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One of the the best if not THE BEST course in N.Cal. Excellent customer service, excellent facilities, excellent conditions, COVID ready, and best price for what you get in comparison to the Monterey courses. This area gets extremely hot but they provide comfortable cart seats, ice bucket with complementary water bottles. Unlimited use of their practice facilities before your round, great bar and snack area. Restrooms are very clean and kept up hourly. There were so many employees catering to your need unlike other high end golf courses. I dont recall Silverado cleaning my clubs after my round but Yocha does! Its a drive to get there from SF area but well worth it. Bring lots of suncreen and bug spray.
The best maintained and layout public course in SF. Excellent customer service from beginning to end. Their tee times are 10min apart so if their tee sheet is 60% full, then expect this course to be slow. They have certain tee times where players are required to walk. The course yardage is pretty short but it has lots an up and down hill, expect plenty of side hill lies and if the wind blows this course will be longer than yardage. I appreciate how they provide their players a warm up bucket of balls 10min prior to teeing off. Play during dry summer and fall months. During the winter and spring rain, this course is a slush pit. The are doing a great job during covid by letting each player have their own cart. No real restrooms except for portables. Their driving range is controlled by keeping the public outside of the range until there is an open stall. Had lots of fun and cant wait to play again.
2 stars for being open during Covid and giving the locals the opportunity to play golf. Unfortunately this course is a poop hole! Literally it is! Golf and other animal poop ALL over the course. The 14th fairway is full of bird feathers on the entire apron of the fairway to the lake. Practically all areas of the course is damp and wet. Expect muddy conditions even in a dry & windy day. Your golf balls will plug after you tee off. It won't roll and will be filthy on every approach shot. Greens roll ok, a bit slow but will hold its line. Don't play any to little break. Pace of play was slow and no marshall on the course. 4.5hr round in the afternoon. I guess is normal for this course as the locals didn't care. Glad I got a chance to play here for bucket list but won't be back.
Enjoyable course to play and highly recommend. Got a great deal using GolfNow. This course isnt long but fairways can be tight, greens are small and fast. Lots of different elevations.Some holes are spotty fairways or under GUR but tees and greens are excellent! looks like they redid most if not all their greens and front cut. I hope they are able to maintain these awesome greens as they can be one of the best in the area. Lines are true and greens are very fast. most greens have tiers and undulation therefore read your line carefully. 3 putting is common on this course. Staff (ambsssador and snack bar) we very friendly. Marshall on the course helped us when our balll went into the lake and keeps the geese off the fairway. This course has the BEST golf carts in california. Top of line electric carts with seats made like LazyBoy chairs. Each cart is equip with yardage screens, scoring and snack shack menu. Had a great time and will make the effort to play again soon!
This course is overly hyped. Service was ok. Not rude but not friendly either. They only accept credit cards. No cash or Apple Pay accepted. Carts are $20pp and is shared! EV received approval to have shared carts as long as there is a plastic barrier in between both golfers however the barrier is loosely made in which the plastic slaps your body and there are frontal gaps which do not protect you.

Pros: The layout is great! You'll need certain skills to manage the wind and play doglegs.
Make good assessments in attacking greens as they are narrow and tiered.
Bunker sand is soft but no rakes.

Cons: no aiming markers on fairways. Youll need to play with a local player or have prior course knowledge to know where to aim.
There were no warnings on their website or pro shop that their greens were previously aerated therefore the greens were slow, bumpy and shaggy. Expect Thousands of tiny holes everywhere.
Their signature hole #14 is undergoing renovation and not expected to be fixed anytime soon. Drained and bare, you won't experience hitting into an island green.
No yardage signs on the fairway so look for the marks on cart path or color yardage sticks blended in the bushes.
No Marshall to manage pace of play. Had a single and his entire family with him. We let him through thinking he would zip through the holes. After hole #5 he let his family play. A lonesome single turned into a five some sharing one bag of clubs. Smh
You have the option to walk but it's going to be a challenge. Some holes have huge separation from green to next tee box and the elevated tee boxes will drain you out before the back 9.

Their driving range is limited to 200 yards and irons only. The worst part is there is hardly any grass to hit off as there are a gazillion divots and no one incl staff seem to replace sod with sand and seed. What a rip off to charge their customers $5 for (30) of the worst balls to hit.

The course manager has decided to CLOSE their restaurant during pandemic. In addition, their 9th hole grill closes at 4pm. No beverage cart on the course either. If you have a tee time at 2pm or later, bring your own supplies.

I was disappointed with course experience in comparison to neighboring courses. I don't intend to come back or recommend unless their is a big discount. For a weekend twilight rate $58, we didn't get our money's worth.
This review is for the course.

easy check-in
nice course layout
in good condition (ive seen it at worse times)
plenty of mother natures animals casually roaming around
plenty of beautiful views to distract you from your game
the course will challenge you with its undulating greens and crazy lies on the fairways.
weather is usually nice but gets cold and breezy around 730pm

twilight fees are higher than most bay area courses
you will need course knowledge to either keep the ball in play or score
rounds average 4.5+ hours
expect each hole to have at least 1-2 groups waiting
only saw the beverage cart 1x and 10th hole stand was closed
If you enjoy hitting around, have time to kill and/or working on your game, then this is the course for you. Layout is pretty good but conditions are awful. For such a dry and warm area, why are there soaked water patches on the course? Greens are bumpy and slow on a few, medium on others and of course fast on a few. therefore theyre in consistent. Tee boxes can be alot better but there are so many dry patches, its a shame. Dont bother playing out of the bunkers. A few them are soaked, not raked or looks like beach sand.

This facility is not COVID19 compliant. Yes you have to wear a mask but I KNOW for CERTAIN, the cart guys do not disinfect the cards after previous users. We watched multiple times of cards being placed back in play without thorough COVID19 cleaning. A few carts had garbage from previous users.
Amazing golf course and worth every penny! get there early to check-in as there is only (1) person at the counter (taking their time) and they only allow (1) person in the proshop. Give the starter your receipt and off you go to warm up to unlimited balls on the range and chipping area. Dont forget to find time to putt as the South course greens are fast with slight undulation. hint...theres more break than you think. I heard there used to be tons of trees in the South and have limited xxx amount today however i think they current tree count still messes with your dept perception. Luckily the course gives you a free course guide however with app the new golf apps, its considered out date. Play the white tees and start bombing your drives to take advantage of being under 150 yards most of the time. another hint...just aim for center of green. Pace of play is outstanding in the AM but will start slowing down during the afternoons. I really enjoyed the excellent conditions of this course. Blows away Hiddenbrooke. A must play course if you get a chance.
Love this East course and its layout. Tee boxes are healthy and cut, fairways set your ball high and wide enough for off the tee errors, greens are big with undulation but their speed will vary from green to green. BR uses color schemes for their pin placements (red=front, white=middle, blue=back). The challenge is the swirling winds. make safe choices to avoid blowups.

btw...keep your items hidden in your car. had an individual inspect my car looking for a reason to break in. this guy drives and older bmw suv. I wish the golf staff kept an eye out or hidden cameras. this wouldnt be the first break-in in this lot and definitely not the last since the golf staff
the rough and fairways are setup for the PGA. If you cant keep it straight then expect a long day. the rough is at least 4in thick and will grab your club from advancing forward. it humbles me how good PGA tour players are in this stuff. tee boxes were fair. fairway was in good condition but much narrow than usual. mix in the damp air and wind, your ball flight will barely fly to your normal length. If you play before August 2020, bring your "A" game. If you dont have one or unsure, wait until after the PGA tourney. For the prices the residents pay, i think its a bit high but in comparison to non-residents, im sure glad i live in SF.
a gem of a course in the east bay. a good drive to get to but well worth it. layout is supreme and conditions are always good. greens are fast and hilly! if the winds pick up, best have your knockdown and stingers ready. on a calm day, you can easily overpower this course if you play from the white tips. fatigue can set in quickly with the heat. price for this great course is a steal!
nice flat track where the conditions are above average. fairways and tee boxes are full of grass and trimmed nicely. putting greens are large with slight undulation however the speed is inconsistent. their putting green is much faster than on the course. tee times are busy but the players here keep up with the pace. this course can get difficult when the winds pick up. you can definitely overpower the course if your driver swing is on point.
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