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Played on Nov 5th (Cart Path Only). Course is almost fully recovered from the major fall maintenance as we are accustomed to at THE GOOSE ! So great to return to this lovely track. Greens are running quick and very smooth, fairways are waiting for the grass to be able to accept the tight mowing. Tee Boxes are still a bit hairy but nothing to impede your swing. Rough is long and thick as might be expected. The Bunkers ! full of fine white sand (Please stay away you devil winds). I think the course will be back to awesome conditions in another week or two. I took two photos and will post them. You need to reward yourself with a future round at Goose Creek.
Played on Saturday Oct 9 with Bobby, Paul, and Mike. HighSchool Pals taking in a fantastic day of golf. Eagle Glen punched with the big tines 2 weeks ago and the greens have flourished, very lush so slow putts since not yet able to cut short and roll them but I say in about 10 days these greens will be fun to putt on. Tee Boxes were lush and also have not been cut back. Fairways were in good shape, not too many divots that the lazy sloths leave un-filled. Bunkers all had adequate sand and were easy to play from. Customer Service was tremendous, great staff, probably a great Manager behind all these happy people ! I look forward to my next visit to Eagle Glen.
Pre-Bowling outing with 20 of us. Course was very busy so our first group was delayed about 15 minutes but the starter was keeping everyone informed of the delay and announcing the tee box groups. I did not realize this was the Desert Rose course that I played many moons ago but it closed down a few years ago and re-opened as Sunrise. Course was in great shape, I like to putt on the desert type greens and these greens were in very good shape, faster than they felt and looked but you still needed to be aggressive. Tee boxes were fine, easy to find a nice spot to put your peg in. Fairways rewarded you with a decent lie. Rough was from an inch up to some spots over 4 inches. If you avoid the gully that runs through the course you will score well. I only found the gully once and I paid for it with a triple bogey after dropping my ball and watching it disappear in the long rough. I would recommend this course to anyone, our choices were limited due to the vast majority of courses in the Las Vegas area being in the midst of the fall maintenance. Staff very friendly and helpful. Nice grass range to warm up and large putting area.
Was able to join fellow Greenskeeper Gurus for an enjoyable day at Oak Quarry, I am used to the dormant fairways and lack of sand in the bunkers, the bunkers lost a lot of sand over the past few days due to the strong winds we were subject to here in the I.E. Course was in good winter shape, Tee Boxes were in good shape, flat and easy to find a nice spot to stick your tee. Fairways as all have stated are brownish dormant and roll out is very nice. Playable nonetheless, rough was mostly laying down after the wind episode and was easy to play from. Bunkers were devoid of sand for the majority, some of the green side bunkers had enough sand to at least get your blade into and pop the ball up. Greens were great, rolling fast and true, just don't get too greedy and attack the pins, need to let the ball roll up some.
Thanks to Johnny for setting the day up, look forward to the next Guru outing. Thank you to the staff at Oak Quarry, all great friendly people at The Rock.
I was invited to play this past Tuesday with a close Friend and two of His club buddies, playing on Tuesday right after the PGA played there made for some very difficult conditions, pins were not moved from Sunday final round so they were in some brutal spots, Tee boxes were immaculate and very firm, fairways were like a dream if you managed hit your tee shot properly. The ROUGH was so penal, we didn't know for the first 9 holes that they had instituted a local rule, 3 minutes to find your ball in the rough and if you didnt you would drop at point of entry without penalty. It didn't impact our pace of play as we had to wait on the group in front of us as they also had to wait on the group in front of them and so on. Bunkers were fluffy and fairly easy to get out of. Greens were very fast as you would imagine so holding shots on the approach shots were difficult. Shotgun start at 0700H so we welcomed the suns appearance on our 4th hole. Great day and a treat to play a course in PGA conditions.
Played The Palms on Saturday, Aug 17th, tee'd off at 0600H to beat the heat. My Pal and I were the only two out early and let a fast twosome by us on the 8th hole so we could enjoy the play. First time for me playing Angel Park and was met in the darkness by a friendly worker that brought us a cart, bought some coffee and some muffins for us from the awesome bar keep, Peggy. Starter let us go early, tee boxes were fine, had to hunt a bit for a flat stance but not too hard to get a good spot to tee from. Fairways were full and green so not much roll out. Rough was full and no bare spots, bunkers were still wet from the overnight watering but I was in 6 of them all day and had no trouble getting the ball out with an open blade, greens were firm but very slow though I putted well but its scary to pound that ball to the target. Overall the course was in great playing conditions in spite of the Las Vegas sun beating it up. I will return someday. Oh, I had 3 eagle chances and actually hit the pin on a sidehill slider putt and ended up two inches left of the hole. 5 birdies on the day really made it a fun round for me.
I have played these two courses so many times and it is hard to remember those days when I thought it was so hard to play these courses. Thankfully I have improved over the years so these courses are now a great place to practice and have some challenges. Course is what it is. We all wish there was a bunch of money that could be pumped into a place like this to reach its full potential. Our day was lovely, off at 609am to beat the heat. Tee boxes were in decent shape with only a few boxes that were not flat. Fairways are thin in spots and thick in some others, dont expect alot of roll as your ball will most likely catch the thicker grass. Rough is thin clay or real dense pasture grass. Greens were a bit slow but in good shape with most firm. Bunkers were a little wet since it was early morning but I only was in one for the day and had enough sand to push the ball up and out. Prado sent me a 20% off coupon good for all of August, so the price riding was well worth it. Besides playing with good pals really make it a good day regardless of score.
Round two on Easter Sunday as we ended our weekend of bowling and golf by teeing up at 1:30 with rain drops starting on the first tee box. Facility and Staff were very friendly and helpful in giving us the layout to expect. Great practice facility with nice music playing from rock speakers in and around the driving range and putting green. onto golf, Tee boxes were perfect, no issues on any holes. fairways were in perfect condition with rough surrounding the fairways at 1 to 3 inches. Greens were firm and fast rolling true on some tough pin positions,bunkers were full and sand seemed heavy to hit from. The rain really came down on us on the par 4 4th hole but when we got our bag covers out and protected what we could of our exposed golf gear, it stopped raining and the sun began to peak at us from time to time, a lot of unfilled divots in the fairway, C'mon Man, grab the bottle and shake some sand out ! Little to no wind made the day simply wonderful and it was a great way to close out round 3 for the weekend. I would play this course every week if I could.
Day two of after bowling golf started out at Paiute Snow Mountain. We arrived to a very strong Southerly wind that was like playing in the Inland Empire in November. These courses are so beautiful even with the terrible wind conditions. Tee boxes were flat, groomed and easy to find a nice spot to hit from. Fairways were tight and green everywhere, some minor lazy ass divot damage, rough was a bit penal with 1 to 3 inches in most spots without any bare spots to be found, well except that brown sandy stuff with the prickly trees all over the place. Lots of water comes into play on a few holes, especially the signature par 3 which none of us hit but I escaped with a lucky park due to a nice lag from the fringe. Greens are recovered from the punching in early April so the ball rolled great from all parts of the greens. As we ended one of my buddies said, Hey we gotta stop to buy some balls before we go to TPC, as He left a dozen behind at Snow Mountain.
Played on 420 day but I do not inhale. Was in Vegas with bowling pals to bowl the National Tournament being conducted at The South Point Bowling Plaza and with a 7am Saturday squad we booked three tee times at 1:00, 1:10, 1:20 to forget about our struggles on the lanes. Bali Hai was the prefect remedy, despite winds that bordered on hurricane conditions at times we were still able to take in the beauty of this course and have a wonderful afternoon trying to guess where the wind would take your golf ball. Conditions are top notch, greens are almost recovered from large hole aerification but the putts rolled well. Tee boxes were flat and no blemishes to be seen, fairways were a treat to play from, easy to hit your ball as a reward for finding the fairway. Rough was thick in most areas and not easy to hit from but allowed you to advance the ball a good distance. Bunkers were mostly nice and fluffy with the exception of a few green side bunkers that were lacking in sand depth causing the dreaded bounce. Worth it ? Yes, and you're in Vegas, if you didnt golf you would spend a lot more at the tables.
Played an early twilight round on St Patricks Day with my Neighbor who is new to the game but has lots of potential and He loves this new game He discovered. We played along with a Father and Daughter that were a joy to play alongside. As expected the course is very green from all the rain and the fairways were in the best shape I have seen at Prado in a long time. Of course it is still bumpy and you need to chart a proper path for your golf cart. Greens were punched two weeks ago and are still recovering, slow but rolled ok with some bumps when you hit one of the aeration holes. I missed 5 birdie putts that just wouldnt fall and left me a tap in. Tee boxes were kinda long in the tooth but we just dealt with it trying to find a good place to put the peg in. rough is very penal, long and very few open spots as is the usual. Bunkers were hard dirt except for some near the greens, I only hit two and got out fine (Inland Empire golfer experience) Word of note, they flipped Butterfield 9's and we tee'd off on 10 thinking it was 1 and played two holes before realizing our error.
Was fortunate enough to join up with fellow GK Gurus yesterday at The Goose, played along with Jim, Rob, and Matt. Great guys to enjoy a beautiful day of golf. Goose Creek hosted the SCGA qualifier prior to our tee times and as expected the tees were moved back on most holes and the pins were tucked into jaw dropping locations, greens were running about 12.5 so they were very fast but rolled true, hard to get the ball to grab the edge and fall in, you needed to be dead on the center of the hole. Fairways were like carpet with just a few areas recovering from the overnight rain we had. Sandtraps were full and not too wet so easy to recover from errant shot in the bunkers. Tee Boxes were perfect, little wet on some holes but easy to find a good spot to put your peg in. Rough is deceptively penal and you will find your ball most times nestled into a blanket of grass making it a challenge to get the clubhead through. We had a prevailing wind which is common for Goose Creek afternoons so you had to adjust on the fly to get the correct yardage to plan on hitting. Thanks to Ross and the staff at Goose Creek for giving us golfers such a great facility to enjoy the greatest game.
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