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Played ridge and canyon yesterday. Course was in great shape for the time of year and weather we've had lately. Rough was thin but playable (looked like the Amex right now). Fairways were very clearly painted and you could see it rubbing off on the ball. Greens were in great shape. SUPER fast. Maybe the fastest I've ever seen them. Bunkers were heavy. Lot of sand and still a little damp from the mist/cold air overnight. Overall, course is in great shape and pace of play was just under 4 hours for 18.
Played yesterday at 1120...teed off a little behind schedule and it was slow the whole day. We barely finished with enough daylight left for maybe 1 to 2 more holes at the most. Shocking how long it took considering they said the Marshall was out trying to speed up players.

Course itself is in pretty great shape. Fairways are green, with enough bounce under them to take a good divot. Boxes (blacks) are in great shape, only had 1 that was not well maintained (#4). Greens were soft and fast. Nice that they were receptive but also a bummer cause everyone's steps and spikes make it bouncy around the hole. Rough was in good shape and easy to play out if. #9 fairway looked rough...not sure if it was storm damage or fungus or what but it was very thin and scraped flat.
Played the blacks this AM...

Course is still wet. Cart Path Only for 1 and 2 and the dirt paths were just mud.

Everything was saturated still. Fairways were very soft with most of my tee shots hitting and either plugging or rolling backwards and taking a divot. Good grass coverage, but definitely very wet.

Rough was the same...worked really well for cleaning the club on the way back to the cart. Good coverage, just very wet.

Greens...very inconsistent. First few were very slow then sped up a bit, then back to slow. Because we finished so quickly (3 hours teeing off at 730) they never really had a chance to dry out. They were smooth and looked as though they'd roll really well, just very wet.

Bunkers...was in 1 greenside which had next to no sand. Easy to get out of but very thin. Most others had a ton of standing water so we just pulled out when not able to hit.

Love this course, will Def be back. Wish they'd post more signs about poison oak...particularly on the back 9. Just bring extra balls and don't go looking for yours unless you're going for the course record.
Played the back 9 this AM...$38 bucks for 9 holes and breakfast, with a cart.

Course is in pretty dang good shape right now. Might not look like it from the street but outside of the dormant areas of rough, it's in about as good of shape I've seen it in a while.

Played the blacks but looks like they added silvers as well. Not all of the holes had both boxes (blacks and silver) so it could be one their interesting combo sets.

Boxes were all flat, covered and free from a plethora of divots. Wish they'd trim the tree on 18 that hangs over but it ends up forcing a buttercut to stay in the fairway. Probably not a priority since I doubt many people play from the backs here.

Greens were fantastic. Receptive and rolling smooth. Best I've seen them in a long while. Side rant- people need to learn to fix their divots. Just obnoxious to not spend the 12 seconds and make it better for everyone else behind them.

Fairways were spongy and lush. Was very cold and still wet when I got out so there wasn't much run out but still very nice to hit from.

Rough was dormant along the fairways and nice and lush around the greens.

Wasn't in any bunkers so no review here other than they looked full, just needed the standard morning dragging by the grounds crew.

Overall would recommend right now. This has always been one of my favorite tracks and I love the goofiness of the layout cause if you can keep the few bad holes off the card, you can score well here.
Played this afternoon...definite difference from the early round at another course.

This is a resort course. Packed in people, short-er holes, slow greens. Course layout was okay, pace of play was 4 hours even (and that was with us being paired with a solo player who took a nap in between shots).

Course was damaged by the recent rains....still flooded in a lot of areas so that didn't help either. Fairways had good coverage, rough was very thin and playable out of. Bunkers were soft on top and concrete on bottom as soon as you hit. Greens were the worst part...almost all raised to where you couldn't see how to hit the shot and were very firm (not receptive). Just not my cup of tea. Probably will not be back for this one...especially at PGA West prices.
Played this AM...I'll start with WOW. This place is outstanding from the second you pull in until you leave. Greeted by outside services, friendly folks in the trailer to check in and an awesome starter.

Course itself is also WOW.

Played the tips...lush green fairways. Flat tee boxes. Little higher rough. Clear water in the hazards. Soft sand in the bunkers. Just wow. We were the first group out and played in about 4.5 hours (took longer cause my buddies son was soraying it a bit). If you twisted my arm and asked me to find something wrong with the I could do is that it smelled like the zoo near the houses being built, but that was only a couple holes.

HIGHLY recommend this course. I will 100% be adding it to the list for the next time I'm out there.
Dang Gary beat me to it!

Had an awesome day. Cant beat the views here.

Range was closed due to the recent rains, but the putting green was open. Course was cart path only which always slows everything down a little bit.

Tees were great...always able to find a flat lie. Not overly saturated but lush all throughout. One of the better courses for boxes in the area.

Fairways...hard to rate these. The course doesn't drain all that well so it was understandable why it was CPO. Couple had some bare spots but in general they were covered and spongy, so you were able to take divots at will. Ball was muddy quite a bit though, so play winter rules or adjust as needed.

Bunkers...found myself lucky enough to be in both greenside and fairway today. Both had ample sand and were extremely playable.

Greens...yes. Little patchy in some spots but never affected the roll. Couple were bumpy but in general what you would expect here. Don't be above the hole, period, on any hole. this course. Well worth the drive. The guys in the shop are awesome, always friendly and helpful. The outside services team always attentive and friendly. This course overall, is a gem.

Edit...forgot to vivid towel held up nicely. Magnet made it easy to grab and clip to a club face while hoofing it and never once worried about it falling off.
Not sure there is a lot to say here...Camarillo Springs is, well Camarillo Springs. Played from the black tees and most holes it was hard to find level ground to hit from. Don't imagine they get a ton of play from there though so I can see why they wouldn't be too worried about putting the tee boxes in the best spot.

Greens were in great shape. Probably the best I've seen them in years here. Fairways were thin but had just enough coverage to allow you to take a divot when needed. Definitely had to move my ball out of dirt patches and into grass a few times, from the middle of fairways though. Rough was patchy. Some holes had it, some didn't. Didn't expect a lot better than this from Cam Springs though.

This course is pretty much cow pasture golf. Know what you're getting into and set your expectations ahead of time. The layout itself is alright, with a few fun holes coupled with some funky ones. They had a hot dog cart and a drink tent set up when we finished, but the restaurant is closed permanently. For $45 to walk on a Sunday morning though, can't complain too much here.
Played Friday 11/10

Course was in the conditions you've come to expect from Los Robles.

Fairways were green and full. Nice and spongey so you could pick the ball or take a divot if you wanted to. Greens were per usual. These are often the best part of this course and it stayed true today. Rough was hit and miss...some green, tough to play out of (tough to find your ball in some cases) and some patchy with dirt/mud spots. Not a big deal though and certainly wouldn't hold it against the course - especially at this time of year. Bunkers were good for the most part...sand was a little thick/heavy but I chalk that up to the fact that we played at 0630 AM and it hadn't really had a chance to dry out from the night before yet.

Would always recommend this's a nice little pitch and putt that is a game improvement course for sure. Get the chance to hit all of your clubs and can work on your chipping/putting here too.
Played this AM...will start with the good...

Pace of play was great. Walked the 18 in under 4 hours. Fairways were green and there was always grass to hit from. Rough is patchy in places but is getting better. Sand was soft and easy to get out of.

Now the "other"...greens were rough. They're better than a few years ago but not great. 14 has a big trench under the grass where your ball just dies running right through the middle of the green. They aerated 9-11 and out the entirety of silverstrand beach's sand on them. Literally need a lounge chair, sunscreen and a beach ball cause youre not going anywhere putting on those. No mention of this at all. Not at the register, not at the starter, not in the "ambassador" driving around looking at the ground. When I called about it (since their website says they're not punching until the end of sept) they couldn't care less. Recommended they at least tell people and the lady behind the desk was flippant at best. Saw another group we knew on 17 (they were on 2) so we gave them a heads up...said that not a single person told them either...Plenty of time between when we called and when the group checked in. They also deep punched the fairways and fringe. Again, no mention on the website or in person.
This course is and will continue to be the absolute last resort choice. Tee boxes are inconsistent (and this being generous). The fairways were crispy so there was a ton of run out. The rough was thick in some places, crab grass in others and completely missing in some spots. Just overall inconsistent. The one, lone, single highlight here was the greens. They were actually in some if the best shape I've ever seen them in today. For $45 bucks walking it is definitely a last resort place.
Played Saturday 08/13 at 8am from the Black tees.

Hate to say it but I think this course is suffering from the drought. The tee boxes (black) were in the worst shape i've ever seen them. Blues and up looked okay, but it's clear they're thinking about letting the blacks go. Barren/weed covered made it tough on a few holes to find good spots to hit from.

Fairways were okay for the most part. Little crispy on a few of the par 5s but I guess that's to be expected given the current conditions.

Greens were slow, slow, SLOW. Was not used to that for LR. Hopefully that was just a product of the time/day we played.

Rough was hit or miss. The desert areas were well kept, nice and easy to play out of. The actual rough was patchy in some areas, thriving in others.

Pace of Play - 4.5 hours on a Saturday morning is to be expected I guess. We were (a 4-some) behind a 3-some who we were waiting on to hit on just about every hole on the back 9.
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