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Played Saturday 08/13 at 8am from the Black tees.

Hate to say it but I think this course is suffering from the drought. The tee boxes (black) were in the worst shape i've ever seen them. Blues and up looked okay, but it's clear they're thinking about letting the blacks go. Barren/weed covered made it tough on a few holes to find good spots to hit from.

Fairways were okay for the most part. Little crispy on a few of the par 5s but I guess that's to be expected given the current conditions.

Greens were slow, slow, SLOW. Was not used to that for LR. Hopefully that was just a product of the time/day we played.

Rough was hit or miss. The desert areas were well kept, nice and easy to play out of. The actual rough was patchy in some areas, thriving in others.

Pace of Play - 4.5 hours on a Saturday morning is to be expected I guess. We were (a 4-some) behind a 3-some who we were waiting on to hit on just about every hole on the back 9.
Played 7/5 as a two-some. Didn't have a tee time, just showed up and asked what they could do, kudos to the staff who got us out right away without anyone else joining. Pace of play was 3.5 hours, and would have been much quicker if not for the 4-some who we caught on hole 4 that wouldn't waive us up the entire round - despite us being on their backside on just about every shot. We tried to play multiple balls, putt extra putts, etc. but it seemed like every time we slowed down, so did they.

Tees - were almost all great. On two holes, the grounds crew put the boxes so far back that we couldn't even take a backswing without hitting bushes. Not sure how they decide where to put these, but it's clear they just look for green and put them there, without actually thinking about how anyone would swing.

Greens - little slow for this place. Rolling around a 9. Looked like they had been sanded not too long ago and maybe that was still affecting them.

Fairway - definitely thin. They too have cut back on their water by 30% and this is where you see the biggest impact. Balls were rolling out wildly to the point where I was closer than i have ever been on multiple shots (#18 i was in the water from the blacks...have never been 100 out on that hole before).

Rough - basically non existent.

Bunkers - hit and miss. Couple were concrete like and the majority that I was in were soft and fluffy. Only complaint is that people didn't rake very well...looked like they did a half a$$ job and walked away.

Long as this drought continues, this place will be tough to come back to. For what they charge, the course just isn't on the same level as Moorpark Country Club, Sandpiper, etc. which are all not that much further away.
Played 7/5 at 540 in the morning as a two-some. If not for a couple twosomes walking in front of us, we'd have been done in 3 hours easy. Pace of play was great. Course on the other hand - not so much. Greens were hit or miss...they were all shaggy and needed to be mowed/rolled, but all of them included some very thin/dead spots. Tees (backs) were like a cow pasture. Weeds/unmowed made it hard to find decent places to hit on a few of them. Rough was basically non-existent. You could tell that this place has cut back on water big time. Always love the layout of this course (except number 15, hate that hole), but as long as the drought continues, this place will continue to be nothing more than a goat hill.
Played here yesterday as a warm up round for a tournament that my company is putting on next week for D1 NCAA women's teams. I'll start with this - found this course to be (1) very beautiful and (2) super tough in a couple areas.

Rode the tips as I figured it wouldn't be harder than that for the tournament so i'd get an idea of how to play for next week. First three holes are absolutely gorgeous, with ocean views and picturesque views of LA (to include the airplanes coming in to LAX). After that it winds through hills going (what feels like) mostly uphill on just about every hole until the back 9. Some very tight tee shots with no room for error make this place especially challenging.

Details -
Tees - 9/10. Could always find a flat place to play from. Good coverage, not too many divots, some of the best i've seen lately.

Greens - 9/10. Probably rolling at a 12, not many divots, held shots and were able to spin as needed. Other than the fact that they were (1) hard to read as they broke opposite what you'd think sometimes and (2) some were very small so you needed to be accurate with your approach shots, these were great.

Fairways - 7/10. Few dormant spots, but overall no complaints. Good coverage, good spongi-ness to them so you could take a divot as needed.

Bunkers - 8/10. LOT of sand in these things. Could be hard to get out of sometimes. Biggest knock I have here is the way they prep them, the ball hits and rolls down the face all the way back to the lips of the bunkers, leaving you with next to no shot. Happened to me several times and to members of my group.

Rough - 5/10. There wasn't really a rough here. Couple holes had a few inch long grass, but in general it seemed like it was just a different kind of grass than the fairway, cut to the same length - or, you were in the hazard.
This is a long awaited review...and i'll cut right to it. THE GREENS ARE BACK!!!!!!

Played yesterday (10/19)...not a sign of the damage on any of the 18 greens. Driving range is open again too.

Not much to say in detail except this course is exactly what you'd expect. It was in great/fantastic shape all around. Greens rolled smooth and true, boxes were amazing, fairways and bunkers were lush and soft. I love this course.
Played Monday 10/18 -

Had the 2nd tee time out as a 3-some and we never saw the first group. Pace of play was awesome. the starter said they were busy, then made a comment that they had something like 100 golfers there for the day. I guess that could be busy, but seemed kind of light in my book when talking about the whole day.

Fairways...nice, smooth covering of grass. Looked thin but you could definitely take a divot and there was some sponginess (not sure if that's a real world) to them that made them nice to hit off of. Would rate them an 8/10.

Boxes...played from the tips...boxes were phenomenal. Well groomed, flat, always nice to get there and not have to hunt for a spot to hit from. Would rate these a 9/10.

Greens...far and away the best part of this course. Were in great shape. No residual affects/impacts of the punching from a few weeks ago. Rolled smooth and true. It rained on us a bit during the round and also had pockets of being so nice that it was hot, so they were a little inconsistent but completely understandable. Not going to give them an "out of 10" rating for this reason.

Rough...light. Easy to hit from. So long as you weren't in the desert, you were able to find your ball and play it every time. Would rate it a 7/10 due to the fact that several areas were downright muddy and not just wet. Could have been because they were watering and because of the rain, but could also just be poor drainage.

Bunkers....found quite a few here...they are nice. Fluffy, soft, easy to hit out of. 9/10

Overall...this place is a good little track that is coming back around. I know it was pretty thin during the summer, but it seems like they're doing a lot to get it back. Only knock is the price...not sure I'd pay $95 for a Monday AM round again, especially since they charge a $15 dollar change fee/cancellation fee (or so the email says) and since you have to pay up front, I believe it.
Played this AM at 810. Ended up as a 2-some as the guys we were supposed to go with went out very early by themselves (according to the starter). They weren't members of our group so it was all good with us. Seemed as though we were the last of whatever the morning "rush" was since there was no one behind us the entire day. We had to wait a few times because of the 3-some in front of us and really because of the 4-some in front of them. All good though, still finished in almost exactly 4 hours.

Played Canyon & Ridge.

Tees - 8/10...could always find level, lush ground to hit from. Few of the boxes were a bit abused but a single step back from the standard area put you just fine. Only knock i have is the way they aligned the rocks to face no where near the fairways. If not aware, it could really mess you up mentally as you'd be lining up in a direction not at all where you want to hit.

Fairways - 9/10. Great shape. Always had good coverage. Didn't see too many divots, meaning the grounds crew did a great job patching and keeping it healthy. Only complaint is that the grounds crew was SOAKING the fairways while we were out there. Many times we'd get right to the "go zone" and be squishing under our feet and fighting the impact to our swings.

Bunkers - was in 3 today. 2 greenside and 1 fairway. 2 of the 3 were cement-like (1 fairway and 1 greenside). The other was great. Filled with sand, soft and fluffy, easy to hit out of.

Greens - 7/10. Multiple greens had large patches of replacement green/grass. They rolled true and were good speed so unless you were in the patched area you had a good putt. In the patches, you could definitely tell they were not the same grass as they were slower and the ball bounced a little.

Grounds crew - 3/10. While I commend them for their work on the fairways, the general lack of care for people playing (watering the green while we're sitting in the middle of the fairway trying to hit into the green, turning on the sprinklers as we hit our tee shot and are driving down to it in the fairway, cruising down/through paths as we're teeing off instead of waiting, etc.). I know they're just trying to get their jobs done and completely respect them for that, but there is no need for them to be walking around with the hose soaking the green as I'm hitting my approach from 150 or less. (and no, I can't whistle loud enough to get their attention - and yes, I tried.)
Not going lie, and will start this out with it...I will be back to the course despite the following review simply because I grew up playing this course and it's 5 minutes from my house.

Played monday 6/21, had an 0600 tee time. Got there a little early and the nice lady in the pro-shop said we could go out whenever we were ready (we were a 2-some). We headed out around 545 or so, with the intent of flying around. On hole 6, the sprinklers were on over the entire back half of the hole (from about 225 and in), and given that this is one of the shorter holes on the course it pretty much rendered the hole unplayable. On hole 7, there was a full maintenance crew working on the green, so we decided to skip it thinking we could get ahead of the workers and stay out of their way. Right after teeing off on hole 8, the maintenance guy speeds past us and goes for the green. He waited until I hit into the green and then proceeded to move the cup (after I had hit into the green) and do a hand punch (aerification) of about half the green while we're standing there waiting to finish out the hole. Move on to 9 - no problem because the maintenance guy jumped us and went to 10. We did see a crew doing some major work on 13 at this point, figured it'd be done by the time we get there (we were first out for the day). Catch up to him again on 11 and he's moving the flag on the green, again. We play out the hole hoping it gives him enough time to go hit number 12. Tee on on 12 (par 5) and by the time we get to the 2nd shot, there is no flag on the green, they're mowing and moving the pin again. Get to 13 and it plays as normal hole with the sole exception that the green had been fully punched. Couldn't even finish the rest of the course because every hole was covered in plugs from being punched (which btw there was zero notification on the course website when I booked it last week, and I don't believe there was any price reduction as a result either) and did not have a flag. The grounds crew was on hole 14 - and there were many people behind us. Couple groups were catching up quick too, so I can only imagine that they weren't able to finish either.

Course conditions themselves were mediocre at best. Have seen it in much better shape and have seen it in worse shape. Fairways were thin (esp. no. 1 and 16). Bunkers were either soft and fluffy (no 10 was very nice) or hardpan concrete like...just depended which one you were in. Like I said at the beginning, I'll definitely be back but they definitely need to work on course management and maintenance management here.
2nd time I've played this course, and it might be the last. Played 10 holes in just over 3 hours here on Friday afternoon. I know that this is a resort course and that Friday PM is a busy time, but there is zero reason it should take this long. They made a point to tell us that they had 404 golfers going out AFTER 12pm that day. When you're waiting 10-15 minutes on EVERY know you're overbooked. For what they charge ($90 for socal resident), you could easily space the tee times out further. I think the other downgrading factor here - being that Legoland is so close - people who shouldn't be playing this course are out here. People who shoot 100+ shouldn't be playing the tough up/down courses with high slope ratings, OR, should have a standard "if I lose it, i'll drop from up ahead" mentality instead of climbing through bushes and spending so much time searching for the balls. When we decided to bail, we drove through 11-18 in hopes we'd find an empty hole or two and play a few more, but it was packed and people were waiting at every hole. Like traffic on the 405, i'd avoid this every time I can going forward.

Course itself was in decent shape - boxes were pristine. Fairways were awful (maybe just dormant?) but the greens were immaculate. Would play on these greens anytime. Just not with the god awful pace of play.
Played friday early AM. We were the third group off, and we didn't catch anyone the whole time. Boxes were hit or miss - guessing that a lot of people don't play from the backs there so they tend to focus their maintenance efforts on the whites/reds. Fairways were spotty. Some had good coverage, some were very thin, and on a couple had some significant dead spots on them. Greens were in great shape. If not for the grounds crew soaking them on every hole as we came up on them (turning sprinklers on, standing there with the hoses, etc.) they would have been fantastic. This course is not a hard course, but does feature one of my favorite walks in all of san diego - from the fairway to the green on number 16, where you see the canal in the background - so pretty. Little pricey for what you get, but given that tee times are so hard to come by now, I would gladly go back. This course isn't going to wow you with views or difficult holes, but it's a fun little track to get a round in and hang with some buddies.
Played 7/27...course is in great shape. Was able to get out an hour early and didn't really spend any time waiting except on number 10. Another resort course, so expectations should be high here. Looked like they were doing some heavy maintenance on a few holes, but didn't really affect the playability of the course at all.

Greens - 9/10. Greens were in great shape. Rolled quick but were still soft and receptive. Little unforgiving on the speed side...would say they were probably a 13 on the stimp.

Tees - 7/10...few places had to work to find a flat lie or tee off a little farther back. Other than that they were in great shape. Didn't come across any boxes that had too many divots or were damaged in any way.

Fairways...8/10. Few places were a little thin but mostly playable no matter where you were.

Rough...6/10. This is one place that they need to spend a little time and work on. Rough was thin in many areas and needs water. Had to move the ball to little patches here and there else you were hitting off dirt patches.

Bunkers...was lucky enough not to find any bunkers myself, but watched the guys I was playing with hit. Looked like there was soft, fluffy sand that played well.

Overall I would highly recommend this course. If you go on a weekend, be prepared to wait as the PoP here is very bad during high traffic times. If you go during the week though, you can get around in about 4 hours.
Played 07/27 at 0812...first tee time. Interesting start to the day...the guy in the pro-shop told us we were first and could go out early (got there about 0730) since the range is closed on mondays for maintenance. Standing on the first tee waiting for the grounds crew to finish blowing the first fairway the starter rolls up around 0745 and proceeds to say "there's 30 minutes before you can tee off". After telling him what the pro shop rep said, his answer was "I don't give a d%mn what they said in there" and he drove off. We did end up getting out a little early (0805 or so), but an interesting start to the day.

Course itself is undergoing maintenance. Only the back 9 is playable right now as they replace all the bridges on the front. Not sure what the normal rack rate is there, but we paid $115 for our experience. If they didn't, they for sure should have discounted the rate. What we played of the course was a fun enough layout, but would have liked to play the front 9 too for sure.

Greens - 9/10. Greens rolled true, nice and smooth, were very receptive and you could spin the ball as well. Easily the best part of the course.

Fairways - LOVE the fairways here. Lush, full, green...everything a resort course should be and more. Would rate these a 9/10 ONLY due to a few spots that were a little dried out and could use a little extra water.

Tees - 9/10...could be because we played so early, but they were full, flat and not too many divots.

Bunkers - 3/10...for a course that paid attention to everything else, the sand was awful. Wish I would have got a picture, but it was like a thin layer of sand on top of a mud pit.

Rough - 7/10...some thin spots and some that were extremely long. Could find your ball and hit out of it so definitely playable.
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