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Rode the Blues (6313/70.6/129) mid day on a GN Hot Deal as a single in 3H. 108, clear and calm, never had another golfer within a hole of me.

SilverRock is one of my favorite area layouts, but today the conditions were middle of the summer scruffy. Not bad, just not nearly as good as SilverRock usually is. Every area of the course has minor bare spots here and there.

Bermuda tees had some bare spots and were just okay.

Bermuda fairways and rough both were semi lush and good to play from unless you found one of the bare spots.

Sand traps were the weak link. They obviously have not been putting alot of effort into maintaining them. Most had not been recently raked and were compacted. Around many edges it looked like they had not been trimmed in a good while.

Bermuda greens were firm, consistent and medium speed with almost no ball marks. However, many had at least one poor area where the coverage was thin to bare. Good overall unless you had to putt through one of the poor areas.

No on course services with COVID-19. No divot mix and doodles in the bottom of the cups. Prepaid, so check-in was quick. Starter was leaving for the day as I drove up, he said they had about 70 golfers today. All grass driving range and practice area open. Carts have GPS and ports for electronics. Recommended, but I would not pay rack rate right now.
Rode the Golds (6158/69.5/125) in slightly over 3H on a GH Hot Deal mid day. Matched up with C.J., very nice guy to play with who could bomb it. Then replayed in 2.5 H as a single. The weather was kinda hot, even by my standards. Slight breeze, sunny and 123 when I was finishing. Did not trust my car, so verified online, which said 122. It was blazing.

Surprisingly, the course was in borderline excellent condition considering the high hasn't been under 100 out here in a good while. Resort only partially open, so the course was not busy. Unusual to see so many open parking lot spaces.

Tees were the weak link. No divot mix, so not a shock that many tees needed divot repair. Several also had some of the thinnest Bermuda on the course, while others were lush. No issues finding a level lie.

Bermuda fairways were lush and nice to play from. Firm, but I could still make decent divots.

Bermuda rough was just a 1-1.5" higher version of the fairways. Pretty consistently lush and well maintained, good to chip out of.

90% of the sand traps were excellently maintained. Decent sand. 10% of the sand traps had massive water over runs from sprinklers running continuously to deal with the heat.

Bermuda greens were about as good as you are going to see in the middle of the summer in this heat. Firm, good coverage, relatively smooth and medium to medium fast. Very few ball marks, I could not find my ball mark about 1/3 the time.

Customer service always good here. No on course services with COVID-19. Rakes, water and divot mix removed, doodles in the bottom of the cups. Pro Shop closed @ noon, Cart barn closed @ 3pm, so I walked the last 3 holes to finish with a rare round in the 70's. Nice all grass range and practice area. Carts have GPS to the F/M/B of the green. Fun course, recommended.
Rode the Purple tees (6507/71.2/128) in slightly less than 3H as a single twilight. Sunny, breezy and around 112.

Bermuda tees were level, lush and reasonably well maintained for divots.

Bermuda fairways are lush and firm, good to play out of.

Bermuda rough was nice. Lush, mowed low and not overly penal.

Sand traps were well maintained with good quality sand.

Bermuda greens were good for middle of the summer. Medium speed, firm and held irons with minor run out.

Excellent customer service on every visit here. Nice GPS on the upgraded carts that have ports for electronics. With COVID-19, no on course services, but plenty of ice/water stations on the course. Nice all grass driving range with a good chipping area & practice green. Conditions were pretty good considering the heat, definitely better than Firecliff today. Fun course, recommended.
Rode the Purple tees (6676/72.1/136) in 3H mid day on a GN Hot Deal. Clear, fairly calm and 112.

Bermuda tees were semi lush and level with few divots.

Bermuda fairways were semi lush and usually good to play from.

Bermuda rough was lush. The ball sat up, not much of a penalty and good to chip out of.

Waste bunkers were firm and not as well maintained as the greenside traps. Greenside traps had good quality sand and were very nicely maintained.

Bermuda greens putted medium speed and were firm in middle of the summer condition.

Customer Service always excellent here from when you drop your clubs off out front to when you pick them up after the round. No on course services with COVID-19, but they had ice/water stations every few holes. Nice GPS on upgraded carts that have ports for electronics. The all grass driving range is included and is excellent with a nice practice chipping area. Recommended, one of the best public courses in the Palm Springs area.
Rode the Blues (6546/71.5/126) on a GN "Hot Deal" mid day in 3H. Sunny, calm and around 105, but the course was surprising busy when I arrived.

Traditional older desert course where the holes are almost all surrounded on both sides by condo's or duplexes. Vanilla layout, fairly wide open with a few tight tee shots. Not bad, just not overly memorable. I last played here 4 1/2 years ago and the course had just went through a turf reduction, turning large areas of rough into waste bunkers. At that time, the new huge waste areas had nice sand that was cleaned up and looked like they had spent alot of time/$$$ in doing so.

I was told by two employees that the place recently changed management/ownership and the new people are looking to restore things. They have their work cut out for them, because it looks like whoever has NOT been maintaining the course the last 6+ months has about run it into the ground.

Tees were horrible. Anything from hardpan, to dead grass to whole tees that were primary rough length. Many had definitely not been mowed in recent memory.

Fairways were bad. About 1/3 thin grass, 1/3 dead grass and 1/3 hardpan with very occasional lush areas.

Rough was terrible. About 1/3 thin grass, 1/3 hardpan and 1/3 lost ball rough. It takes a while for Bermuda to get 6+" tall, the places where they had the deep grass was last mowed probably months ago?

Sand traps around the greens did not look like they had been maintained in months. Thin sand with Bermuda runners 1-2' long creeping in from all sides. The waste bunkers that were nice 4 1/2 years ago had not been touched in a very long time. Native brush and tumbleweed everywhere, they looked like unmaintained desert.

Two lakes were dry and evidently have been for a long time, because they had bushes taller than me growing in them.

Bermuda greens looked nice and appeared to be the only part of the course they were actively maintaining. Fairly flat but were about the length of the fringe/aprons on most courses. Some of the slowest greens I have putted on in a long time. The fringe was so long you could see the blades of grass blowing in the wind, primary rough length.

Clubhouse closed, currently being renovated. Customer service was excellent from all people encountered, very friendly staff. No on course services. No water or divot mix available. Basic carts do not have GPS.

Over the years, I have played well over 50 courses in the Greater Palm Springs area. The vast majority are usually in good to very good condition, many are frequently in immaculate condition. Only two courses have I played multiple times at different times of the year that were consistently in such poor condition that I now avoid them. Mesquite and Cathedral Canyon. Palm Desert Resort is bucking to be added to that short list.

I played for less than $1 a hole, shot tied for my second lowest round of the year and I absolutely would not play here again until after fall over seeding. I am hopeful that the new owners will do a good job on over seeding and get some decent grass here again. But I will not be coming back until I see several favorable reviews from people I trust.
Rode the Blues (6782/72.7/131) for 36 holes twilight as a single, averaging less than 3H per round. 105, breezy and clear meant there were no challenges on POP. W/W Matt, their Director of Golf to get out on their $50 guest rate plus an additional charge to use a credit card.

Liked the Billy Hines layout that is now 50 years old, it fits my eye. Lots of mature trees line each fairway. Some overhang the fairway right on the line you would prefer to play. Stiff par 3's, from the Blues 225/201/217/174. Rarely do you see a course average over 200 yards on their par 3's. Two are over water and I used 4 different irons, so they provide different looks, just none are short. Overall an excellent collection of holes, more seemed to turn left than right. Reminded me of the Mission Hills C.C. Palmer and Dinah Shore courses with less water. Tight in spots, but plenty of holes that had alot of room, you were just going to have tree challenges if not straight.

Bermuda tees were okay for mid summer, only the par 3's needed divot attention and most were level.

Bermuda fairways were mostly lush, nice to play from.

Rough was a mixture of grasses and uniformly maintained around 2-3". Mostly lush with good coverage.

Sand traps were well maintained with fine, brown sand/dirt.

Bermuda greens were the weak link. Mid summer with about 60 days so far over 100 degrees locally have produced some minor bare areas. They putted medium slow and somewhat bumpy, especially as the ball slowed down. Irons held okay with some run out. You had to give longer putts and chips a decent whack to get them there.

Pro Shop closed after noon. Looked like most things were closed, no on course services. Not sure if middle of the summer or COVID-19 related? All grass range and practice area looked nice, but did not utilize. Carts were nice but no GPS. Water/Ice stations @ the clubhouse. Recommended, would really like to play here in peak condition, fun course.
Walked the Blues (6306/70.4/121) for $31 with t8fish in 4H. We were matched up with Pat/Bill for 9, who ironically used to work with Kevin back in the day. Thanks Kevin for driving up and a fun round even if we both played mediocre! Course was crowded on a beautiful day with the temps around 85.

Fun layout, really sorry that this course is closing soon. Made a special trip to get in a last round before it closes. Elkins offers some nice views and is not too taxing for golfers of all skill levels. Many fairways are unusually wide for a course of this length. Mature trees line almost every fairway and three large lakes can come into play on about half the holes are the main sources of trouble. No homes visible from the majority of holes is a plus.

Tees were at best mediocre. Most had okay coverage, but between the tee markers they were often thin and a few are unlevel. Several also needed divot repair.

Fairways were mostly lush and had very good coverage. Good to play from.

Rough was deep for kikuyu. Tough to hit both full shots and chip out of.

Sand traps have decent quality sand but were not well raked.

Greens look really nice, lush and green. However, they have such a cushion that they tend to get bumpy late in the day as the poa annua blooms. Soft/spongy, they hold iron shots very well but putted medium slow speed. Seemed even slower having played on firm, quick greens @ Soule Park in the morning.

Customer service was excellent, quick efficient check-in. No on course services with COVID-19. Small, less than full sized range. Sad to see this course go, many nice memories on this course and it was an excellent collection of fun holes to play. Recommended.
Walked the Oak tees (6806/72.8/128) with Emilio, Timo and Moses in slightly more than 4H for $28 (morning Sr. rate). Started out chilly/foggy but was calm, bright/clear, around 75 when finishing.

Tees are generally flat and were mowed close, usually decent to play from.

Fairways are semi lush & firm with good coverage.

Rough is thinner, hardpan in spots and not overly tall. In many places there was very little demarcation in being in the fairway or the rough.

Sand traps were very nicely maintained with fine, dark sand.

The combination Bent & Poa Annua greens putted medium fast speed and were firm. The rock rolled great, they would have been excellent "but for" an abnormal amount of ball marks.

The customer service was excellent. Refunded the difference in the online price and the Sr. rate. No on course services with COVID-19. Adequate full size range on mats. Average difficulty course to walk, not very hilly, no significant elevation changes or long hikes between any holes. The large lake between holes #1 & #10 is full again, which makes for a nice visual. I really like this layout, it fits my eye. Only a few homes nearby, just surrounded by hills and away from things on most holes. Lots of large, mature trees. First time here in 3 years. I would play here often if I lived closer. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6451/71.1/122) with GDR23. Averaged 3H, 15M per round for 36 holes on an UP voucher with an hour in the middle for lunch. Clear and 70ish. Breezy in the a.m. round, windy in the p.m. round.

Tees had okay coverage but were bumpy, unlevel and could use divot repair. Weak link of the course, the par 3's in particular were fairly chewed up.

Fairways were semi lush and usually good to play from, but also had several thin lies.

Rough not overly tall but was consistent and well maintained.

Sand traps were okay considering no rakes. Decently maintained with thick, medium sand.

Greens putted smooth and were very consistent from green to green. I see the lines well here and really like these greens.

The customer service was excellent, the pro shop got us out ahead of our tee time. No on course services or water available with COVID-19. Basic carts do not have GPS and the course is not well marked for yardages. Food good but pricey at the busy restaurant. I like this course, it has had above average conditions every visit in the last decade. Recommended.
Walked the Blues (6008/70.7/128) in 4H mid day with Mneilson and Jim. Breezy, clear and around 65. $20 to walk the first nine was too expensive for what you get. However, it averages out when you get the "replay" for $10. $30 to walk 18? $25 would have been fairer for what I got IMO.

Nine hole course that has three each par 5's, 4's and 3's. So when you play it twice to get in 18 holes, it's a rarity to get in six par 5's and six par 3's on a 18 hole regulation round. Players coming off #9 making the turn having priority over players starting on #1. We waited for one group to tee off and were able to get back out.

They closed the front 9 and made them practice holes and now concentrate their water resources on what used to be the back 9 several years ago. There is supposedly a "Top Golf" going in where part of the front nine used to be, they are currently doing massive construction.

Tees had good coverage but were not good IMO. Too many divots and the kikuyu was maintained so high that it frequently grabbed irons on my back swing. I expect that in the rough, not on the tee box.

Fairways were very playable, usually lush.

Rough was a combination of lush/thin. You could be on hardpan, in thick 2.5" tall rough or somewhere in between.

Sand traps played nice. Well maintained with thick sand/dirt.

Greens putted smooth and medium fast. Consistent from green to green and receptive to holding iron shots. These greens have more break that you would suspect on 1st glance.

Customer service was good. Carts are upgraded with nice GPS. Limited services available due to COVID-19, but the restaurant was open for take out with a limited menu.

I like the layout, good variety of holes. Very good practice range that includes a green to practice sand/chipping/pitching shots in addition to the practice holes. This is a challenging track that will test your game, especially in the wind, which always seems to blow here. Constantly up/down hills, it is a very challenging course to walk. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6443/71.3/128) mid day in 4H, 15M with Mneilson and Sal. Sunny, fairly calm in the mid 60's.

COVID-19: 1 rider to a cart. Doodles in the bottom of the cups. No on course services.

Tees were the weak link. Okay coverage but far too many unfixed divots.

Fairways have lots of undulation. Usually good to play from with occasional brown patches.

Rough close to the fairways was mowed down and maintained in the 2-3" range. Usually good to play out of. Rough farther from the fairways was 1-2' tall straw like that was a probable lost ball.

Sand was okay to play from. More fine dirt than sand.

Large greens were firm and medium speed. They looked quicker than they were. I like the greens here, the ball rolled very well.

Customer service was good from all encountered. Busy driving range and they have a putting and chipping practice area. Carts are basic, no GPS. Nice layout, fun course to play in good condition. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6751/72.7/138) in slightly over 4.5H mid day on a GN "Hot Deal". Matched up with 3 nice guys, one was a novice. We let 2 groups play through, then caught a younger 4some on golf boards. They got their $$$ worth on the golf boards, looked like snowboarders going down the fairways. And rough. And through the oaks. Sunny, windy and in the 80's made for challenging golfing conditions.

Other than no rakes in the sand, almost no other obvious COVID-19 measures. Cups were normal depth, they provided divot mix and the bathrooms/water stations on the course were operational.

Tees were semi lush and most were well maintained for divots. Some could use leveling.

Fairways mostly lush with a good pad underneath. Both are beginning to show brown spots from the heat.

Rough was fairly lush close to the fairway. Mostly mowed down, not overly penal. Thinner the farther you got from the fairway.

Sand traps had good quality sand and were very well maintained.

Large, undulating greens rolled nice! Smooth, medium fast and firm, they held irons with some run out.

Customer service was very good. Basic carts do not have GPS, and the course is not well marked for yardages if you do not have a measuring device of some kind. Challenging layout in nice condition. Both the layout and the greens are outstanding. Highly recommended.
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