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Played Maderas for the first time this last week. Went in with big expectations and have to say I came away a little disappointed (by the design). Staff at every turn were excellent, as were the facilities with a large mat range, two putting greens, and two exceptional chipping greens. Conditions were for the most part excellent as well with a few exceptions. Tees were basically perfect. Fairways were winter thin and brown but playable. Rough was dependent on where on the course you were but mainly non-existent. Wasn't in any bunkers, but the practice ones were great with a nice compact layer of sand. The greens were so tricky and I must say I really did love them. Probably rolled a 10 with a few divots here or there never affecting line. I would hate to play here in the summer when they are baked out...things could probably get ugly quick. The thing that disappointed me however was the design itself, especially the front nine. I felt that certain holes were just far too narrow especially when you consider there is little to no rough. Also seemed to be a repetition of short par-4s that were not quite short enough to drive and so it became repetition to hit driving iron into the fairway making it a bit boring at times. I came away thoroughly enjoying my day but wondering if I'd really make the near 2-hour drive ever again. Definitely still recommended though.
Played Saturday evening for the first time here. Was nervous going in given some of the horror stories I have heard. Was pleasantly surprised to find a fairly fun track in good shape for the money ($18). Tees were as expected on a par-3ish course and the worst part. Wrought with divots and mainly uneven but certainly playable. Fairways were a mixed bag, but had some nice areas. The rough was as expected on any public course in socal. Mixed grasses and lengths, but thankfully short enough to find wayward balls. The bunkers were thin but not the worst I have seen, you could definitely still get under the ball. The greens I thought were great for what this place is. Probably rolled a 9 and while there were unrepaired ball marks, they tended to be away from the holes making draining putts quite possible. We teed off at 630 and finished by 10pm busting out the glow balls around hole 5. All and all for $18 I can't think of a better deal in socal. Fun playing under the lights as well. Would recommend with tempered expectations.
Played here on 7/30 at 8am with a POP of just under 5 hours. Staff/practice area nice as always. I really enjoy the new condensed design and was happy when I played a few months ago and the conditions were pretty great. They had re-sodded the areas around the bunkers and greens, the fairways were a little thin but playable, and the greens were awesome. Medium speed and true with nary a bump. Unfortunately the conditions have deteriorated a bit. I'd rate the tees, rough and bunkers as a 5 with the fairways improved to a 6 and the greens a rough 4. They really grew them out in the heat and are way too soft and med/slow for my liking. Given the prices at other courses, still worth it though. Recommended.
Played yesterday with Johnny, Ron, and my buddy Alex using my free 4some I wont in the GK event there last year (shout out Johnny thanks!). Everyone encountered was very kind and accommodating. Tee'd off at 240 and finished around 630, taking our time never really seeing another group after the first hole. Conditions were A- to A+ all the way around. Flat, even tee boxes, beautiful carpet fairways, lush but not overly penal rough, bunkers pretty perfect light brown with good cushion, and greens were fairly immaculate with subtle mounds and table top like breaks. The course itself is an interesting design with plenty of though inducing holes that I could imagine one playing over and over and never getting tired of. All and all a great golf experiences, and those playing in the event next week are in for a treat. Highly recommended.
Played with Mark, John and Ron yesterday at the Guru outing. Was a beautiful day and a great time and I really appreciate John for putting it together. You can't beat playing on a nice Monday afternoon instead of working. Clubhouse was large and nice, and the one employee I encountered was very kind. Not a big fan of the driving range, but that is more just a reflection of the fact that I can't stand mats anymore. The putting green and chipping area were fantastic, with the putting green being near perfect condition. I found the course conditions to be pretty great:

Tees: 7/10
Fairways: 6/10 (they need a cut imo)
Rough: 6/10
Bunkers: 7/10
Greens: 8.5/10

And really enjoyed some of the quirkiness of the layout (we played Lakes/Valley I believe with my preference being the Valley nine). There were some tee boxes where the fairways looked intimating but were really just big funnels. Mark and I were talking about how it reminded us of a nicer Candlewood or Rancho Park. Definitely recommended.
Played yesterday teeing off at 120 and finishing at dusk in just under 5 hours. Check in easy, although they wanted to charge full green fee for a spectator who joined us. Eventually gave us a "deal" of $49. I appreciate that its not the worker in the clubhouses policy, but it just goes to show where this course is at. Practice facilities which used to be great, are now a joke. Barely puttable practice greens, chipping green no longer viable, and the range is dilapidated. As for the course itself, far and away the worst shape I have ever see it in. Tees chewed up but level. Fairways thin and more dirt than grass. Rough patchy with little to no consistency. Greens were the one redeeming thing, and even they were pot marked and medium to slow. Easily the worst conditioned course I can remember playing recently. Riverview, for reference, is routinely in better shape. Will not be returning until I see some reviews stating improvement and would not recommend at this time.
Played yesterday with the gurus on what was a delightfully pleasant day with the winds gusting between 1-2 clubs and enough to crack your lips by the end of the round. Played with John, Jim and Ron which made for an excellent all around day. Staff was excellent at all points, and the facilities are pretty nice especially the ease of the practice facility layout in relation to the clubhouse. I thought the conditions were good for the area and winter, with the greens being the highlight and the fairways the lowlight. To be quite honest, I was a bit disappointed in the lack of overseed at a private facility such as this but what do I know. Not too much to add to the previous reviews, other than I found the green complexes to be very unique with some crazy possible pin locations. The layout is interesting and varied, with the majority of my favorite holes coming on the back with 16 being the standout. They also have a statue of Jack high above the 9th fairway on the left which is preposterous as Jack played a fade. Would love to return when lush in the spring/summer. Recommended if you can snag an invite or play in an event.
Played the GK/Golf Moose event yesterday, Monday the 24th. Was paired with my buddy and two nice gentlemen on what was an essentially perfect day with a little 5-10mph breeze to keep things interesting. Staff was excellent all the way around, and what a nice facility it is. I don't have to much to add to the conditions from the previous reviews but will point out two things. 1) These were the nicest, purest greens I have had a chance to putt on in some time. Triple tiered but by no means unfair. 2) The layout is truly awesome, and at some points in the canyon quite remote and peaceful. Seems like a course you could play every day and never tire of. The par 3's get all the shine, but for me some of the plateau top par-4s with no houses in sight were even better. Would recommend to anyone that can get on or is considering joining. Thanks Johnny for setting this up!
Played 11/29 on a brisk early morning. POP was 4 hours 15, mainly due to my group playing Wolf. I haven't played here in a decade and its still every bit as enjoyable as I remember. Staff was all super nice, especially the starter.
Tees: Pretty great, even with minimal divot damage except on par-3's. 7.5/10
Fairways: Really great coverage, turning a bit of dormant tan mixed with green. No bare spots. 8/10
Rough: Mix of some grasses but overall great coverage again. 1.5-2 inches in length. 7.5/10
Bunkers: Was in 1, it was pretty perfect if just a bit thin. Light brown in color. 8/10
Greens: Would've been great if the grounds crew didn't just drop fertilizer on all 18 of them. This resulted in slow, bumpy putts most of the day. Still 7/10
Really just a nice peaceful place, set back in a canyon with no houses. Love the par-3's here. Would return and definitely recommended.
Played yesterday with fellow GKer's Matt and Tim and my buddy Kevin. It was a beautiful, if not blistery day. Not too much to add to Rudyclub's review, but just a few thoughts. Course conditions were generally better on the front vs. the back, especially the greens and tee boxes. In fact, they had the tee markers on 11 on GUR which was odd. I really love the layout but its impossible to recommend right now in its current state (unless you can swing playing with Matt and Tim!).
Played here on 2/28 at 10ish with a POP just over 5 hours. We waited on most tee shots, certainly every par 3. Staff was great and accommodating. COVID protocols are in place, single rider carts, plastic barriers in club house, etc. Conditions were pretty good, but a bit of a mixed bag. Tees were mainly level with ample divot damage, rated 5/10. Fairways were just okay in appearance, but had full if thin coverage rated 6/10. Rough was kind of all over the place, but playable and certainly nothing to worry about when hitting unless a terrible lie, rated 6/10. Was in one bunker, it was actually pretty nice with good depth and ability to control the shot, rated 7/10. Greens were rolling about a 9.5 with bumps and many unprepared divots (I fixed 3 on every green), rated a 6/10. Too bad, the practice greens were lightning and rolling nice. Was a crazy day with wind gusts 30+mph but we had fun anyway. I hadn't played this course in 6-7 years and at almost 90$ I can safely say it will likely be another 6-7 years. Just better options around at that price.
Joined Matt, Jerry and Mike for an all to enjoyable round at Pechanga on 1/17/21 teeing off a little early with POP a shade over 4 hours (415ish). Seemed like we waited a lot, but the round wasn't bad at all. The staff as always was A+ and helpful. This course for me is just fun to play. Sure there are the silly holes with trees in the fairway, and some crazy elevation changes, but overall a blast to play. Not much to add to Matt's review except that I concur with the overseeding the rough but not the fairway was bizarre and that the greens rolled about as well as I have ever played on this course. Some of the tee boxes could use some leveling but these are minor grievances. Bunkers were great and rough was lush and beautiful while remaining playable. I think this course warrants the rack, and even more so when the fairways come back. Would be a fun one for an outing!
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