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I had a great experience playing Morongo Golf Club. The staff was friendly and helpful, regardless of COVID restrictions. They have a cool doughnut shaped practice putting green that's in good condition and naturally felt like it had people social distancing. Overall course conditions were great. Greens rolled fast and true. The layout was fun but challenging. A couple of tempting derivable par 4s that would be much more reachable after playing the hole a couple of times and knowing the right line for a blind drive. The rough will make you pay, and I would say it's longer than most public courses. It's a totally different course from white tees to blue tees to the tips, represented pretty accurately by the slope rating for each.
Played El Prado over the weekend, after a couple of days of rain. The staff was friendly and helpful. Good food, and highly suggest the breakfast burrito. The greens were punched, but they discounted the greens fees so it was still a good value. Overall the course layout and design is fun and challenging enough without being difficult. As the slope will indicate, the course plays pretty easy and is pretty straight forward. This was my first time playing here and I didn't feel at a disadvantage not knowing specific yardages to bunkers off the tee or anything. The fairways were a little thick, and as I previously mentioned it was after a few days of rain so everything was a little more thick and lush. The overhanging wires are not ideal, but there were only a few holes where they come into play. Overall a good value, and at a discount due to aeration.
This is my favorite course of the 5 local Long Beach courses. Skylinks is consistently in good condition and well kept. They have many tournaments here, including CIF high school championships coming up. The course was in great condition, as per usual. Not long, unless you play from the tips (6909). The course is challenging, but not frustrating. There are several risk reward holes, most notably number 15, a sharp dog leg left. No need to cut the corner too sharp in my opinion, a nice draw will put you right in position A. My favorite holes are 16, 17, and 18. 16, a par 3 over water (into the wind in the afternoon). 17 the second hardest handicap hole on the course, plays long and straight. Tree lined on both sides with OB on the left, you want to keep it straight, but you have to hit a nice long drive to have a nice approach into this 433 yd par 4. 18 is just a pretty hole to come into the clubhouse on with water to your left making it a challenging, yet fun approach shot. Practice areas are well kept, driving range off the grass on Tuesday/Wednesdays.
I had a great time playing this little muni. It's short, and has a pretty simple layout. There are a couple of holes that stood out and were particularly fun on the back 9. There's very little water to worry about, and it's pretty wide open and forgiving. The girl who was working in the pro shop was really sweet. She got me out before the afternoon rush because I was a single, and even hooked it up on the twilight rate 15 min early. She didn't have to do that, but she did and it made the day that much better.

It's only a part 62, and all the par 4's but one are under 400 yds so it was a good opportunity to practice more precision tee shots with my 2 iron and 3 wood. 6th hole is a nice short par 3 over water. Only hole where you actually hit *over*water. You can shoot around the water, but it's only 129 yds from the blues. The 11th is another par three teeing off at elevation shooting downhill into the green at 150 yds (against the wind when I played). That was a real fun hole, one of 2 that had any kind of significant elevation change. Play a nice cut shot if you're a righty following the shape of the green and you'll be in good shape. The next hole, a short par 4, you can go for the green, but that's not the play here. Lay it up before the gully and you'll have a nice uphill approach shot 100yds or less in.

For being such a short easy course, it sure was a lot of fun. They have one hit over water hole, one down hill elevation hole, one up hill elevation hole, one narrow hole off the tee box. It's simple, but there is enough going on to make it fun. The greens were nice, but it was the day before they typically get cut so they were a little slow. Overall a good experience, and a nice track to play just passing through the area.
I've played this course several times with my dad. It's his home course, and for good reason. Green fees are a great value for what you get in this area. The course is in really good shape considering the amount of flooding they had a couple months ago. There was a couple really big storms that came through Northern California and flooded a good portion of the course. The greens keeper has done a great job getting the course back to where it ought to be. That said, there were a couple of spots where it was noticeably bare or run down because of the soggy ground or previously flooded areas, but those were really few and far between. Overall the course is in really good shape. They get a lot of foot traffic, as this course is definitely a locals track. You really get that vibe at the 19th hole. It definitely doubles as a local's sports bar of sorts. The restaurant/bar always has many patrons, and they probably have something like 25 TV's, and the wait staff and pro shop staff are both very friendly, helpful, and kind.

Las Positas is a great course if you haven't been playing much. It's foregiving and not all too long. You can stretch it out and make it more challenging if you play from the tips, which I didn't do this go around. We gave ourselves a break since neither my dad or I have been playing consistently, and it really makes the par 3s more manageable. The greens were in good shape, although we played in the afternoon so the usual bumps that come with a lot of play were there. Speed was good. Fairways were in good condition. I didn't bump a ball once due to wear or burnt out areas.

Here is a cool course map on the club's web site if you want to check the layout.

Don't let all the water fool you, it's more forgiving than it looks. Most all the water is to the side, so you're not really hitting over water much unless you played poor position.

I'd definitely recommend it if you're passing through, and if you're already in the area, I'd make it my home course in a heartbeat. All the locals my dad knows do! Good course!
Enter with lowered expectations. Understand that this is a muni-course with a dense community of golfers in the surrounding areas so it gets trampled by 1000s of people taking 9 inch divots and think those two pronged little gadgets are crab leg forks. That said the course is fun and easy and a real ego booster. A great way to work on your game with its wide open fairways and complete lack of hazards. The greens are fairly soft, but they had also been aerated a couple of weeks ago. They charge $22.75 twilight on the weekends. I consider the overcharging the location convenience charge.
Tee'd off at 12:50pm Wednesday, 4/23/14.
Pro shop attendant was friendly and attentive.
Starter and marshals were helpful and on point in regards to keeping POP.
This course more than any other I've played is attentive to POP throughout the day. If the winds pick up, or weather conditions change, they may move the tee boxes up on certain holes to keep play moving. While I didn't appreciate the comment that we should play the appropriate tees after I pull hooked my first drive, I suppose it was appropriate considering people still assume I'm just a kid out to take some divots and ruin everyone's round with poor etiquette. My scorecard speaks for itself, and POP is never an issue for those of us who are considerate of others and conscious of those around us, which everyone seemed to be today.
It was particularly windy today and the local I played with said it only gets worse. Luckily they are close enough to the ocean the course wasn't dried out because of it. Though not the longest, nor the most narrow this course requires your entire game to be on point. Errant drives will put you in bad position for your approach shots which are absolutely key when hitting into the many multi-teared greens this course has to offer.

Holes 14-18 almost feel like an entirely different course, with water in play and house lined holes. Once you tee off from the first hole you won't see the clubhouse again until you finish the 13th. With snack cart in site you better stock up before you head out. There are water jugs on the course, but I would appreciate a pretty girl with snacks and booze. Their food was surprisingly affordable, walking out with a hot dog, chips, Oreos, and a large fountain drink for under $8. Beware of the birds as you make your way onto 14. They will stalk your cart and take all your food if you blink twice.

Overall a pleasant experience. Can't wait to play it again.
A fairly simple design, this course is decent for the price. You can really score here if you're playing well. There is not a whole lot of trouble to get into. Only one or two water hazards, and there are plenty of holes that run side by side with other holes so you can let the big dog eat of the tee box. Fun for all skill levels. The 19th hole at this club is great. Lots of locals, and always lively.
Built into the hills there is plenty of elevation changes and valleys to hit over. Dairy Creek provides water hazards and ravines to challenge your distance control and sensibility on whether to go for broke or play it safe. Staff was friendly and helpful. The course was fun and challenging at the same time. There aren't many risk reward holes, but play it safe and you'll find yourself in a much better mood. This is an accuracy first track, not for long drive contestants. The course was in great condition. Very scenic, and lush. There are wide turkeys, jack rabbits and sheep to keep you company. POP was a non-issue. I went out at 4 PM and finished before 7PM on a Monday afternoon.
I played here last weekend, and it was quite a gem. Shot an 89 with two OB balls. It's a tough course with OB or trouble lining almost every hole on your left hand side. If you miss you better miss right off the tee box.

There is a fair amount of elevation changes from tee to green. Notably on the par threes. They generally played 10 yards further than expected given elevation, pin placement, and wind.

There are plenty of green side bunkers to keep you sandy. Approach position is important, thus your tee shot is VERY important. It's not terribly long, so a trusty fairway metal off the tee will suit you very nicely.

Most fairways are tight and require a well thought out attack. This is not a grip it and rip it type course, and will eat you alive if you can't hit greens in regulation.

Over all the greens are not difficult. They are smooth and mildly fast. If you can strike the ball well they bite and back up nicely. Be aware of your surroundings as everything tends to break away from the hill towards the freeway, though not drastic, and not in a tricky obstacle illusion way. The greens are fair, and if you can get your putter hot in the first couple holes you'll be well served. (True for every course I suppose).

Very enjoyable layoute. The staff was friendly. The cart girl Amanda is beautiful, and chatty.

Good luck and have fun. I certainly did.
I played yesterday afternoon for $35 with a cart super twilight. Definitely worth the prices. This is a whole lot of golf course, and not really walk able. It takes you all through this valley as the name suggests tucked away in Norco. There is not a single hole that you are not being toyed with mentally. This course is tricky, and challenging. A great test course to really see where you're game is at. Don't bring anything but a fine tuned straight down the middle drive and approach game here. The elevation changes are insane, and the blind hazards and traps are very frustrating. I look forward to coming back to play again now that I've had the once through. It's very hard to eye ball the distances of where you're drives are going to end up and you can really get in trouble quick if you stray too far outside the very lush fairways. I had a local friend to play with so I got the "just don't go left" tips, but you really need a once through to know what shots to hit off the tee boxes. Not a long course but we played from the tips, which takes the difficulty to a new level on this course in particular. They have hidden tee boxes for the blacks that are up dirt path cart paths which is really cool and fun. I really liked this course as frustrating as it was to shoot so poorly do to simply not knowing the lay of the land. The carts cut off if you go in certain areas and they don't let you drive the carts on some of the fairways which is odd to me, but they do have very lush fairways so I guess it's for good reason out in the desert heat. For such a nice course they had some of the worse sand traps I've ever hit out of. They are hard as rock, they don't puff, and you can't really even guess how hard you should hit out of them. If you can get out for super twilight I highly suggest it, the price was very good for the quality of course and the challenge really poked some ever glaring holes in my game letting me know exactly what I'll be working on at my next range session. Speaking of which, their driving range was horrible. It's into a desert hill side off of some of the worst sun baked mats I've hit off of. Good for the feel of ball contact and loosening up some muscles, but horrible for gauging distance and what you're drive is going to be doing.

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Had a 6:30am tee time. The course played about 4 and a half hours. Hit some balls at the range before teeing off and they have nice mats with a good range that is pretty accurate as far as distances go. The course itself is in great shape right now. It was very lush and well kept. The design is not extremely challenging, but does have some fair risk reward holes where you can cut corners if you have a deep drive and some good luck. There are a lot of fun holes, with a fair amount of elevation change, but not so much that I would consider them tricky with blind hazards and bunkers. The greens check up nicely and you can really shoot right at the pin and score well if you're stroke is in tune. For the price, you really can't beat it. I have some friends who play here weekly and the service was friendly and nice although they were having some computer problems when we were checking in. All around a good course that I intend to play often in the future.

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