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Played here on 2/28 at 10ish with a POP just over 5 hours. We waited on most tee shots, certainly every par 3. Staff was great and accommodating. COVID protocols are in place, single rider carts, plastic barriers in club house, etc. Conditions were pretty good, but a bit of a mixed bag. Tees were mainly level with ample divot damage, rated 5/10. Fairways were just okay in appearance, but had full if thin coverage rated 6/10. Rough was kind of all over the place, but playable and certainly nothing to worry about when hitting unless a terrible lie, rated 6/10. Was in one bunker, it was actually pretty nice with good depth and ability to control the shot, rated 7/10. Greens were rolling about a 9.5 with bumps and many unprepared divots (I fixed 3 on every green), rated a 6/10. Too bad, the practice greens were lightning and rolling nice. Was a crazy day with wind gusts 30+mph but we had fun anyway. I hadn't played this course in 6-7 years and at almost 90$ I can safely say it will likely be another 6-7 years. Just better options around at that price.
Joined Matt, Jerry and Mike for an all to enjoyable round at Pechanga on 1/17/21 teeing off a little early with POP a shade over 4 hours (415ish). Seemed like we waited a lot, but the round wasn't bad at all. The staff as always was A+ and helpful. This course for me is just fun to play. Sure there are the silly holes with trees in the fairway, and some crazy elevation changes, but overall a blast to play. Not much to add to Matt's review except that I concur with the overseeding the rough but not the fairway was bizarre and that the greens rolled about as well as I have ever played on this course. Some of the tee boxes could use some leveling but these are minor grievances. Bunkers were great and rough was lush and beautiful while remaining playable. I think this course warrants the rack, and even more so when the fairways come back. Would be a fun one for an outing!
Played LS South yesterday at 906. That quickly became about 930. POP was just a touch over 5 hour, as we followed what I presume was the men's club. I was informed its 10$ for a single rider cart which is fine except they told me after I paid and I had to go back in and pay 10$ right as we we're supposed to tee off. To further complicate the matter, in a group of 3 carts we had 4 carts die. Thats right they had to bring new carts out 4 times! Never experienced that before. To top it all off, another cart died just as we were getting back. They offered no excuse or recourse just an "Oh ya that's been happening". Course conditions are ok right now. Tees were relatively flat with moderate divot damage 6/10. Tees and rough were spotty at best but where there was coverage it was pretty good 6/10. Bunkers were rock hard but not some of the worst I have seen since COVID 4/10. Greens were the high-low light, running medium speed with a little bumpiness and were too soft for my taste 6/10. I am normally a fan of this place but based on the way things are being run right now, the wonky conditions, and the fact that its basically the same price as Goose with the single rider cart and I can't really recommend the place right now.
Ventured out to Goose yesterday and teed off at 1220 (10 mins early) as they were ahead of their tee sheet. POP was 4.5 waiting on a few tee boxes. Staff excellent as always, masking in the clubhouse only and both the chipping green and putting green were open. The course is in fantastic shape tee to green, albeit I have seen it in slightly better if I am being nitpick. Tees were even, level and had full coverage 8/10. Fairways were just about perfect 9/10. Rough was overall good as well about 2 inches in length 8/10. I wasn't in any bunkers but they looked great. Greens were the highlight, rolling firm and fast but holding shot 9/10. Gurus should be in for a treat later this week! Always recommended.
Walked the blues at 1250 on 11/15 with a POP of 420. COVID-19 protocols in place, and they adhere more stringently then other courses I have been to. Course is in about the worst shape I have seen it, but having said that was still enjoyable and the greens rolled pretty ok. Tee boxes were mushy and a mixed bag rated 5/10. Fairway were pretty awful, spotty would be putting it nicely 4/10. Rough is even worse, with dirt patches coming into play about 10 yards off most fairways 3/10. Can't speak to the bunkers as I wasn't in any, but my playing partner got out just fine 5/10. Greens were the highlight and still not that great, a lot of unrepaired ball marks (and fresh ones). I fixed about 3 per hole in addition to my own. They rolled medium and seemed to have no break rated 6/10. I don't recommend it right now for anything other than a cheap round when you are itching to get out.
Played IWCC - Cove this weekend in the most relaxed 3 hours of golf I've had in a while. One single played through on 2 and then never saw another soul. Likely cause we were crazy enough to tee off at 2pm in peak heat. Thankfully a breeze picked up and it was more than tolerable. The clubhouse was closed, but Orlando in the cart barn was very accommodating. The conditions were fantastic. Tee to green I didn't see a blade of grass out of place. The other courses should take note of the way they keep their greens in the summer. Smooth as a felt pool table. A hair slow and dried out but given the recent heat that is understandable. The layout is a bit on the bland side, but I feel that way about most in-community old school PS tracks. This does have a nice stretch on the back nine reminiscent of La Quinta Mountain and I found everything quite enjoyable. Used my CC membership to get on, and if you can do the same I highly recommend.
Played Classic Club this weekend, in a slog of 4 hours following a 4some of people who essentially backed the entire course up playing the wrong tees. No big deal. Classic club is always a first class place and this was no different. 75$ included a bag towel and 15$ food and beverage voucher. Course conditions were pretty great but again, in a similar manner to Desert Willow, the greens were the issue. Fortunately, while long in the teeth and slow, they rolled true and putts were made. Everything else was pristine yellow-green full coverage. Bunkers were the best I've played post-Covid. The layout has much more water than I remember but this course is always a blast and in pretty top shape. Recommended
Played in the GK event with everyone on Sunday. My first one what a blast! Was joined by my brother, buddies Mike and Keagan, for an enjoyable 4 hours and 15 minute or so round. I cannot say enough about how nice and accommodating the staff was given the nightmare that was the 60. The course visually is beautiful, and always has been. I found the conditions to be pretty great given the temperatures, but the greens were a big disappointment. The worst of the 3 courses I played this weekend (Classic, Indian Wells) if I am being honest. Not just long, but as Matt mentioned seemed to have drag marks in places that were well healed but still affected roll. That being said what a wonderful time and course and I will always return and recommend.
Played the Lark on 8/29 820. Nice to get out and play again after some time off. Weather was pretty perfect. Course is pretty good for what it is, at least that's what my playing partners said who play here often. Customer service nice, but not outstanding. Very light COVID-19 precautions but they were there. Tees were definitely the low light, followed by the over watered fairways. Rough just ok, bunkers looked awful but can't comment we all avoided them all day someone. Greens were the highlight, probably overall about a 7, with too many divot holes keeping it from being higher. Certainly faster than I expected. Overall pretty good for 37$ walking I'd rate it out to a 6-6.5. Would come back because I enjoy the oddities of this course, but definitely understand some peoples distaste.
Walked the blues in just over 4 hours. Covid-19 measures remain in effect though you can now take a single rider cart out. Staff good as usual, particularly the on course attendants. Course from tee to green is in great shape, very lush. The greens are slower than I have seen them but still true. Seemed to me to be breaking less than appeared but likely because they haven't been rolled in a few weeks (per starter). Overall a great deal for 40$ and I would rate it at a solid 7. Recommended.
Rode the blues in just under 4 hours yesterday. The wind that had picked up at Rams Hills, continued and showed itself to be a 2-3 club wind. Quite challenging. Staff was excellent here as well, accommodating us as we were running a little late (80 mins from rams -> pga for reference). Course itself is a bit of a let down conditions wise IMO, especially after rams hill. Work being done on numerous greens with collars striped and sanded. Holes 5 and 7 are the worst as they are trying to enlarge the green complexes. The grass has converted to summer brown, and they were nowhere near the 13 mentioned by the starter. That being said, when on the proper part of the green they rolled true and fast (more like an 10.5/11). Fairways, tees, rough, bunkers all above average, especially the tees. Id rate them all out at 8s. Fun track, especially famous closing stretch. I didn't hit it in the bunker at 16, but threw a ball down there for fun. I'll definitely return to the course, but its doesn't crack my favorites in the desert unfortunately. Still a recommend!
Walked the blacks yesterday in just about 4 hours on a picture perfect day. Staff was incredible as always, and as previously noted is out bringing ice cold water out to golfers on the course which is just A+. Not much to add to the previous detailed reviews, the course is in EPIC shape. Some over watered fairways as mentioned and the greens were a bit slow for my liking but everything was deep green and smooth. Cannot wait to return.
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