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Played in the GK event on June 6th. This was my 2nd time O.L. and both times have been GK events. Olivas is just about the golf as they operate out of a trailer, there is no clubhouse. Other than not really having a snack bar or restuarant on site, but that is fine with me. PoP was right at 5 hours, but it was a Sunday afternoon on a well conditioned, fun course.
Conditions were great.
Tees - In good condition, but a few felt a little shaggy towards the end of the round.
Fairways - great. Ball sat up nicely and GUR was marked nicely on a few holes.
Rough - nice condition and made you really think about club selection hitting out of it.
Greens - great to putt on these medium fast greens. since I have not played here that often reading them was a little difficult and some of the flags were located in some tough spots.
Bunkers - nice sand, but lots of foot prints as not many golfers raking them. I was raking my tracks and many others when in them.
I wish this course was not such a long drive for me as I would play here a lot more often.
Played on Monday, May 3rd with the gurus. Thanks to Johnny for setting this up and thanks to Johnny, Steve and Ron for making it such a great day. You guys are awesome.

This was only my 2nd time playing this course and I enjoyed even more than my first time playing it.

As the previous 2 reviews by Steve and Nick were right on with their insights to the conditions. I really don't have much more to add. Bunkers not that great, fairways were awesome and rough was thick and penal. The greens ran very nice and down hill putts could get away from you.

I really like how they are using the old 17 and 18 as holes 1-2, Makes they layout way better, ending with a nice par 5 and not the shorter old hole 18. Just a way better finishing hole and the new hole 1 is just a better starting hole. Most likely you GPS will be screwy because most companies have not updated their software to reflect the new routing.

I found that everybody that I came in contact with that works at OQ to be very friendly and that just adds to the enjoyment of this course.

Get out and play "The Rock" you will be glad you did.
The Desert course was our 2nd 18 of the day as it was the free round as part of the Golf Moose deal. We would have had to wait until 3:00 to get on the lakes again. Friday and Saturdays are busy times at Primm. This was my first time experiencing the Desrt course. This is a tight course with many many bunkers throughout. There is mounding on the sides of the fairways to help keep the ball in play.
I hate to give bad reveiws of courses, but the neglect this course is receiving needs to be discussed.
The best way to describe this course is that is is the ugly step-sibling of the Lakes course. We were told to go out anytime as it was wide open and for good reason.
Tees - chewed up and many sanded and the sand just looked like they are trying to do a somewhat job of quick fixing, nothing wlse done to make them better.
Fairways - Mix of dormant and green grass. More like a brown fairway with green polka dots. Odd lies every where.
Rough - just longer verion of the fairway. Ball usually sitting between clumps of green quarter sized grass. Not good
Bunkers - No rakes or maintenance filled with course desert sand.
Greens - worse than the lakes course. Many large areas of diseased areas. Chipping onto ar putting across was an adventure. Many of the diseased areas looked like mold. Wasn't sure if that was mold or something they have put down to bring them back.
The one thing that got me was the amount of Burro dung on the course. Almost every hole had five or six piles of it on the fairways, rough and near the greens. When I asked about it, they said that the burros got through the fence and now have taken over and they are not allowed to move them because they are protected. But there was no piles on the lakes course which I found intersting as they must clean it up. Did not see any burros on the course.
After the round I asked why this course was in such bad shape, I was told that they are focusing their efforts on the Lakes course since its the most popular. They did not overseed the course this year and this if why the fairways are as bad as they are. Was also told the course would probably be in good shape until sometime next year.
All this made me disappointed since the layout is very fun. Seems like the need to adopt the saying "build it and they will come".
Definietly not worth the $95 rack rate. But was ok as a free round.
Played on Friday, March 26 using the Golf Moose deal for $129 for two with a free same day replay. And with the $25 gift certificate I picked up at a GK event made the deal deal even more sweeter.
Check in was smooth and easy and we teed off as a twosome right on time with a pace of 3.5 hours.
Course is in ok of shape and is coming out of winter conditions.
Tees - In good shape, the par 3 tees could use some work.
Fairways are good, but have a few thin spots. Good lies most of the round.
Rough - not very penalizing and is coming out of dormancy.
Bunkers - in good shape with rakes and very well maintained.
Greens - were more of a brownish/green. Rolled medium fast with a few bumps here and there. There are spots of diseased areas along the fringes and looks like they are trying to get them fixed. The greens aren't healing very fast as you can see multiple old hole locations on every green. Uphill putts are very slow and downhill was lightening.
This course is one of two on the property and gets the most play, but they put a lot of effort into this course to keep it somewhat nice.
Was out with the Gurus today for an absolutely great day golf. Thanks to Perry, Gary and Steve for making it so fun. Staff at Desert Willow are fantastic and seem to go out of their way to make golfing at Desert Willow a great experience. Normal COVID precautions are in place, but they do have you share carts but there is a divider between the passenger and rider. Carts have a very nice GPS and have very comfy seats. Now onto to conditions: ( you may notice a pattern here)

Tee Boxes - Played the Lavender tees and they were in perfect shape.
Fairways - Immaculate and a beautiful emerald green.
Rough - Immaculate and about 1-2 inches of perfect green grass.
Bunkers - Great sand and they do have rakes so it did feel a little odd raking a bunker again.
Greens - Immaculate with very very few unrepaired ball marks. Rolled true and were a blast to putt on, and tricky After our round a Desert Willow employee was out to greet us and ask what we thought about the course. He said the greens were a Rye/Poa Aunna mix. He also told us how they make sure the greens are kept firm enough to resist some ball marks by measuring the amount of water they put on them. He said they have a person go around and check each green in multiple places. The tool they use has bluetooth and sends information back to an app that shows them the places on the green that have too much water and the areas that are underwatered, even though us normal golfers could never tell by looking at them or putting on them. Was very interesting seeing the app.

As you can tell I loved the course, staff and the friends I golfed with today. I can't imagine how I would have felt about the day if I had even golfed halfway decent.

Thanks to Johnny putting this together, and thanks to Desert Willow for hosting us today.
Played on Thursday the 10th with the "gurus" and had a blast. Thanks Johnny, Mike and Steve for a great day. Not much to add that hasn't already been said. The bunkers may have been in the worst shape that I have seen here, but this is out of the norm for Goose Creek. I'm sure that the Goose won't let that be like that for long.
I have played here many times and my expectations are always met. You know that conditions are going to be great and the pace of play will be good. The par 3's here are fun and challenging and #16 is just a beast. You never feel like you are playing the same hole twice as every hole has a personality of it's own.
Customer service was great and everybody was very pleasant.
Can't wait until the next time I play here. This course is one of my favorites.
Played on Tuesday October 27 and all I can say is that the course is immaculate. The weather today was a perfect 72 with light winds, just enough to make you think about club selection. I love this course and it doesn't get the props it should.
Tees - in great shape and the grass has come in from recent punching.
Fairways - in great shape in fact nearly perfect. There has been turf reduction at the beginning of the fairway, and could come into play for shorter hitters like me.
Rough - nice and lush and does effect how the ball comes out. Almost guaranteed to add at least a stroke.
Bunkers - wasnt in any greenside bunkers but it looked nice and fluffy as you can see some foot prints because of covid rules.
Greens - Did not disappoint. In perfect shape, but did get a little bumpy in the late afternoon. Somebody must have made the greenskeeper mad because some of the pin locations were nasty. These greens are very undulating and can mess with you head. They did not break as much as they looked and the guys I played with were missing putts by fraction of a inch.
I havent had this much fun on a golf course in a long time. Normal Covid rules are in place.
The views on this course are amazing from deer on the forest holes to surfers on the ocean holes.
Played on Friday, Oct. 9 with sr129. This was my first time playing here and it ok. Not a course I have to get back to, but not a course I would avoid. I was late for our tee time because of a batterey problem, but they got me set-up with a cart very quickly to meet Steve out on the course. The staff I had encounters with were very friendly. Standard covid precautions were in place.
POP - 3:30 even though the te sheet was full of us old farts.
Fairways - Very green with a few bare spots, but the longest grass in a fairway I have ever seen. They were mowing towards the end of our round and the cut blades were about an inch and a half long and the grass was still shaggy. The aprons in front of the greens are cut nice and tight and in great shape. This is how the fairways should be.
Rough - A mixed bag of bare and very long grass. With the morning dew, it was difficult to hit from.
Bunkers - Thin to hard pack, just of.
Greens - Slow! not great with ball marks and some thin areas and bumps. The 18 greeen looks like they are having problems with crab grass growing in.
Course is not long with the tips playing 6400 yards and the white tees at 6000.
Had a fun day, just wish the fairways had a little run to them.
Tee'd it up on Tuesday, September 15 with Steve (sr129). Check in was smooth and easy and the usual Covid 19 precautions are in place. The guy behind the counter didn't mention that single cart rider costs more and we found out when we pulled up to the first tee and the starter told us we would have to share a cart. Really not that big of a deal for me and enjoyed Steve's company and the cool tunes he was playing.
The course is in the always fantastic shape that is Goose Creek.
Tee Boxes - Nice shape and playable. As we got further in the round the tee boxes and been mowed very tight making then look brown, but did not effect play at all. The only tee box that had anything to comment about was the white tee area on 17, the ground was very hard and it was difficult to get a tee in for a proper teeing height.
Fairways - as always very nice and ball sat up nicely. There were a few GUR's but very few and did not effect anything.
Rough - nice with very few thin area's and it just thick enough to make one think about club choice.
Bunkers - Thin and firm, but still playable.
Greens - Great shape with very few ball marks here and there. A couple of greens were a little bumpy but nothing to complain about. They were running Medium Fast.
Practice Area - Nice all grass driving range with nice Bridgestone balls. There were no signs stating distances to flags which would have been nice, but I was only using the range to loosen up my swing. Note: don't use up all your good shots on the range like I did. The putting green was unusable when we got there because of the amount of grass clippings on it, but they were gone when we finished our round.
POP - 4 hrs exactly. The spacing of groups here is really nice as they dont let you tee off untill the group in front of you is on the first green. We only waited on a few shots and the wait was not long at all. Never really saw the group behind us.
I can't wait to get back out there and highly recommend this course.
I was the young guy in the old guy group for the Guru outing. The group I was in was a great fun group to be in and thanks guys for all the laughs. I have only played the Legends course once before and I found the conditions much better than a few years ago. Not much to add from Steve and Gary's reveiws. The breaks on the greens really baffled me on a few holes and I missed more than my share of putts by just burning the edges of the cups.
The carts are very comfortable and have a nice GPS with distances to the flags not just the center of the greens.
I found all staff here to be very friendly and courteous.
Thanks to Johnny and the La Costa resort for a great day on a beautiful course.
Played Marshall Canyon Thursday June 30 and dont have too much more to add to roarksown1 review as he was spot on. I would like to add that the rough is very penal, ball sits down and takes a good strike to advance the ball a decent distance as the grass is thick bladed and long.
The staff here was very nice and very accommodating.
A fun course that I didn't like the first time I played it years ago, but liked the layout yesterday and will be back.
Sorry for the late review. Played on Thursday, July 2. Had a 7:30 tee time and went off right on time. Check in was easy and covid precations were in place. It first come first serve on the carts allowing singles to take carts it desired. Looked like most groups had 4 carts. The starter said that he was going to run out by noon. He was also upset that people that traveled to the course together were still taking seperate carts.
Tees - mostly good shape and not difficult to find a good teeing spot.
Fairways - wet from morning dew and were being mowed during the round which caused clumps of grass everywhere. by the time the ball came to rest, it looked like an old ladys slippers, big and fuzzy. There is a lot of bare spots in the fairways (like #3). Should be marked GUR but they are not. Majority of the fairways have nice coverage and grass.
Rough - thick and can be penal.
Bunkers - Too much fluffy sand. The ball was either plugged or a fried egg lie. Did not notice the one sign near the bathrooms saying that you can lift and place the balls in the bunkers. Feet prints was going to be a problem in the later rounds. The were raked nice for the earlier rounds.
Greens - Nice medium speed roll and only a few ball marks to be found. The breaks were odd and my group could not get used to it as they only broke about half of what it looked like. They also played slower than they looked.
I like the layout of this course and it very fun. I will be back and will look for deals. The only way to book online is on Golfnow.
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