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Played Oak Creek with a buddy, first group out so pace of play was great! The tee boxes, fairways and traps were all in good shape but the greens…they were terrible! Lots of sand, bare spots and dirt. Holes 1-9 were much better than the back nine. The restaurants and bars weren’t open, and apparently haven’t been since Covid. There was coffee at the starters table, a nice touch. The rate was discounted but still paid $125 per. The starter was great as was the person who eventually came into the clubhouse but the first guy…not easy to talk to and it was pretty awkward. I’ll leave it at that.
I have long been a fan of Tijeras Creek and I have always enjoyed the challenge. It is (for me, anyway) the tale of two courses, the front and then the back nine!

It seems they have recently raised their prices where the “senior” rate is now $99 whereas I recall as recently as a year or two ago paying in the vicinity of $65. If that’s worth it to someone, that’s an individual decision but I wanted to play it while in the area so I shelled out the pre paid $99 (non refundable) per golfer at the time of reservation. To be fair, they will give course credit if for some reason notice is given. In this case, I don’t think it was worth it.

Much of the course was swamp like and muddy. To this “duffer” it was so wet there was little to no roll on the fairways, my ball was muddy as were my shoes and it made for a difficult day! On several greens there was standing water! The traps were inconsistent where some were soaked and others playable.

For $99, I expect a little more. The standard rate for the tee time we played as $133. Pretty disappointed!
Arroyo is one of my go to courses in Orange County. The personnel could not be friendlier and more welcoming. The course was in good shape (with the exception of the below comments).

It was terribly obvious someone was wearing metal spikes, and that person apparently shuffled their feet when they walked! I saw one guy playing barefoot in a very slow and somewhat unfamiliar with the etiquette and rules of golf foursome (driving up right next to greens, very slow, continually searching in vain for lost golf balls…way more than three minutes worth!). I figured he was the culprit trashing the greens but sadly, the greens continued to be torn up! And really, not just a little bit. We mentioned it to the Marshall who had already been notified but he couldn’t locate the person responsible. To Arroyo’s credit, they did put out a message to all golfers via the cart computer screen regarding “feet shuffling” on the green but it made no difference. That, and there were a lot of ball marks left untouched! I’d love to blame my lack of low number of putts on that, however, I will claim operator error!

Despite the above, a great day on the course and Arroyo never seems to disappoint!
I’ll start off by saying I love this course so I am a little bit biased!
The course was in good shape and although I didn’t play particularly well, I cannot blame the conditions. Some of the fairways seemed smoother (harder) than a few of the the greens which were a little bit bumpy (could use a roll out and these were seemingly on the back nine) but all in all not bad. The course is well worth the fees and the personnel are some of the nicest you’ll encounter on a course. The tee boxes I thought were in great condition and the fringe around the greens was absolutely beautiful. Some fairways could use a little love (Mother Nature is probably going to take care of that in the next day or so) but really my only complaint is the sand traps. If there was sand in them rather than gravel it was perhaps 1/2 thick, seemingly poured over concrete. Some of them I wouldn’t wanna hit my ball out for fear of busting my club head.
So the moral of this review is to stay out of the sand ... or the gravel pits.
Fun day on one of my favorite courses. The views are epic.
Second time here and while I didn’t play my best on either occasion, this is a beautiful course. Greens were consistent, soft and would hold a shot and the fairways were great. The fringe around the greens were absolutely gorgeous. I guess I’m not that good a golfer when I read reviews re the divots on the tee boxes (using a tee...does it really matter?). Maybe and in all likelihood I am missing something. As long as they’re flat...and these were. And most were in great shape.

The personnel at the clubhouse are great (cart girl could use a smile every now and And there was literally the slowest foursome two groups in front of us. Human rain delays. I don’t wanna play speed golf but five hours is a long round! So that’s really my only complaint. I look forward to playing here again. Beautiful course and facility. And no, I didn’t par the 16th!
I’ve never played this course before so I can’t compare the current conditions to previous rounds. That said, I thought it was in great shape. Greens, tee boxes and fairways were all in solid condition. Never saw a course marshal and the foursome in front of us were slow as molasses and could have used a kick in the “cart” but all in all a great day. Challenging course, beautiful views and I will be back. The rough was thick but hit fairways were rewarded with a carpet like surface for the most part. Greens seemed to hold well and I recommend this place! Quite a drive for me but well worth it!
The course was in excellent condition. The greens got a little quicker throughout the day but the ball would hold...the fairways were in excellent shape and thanks to fellow golfers for repairing ball marks and divots. The rough was a challenge as it was pretty thick. For this time of year (Oct) it was lush and well taken care of.
Pace of play was quick, the course was in great shape and the personnel are super helpful and friendly. Well worth the money!
Had a great day at Tijeras Creek. Staff was friendly (more places need to encourage this), the course was great shape for late summer/early fall and the pace of play was good. Most fairway divots were filled with the sand provided, but what is it with some golfers not repairing ball marks on the greens?!? They were fairly soft despite the dry conditions and heavy use, and I thought were in good shape. Our playing partners, regulars at Tijeras, didn’t think the course was in good shape but I did! All in all an enjoyable day.
Arroyo was in great shape. The personnel there are also top notch and super friendly. Highly recommend. There was one slow foursome three groups ahead of us and the Marshall got on ‘em! Great fun day.
Played here on 5/9/19. It was frankly in great shape. While I personally didn’t golf well, that would be operator error rather than poor conditions. It was remarkably uncrowded and our two foursomes had a great time. The personnel were wonderful; the starter, clubhouse people and the beverage servers (bar and cart young lady!).

Greens were pretty fast but the ball held surprising well. Course knowledge helps here but have played it quite a few times...that said, I’ve never seen it in better shape.

Highly recommended!
I had a great time playing this course with three great local guys. I walked on and was fortunate enough to be in their group. Their local knowledge helped a great deal, and I probably would have gotten lost driving the cart if by myself! That’s really my only seems as though you almost had to know where to go rather than rely on signage.

It’s a challenging course and well worth playing. Greens, fairways and rough were all in good condition, pace of play was okay but with that said, there was a shotgun start tournament ahead of us with the last 4-some of that tourney in front not of us. They were NOT considerate nor quick. Once they were done, we sailed through so I really can’t comment on what the usual is.

Traps were nice sand, not the usual concrete I am used to! Greens were great, course is magnificent (the 12th was epic), and the staff super friendly. If in Mesquite, Nv, I recommend it!
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