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I played today with a 9:50 a.m. tee time. It was my first time playing here. Having caught a glimpse of it while driving by recently, it looked to be in good shape which helped make my decision to play there. Upon arrival, I was quickly greeted in the parking lot by an attendant who brought a cart to me. The cart looked fairly new. It was comfy and had a decent GPS.

One of the cart guys later told me that the course is no longer owned by Westin. It was sold in May to a Korean company. They plan some changes like a new club house but are waiting for the adjacent land to be sold. The current club house is a no frills pre-fab building. The pro-shop is pretty sparsely stocked but they had logo balls so I was happy. The offered complimentary range balls and I headed out to warm up. The range is all grass with a dozen or so stalls. There is a nice chipping/bunker area and a large putting green. I was paired with a very nice couple wintering here from Oregon and we started right on time.

Course conditions, overall, were really good. Tee boxes are large, lush and level. The fairways are emerald green but are a lot thinner than they appear from a distance. The rough was tough. It’s all dormant so is visually beautiful against the green fairways. But the grass was very uneven, clumpy in spots and is growing in all different directions. I managed several good chips out of it but a few other times it just grabbed my club and the result was less than impressive. The greens were hard and ridiculously fast. It took me a few holes to quit trying to go for the pin and instead just go short and let it run. The bunkers were the only negative and they were really poor. There are so many on the course and there was pretty much no sand at all in them. There were no rakes but there certainly was no need for them.

The layout is fun. My partners had played it several times so their course knowledge was very helpful on a few holes that the GPS didn’t show clearly enough. Most holes were fairly straight forward. The fairways are somewhat narrow and are lined with many mounds and swales. Those got really crazy around the greens but I always enjoy that. The jade tees are pretty short at just under 5000 yds but I still got the fun of some carries over water and waste areas. I’m often disappointed when the forward tees take out an elevated shot or forced carries. True, I don’t always make it over but I want the challenge.

The beverage cart came by 3 times and POP was a bit under 4 hrs. I thoroughly enjoyed it and scored well too. I would definitely play here again. Recommended.
Played today in the GK Guru outing with Kevin, Rob and Gary. Upon arrival, just the view of the huge clubhouse lets you know you’re in for a treat. Customer service was great all around. The carts are very nice with GPS, complimentary water bottles in cooler, damp towels and a rake. There is a large practice area with grass range, bunker/chipping area and a huge putting green.
The course was in great shape. Tees (purple) were level with few divots. Fairways were green and with just a few thin and muddy spots. The bunkers had the best sand I’ve seen in a while – sparkling white and fluffy. The rings of dormant grass around the traps, while visually attractive, was too short to stop balls from rolling in. The rough along the fairways was green, lush and easy to hit from. The greens were firm and had lots of interesting breaks.
This was my second time playing Classic Club. It was just as beautiful and challenging as I’d remembered. There are lots of elevation changes, mountain views and water on half of the holes. It’s easy to forget you’re in the desert as there is not a single palm tree in sight!
Thank you, Johnny and Classic Club, for a very fun day. I look forward to playing here again. Highly recommended.
I played here on Thanksgiving morning. My tee time was 7a.m. while it was still a brisk 40 –something degrees out. Check in was fast and friendly as always. I was paired with a twosome of members on their winter stay from Canada.

Course conditions were really good with the exception of the bunkers, which were hard, damp or muddy. The tees boxes were just a tiny bit shaggy but large and level. The fairways are green and well cushioned with only a few thin spots. The rough is in really great shape. It’s super lush and varies from about 1-3 inches. The shorter stuff was perfect to hit from as the ball sat up nicely. The longer grass was definitely more of a challenge, often hiding the ball.

The greens are always interesting here (and more than a bit frustrating.) There are many subtle breaks that are hard to see. I don’t think I’ve played any other course where I’ve had more lip-outs than here. Every time. The greens are fast and unless the putt is exactly on center, it’s not going in.

POP was good at just a bit over 3 hours. I’m glad we finished early as the wind hit suddenly on the 16th hole. It was blowing 12mph when we finished and expected to be stronger later in the day. I had been hoping to do a replay but abandoned that idea.

Desert Dunes is my favorite course in the valley. Sometimes I wonder why when I still haven’t been able to score decently here. But then I realize how much of a visual thing it is for me- the course’s mounds and swales, its sparkling lakes, and the beautiful mountains nearby. And it’s completely quiet – well, except for what sounds like hundreds of chickens somewhere near the 2nd green.

I’ll be back, hopefully soon while conditions are still good. Recommended.
I played today, joined by gary00, sparky14 and Kris. In May 2019, I won a foursome round in a member/guest outing. The only cost would be $20 cart fee per player, with the voucher being valid for a year. After my procrastination and then Covid19, the staff very kindly extended the redemption period to the end of this year.

Check in was easy and then I spent a few minutes on the range. It’s small and was completely sanded, but good enough to loosen up. The carts are basic and comfy. There is no GPS but they do have a club/ball washer on board.

Other than several of the gold tee boxes being unlevel, the conditions were very nice. The fairways were in great shape. I found only a few thin spots. The rough varied from very short to long enough to almost hide the ball. The one bunker I was in had very fluffy sand. The greens were beautiful, smooth and rolled a fast medium speed. They were a bit tough to read at times and we all missed several putts only by a blade of grass or two.

The course is a challenge for sure! It’s hilly, has some severely sloped fairways, a few blind shots and very challenging greens. There is a creek that runs through a few holes. Having played here before was helpful on some of the more unusual holes. I did well on the front but some frustration set in on the back when I just seemed to lose all ability to hit the ball!
If I ever get another opportunity to play here again, I wouldn’t hesitate. Recommended.
Played today, 10-28-20. I picked this course just because I hadn’t played it before and it was one of the few courses with no maintenance going on (thanks GK!). Check in was fast and friendly. I had booked on Golfnow for $27 walking. But, feeling not too energetic, I opted to ride after all for an additional $14. The carts ran smoothly but had no windshields and every single one in the entire fleet had a large hole in the seat on the driver’s side. I was paired with a twosome of regulars at 8:22 am.

The course is an old, mostly flat, no frills course with few bunkers, dirt cart paths and only two water ponds. It’s covered with large trees and has some nice mountain views. Most holes are pretty straight forward but there are a few doglegs and forced carries (from the back tees)

Conditions were pretty good overall. The fairways were green and well cushioned with only a few thin spots. The greens were small, firm and rolled medium fast but had plenty of scars from old ball marks. A couple of them had some very interesting undulations. The bunkers had good sand and lots of leaves. The rough was short and great to chip from. Any farther away from the fairway the ground was very uneven with lots of gopher holes. You definitely need to watch where you step to avoid a twisted ankle. The tee boxes were all very small and uneven. What I found interesting on several holes was, where the blacks through grey had flat tees, the reds, directly in front, were raised up maybe 2 feet high on small mounds. I always enjoy an ‘elevated’ tee but that was just kind of odd.

I really enjoyed playing here. It was a nice relaxing, confidence boosting round. POP was ok at just under 4 hours. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to play here again but would enjoy it if already in the area.
I played here yesterday for the first time. I have been very intrigued by all the recent reviews. I hadn’t played it as Moreno Valley Ranch- in fact I don’t even remember ever hearing of it. With a rare Saturday off and some other plans in the general area, I thought it would be a good time to check it out.

I arrived very early for my 7:51 am tee time. The place was already buzzing with activity. People and golf bags everywhere! My first thought was ‘uh oh, this is going to be a long day.’ After a fast and friendly check in, I headed up to the putting green to kill some time. The starter was there and I could see that he was keeping things running very smoothly. My playing partners then arrived and we headed out.

As soon as we started, I just knew I would really like this course. The view from the slightly elevated first tee box was of a very undulating fairway heading towards water near the green. I was filled with excited anticipation. Such a change from the usual first tee nerves! The rest of the front nine was just as much fun. There were lots of trees, mounds and dips, and one really deep drop that, thankfully, my partner was able to warn me about.

The back (Mountain) nine was so awesome, especially holes 12-16, which are so different than the rest of the course. There are very few trees here and some extreme elevation changes. The views from 15 and 16 seem endless. Never having seen Moreno Valley from any higher than the 60 fwy, it was stunning to say the least.

Course conditions were very good overall. There are some brownish areas in the fairways, but the coverage is good. The rough varied from short grass to deep clover. The mounds along the sides of the fairways had lots of thin to bare areas, but hopefully those don’t come into play. The tee boxes (red) had a lot of divots. I was surprised figuring they don’t get as much play as the others. The bunkers had very nice sand. The one I was in was clean and raked. The greens were fast (much more so than the practice green) and many times hard to read. They were a challenge for sure!

The beverage cart came by several times. POP was 4 hours. I played well but having some familiarity with the course could really help me score better. I am excited to play here again, hopefully very soon.
This is a review of the nine-hole par 3 Little Wick course. I played it today just to take a break after a long morning of driving.

This is an unusual, beautiful, and challenging par three course. It is a long cart ride from the clubhouse down a road and over a hill to the course. The routing was very confusing but I finally made my way there. In the center of the course is the Watering Hole food & drink spot. It is surrounded by three golf holes with water features. There is a very large patio seating area which I hear is usually very crowded. There weren't too many people out there today, though, I'm sure due to the 106° temperature.

The course is very interesting. Each hole has three sets of tees. I played the middle set making the longest hole being 145 yards. The shortest was about 88. The layout was very fun with lots of mounds and swales. The fourth hole has a very high drop from the tee box. That was my favorite and my only birdie of the day. The conditions were wonderful. Tee boxes and fairways were completely green and lush. I was not in any bunkers but they looked good. The greens were a surprise. They were so fast it was like putting on glass. I was excited to try out my putter with the new grip I just put on but that wasn't enough to help. Only familiarity with the greens will help me score better there.
There are several areas throughout the course with signs marked "chill zone" with chairs and even hammocks hanging from the trees!

Getting a glimpse of the Big Wick made me sure I'm going to come out here again to play that. The courses will be closed October 5- 27th for overseeding and will be cart path only until November 9th.
Really looking forward to a return visit
Casta del Sol golf course is now the Oso Creek Golf Course. On Sept 8, the Mission Viejo City Council voted to officially change the name after the city held a renaming contest. The course is still under the management of American Golf corp.

There is some remodeling being done on the clubhouse. All pro shop business and dining is on out the patio. They have it set up very attractively and the exterior of the club house is already looking so much better. On the downside, though, the only current bathroom facilities are parking lot porta-potties.

I’m so glad that I played early – and not just because of the warm weather. By the time I teed off at 6:30am, the place was packed with the check-in line going back to the parking lot. I know there was a men’s club playing as I ran into a friend making the turn as I came off the 18th (which I birdied for the first time!) I was paired with a family threesome and we finished in 3 hours. I can only imagine how long those later rounds would take.

The course conditions were pretty much the same as always. The fairways were a colorful mix of many different grasses. Other than several muddy areas, the coverage was good. The tee boxes were shaggy but had less damage than expected. I wasn’t in any bunkers but one of my playing partners was. I saw a large amount of sand fly when he hit, so at least that one trap was in good shape. The greens were very soft, rolled medium speed but had way too many scars from badly repaired marks -such a shame. There was a sign saying the course will be closed for a couple days the first week of October for fairway aerification, but I don’t remember exactly which days.
In the mood for any course shorter than yesterday’s Los Lagos, I decided on one of my favorites. I’ve played here many times, both before and after the renovation, and just realized I’ve never posted a review – oops! . I was paired with another single and we started on time at 7:15. There didn’t seem to be many people around. We realized later that there were players all over the course but the spacing was good. No waiting anywhere.

This course has everything - good customer service, a very fun layout, is (almost) always in really good shape, and is fun to walk. It’s short with only four par 4s but there are some good hills. There is a nice variety of holes with either tees or greens elevated and dog legs on two of the par 4s. There are huge trees everywhere and water on the first hole.

Conditions today were in the ‘almost really good’ category. The tee boxes were badly chewed up. It didn’t affect play but it’s just not so nice to look at. The bunkers were filled with dark brown soft dirt that was very nice to hit from. Visually, I really liked the contrast in colors against the beautifully green fairways. The greens were soft, smooth and rolled true. The bad part was the course was so wet! The rough, in parts, was suck-your shoes-off marshland. There were a lot of areas marked GUR and a lot more that should have been. The tenth fairway was spongy wet but still played nicely. We just couldn’t figure out why there were two maintenance guys out watering on the back nine.

POP was perfect at 3 hours. I always enjoy it here and will keep it as one of my go-to courses.
I enjoyed an early morning round today with Ringworld. I frequently play Mesa Linda but hadn’t played Los Lagos for about 10 years. Wanting a change of scenery and a good walking course, I decided to give it a try. The weather was overcast and cool. There were very few people out that early. After a fast and friendly check in we teed off on time at 7am, paired with another twosome.

Other than a few overly wet spots, the tee boxes and fairways were in great shape- green and lush. The rough was short and even. I was in a couple of bunkers, both of which were very damp but playable. The greens were very nice- soft, rolled medium speed , and had few marks.

The layout is nice with wide fairways and enough trees to be attractive but not trouble-making. At 5925 yards from the forward tees, though, this course is just too long for me to score well. There was little hope of reaching the par 3s in one without using my driver, which does reduce the fun factor a bit.

POP was great. We never waited and there was no one behind us. I recommend this course for others but I will stick to playing Mesa Linda.
I last played here 2 years ago. I always enjoy the course and was glad for the opportunity to return. There were no deals to be had so I paid the full $80. That part didn’t thrill me but I’ve paid more for less interesting courses so it’s all good. There were only a few people waiting to check in so it was quick and friendly, done thru a window outside the pro-shop. There was a bit of a wait for carts though, as they were being cleaned and brought up one by one. They are basic, with no GPS but comfortable and quiet.

The driving range is small but adequate. The mats are relatively new and there is a bunker/chipping area. The large putting green near the first tee gives a good idea of how the greens are on the course- beautiful to look at, fast, smooth and full of tricky breaks.

I was paired with another single and we started on time at 8:52am. We were behind a very slow foursome and we ended up waiting a couple minutes on every hole on the front. Finally, on the tenth, the marshal asked us if we’d like to play through if the foursome was ok with it. We much appreciated that, so on the par 3 eleventh, we made the move.

The forward tee boxes were ok with just a few divots. I found so many bunkers I lost count. Some were just hard stone-filled dirt. Others had soft dark sand/dirt that was easy to hit from. I brought with me a mini detachable rake and got to use it a couple times. The fairways were very nice. They were equal parts brown and green, had good coverage and were cut short enough for some extra roll. There were a few muddy spots but they didn’t interfere with play.

I did find some trouble with one of the frog crossings- the narrow rock lined channels that go across a couple of holes on the back nine. What started out as a good ball, hit a rock and took a hard right onto the next fairway. I had a blind shot back over the hill but it all turned out ok. I was little disappointed, though, that the frogs that are usually extremely loud on holes 14 & 15 were completely silent.

The beverage cart came by several times. The snack bar is open and many tables are available for use on the patio. POP was exactly 4 hours. It was a great day! Recommended.
I played yesterday in the GKplays event. I had a great time playing with Perry, Greg and Chuck. Although the course was not as green as I’ve seen in the past, the fairways had good coverage with only a few thin areas. The rough around the bunkers was long, thick and soft. It was really easy to chip out of- and I did a lot of it as I narrowly missed many bunkers. The tee boxes (red) were very uneven and in need of mowing. The greens were beautiful, soft and smooth. They made for a very successful putting day. I always enjoy playing this course. It’s short enough from the red tees to let me score well but is absolutely long on fun and challenge. The staff is great and I never tire of the ride over the bridge! Always recommended.
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