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Played 2nd out on Sunday morning (7 a.m.) and we had the course to ourselves!!! Starter told us the the group in front of us plays fast and he was right! We did not see a group in front or behind us all day. I was sadly reminded of the state of my game and how difficult this course was right away. Great conditions overall, Cart girl kept us hydrated with beer and vodka. Good customer service all around.
Great course as always... Fairways were excellent, rough kept the course challenging. The greens could be better (compared to past rounds here at Rams Hill), but not horrible.

Course services were great! very attentive staff. It's a trek for me coming from Orange County, but well worth the once yearly trip here.

Thank you Johnny for setting this up.
Got out to Rancho San Joaquin after not touching a club for 6 months.... The course was in fair condition. Greens, having been punched about a month ago have healed and are rolling well no bad breaks on the greens.

Several spots on the fairway with excess water. It was very muddy in some spots (the golf cart almost getting stuck once) which i couldn't really understand why.

Marshalls were great, had POP in mind and even pushed the group in front of us without us asking. At the end of the day it's Rancho San Joaquin... decent layout, can get boring in some spots, but it's in Orange County 4.5 hour POP on a weekend and I didn't have to drive far or break the bank.
Came out to Los Serranos after a long 2 month stretch of not touching a club... we were a threesome matched up with a single. POP right at 4 hours. Looks like all the bumps from the greens being punched are gone and the greens are much faster than usual here. Even on the first green with all the morning dew (6:30 am. Tee time) it was fast. The bunkers were in great shape and filled with some fluffy sand (at least the 6 i was in). There was one bunker on the back that was filled with water, but our group was lucky enough to stay away from that one.
What a great course. My only issue with this course is that it's 2.5 hours away from me. It was a trek getting there but worth it for the few times are year we go. This is a can't miss course, from the pristine driving range, using ProV's and range finders to the immaculate fairways. The course was in great shape customer service was good (they found me after the round to give me the GPS i left in the cart, D'oh) another great GK plays and another fun round
Played over the weekend with KevBig... read his review for more details.... Can't say enough about their great customer service from the cart guys, snack bar, cart girl and locker room attendants... all top notch...

the rough was pretty fluffy... caught a few fliers from the rough... wish i could hit my 7 iron 180+ all the time :) Great deal that we god and specially good when there's a casino nearby
Fun time with the GK crew... The course was in great condition overall. Greens as everyone else has mentioned were awesome, challenging and fast at times. Although firm and fast the greens held shots that were hit on it (only had one shot run off after it hit the green but that ball was coming in hot.

Bunkers were in good condition, fairways roped off properly, tee boxes in decent shape. I had an issue with the rough, too many bare spots in the rough.

I would definitely come back to this course. A very challenging layout that's quite fun to play.
Great deal on a Thursday afternoon. We teed off at 12:35 for $50. Course was in good condition with the exception of a few dry fairways... see Kevbig's review. Sorry for the short review, but Kevbig beat me to it and no need to retype everything....
What and AWESOME Course!!! thank you to Johnny for putting this together. Probably the nicest course i've played on. I'm wishing this course was closer to home. Customer Service was top notch, the playing conditions could not have been any better. I got plugged in a couple of bunkers but that was probably user error and not the course.
Playing partners, Kevin, Andrew and Invisible Rob were fun and kept the round interesting.

Great course layout, pristine conditions, excellent customer service... what more can you ask for? More pars and birdies..... but again user error
Played at Tustin Ranch yesterday with a couple of friends. POP was decent at 4 hours. We teed off at 2 p.m. and finished right at 6 with just a few minutes of sunlight left.

Greens were medium-fast and tough to read at times. Pin placements were challenging but not too crazy. I think they may be punching soon though as other courses around here are doing the same.

Bunkers were probably the nicest bunkers i've played from in the last year. Nice white fluffy sand that was very predictable to hit out of.

It was a good deal for us as the round came free with lessons that I'm taking at Tustin Ranch. The 6 min drive to the course helps too! I'll probably be playing here more.
Most of the course was in great condition today. Played the GK Plays event here and it was fun as always. The fairway was in prime shape. No major issues with divots and it was pretty green.

Green speed was consistent for us with the exception of a couple of greens that had some bare spots in play. 15 for instance had some of these bare spots that got in the way.

POP was a slow 5 hours. There was a random twosome that got in between the first and second group on 13. We don't know where they came from, but assume that they just wanted a little more golf in after playing 18.

The cart girl found us a few times throughout the round, but i didn't understand the decision to close the snack bar at 11 with more than 10 groups behind us.
Took a chance with the rain and played today. The course was not busy at all. My brother and I played as a twosome and it felt like we owned the course for the first 9 holes. We finally caught up to the group in front of us at 10 and they let us play through.
We played 18 in 3 hours!!! (this is an anomaly as most people didn't want to risk getting caught in the rain today. 10/4.)
Only complaint is that of the 3 bunkers I was in, only one was in great shape. The others had quite a few rocks/pebbles in there.
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