #8 in round #2 and a cart guy drives out and very gruffly states he needs the cart, he wants to go home? We tried to say we have 11 more holes... didn't even finish the sentence and he says he is taking the cart and that they should have told us when we checked in that carts had to be in by 5pm? Can't we just leave the cart by the cart barn? No, has to be in now was the response. So in 108 degree weather, Chuck & I walk/carry holes 8/9 and call it a day 9 holes short of what we intended.

No where on the voucher, when I made the tee time or @ check in was it mentioned that carts had to be in by 5pm? We were not allowed to tee off until noon because the men's club had blocked out the morning tee times. So basically we had 5 hours to get in how ever many holes period?

That translates to me as this. They want the extra $$$ that they can generate partnering with a 3rd party vendor using their marketing machine in their slow periods... offering 18 + replay deals to entice buyers. But they do not really want to honor all that the voucher is good for if you are restricted to a 5 hour window to use it?

Complete bull sh-t !
Rode the Blues (6782/72.7/131) with RGM2525 who was using an UP voucher. Thanks to Ron for setting up. 105, breezy and clear meant there were no challenges on POP middle of the day. We set our own pace and played 18 in around 3H.

Like the 50 year old Billy Hines Traditional Palm Springs layout. Many holes I find challenging because a straight Driver off the tee may put you through a fairway. Shot shapers course. Lots of mature trees line each fairway. Some overhang the fairway right on the line you would prefer to play. Stiff par 3's, from the Blues 225/201/217/174. Rarely do you see a course average over 200 yards on their par 3's. Two are over water and I used 4 different irons, so they provide different looks, just none are short. Overall an excellent collection of holes. Tight in spots, but plenty of holes that had alot of room, you were just going to have tree challenges if not straight.

Bermuda tees were okay for late summer, only the par 3's needed divot attention and most were level.

Bermuda fairways had decent coverage, nice to play from.

Rough was a mixture of grasses and uniformly maintained around 2-3". Mostly lush with good coverage.

Sand traps were well maintained with fine, brown sand/dirt.

Bermuda greens medium speed and firm. Irons held okay with some run out. You had to give longer putts and chips a decent whack to get them there.

Pro Shop closed after noon. No on course services. Luis in the pro shop and the cart staff are outstanding here. All grass range and practice area is decent, but did not utilize today. Carts were nice but no GPS. Water/Ice stations @ the clubhouse. Recommended, fun course.
Rode the Blues (6687/72.2/127) in 3H, 15M with RGM2525 early morning. Thanks to Ron for setting up on a GM voucher. Breezy, clear and around 95 as we were finishing.

Up down rolling hills, rare to have a links style layout in the greater Palm Springs area. I enjoy this layout not only because it is better than average but also because it is so unique for the area.

Entire course is drying out with fall over seeding not far away, but still very playable.

Tees level and decent coverage. A few needed divot repair.

Fairways dry with decent coverage. Played firm with lots of roll out.

Rough thick and punitive for the most part.

Traps well maintained and all i was in had a decent amount of sand.

Greens medium speed and firm. Late summer bumpy Bermuda.

No on course services during the week in the summer. Nice, well stocked pro shop, beautiful clubhouse. Adequate water stations and restrooms on the course. Basic carts do no have GPS. All grass range included that has a decent short game area. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6614/71.0/125) on the North/South Combo in the GM/GK Plays. Played with Sparky14 and John, nice group to play with. Sunny, around 80 with a 1-2 club wind most of the round. Dreadful POP, 5H, 15M. There were frequently 2, if not 3 groups waiting to tee off on all the tees by the back 9. No Marshall and other than John on the closest to the pin hole, we never saw anyone from GM after the event started.

Tees mostly lush, level and nice to play from. Minimal divot damage.

Most of the fairways were lush and immaculate. A few were poor with large bare areas.

Kikuyu rough was thick and punitive. Usually 3"+ and difficult to advance longer clubs out of.

Traps were excellent. Nice fine sand and very well maintained.

Greens rolled great. Medium fast and firm, everything released.

Course has 27 holes, East 9 currently closed for fall maintenance. Customer Service was excellent, everyone around the clubhouse was attentive and the cart gal was around numerous times. Nice clubhouse and restaurant/bar. Numerous putting green and short game practice areas around the clubhouse and grass range.

Liked the layout, tree lined fairways that were mostly ample in width framed by numerous fairway bunkers on most holes. Several creeks and lakes with little elevation changes. Overall, fun course in very nice condition. Recommended.
Rode the Greens (6705/71.3/124) late afternoon. Played with 2 guys who were good and had playing fast down to a science. We played the 18th basically in the dark to finish. How fast did we play? A 3some all with their own carts played 18 holes in 1H, 50M. Low 100's, breezy and clear.

The Resort course is definitely the better of the two Tahquitz courses. Older, traditional track without many upgrades. Few homes around the course is a +. Like the layout. however, the playing conditions, while better than the Legends are still mediocre.

Bermuda tees were semi lush, mostly level and in decent condition.

Bermuda fairways are mostly generous in width and were semi lush with some brown patches.

Bermuda rough was mowed down low. Mostly semi lush, but there were many browned out areas that were thin to semi hardpan.

Traps were decently maintained with mostly fluffy dirt.

Bermuda greens were smooth but slower than the greens on the Legends course. Medium speed at best and they are firm.

No on course services and the restaurant was closed late afternoon. Few water stations on the course. Customer service was excellent with the pro shop and cart staff. No GPS on the basic carts. All grass range with a decent short game practice area.

Decent, fun layout. Usually a good budget alternative in the Palm Springs area, but would wait until after fall over seeding based on what I experienced today.
Rode the Greens (6815/72.4/125) in less than 3H twilight on a prepaid GolfNow deal for $4.48 (with $10 off coupon) including cart. Low 100's, clear with a little breeze wasn't too bad.

Tees were all over the place. Some lush, some had bare spots and some were in between. All were level + playable.

Fairways okay, definitely not lush. Firm made for lots of roll, but you could get poor lies in the fairways.

Rough mostly lush and just high enough to grab your club.

Sand traps had decent sand and were nicely maintained. Could definitely use churning, they were hard just beneath the surface in spite having a decent amount of sand.

Humpbacked Bermuda greens were medium speed until you got over the hump... then it was good luck stopping the ball. Areas around the greens are mostly mowed down Bermuda, so many options on different shots available.

No GPS on the carts. No drink cart but they do have a nice grill onsite. Customer service was excellent, quick check in and good to go. All grass range with a decent short game practice area.

Older, tight track that I do not really care for, but the price was definitely right. Some fun holes and since my expectations were low, they were met. Could not recommend unless you got a real deal however.
Rode the Golds (6698/72.1/128) in less than 3H mid day on a GN Hot Deal. Played the front with Rick and the back with Brady, who only played 9. Both played quick, probably because it was 110 and clear.

Semi-private course that is surrounded by nice homes and condos in a gated community. Arthur Hills design that is around 25 years old. Typical resort type layout. Mostly open with only a few tight shots with several lakes that come prominently in play on a few holes. Enough sand, trees and native areas to get your attention without beating you up with them. Playing conditions were near immaculate.

Tees were immaculate, level and lush with hardly a divot anywhere.

Fairways lush and nice to play from.

Rough lush. Mowed down uniformly low and not very penal.

Greenside traps nicely maintained with thick, white sand. Fairway traps were a little more firm.

Greens were firm, smooth and putted medium speed. Hardly a ball mark anywhere and you had to play for run out.

Customer service was excellent. Quick efficient check-in, attentive cart staff. Beautiful, large clubhouse. Nice practice range that included a chipping area over by the tennis courts. The course would not be very walkable because of the heat and the fact that numerous tees are a long way from the last green. Nice layout that would be good for players of all skill levels. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6801/71.9/121) in 3.5H on a GN Hot Deal twilight. Played with Garrison. Mid 90's and hazy.

Had not played here in close to 30 years. Remembered almost nothing about the course. Old school layout when length was the primary deterrent. Tree lined, narrow fairways, few straight holes with greens that slope gently from back to front.

Tees had good coverage and were decently maintained.

Fairways had good coverage and were okay to play from.

Rough very hit and miss. Some areas hardpan, some areas thin, some areas lush and some areas brutal with 3-5" thick rough.

Traps did not look good but played better than they looked. All I sampled had a decent amount of sand.

Poa Greens were soft and held shots like darts. Which means they also had lots of unfixed ball marks. Medium speed, I found that they actually rolled well once you fixed all the ball marks on your line.

No on course services. Carts very basic. Decent little practice chipping area and putting green. Restaurant open. I was in the area and found a really cheap rate, so thought it would be good for some on course practice. Based on prior course reviews, my exceptations were low. However, the course radically exceeded expectations. Decent layout, worth a play if close by.
Rode the Orange Tees (6538/71.6/130) with Wendy, Lauren and Marvin in slightly less than 5H mid morning in the GK Plays. Close to 110, clear and fairly calm. Not humid like it has been, so it was more manageable than it sounds with plenty of liquids. Thanks to Johnny for setting this up, Linksoul and Golf Moose for sponsoring many nice items and IW for having us out!

Course conditions were excellent overall for late summer. Challenging layout featuring many holes with fairways that are either narrow in the landing area or require turning the ball to get in prime positions. The course is a good mixture of flat and rolling hills.

Tees lush and nicely maintained with few divots.

Fairways lush and very nice to play from.

Bermuda rough close to greens, just off fairways and around tees is mowed down, not overly penal and lush.

Sand traps well maintained with fine sand.

Bermuda greens smooth and putted medium fast speed. Firm with few ball marks. Large challenging green complexes, the greens feature many subtle undulations with few straight putts.

Really like this John Fought design that features 7 sets of well spaced tees. Par 72 (37-35). Players would be challenging to walk since there are numerous tees 100+ yards from the last green. Customer service is always excellent here. And that goes for every single person encountered, they could run a climic on how to provide excellent customer service @ IW. Plenty of ice/water stations on the course. Nice GPS on the carts. Cart person came around numerous times and was extremely helpful. Complementary range balls on the grass range is a plus. Highly recommended.
Rode the Blues (6522/72.2/134) in slightly over 3.5 twilight on a GN Hot Deal. Played with Steve, hilarious guy to be matched up with. 112, sunny and humid made the conditions uncomfortable. We were behind a 4some that had no intention of letting us play through. So Steve stopped, got drinks and we sat in the shade and talked until they were well ahead so we could play w/o waiting on every shot. The course was not busy.

Bermuda tees had decent coverage and were good to play from.

Bermuda fairways were semi lush and nice to play from.

Bermuda primary rough was mowed low but still thick with good coverage.

Plentiful sand traps had decent sand but were too thin.

Bermuda greens were very firm and consistent from green to green. I expected them to be so/so late in the summer. Wrong! These were some of the smoothest Bermuda greens I have ever putted on and medium fast. Very nice!

Nicklaus Tournament features mounds along the sides of fairways, large/deep bunkers, several split fairways and expansive sand waste bunkers. Raised greens where irons barely off line or short can be in collection areas where the green is well above the golfer. Very good customer service from everyone. Plenty of water stations on the course and bottled water provided. Good GPS on the carts. The cart gal was out making the rounds numerous times. Nice all grass range and a new putting green since I last played here close to Nicklaus Tournament #1 tee. Recommended.
Rode the Golds (6643/71.5/126) in slightly more than 4.5H mid morning with Chuck, Gil and Dan. Thanks to Chuck for coordinating the 4 player for $99 GM voucher. Excellent group to play with and deal for this course! Clear with little breeze normally sounds good. But it was 111 when we finished, which made for very challenging playing conditions.

Tees mostly lush, level and only a few needed divot repair.

Fairways lush, well maintained and nice to play from. Few unfixed divots.

Rough almost unfair. 3-4" Bermuda, the ball usually sat down. Terrible for POP, you often had to almost step on balls 2 yards off the fairway or putting green apron to find them.

Traps poor, not well maintained. Several had standing water and many others had not been raked consistently. Plus they need to trim the Bermuda runners around the edges. These traps were truly a hazard.

Greens firm and putted medium speed. Bumpy, looked like they were leaving them longer because of the heat. Often could not find where my iron or pitch shot hit, basically no ball marks. Not alot of break on these greens.

Conventional, old school Palm Springs layout. Exterior of the course is surrounded by homes &/or streets on all sides. No holes with a wow factor, but a very solid layout that is fun to play. Excellent practice and warm up facilities with complementary balls. Customer service excellent all around. Plenty of water stations on the course. No drink cart but they stock the ice chest with ice and water. GPS to the F/M/B of greens on the standard carts. Recommended.
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